Lauren Conrad & the street styles of CurvyCon



The plus size of life is not always grand in the fashion industry, it easily gets overlooked or pushed to the side by the skinnies of fashion on both men and women, the ladder suffers extremely more because many consider fat not attractive or appealing, but there’s a fight to counter the New York Fashion Week strive for thin is pretty with CurvyCon, where 3 days are devoted to plus size fashion, creating a home for that demographic purposely overlooked, Lauren Conrad last Wednesday had the 10 best street styles from CurvyCon.

CurvyCon found their way to modern romance that’s Victorian Inspired with Uber feminine silhouettes, leather dresses taking dominance in the fall with dress coat, puff sleeves becoming an avant-garde trend, high shine with shiny tank top with black blazer, and trench dresses with cool sneaker and crossbody bag.

CurvyCon even has room for maxi dresses since it’s the season for it, prints paired with knee high boots, neon is the way to go having ultra bright colors in deep hues of reds and browns, animal prints are always in style when paired with plain old prints, colored tights make things fun if it’s yellow, and cinched suiting are good when belted.

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H-Ology’s K-Fashion/ K-Pop influenced handbags at UBM ‘Coterie’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Stunning K-Pop Involved

It’s sight unseen how the K-Pop revolution has taken the world by storm, let alone the United States, K-Pop also seeps into the world of fashion, creating what’s been called a K-Fashion revolution, injecting much needed life onto the American fashion scene, which has seen tremendous upheaval over the last 10 years thanks to the economy, and social media which has dramatically changed the whole experience of buying power, let alone fashion, riding that wave of K-Fashion are H-Ology, which was the focal point last Monday over in New York City at UBM’s “Coterie” trade show over at the Javits Center in Hudson Yards.

What is H-Ology? It’s H-appiness plus Ology, born by happiness, designing for people who enjoy and celebrate themselves, sharing what they want to wear and make what they need.

It’s not just about creating fancy, it’s about telling the story and creating motion, where one can make a story together, and laughing, enjoying, and dreaming big while H-Ology is at it, it’s female founded since 2018, where the mission is timeless, seasonless, and happiness, classic and unique, everyday and everywhere, while cute and modern.

Handbags are just so colorful and stylish with H-Ology, popping with attraction, and style that your friends will be envious of.

Daniel Quintanilla

Angelo Bianco rises in the K-Pop/ K-Fashion revolution at UBM ‘Coterie’

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We Didn’t See It Coming

Almost 3 years ago, a Korean Pop group named BTS (Burn The Stage) took to the scene, where BTS surprisingly became an international phenomenon, as well as an American phenomenon, breaking all barriers on the global music scene, as well as all other soils like ours, BTS definitely shifted America’s focus not just with its own music, but with global music measurement as far as music charts are concerned, there was also another revolution seeping up when we weren’t looking also, the K-Pop/ K-Fashion resolution which took center stage last Monday at UBM’s “Coterie” at the Javits Center at Hudson Yards in New York City, where Daniel plus Lauren was introduced to Angelo Bianco, who embodies K-Fashion extremely well.

When you think Angelo Bianco, you might not think K-Fashion, you may think Italian roots tied to it, that’s because Angelo Bianco uses high quality fabrics from Italy, making their collection wearable for everyone, it’s their own fabric where it’s made a particular way on all their sweaters and coats, no one else can make it the way Angelo Bianco does it because it’s such high quality.

In the 16 years Angelo Bianco has been around, it’s 11 years so far it’s had its current designer, all including cashmere options that are also beautiful all the way.

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Tigerlily embodies its resort 2020 collection at UBM ‘Destination Coterie’

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A Fine 2020 Ahead

It’s never too late to dream, plan, or book all your vacation destinations for summer of 2020 even as summer 2019 is ending for good in just hours, there’s nothing like going on a vacation that’s already paid for once you decide early on, and then there’s the new styles that come one for the new season ready to wear, and ready to spend on now that your vacation’s paid for, that’s the fun of UBM’s “Destination Coterie” last Monday at the Javits Center at Hudson Yards here in New York City, where collections like Tigerlily believe it’s never too early for spring/ summer 2020.

