Magic New York & Coterie New York Spring/ Summer 2024 by Patricia Ann Parenti



This tradeshow took place on September 19 – 21, 2023 at the Javits Center in NYC along with its sister show Coterie. Magic show is about a contemporary girl and usually in junior sizes. Contemporary isn’t about an age but someone who wants trendy clothes at a lower price point. Hey, I’m well over 30 and I buy lots of the brands shown at Magic Tradeshow because I want to look trendy and hip!


Now what you all have been waiting for — THE ACCESSSORIES TRENDS! These are the trends that are happening now and going forward for Spring/Summer 2024. BAGS: Small structured bags in pastels and metalics, totes in woven straw in natural colors, guitar straps on small rectangular bags, and the newest style a bag that is vintage inspired from the late 1970s; a cloth ½ moon shape that is gathered into a metal frame but has a chain strap on it unlike the clutch styles from the 1970s. JEWELRY: Not much newness here. Big gold chains continue. SCARVES: Oblongs styles that wrap around the neck a few times and hang long in front are still the style. HATS: Cowboy hats are all the rage in felt or straw for next spring.

SHOE TRENDS:  Ballerina flats with elastic back and straps across the instep are the newest trend. Maryjane with square toes and block heels in patient leather just like the mod era in the 1960s. Thick platform sneakers are all about glitter and colorful prints. Motorcycle boots are popping up as a new trend. Wood bottoms with platforms on sandals are huge for Summer 2024.  

CLOTHING TRENDS: It’s all about femininity. Big bow blouses with puff sleeves are still trending. Short sleeve/sleeveless blouses have ruffles on the edges. Full skirts like the 1950s but with more fullness tucked into the waistband. Bustier and corset tops continue. I didn’t see ripped jeans so you can cut off the legs above your expensive ripped knees and you now have summer shorts.😉 High waisted elephant bell bottoms are the newest style in jeans. Long jackets over full knee length shorts are really big for Spring 2024 . Sequins and lurex rule for holiday 2023. Bright and neutral colors are key for Spring/Summer 2024. Denim is the biggest fabric trend in all styles right now.




Are you a showgirl or just a showgirl at heart, then these shoes and boots are calling your name! They are totally embellished and look like a luxury brand but at a reasonable price point.  The theme is “More is More”. Some stars that have worn items from this brand are Beyonce with her backup dancers on stage and Taylor Swift. This collection is all about lots of glitz and showing off. Styles are ankle boots, slides and sandals (as seen in my photos) but also pumps. Glitzy styles not shown in my photos that are definitely show stopping are red/black/white tulle ruffles on lace up the calf high heel sandals, clear plastic knee high boots with clear stones and over the knee boots with silver fringe that you can wear with miniskirts or tuck your skinny jeans in. There is a light denim collection that ranges from short to over the knee boots. 

Now for the drag queens and bigger ladies they carry stretch high heel boots that go up to size 12 and fits a size 20 jeans. Good for someone with a wide calf too.  These are also in high heels so you can still strut your stuff!

Heel heights up to 5 ½ inches. Some lace up style combat boots are on the website. They will be making lower heel heights going forward. Sizes 6 – 11. Prices $69.00 – $250.00. They also make “going out jackets” that look perfect with their boots because they are fun and glitzy too. To shop



This tradeshow is all about high end and luxury clothing, shoes and accessories for women from mainly USA, Italy, Brazil and new to the show was Turkey. This is the sister tradeshow to Magic but with more tailored clothing and better-quality fabrics. Coterie was held on the same dates as Magic but was upstairs at the Javits whereas Magic was downstairs at Javits. For more information go to


SHOES: They are mainly of soft Nappa leather or patient leather and from Italy, Spain or Brazil. Styles are ballerina flats that are soft and unconstructed in Sherbert colors. Other ways the ballerina can look fresh is in with a strap across your instep like the Maryjane style. Other styles are mules, sling back loafers, sling back flats with pointy toes and bow trims on the front and strappy sandals. Fake or self-fabric flowers on the sides of shoes is a really big trend right now. Think ladylike, colorful and less chunky shoes going into 2024

BAGS: Same styles as Magic tradeshow but in real leather, raffia, crochet or jute . Lots of clutches embellished  with stones..

