Audrina Patridge #tiki #party vibes by #makeup artist Hailey Hoff @AudrinaPatridge #audrinapatridge

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Pops Of Hawaii

Audrina Patridge tonight noted the beautiful beauty work of her makeup artist, Hailey Hoff, who on Wednesday had Audrina in big bold red lipstick with floral red orange hair decoration that continues onto red florals on a shrimp canvas dress.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad #spaghettisquash & #zucchini in #pot #garden ; @LaurenConrad #laurenconrad

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The Seed Is One

In the first day of her container garden, Lauren Conrad begins by planting and seeding spaghetti squash and zucchini, it’s literally an all day process to seed the vegetable you desire to grow, which the hardening takes very long to complete, you can also brighten your pottery by from what could be the sun for one.

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Kristin Cavallari #demifinejewelry by @UncommonJames for @VanderbiltU speaking engagement; @KristinCav #vanderbiltuniversity #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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Break Out The Good Stuff

Kristin Cavallari was more than thankful today for being given the opportunity to speak at Vanderbilt University today where she spoke at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School to the Women of Owen about her success, Kristin also wore her Uncommon James Demi-Fine collection where she showed off all the hot-selling items in this section of UJ.

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Kaze Origins #green in the Jennifer Fisher Kitchen with the @KazeOrigins #kn95facemask ; #kazetogether #covid19 @dorazioPR

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Spread The Protection

Kaze Origins with DorazioPR keeps stopping the spread of COVID19 today with its KN95 face mask of class A 5-Ply material to keep the pandemic away by showing off its green side to the Jennifer Fisher Kitchen, who loves all the neat colors Kaze Origins has to protect you.

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Little Co. by @LaurenConrad with more #spring #ss21 #baby #toddler preview @Kohls ; #lclittleco #kohls #laurenconrad

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Oh Baby 👶

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad today provided more graphic t-shirts for you to look forward to as the junior LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s gets ready to release its Spring/ Summer 2021 collection with extreme anticipation from Lauren’s fans.

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Jennifer Lopez #throwbackthursday to @PSFilmFest in @DjulaJewelry #jewelry ; #palmspringsfilmfestival @JLo #jlo @dorazioPR

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Relive Wonderful

Dorazio PR looked back at a time before COVID19 today with a Throwback Thursday of Jennifer Lopez in Palm Springs Film Festival inspired attire with Djula Jewelry on rings and earrings to celebrate the many achievements of the film industry.

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Kristin Cavallari speaks at @VanderbiltU for #women conference; @KristinCav @UncommonJames #vanderbiltuniversity #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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Self-Starter: Pass It On!!!

Kristin Cavallari lent her motivation, inspiration, and drive for success to graduate students at Vanderbilt University today over at the Vanderbilt Owen Global Business School today to the Women of Owen members as Kristin shared the foundation of her success with Uncommon James and many other ventures.

Daniel Quintanilla

Hailey Bieber #red in @KazeOrigins #kn95facemask ; #haileybieber #kazetogether #covid19

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Crayon 🖍 Love ❤️

Hailey Bieber, better known as Hailey Baldwin, or now the other half of Justin Bieber, had a chic moment Wednesday night as Hailey wore burnt orange from top to bottom, plus Kaze Origins KN95 face mask to contrast the outfit, plus fall in line with crayon colors and rainbow wearing red mask, powered today by DorazioPR.

Daniel Quintanilla

Uncommon James #blindedbythelight with @UncommonJames #jewelry look; @KristinCav

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White Shine Like The Sun

Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James today brings out the light in its special selection of UJ Jewels that could blend gold and silver into one, with a little brightness blended in to give you a special selection of UJ bright jewelry that’s perfect for any bright occasion.

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Uncommon James #coffee and #gold mug look @UncommonJames @KristinCav #jewelry

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Java Jems

Kristin Cavallari and Uncommon James start your day today with a little gold, UJ Walk The Line Rings and UJ Be Known Ring, and most of all, with the UJ Uncommon Mug that’s shined and poured in gold, a little bit more glam to power you through your day, and many cups of coffee.

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