South Asian New York Fashion Week onward to fashion’s future for SS23

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Let’s Move Elegantly

The Next-Gen of New York Fashion Week celebrates a new direction similar to the music industry, it’s gone global, and it starts with South Asian New York Fashion Week: The Future Of Fashion, which took place on the evening of Wednesday, September 14 at the High Line Nine Art Museum on 507 West 27th Street here in midtown Manhattan here in New York City.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Fashion’s consisted of traditional Indian and South Asian clothing for men and women, hand-dyed silks and cotton fabrics in dark colors, traditional silhouettes for women included saris, wrapped skirts, elongated scarves tucked into belts in the front, meant to be worn from one shoulder going from back to front, hand-painted scarves in neutral colors with boarded prints, lots of paisley prints in cotton and linen fabrics.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Key trends in this show were colorful modern clothes designed by Indian and South Asian designers, with female attendees wearing their native costumes from their homelands, with beading, fringe, studs, and sequins also influencing modern takes of Indian clothing displayed by other collections showcased.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close in this runway collection that also was an art exhibit celebrating Indian and South Asian culture, these clothing pieces that are global at best will influence the next chapter of the fashion industry, as fashion has witnessed a new found interest in social issues, and also excepting trend directions from global hotspots such as India, that will help domestic fashion find new success.

Daniel Quintanilla

(Collaboration with Patricia Ann Parenti)

New York Fashion Week features Albright College Student Designs

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Emerging Designers

New York Fashion Week brought the future of the fashion industry into the world of designing clothing apparel on Saturday, September 10 as Albright College’s Fashion Department of students walked down the runway at NYFW On Fifth at 608 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street near Rockefeller Center, to prove the immense talent they have to work in fashion, and possibly launch their own brands for long-standing success.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

In a group made up of 8 students, Jennifer Raineri kicks off the parade of participants being a Costume Designer who graduated from Albright in 2017, Camille Fuller also graduated in 2017, specializing in sustainable design emphasizing on natural dying techniques, Na’yalaijah Fournillier found her passion for fashion in streetwear, Liz Polley walks her second collection at NYFW, who’s an Assistant Professor in theatre in costume design and technology at Albright, Nicholas Kedge strives to find ways to take the basic shapes of the body and clothing silhouettes and transform them in a way that feels organic and fluid, Olivia Connor’s passions for painting and sketching evolved into an interest in fashion illustration, Jonathan Otero’s design elements are defined by elegance, over-the-top volume, art and expression of freedom, and Sarah Kim’s primary focus is on period and theatrical costumes.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Albright College is a Liberal Arts based College that has a Fashion Design/ Merchandising and Costume Design Program located about 2 and a half hours from New York City in Reading, PA, where this town use to be a manufacturing town for the fashion industry, it offers hands on instruction to ensure graduates are skilled in technology and ready to take on the fast-paced industry.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti
Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Jennifer Raineri was inspired by menswear styles during the regency period of history, using such details as tuxedo bottom-fronts, lantern sleeves, and ruffle detail.

Camille Fuller presented a collection of naturally dyed ensembles consisting of environmentally-friendly fabrics that are sustainable.

Na’yalaijah Fourniller’s collection consisted of upcycle denim silhouettes such as mini-dresses, bra tops, crop jackets, bustier dresses, and denim jackets with long-braid fringe.

Liz Polley was inspired by the various places visited in her travels during the numerous relocations her career required, one piece was the New York City skyline with mini chemise dress, tie-dyed surplice back halter slip dress, and bustier mini-dress under lace cage detail ball skirt.

Nicholas Kedge presented his take on gender-fluidity with a collection of edgy pieces that involved fashion pieces of the 1980’s.

Olivia Connor showed and elegant dressy sportswear collection, with styles consisting of one-shoulder ombré pleated top, ombré dyed draped detail evening dress.

