Lauren Conrad’s thankful that it’s November



It’s Bird Tiiiiiiimmmmmmmeeeeee

Whew, wow, Halloween was definitely great, what a fun experience, can’t wait to do it all again 359 days from now in 2019, but now that November’s here, it’s time to give thanks, like Lauren Conrad commits to today as Lauren starts getting that Thanksgiving feast together.

Daniel plus Lauren is letting out a little secret, like Lauren, yours truly can’t wait till that day comes when the turkey, the stuffing, and the cranberries get made which shockingly, is just 21 days from now, but Lauren’s going all out for the dinner with a few of her friends like Claire Thomas, But First, Party, and Bonjour Fete.

Lauren’s got November filled with tons of recipes as Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen proudly brings them to view to put on our Turkey Day table, and the But First, Party and Bonjour Fete gang supplies every pretty tabletop option possible.

It’s not only about eating delicious turkey and giving thanks to everything in our lives, fashion plays a huge role on Thanksgiving too because those gatherings have plenty of eye candy to go around, so Lauren will have a style guide for every type of Thanksgiving gathering from casual to formal.

Along with rolling out a series of gift guides leading up to Christmas, Lauren also takes note of the fact that midterm elections are this coming Tuesday, and for everyone to go out and vote, our country’s at stake whoever takes control of Capitol Hill, there’s a right way to do it.

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