Tigerlily is an Australian resort wear brand that’s celebrating its 20th anniversary, with 32 standalone stores in Australia, and over 250 wholesale accounts, it’s beautiful swimwear with beautiful coverups, gorgeous dresses both up and down, crop and pants sets, there’s just about everything imaginable with the Tigerlily resort collection that’s beautiful all the way.

With Tigerlily, people love the beautiful prints found on all their pieces, as well as the beautiful linens, and lightweight beachy gorgeous fabrics that hold up Tigerlily well with its collection.

Even if your summer 2019 wasn’t in line with the summer temperatures this summer finally gave for first time in recent summers, there’s always the hope, and the assurance of summer 2020 being your best ever, without a beat missed, or even a Hail Mary of nothing going wrong to ruin your vacation.

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My Beachy Side does good with SS20 at UBM ‘Destination Coterie’

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Beautiful & Beneficial

When walking through the floors once again of UBM’s Coterie trade show last Monday at the Javits Center over at Hudson Yards in New York City, there’s immediate excitement of brand new styles for the spring and summer season of 2020, and that of course the excitement of just being on the fashion floor all in part of doing something special for Daniel plus Lauren, finding new opportunities to grow, and getting creative with the space given, it all continues with My Beachy Side and their resort 2020 collection rightfully placed at UBM’s “Destination Coterie”.

Let’s get on My Beachy Side, it’s a sustainable fashion brand, hiring artisan women who are in need of escaping their situation of poverty, domestic violence, and Syrian refugees on the border of Turkey and Syria, a big benefit to hiring these artisan victims are that it leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment as you’re using less fabrics, with leftover yarn to produce more useful items, providing even more jobs for local artisans.

My Beachy Side is very high-end, landing in stores around the world, it’s a unique collection not seen before, it’s different from any other collection, consisting of beautiful dresses, and new beach wear debuting this season filled with bathing suits coming in one pieces and two pieces which everybody loves.

All the colors are bright, and filled for a nice week or two on the beach during the spring and summer season, which will be welcomed with open arms when the SS comes around again in 2020.

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Lauren Conrad’s fall favorites from LC Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s YouTube Channel

Now It’s Close

We’ve got the summer season over unofficially, now it’s time for summer to truly end, it all happens one week from today as fall approaches the northern hemisphere, technically making summer 2019 a distant memory, filled with the true summer feel for the first time in recent summers that have passed, Lauren Conrad thought it was a perfect day today to confess what are Lauren’s favorites from the new LC Lauren Conrad fall pieces over at Kohl’s.

Lauren couldn’t help it but gush about putting all the fun combinations together for this video promoting LC Lauren Conrad, it’s red dresses going with cool blue denim jackets or button down blouses, switched up all according to climate, being how cool at night it is, there’s dresses, mules, scarfs, and a pair of jeans that get mixed and matched well for a bright and colorful LC Lauren Conrad fall collection.

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Lauren Conrad’s best investments of beauty treatments


You Know You’re Worth It

There’s so much about you that makes you beautiful that it’s not even funny, what’s on the outside, and what’s on the inside, it starts from within for one to appreciate their body features which blossom out in epic proportions when confidence and discovery are realized, the only thing that can harbor that growth is an inch of self-doubt, so investments in ourselves is vital, and we go that extra step to love ourselves even more, Lauren Conrad and crew today talk about their beauty investments which enhance and improve their features that are important to them.

Tessa Scott cherishes airbrush tanning, especially if it’s done professionally, Tessa loves how it blends in with her complexion, and Tessa can avoid getting a tan in the sun, all it takes is 10 minutes for one to spray your entire body top to bottom.