Jonathan Otero presented evening wear collection that was very colorful, his styles consisted of a full-sleeve blouse with tiered ruffle hem pencil skirt, bubble skirted sleeveless bustier evening dress, and ruffle neckline bustier gown with full skirt.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla (This Article Was Collaborated With Patricia Ann Parenti)

Sarah Kim presented a collection that are evening gown at elegant levels, consisting of leg of mouton sleeve mermaid skirt evening gown, off the shoulder bustier bodice full evening gown, and exaggerated poof sleeve evening gown with pleat godet skirt.

Daniel Quintanilla & Patricia Ann Parenti

New York Fashion Week’s Melke SS23 as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This Melke presentation was held in The Sunken Living Room in Spring Studios in NYC during New York Fashion Week on September 13, 2022. Since this presentation was handled by Agentry PR it was listed on the official CFDA Calander and when your listed on that calendar you know you “made it”! I got a chance to actually talk with Emma Gage, the designer because of the intimate setting of The Sunken Living Room.

I loved this presentation so much! These fashions remind me of the Mod era of the late 1960s because it is whimsical, fun with a great use of vivid colors The line is substantiable and gender fluid. Emma’s inspiration for her collection is called “How to act like a man”. It was inspired by the 1966 Czech film Daises which follows the chaotic antics of two women named Marie who seek to embody and break free from the absurdity of gender stereotypes.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The sweaters are hand knit in Brooklyn so you know they are of high quality and won’t pile. What makes this collection special and different is the use of glass corn beads and bone buttons made in Manhattan. Some natural and eco-friendly fabrics used are organic cotton, hemp/silk blend and Tencel. All the clothes are made in NYC. Since this was a presentation, I was able to really get up close to the clothes and turn them inside out. What I noticed is that they are extremely well made.

Her prices range from $65.00 for a tee shirt to $2,000.00 for an embroidered piece.

You can go to WWW.MELKENYC.COM buy the colorful pieces you see in my photos.

Remember, these items for the most part can be worn by any gender.

Patricia Ann Parenti

New York Fashion Week SS23 with Gita Omri as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Elvia Gobbo


Gita Omri Spring/Summer 2023 runway show took place September 5, 2022 at a venue called NYFW on Fifth. Gita designs her womenswear collection for sizes 0 – 30. What I liked about the show was the two different size models in the same outfit walking side by side down the runway because it shows you that the same dress looks equaly as good on size 4 as a size 20 model. You can see what I mean in the photos above by professional photographer Elvia Gobbo Photography

Courtesy: Elvia Gobbo
Courtesy: Elvia Gobbo

Gita’s said “fashion knows no size and size knows no style limits.” This is very true nowadays when the plus size lady wants the same clothes in her size that she sees her size 6 contemporaries wear. This designer doesn’t separate plus size, junior size or missy sizes but makes one collection that is size inclusive and goes from size 0 to size 30. A size chart was given to the attendees by the designer and it explains her sizes because as she says “There is no standardized sizing in the USA.” Since I have worked in the fashion business “forever”, sold many brands at retail and as a personal shopper I agree with her. Her size 0 measurements are bust 32″, waist 25″ hips 34″ and her size 30 measurements are bust 57″, waist 51″, hips 60″. This fashion industry vetern knows she is correct with her size measurements. When you order off her website she will have a size chart with the measurements for every size and the inseam of pants, leggings and sleeves too.

Courtesy: Elvia Gobbo
Courtesy: Elvia Gobbo

Her collection is pretty, femmine and flatters all figures. She uses high quality fabrics in pretty daisy, squiggle, poppy floral and glass ring prints. I liked her use of bright colors because it makes every size look pretty. The styles she designed are flowing dresses, cutout neckline dresses which brings the eye toward the face, pleated dresses, crop tops, slim pants and godot skirts which are great at hidding large hips because this style doesn’t cling to the body. All and all you can wear her styles for work, special occassions, church or any place you need to look ladylike with a dress or an outfit that fits you perfectly and makes you look the best you can be. With her size chart there is no longer an exuse that the dress you are wearing doesn’t fit correctly. When you buy one of her items, measure yourself and find your size in her size chart you will be assured of the perfect fit and look amazing! Prices $600.00 – $1,200. Now go shop WWW. GITAOMRI.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