JEWELRY: Thick gold chains with pearls and charms. BELTS:  One to two inches wide and it’s all about the metal buckle as the focal point. Some other trends were wide obis with studs on hard leather or wide jute belts.

CLTOHING: Same styles as Magic.




I had the pleasure to interview the designer Prisilla Whitaker and she told me all about how these high-quality shoes are made. An all-leather line of ladies’ shoes handmade in Brazil. It takes 7 to 8 artisans to make one pair of shoes and takes one month to make a pair of shoes. In USA leather shoes usually just mean the outer shoe is leather but these shoes the kidskin sock lining, innersole and outer soles are all leather too. The mark of quality is an extra piece of leather at the inner back heel that holds the foot in place so your foot won’t slide forward. Padded innersoles so you can stand in comfort. The look is ladylike and feminine with some retro styles of by gone eras. Leathers used are Nappa, kidskin and Tilapia (fish skin that would normally be thrown away). Notice in the photos how many different pieces go into the outer part of the shoe and how perfectly they are stitched together. Sizes 5 – 10. Prices $240.00 – $300.00. These shoes are custom made and do ship to USA WWW.PRISCILLAWHITAKERSHOES.COM.BR



A brand of shoes that has been around 20 years and started in NYC. This line responds to trends as soon as they come out and as the saying goes “runway to retail” in a matter of a few months. They are made in Italy and Mexico. Zigi owns their own sample rooms to ensure that the shoes fit right. Fun sneakers that were unique such as pointed toe with stiletto heels, high tops and many styles embellished with glitter and studs. Satin ballerinas that tie up the leg were a twist on the classic ballerina shoe. Maryjane styles had platforms on them. Mules had high block heels with wood bottoms. Carved wood bottoms can be found in many of the sandels. The collection has lots of denim and textured leather with oversized hardware and studs as trims. Styles are loafers, boots, cowboy boots to the knee and funky sandals all with heel heights from 3 – 5 inches. Sizes 6 – 11 M. Prices $300.00 – $500.00. To shop WWW.ZIGINY.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

V E R D A V A I N N E Spring 2024 Collection Video For Review

Designer Cyril Verdavainne, made his NYFW debut two weeks ago during a blockbuster presentation at Cipriani Wall Street to a crowd of fashion’s who’s who & key retail & private clients. The audience was left in awe as the VERDAVAINNE collection strolled the red carpet runway along the columns of the Cipriani Wall Street terrace.

The fashion editorial press corp took notice with the Fashion Group International proclaiming VERDAVAINNE as “One to Watch” in their daily NYFW Communiqué, one of only 3 such proclamations they made this entire week.

We’d love to have Cyril’s collection be considered for your editorial stories for the season, or for your clients’ styling needs, or to be carried in your retail assortment… depending upon your interests.

The images from the collection can be downloaded at the following link:

VERDAVAINNE Spring 2024 Runway Images

Daniel Quintanilla

VERDAVAINNE Spring 2024 – Trunk Show tours across America

Photography Credit: Elvia Gobbo

Eveningwear Travels

In case you missed the VERDAVAINNE Spring 2024 collection in NYC, you’re invited to experience it at one of these upcoming trunk shows.

9/27 – 9/30

Houston, TX – Saks Fifth Avenue*

10/4 – 10/6

Phoenix, AZ – Saks Fifth Avenue*

10/6 – 10/15

Westport, CT – The Plumed Serpent

10/19 – 10/21

Nichols Hills, OK – CK & Co*

10/26 – 10/30

Chevy Chase, MD – Saks Fifth Avenue

11/1 – 11/4

Tulsa, OK – Saks Fifth Avenue*

11/10 – 11/11

White Plains, NY – Mary Jane Denzer*

11/16 – 11/18

Boston, MA – Saks Fifth Avenue

11/29 – 12/5

Paoli, PA – Van Cleve*

*Designer Cyril Verdavainne will be present

Photography Credit: Elvia Gobbo

The Spring 2024 collection by VERDAVAINNE is a celebration of bold eveningwear, featuring stunningly imagined silhouettes with voluminous skirts that captivate with their architectural structure and graceful movement. The collection showcases oversized high-contrast patterns that demand attention, and elegant kimono-inspired, trapunto stitched belt detailing that adds an exquisite touch of refinement to each ensemble.