Rachel Rosenbloom has a stunning appreciation for how her eyebrows look, Rachel especially loves full brows via micro blading, the brows make for full and fluffy brows which make all the difference on one’s facial looks.

Ilana Saul was doubtful about laser hair removal, fearing the expense and pain of the process, but Ilana was forever changed not only that it was the complete opposite, but that there’s an 80 percent reduction in hair growth in spots like the bikini area and underarms.

Ilana Saul again chimes in on lash extensions, saying it’s worth the occasional expense for longer and luscious lashes, without the need for any mascara.

And Jessi Burrone is a firm believer in regular hair trims to keep your hair at the look you want it at, plus treatments of deep conditioning occasionally to keep hair healthy all year long.

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Apple now pro with iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

Courtesy: Apple

iPhone Like You Mean It

Today was a big day for iPhone as Apple’s annual September event unveiled not only the iPhone 11, but something very familiar, yet very unexpected you’d thought you’d see with the iPhone, iPhone turned pro with iPhone 11 by unveiling the iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’s definitely a first for iPhone becoming the first iPhone to be pro, along the lines of iPad Pro, and the legends of Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, putting it on a new level for those who not are avid captures of images of all kind, hardcore video addicts ranging from social media to professional TV, broadcaster, and movie makers, and now a haven for gamers like never before.

Standing out with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is the triple camera with an all-new Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras that allow all kinds of capture on the iPhone, taking photos in drastically lower light with Night mode, and capturing the highest-quality video of any smartphone.

The iPhone continues to be powered by A13 Bionic, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone, and iPhone’s received an unprecedented leap in battery life, lasting 5 hours longer than before.

Resistance also dramatically improved with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’s water resistant up to 4 meters for 30 minutes, it’s too better at being dirt resistant, and the Pros are now built with the toughest glass of any smartphone that’s been tested to endure all kinds of impact, reducing the risk of a broken, chipped, or cracked glass on an iPhone Pro.

And for those who are not ready to go Pro, there’s an upgrade in the standard iPhone too, it’s the iPhone 11 that carries a duel camera, and it can be stored, tucked, and dragged in any given place for one’s busy life.

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Lauren Conrad reveals LC Lauren Conrad September collection

Courtesy: Kohl’s

We ❤️ September

There’s nothing exciting about the first full week of September sans summer and Labor Day, it’s when New York Fashion Week is happening, and it’s when it’s time to start the countdown to Halloween, at least for Daniel plus Lauren, it’s also good Monday for Lauren Conrad to release her September edition of LC Lauren Conrad, focusing on suede boots, floaty floral dresses, high waisted jeans, bell sleeved top, lightly distressed skinnies, and a trench coat to top it all off.

LC Lauren Conrad presents bottom front shirtdress that are also available in plus size with java sandals, and front keyhole ruffle blouse with high-waisted skinny jeans and petty coat (available in plus size also).

Also on Lauren’s September issue of LC Lauren Conrad are high-waisted skinny jeans with wrap too and Leche booties, and then coming soon to LC Kohl’s are short sleeve bell top and comfortable sneakers that go with the already available high-waisted skinny jeans.

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Negris LeBrum walks the SS20 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Negris LeBrum

The Runway Is Our Home

There’s no way that New York Fashion Week is slowing down by all means, it was kicking and hot on Sunday night as Negris LeBrum finally did the catwalk with its spring/ summer 2020 collection, or to be technical with it, the Black Berry Collection 2020.

This season, the brand’s Black Berry Collection represents inclusion and the cultural history of Negris LeBrum.

The term Black Berry is a southern expression, (not referring to the old iconic Black Berry phones from late last decade), it’s often used instead to describe the beauty of a black woman or man.

The foundation of the brand has always been rooted in the Negris love story.

Each collection is defined by the boldness of the color black that reflects the brand slogan: Lenoir est Joli.

Once again, Negris LeBrum embodies the meaning behind its collection, conveying the love story behind Negris LeBrum with its forbidden passion, and its drive to be together.

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