New York Men’s Day (NYMD) SS23 by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This presentation in the morning was all about new and up and coming menswear designers that broke away from the normal idea of men’s fashions. Since this was a presentation, I was able to get up close to the models and see that all the collections used beautiful, high-quality fabrics and all the garments had expert workmanship. It was held on September 9, 2022 at Daylight Studios as part of New York Fashion Week. The show was presented by the brand Nobis and put together by the wonderful team at Agentry PR.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This designer, Aaron Potts is about being gender neutral with his creations. Skirts and dresses now can be worn by both genders not just people who identify themselves as female anymore. The collection was inspired by angels and lightning. Fabrics used were organza , crinkled linens, chiffon, eyelet and metallics which were once thought of as women wear fabrics but this designer is out to change those traditional rules. The styles are geared towards many different types of body shapes and are easy to get and out of. Sizes XS – XL or 1 -5. For more information go to Instagram @apottscollection

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


A classic collection of Premium quality Canadian outerwear that can be worn on a daily basis for either males or females over all your casualwear. Designed by Michael Kerr. The designer’s slogan is “Embrace The Elements” and these jackets are perfect to wear for everyday in the city, suburbs and countryside. So, what if it’s 2 degrees and snowing outside, these jackets will keep you warm and toasty inside. This is the fall/winter collection 2022 and is available for you to go buy right now. Sized for most everyone XS – XXL.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


​Designed by Michael Nelson and the Spring/Summer 2023 collection’s theme has influences from South Africa. Hand embroidery on stretchable knitwear is done in India and when I got up close to the clothes, I saw that it was very beautiful. Since the clothes were about Africa some of the components were made in Botswana.  Sized S – XL and priced at $400.00 – $2,000.00 To buy go to

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Designed by Stephen Mikhail.  The theme of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection was inspired by the deserts of Egypt with the colors of the sand, pyramids and landscape there and The Hubris of Howard Carter. The strategy of the collection is the structured suit. This is a timeless and classic collection that can be worn by the hipster in the city or the guy who goes to the country club. I love the use of the gold color in the clothes with the gold jewelry because it makes the suits become alive!  He also does custom made apparel. To purchase go to

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


The name of the collection is the same name as the designer. His inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2023 season is Joshua Tree in the California desert. He uses the neutral colors of the desert in muted shades of stone, sand and bone. His tailored collection is made up of light and airy fabrics of linen and silk. The silhouettes are suits with oversized double-breasted jackets, camp shirts, shorts, tant tops and cardigans. For Spring weather, he made suede and leather coats not shown in my photo. This is another collection that is timeless and classic for the everyday guy who doesn’t want to look too edgy. To purchase

Daniel Quintanilla

New York Fashion Week – Official Recap of Sept 12 ATFH Black Tie GALA at LAVO

Courtesyy: ATFH

Manhattan, New York City | Oct 4, 2022

Monday Night in Midtown never felt this exciting – right behind Madison Avenue, home to the Balenciaga and Givenchy stores, is LAVO – one of Manhattan’s trendiest venues known for its coziest and elegant atmosphere, excellent food and prime New York City location. One block away is 745 5th Avenue & Central Park – home to ATF Fashion House NYC, host and organizer of the most anticipated ATFH Black Tie Gala that brought everyone in town.

Courtesyy: ATFH

Arriving all the way from Australia, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Canada and other US States, Brands and Buyers flew to New York City from various parts of the world to promote their business and meet potential growth partners to collaborate with. Like on most early weekdays, one would have expected an Afterwork party vibe, but this was New York Fashion Week – Ladies all dressed up in flashy Haute Couture while gentlemen strangled up in stylish Bow Ties, and of course, LAVO did its thing.