“I wanted to show something glamorous and generous in proportion but with clean, crisp lines. The use of colors was a must for me with the Neon Yellow, the Chartreuse, the Shameless Fuchsia Pink… it’s all about bringing fun to our clients’ wardrobes,” says designer Cyril Verdavainne. “While I design a line every season, the brand sets itself apart and identifies as ‘custom’ and made to measure. The client gets to create, and for me, it is an opportunity to learn more about women and about the clothes they truly want to wear.”

VERDAVAINNE’s Spring 2024 collection is all about embracing the bold, celebrating contrasts, and weaving elegance into every minute detail. The collection marks a true embodiment of the brand’s commitment to sophistication, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to delivering fashion that celebrates the unique beauty of every woman. The collection’s boldly proportioned silhouettes and subtle, yet forward detailing will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on both wearer and admirers alike. 


Founded in 2018 by Cyril Verdavainne, V E R D A V A I N N E is a luxury fashion brand dedicated to sustainable practices and the creation of handcrafted, sophisticated women’s eveningwear. Cyril’s 15 years in the industry, including his work with Carmen Marc Valvo, inspired a commitment to eco-conscious fashion and personalized custom designs that empower women. Rooted in his global fashion journey from Casablanca to New York City, VERDAVAINNE epitomizes sophistication, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the unique beauty of every woman.

Daniel Quintanilla

New York Men’s Day: A New York Fashion Week story by Patricia Ann Parenti



New York Men’s Day was held on opening day during New York Fashion Week which was on Friday, September 8, 2023. The event was held at Daylight Studio which is appropriately called because the sun comes shining thru the big windows eliminating the need for too much electric lighting . This was a presentation all about new and emerging menswear or gender-neutral designers with some established designers showing also. Hilldun, whose been in the fashion industry since 1958, sponsored the event. They are an old-fashioned type business that helps new designers by providing accounts receivable (funding) and factoring services based on purchase orders and invoices. De’Longhi used their newest expresso machines to offer the attendances great tasting strong coffee and tasty cocktails. They were another sponsor. The show was produced by Agentry PR. WWW.AGENTRYPR.COM

The day had morning and afternoon sessions for one and half hours each. I interviewed Kent Anthony New York, Clara Son and B|M|C in the morning and Skyco and Raleigh Workshop in the afternoon. I saw lots of new and cutting-edge fashions from each designer with no styles that are already in the market. The men attending the presentations were giving us a fashion show in itself by wearing men’s skirt suits and colorful outfits accessorized with “man bags” as seen in the photo with me in black and white mod pantsuit.



This was a very wearable collection for any guy to wear. Nothing tricky here. The colors used were beige, charcoal grey, red and light blue. Grommets, buttons and chains adorned suits and shirts to make them unusual and unique. Shirts were tailored but sheer. Pants were wide legged and baggy. Shorts were to the knee and loose fitting. Crochet circles on sheer sweaters with some having fringe all over the sheer sweater. This was an oversized collection. The designer told me the theme of the collection was Emergence. Sized S-M-L and made in USA and China. WWW.CLARASON.COM



Did you know that disco was making a comeback? Well, this presentation was all about styles that were popular when John Travolta made the movie Saturday Night Fever. Disco music was even playing in the background. Pant were high waisted that buttoned and buckled at the waist but to the side instead of the traditional middle with flared leg bottoms. Another retro 70’s influence was double breasted jackets that had tie backs but instead of making a bow with the ties they hung long and loose in the back of the jacket. Colors were white, navy, beige and black in wool and silk fabrics. The words to describe this designer’s collection is modern, sexy, elegant and strong. The designer told me his concept was a return to dressing up to go into society and I only hope guys will wear these clothes to nightclubs and events and get rid of the ripped jeans. Back in the disco days guys wore suits to go to Studio 54 and other clubs in NYC. This is a custom-made collection. WWW.BMCSTUDIO.COM



