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Love Who You Are

Lauren Conrad and her lovely team today have broken down their 10 favorite bloggers who focus on being body positive, it means recognition and acceptance of all body types, encompassing self-love and appreciating your body whatever it may look like, encouraging others to feel the same way about themselves.

Lauren’s team starts out with Gavyn Taylor, who’s already part of Lauren’s extended family by being involved with the launch of the LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection, and this year’s correspondent for at New York Fashion Week, both earned by Gavyn’s take on fashion and lifestyle.

Next is Alex Michael May who’s a speaker, model, writer, and creative director who fills her Instagram with fun and colorful outfits along with destinations from places all over, Nicolette Mason is a contributing writer who blogs about style, travel, and everything in between, and Joan of Fete and Flora uses her style to inspire any color lover.

Shira of A Sequin Love Affair splits being a blogger and social worker believe it or not to help others live their best fashionable life to express themselves despite size or budget, Amy of Beautifully Broken Journey is a mom blogging about self-acceptance, and Thamaar of Musings of a Curvy Lady writes about inclusion while using her voice.

Rochelle of Beauticurve is a blogger who spreads the good news of having fun with fashion at any size, Gabi Fresh’s successful social media following is thanks to body positivity, and Alex LaRosa blogs about a very chic travel guide and virtual closet.

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