Courtesyy: ATFH

It was quite an event, very different from the usual fashion gatherings we are accustomed to – A Shopping Booth setup within the Reception area, Standing Mannequins spread across the Cafe, Backstage setup opposite the dinner, Dozens of Brands not physically present in New York showcasing their products virtually, an in-person Runway Dinner replacing the usual T Stage and Surprise musical performances throughout the evening.

Courtesyy: ATFH

The ATFH Black Tie Gala was made possible, thanks to the support of sponsors like FASHINZA, a global manufacturing platform that helps fashion brands and retailers simplify their end-to-end operations from Design to Manufacturing. Speaking at the Gala, Jamil Ahmad, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of FASHINZA explained how the company solves the biggest headaches in Fashion by helping Designers and Retailers locate the best available vendors suitable for their needs through a Sophisticated user friendly software that helps them manage their full A-Z operations from a mobile phone. Learn more about FASHINZA at

Daniel Quintanilla

Fashion Reverie Talks Expands Network Reach, Adding Roku Network

Courtesy: Fashion Reverie Talks

New York, NY – September 30, 2022

As Fashion Reverie Talks embarks on its 3rd season, they are expanding their exposure footprint to include the Roku Network, on top of their current network roster that includes Apple Podcasts, UBNgo, IHeartRadio, and YouTube. According to Editor-in-Chief and Founder of William S. Gooch, “We are always looking to expand and improve on” Fashion Reverie Talks. We are confident that we have a really good show that gives our viewers a more intimate look into the fashion industry. That said, it is our responsibility to continue to improve on our efforts and this expansion to the Roku Network will increase our audience. “

The additional network isn’t the only change afloat at the bi-weekly fashion news/talk show. A new logo is also being announced along with a shift to a snappy, more direct tagline – “Your Front Row Ticket to Fashion,” “The tagline came about during a conversation with our inner team,” said Gooch. “We heard it suggested and our faces lit up, putting a smile on our faces! We knew we had it! It’s a statement of the value prospect our readers enjoy when they come to Fashion Reverie for their fashion fix… hopefully daily!” The addition of a new introductory song was just a natural next step of the gradual branding that Fashion Reverie has been undergoing for the last year.

Like the American Sportswear collections that editorial team covers day in and day out, the branding change is being carried out incrementally to gradually move the aesthetic needle to the new and refreshed. The audience is being introduced to the new branding in strategic, definitive, subtle ways with the result being a new overall, updated aesthetic that speaks to the here and now.

Founding co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovicare the one constant at the show, aside from the timely, probing content, both co-hosts continue to flavor each episode with a feeling that Executive Producer Gooch describes as “just two fashion- insider girlfriends chatting about what they love!”

The roster of guests continues to expand and elevate as well. Only a few weeks into Season #3, the marquee of guests has already included LA-based red carpet designer Kevan Hall, artist and fashion design legend Rebecca Moses, trailblazing size-inclusive designer Gita Omri, and Halston Creative Director Ken Downing, who is currently preparing his first major collection for the iconic design house and preparing to Co-Chair and emcee his second installment of the Delivering Good Gala on November 2nd.

About Fashion Reverie:

Fashion Reverie was founded in 2012 by noted style expert William S. Gooch. Since its inception, Fashion Reverie has prided itself on providing content that seeks to “take the reader from the front lines to the front row” of fashion. Gooch set about to provide an insider perspective on the fashion industry through daily content centered around everything that is happening in the fashion industry. From in-depth feature stories and stunningly shot, original editorials, to news and reviews from the runway, Fashion Reverie presents the full story behind today’s most relevant brands, trends, and events.

Follow Fashion Reverie: Instagram and YouTube

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Think Pink: Tulliani, Gita Omri, & Luna by LaVoie are Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Courtesy: Gita Omri

Garments Saving Lives

This October, you can help support Breast Cancer Awareness through some great brands that are doing good. According to the American Cancer Society, 287,850 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. For women, it’s the second most common type of cancer. This month we are raising awareness for the disease in order to promote early screening, testing, and to raise funds for prevention, treatment and cure. Here are some fashion brands helping to support this great cause.

