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Seventies Inspiration Interpreted By Millennials

If you’re a millennial (preferably ones born between 1980-85) out there who has a great knowledge about the 1970’s aside from those 90’s babies the world harps on now who vaguely have an idea of the 70’s without dismissing it, then you’re in more than a good place like yours truly here.  And how does Philadelphia City Hall tie into it?  Philadelphia was known for not only the bicentennial, but for the movie Rocky which came out in 1976.

So how does my picture tie into 70’s chic today by Lauren Conrad?  It doesn’t, but at least it takes the burden off of me using an image from another blog, though you should think Philadelphia City Hall as one of the symbols Philadelphia represents in the birth of the United States next to the Liberty Bell.

But anyway, Lauren Conrad’s Chic of the Week today takes us back to a time we may or may not know through the visuals of fashion done by enthusiasts like Amanda Elizabeth delivering her own interpretation of the 70’s.  In a world honed in on 90’s babies, Amanda does her best to keep the 70’s spirit alive modernizing on wide leg trousers and faux suede with a classic denim skirt, embellished cropped sweater, and faux suede espadrille wedges that stay on trend, and importantly transition from summer to fall.

In her own words, Amanda Elizabeth says it’s the denim skirt revival that makes her love this 70’s inspired outfit that closely resemble her fashion days in college, but with platform wedge flip flops that Amanda just couldn’t go back to, which is why she’s thankful for the updates this look gives.

Friday Favorites…. by Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s picks this week are inspired by the first unofficial week of the fall season which are a pretty vanity that’s a Gleaming Primrose Mirror, the trend of a rose silk camisole blouse tucked in black skinny jeans, citrus punch cotton candy, bendable balloon tails, and easy truffle chocolate done in 4 ways.

Daniel Quintanilla


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