Courtesy: Tulliani

Remo Tulliani specializes in detailed accessories for mens and womens including sunglasses, belts, and socks. This year, the brand is teaming up with Bosom Buddies of Arizona to support breast cancer awareness. For the entire month of August, customers will receive 15% all Womens Boot Socks with 15% of proceeds going to the organization. Available at

Courtesy: Gita Omri

Size-inclusive designer, Gita Omri, who just debuted their collection at NYFW, will be supporting the cause this month with proceeds from all sales of any pink squiggle printed item going to cancer awareness and research. The brand goes from size 0 to 30 and we love this print on the #sizeisbeautiful t-shirt. Available at

Courtesy: Luna by LaVoie

Luna by LaVoie, the newly launched brand specializing in maternity accessories that will take anyone long past motherhood, will be donating proceeds of all sales of any pink bag or small leather good to breast cancer awareness throughout the entire month of October. Styles include a tote diaper bag, matching diaper changing pad, and make-up pouch. Available at

Daniel Quintanilla

MAGIC New York injects new life for Spring/ Summer 2023 fashion trade show

Courtesy: Agentry PR

It’s All In The Wand

A little over a week ago, Informa Markets held its MAGIC New York 3 day show that pushes the SS23 fashion season at the Javits Center here in New York City from September 18 to September 20, it was indeed a season to celebrate as new vendors entered the trade show space, here are highlights from this invigorated 3 day event.

Courtesy: Agentry PR

New York Sept 18-20, 2022

Javits Center, New York City

*Show attendance increased 23 % over Feb 2022

*Show attendance increased 38% year over year (Sept 2021) (*Co-located shows include MAGIC and COTERIE New York)

Courtesy: Agentry PR


• Over 400 + brands exhibiting at MAGIC New York

• Exhibitors 80 % U.S. 20% International

• Over 20 countries represented including: Italy, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, and more.

• TREND: Mod Ref, All:Row, The Greii, Pretty Garbage, Endless Blue, Zinzane, Idem Ditto, Things
Between, Lush, Wishlist, By Together, THML, Just Black Denim, Skies are Blue, TCEC, DO + BE,
and Blu Pepper

• YOUNG CONTEMPORARY: Sage the Label, Lucy Paris, Elan, Daze Denim, Sundown by
Splendid, Amy Lynn, Sub_Urban Riot, Marlu, Recycled Karma, Never Fully Dressed, RD Style,
SMF, Girl Dangerous and Hidden Jeans

• MODERN SPORTSWEAR: Democracy, Noir Noir, Mary Mercedes Swim,
Tribal, Gyal Bashy, Kensie, MAT Fashion, Beach to Bistro, Izabella, Chapati Designs, Takei,
Dolma, Aryeh, Clara Sunwoo, Leota, and Petit Pois

• Women Owned brands 20%

• Sustainable brands 16%

• Extended Sizing 10%

Courtesy: Agentry PR


• Anthropologie, ASOS, BHLDN, Bloomindale’s, EVEREVE, Fashion Nova, Free People, Lulus, Macys, Urban Outfitters, URBN/Nuuly.


” At MAGIC New York we saw a 38% increase year over year in our attendance. This is a true reflection of how live events are back and key to our industry’s success. MAGIC’s brands were filled with bold colors, vibrant patterns, and trending textures.” -Kelly Helfman, President of Informa Markets Fashion

Top Trends at MAGIC New York:

• Matching Sets
• Techno Colors
• Prints and florals
• 90’s nostalgia and platform shoes
• Pink and lime green paired together
• Urban Cowboy – including cowboy boots
• Feathers
• Flair – oversized shoulders & puffy sleeves
• Jewelry – antiques and vintage inspired pieces, cocktail rings, and pearls are back
• Cinderella slippers and novelty heels
• Rubber Sandals
• Handmade crocheted bags
• Tiny strapped tops
• Digital Lavender
• Barbie core bright pink
• Maxi dresses and jumpsuits
• Ribbed constructions

Courtesy: Agentry PR

MAGIC New York Experiences and daily happenings:


TCEC Customized Fanny Pack Activation
9/18 and 9/19 10AM-1PM, MAGIC Hub
Mimosa Happy Hour Sponsored By Skies Are Blue
9/18 11AM- 12PM
Modern Astrology Readings + Little Words Project Bracelet Giveaway
9/18, 9/19, 9/20 11AM – 3PM, the MAGIC Hub
MAGIC Retailer Swag Bag
9/18 at 12PM, near coffee lounge
MAGIC Soft Pretzel Cart Sponsored by Davi & Dani
9/18 2PM – 4PM, MAGIC Coffee Lounge
MAGIC New York Hot Summer Spritzer Happy Hour
9/18 5PM – 6PM, the MAGIC Hub,
MAGIC New York Caramel Apple Cart
9/19 2PM – 4PM, the MAGIC Hub
The Jordy Happy Hour
9/19 5PM – 6PM, the MAGIC Hub


MAGIC New York SHOW BAG SPONSORED BY Mod Ref / Common Market
A Magical Day in New York Trend Display
MAGIC NEW YORK Taxi Instagrammable Moment
Front of Show
MAGIC NEW YORK I You Instagrammable Moment Concourse
Dj Technicolor
the MAGIC Hub
MAGIC Coffee Lounge MAGIC Cash bar
the MAGIC Hub
Lips Like Sugar! Poppy & Pout Lip Scrub Giveaway

Also see COTERIE NEW YORK and it’s rebirth for a new, modern fashion world here on Daniel plus Lauren.

Daniel Quintanilla

COTERIE NEW YORK steps into a new world of fashion trade show

Courtesy: Agentry PR

A Future So Bright

New York opened with a renewed mission and focus. The show was open from September 18- 20th, 2022, at the Javits Center in NYC. This show is the first in the COTERIE evolution and was focused on three central pillars: sustainability, technology, and community. These themes could be seen throughout the show floor in the various immersive experiences, panel sessions and sustainability presentations. The new era of COTERIE will bring in fresh new women’s contemporary and advanced contemporary brands alongside of the legacy brands that COTERIE is known for.

Courtesy: Agentry PR

• COTERIE New York is evolving to provide a comprehensive 360-degree fashion
experience. COTERIE’s mission will incorporate a redesigned sense of connection throughout the community, not just business to business and buyers to sellers, but fostering relationships on an individual and intimate community level, where the industry can converge to share information, grow and evolve.

• COTERIE New York collaborated with renowned architect Gonzalez Haase AAS to create two of the three design experience areas AND a new COTERIE concept area.

• COTERIE New York partnered with Aracdia Earth and AMERI_ICAN to shine light on environmental impact.

• COTERIE Community Hub will serve as a meeting spot for brands, retailers, and partners.

• Fashion Technology includes partnership with DRESSX.

• Bridge IRL and digital fashion through interactive Augmented Reality.

Courtesy: Agentry PR

Show attendance increased 23 % over Feb 2022
Show attendance increased 38% year over year (Sept 2021) Brands

• 820+ brands including Muse for All, Ninety Percent, Amur, Hevron, Alessia Zamattio, and Silk Laundry.

• 154 New to show brands

• 39% of exhibiting brands were international

• 30 Countries represented including Italy, Brazil, Canada, France, Columbia, Korea, Spain,
Portugal, and more.

• Sustainable Brands Vetted in Partnership with Hey Social: Good Amur, Etica, Grey State, GSTQ,
Marine Layer, Mavi, Michael Stars, Movesgood, Outerknown, Place Nationale, Vagabond

• International Brands: Maltida Head Pieces (Brazil), Apaya (Colombia), Radica Studio (Italy), De
Santes by Martin Alvarez (Italy), Sartoria 74 (Italy), The Folklore Connect (Nigeria), Vegan Tiger (Korea), L’Atelier Cache (Turkey), Maxime Simone (Paris, France) Silk Laundry (Canada), Manoush (France), Maurizio (Mykonos Greece), Paola Bernardi (Brazil), Fulgani Shane Peacock (India).

• Thousands of top retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, Anthropologie, and Macy’s

• Buyers from U.S., Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Peru, and more

“Being bold requires taking risks. We did just that with the September edition of COTERIE. This show was extremely well received from our buyers, brands, and industry influencers. This Evolution of COTERIE stood out with reimagined floor plans, immersive experiences, and creative concepts. These were intentionally executed to foster more meaningful relationships and dialogues within the community. The physical changes and additions to the COTERIE sparked a new wave of inspiration and energy on show floor. COTERIE will continue to evolve; this is just the beginning. We will further elevate our three key pillars of technology, community, and sustainability.” -Kelly Helfman, President Informa Markets Fashion

• Spring 2023 Trend Presentation: Join us for a discussion of the new global themes, items, colors, and fabrics of spring 2023. Speakers: Kelly Helfman, President, COTERIE; Kimberly Hugonnet, Brand Expert, COTERIE.

• IN CONVERSATION: Optimizing the Wholesale Model for the Future: Global sentiment on consumption is evolving, impacted by inflation and rising costs. However, with change and challenge always comes opportunity. Moderator: Robin Mellery-Pratt, Senior Director, The Business of Fashion Speakers: Lander Desmedt, Co-Founder and CEO, HNST; Reese Rackley, CEO, Silk Laundry; Kate Linstrom, Women’s Design Director, Magnlens

• BEYOND THE BUZZWORD: (Re)defining Sustainability in 2022 and Beyond: It’s time to redefine “sustainability” in fashion and bring back meaning to the term, beyond a buzzword, marketing campaign, or one-off initiative. Moderator: Kelly Helfman, President, COTERIE Speakers: Valentino Vettori, Founder, Arcadia Earth; Vesna Cremona, Founder, AMER_ICAN; Paul Fleming, VP, Vagabond Shoemakers

• (DIGITAL) FASHION FORWARD: Decoding Opportunities in Digital Fashion: What opportunities do tech advancements in digital fashion, blockchain, and Web3 afford our industry? Speakers: Teodora Nicolae, Vice President of Marketing, Informa Markets Fashion; Valentino Vettori, Founder, Arcadia Earth

• SUSTAINABILITY Arcadia Earth Experience This season we’ve partnered with Arcadia Earth and AMERI_ICAN to shine a light on the current reality of the impact humans are having on the environment and call into question how far our industry will go to protect it. Part immersive metaverse experience and part educational moment, this space is designed to inspire all of us to work together towards a more sustainable future.

• TREND PRESENTATION The latest trends in sustainable fashion will be presented Monday, September 19th, from 12:00–1:00PM and again from 3:00–4:00PM. *Monday, September 19th Only.

• TECHNOLOGY DRESSX AR This season we’re bridging IRL and digital fashion through an interactive AR (Augmented Reality) experience in partnership with DRESSX. Discover the possibilities of digital fashion and “try on” a custom digital piece: a COTERIE New York digital tee.

• COMMUNITY COTERIE Community Hub Serving as a meeting spot, discussion area, and learning space for brands, retailers, and partners, the COTERIE community hub will feature a variety of amenities including a lounge area, complimentary water bottles, espresso hours, cocktail hours, show bags, and custom totes made possible by our sponsors.

• @Coterie_show #COTERIENewYork

Trends on COTERIE Floor

• Knit Dresses

• Orange

• Asymmetrical Shoulders

• Matching separates

• Cut outs

• Novelty bag

• Statement Hat

• Bold Ears

• Heeled Sandals

• Ballet Flats

• Mega Platforms

• Retro Sneakers

Daniel Quintanilla