This designer said to me “the collection was inspired by track and field movement of energy.” All the clothes are sustainable which is the newest trend going forward in the fashion industry. Styles were high waisted, bell bottomed pants with pleats. Zip front jackets that reach the hip and are meant to be worn open over a shirt or a bare chest. These clothes were about short torsos and long legs. Colors were black, royal blue, powder blue and cream. Lots of hand beading on shirts and jackets to make basic shapes stand out. Some of the shirt styles had embroidery that gave them a unique flair. Some pieces are custom made and the rest ready to wear. WWW.KENTANTHONYSTUDIO.COM



Keith Haring was the inspiration here. The use of color and prints was what this collection is all about. Niki Lavda that was a racecar driver, had one of his prints on the white double-breasted jacket that is worn with red pants in my photo . Some other styles were colorful ponchos over burlap cargo pants and pleated mid-calf skirts with long jackets for the gender-neutral person. Knee length shorts with matching loose-fitting shirts can be seen in the yellow and black Keith Haring print outfit in my photo. There is even a matching Iguana shape handbag. I loved the wood Jewlery in bright colors that adorned the outfits. WWW.SKYCOSTUDIOS.COM



This is not a new label but a premium brand of denim clothing that has been ar0und awhile. The great part of the collection is that is made right in Raleigh, North Carolina in good old USA. This collection wasn’t about their basic dark denim jeans but a creative collaboration with the staff of the company. It’s all about stitching and colors in denim. Colors included white with black and mixed olive colors in a jacket. Lots of wide striped denim looks that are very bold in matching jackets and pants with cuffs at the hem. The bold outfits had matching floppy hats too. Some of the seams had the raw selvage edge too. Good news for denim lovers who don’t want to spend $300.00 and up on premium denim jeans. The company is coming out with $100.00 made in America jeans soon. WWW.RALEIGHDENIMWORKSHOP.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

Kristin Cavallari hot in cowboy boots at Pilgrimage Festival, once in love with Travis Kelce


Down Home Festive

Kristin Cavallari posted Sunday how she and a few of her closest friends on Saturday met up at the Pilgrimage Music Festival that went down in Franklin, Tennessee, where Kristin was country stylish in corset tube top, black jeans skirt, and unbelievable cowboy boots.

According to Footwear News, Kristin’s can’t miss boots were black leather uppers with pointed toes and curved shafts, plus signature swirling toe embroidery and ankled or thick heels were more than likely how the boot was shaped, and what’s reflective on the market today.

Kristin also revealed last Wednesday on her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast that she once had a crush on Kansas City Chiefs Football player, Travis Kelce, telling Travis this in person as Travis was also a guest on Kristin’s podcast, Travis and his Kansas City Chiefs hammered a brutal beat down on the Chicago Bears Sunday for a final score of 41 to 10, Travis’s rumored girlfriend saw him deliver such a victory, who’s Taylor Swift.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad says it was a good summer 2023


The Best Summer Ever?

If you were Lauren Conrad this summer, experiencing the best times you can have with friends, husband, and children, then you can indeed say that it truly was a good summer, which Lauren gushed about today as she looked back at her favorite moments with hubby and their 2 children, plus a new puppy added to the family thanks to Wags and Walks of Nashville, Tennessee.

Lauren’s Instagram post gave a capsule of fine moments such as with the children eating ice cream, sitting in shopping carts, playing board games, knitting, growing tomatoes in the garden, Lauren snuggling happily with son, and a precious moment with husband, William Tell, snapped together behind the sand dunes of Laguna Beach, plus dad teaching son how to surf.

One moment that Lauren will not forget anytime soon was attending the second night of the Taylor Swift ERAS concert tour at SoFi Stadium via Casamigos, which brought out all of Lauren’s closest friends out as Lauren’s entire squad got all decked out with tons of friendship bracelets to go around.

Daniel Quintanilla

MAGIC New York takes foothold of spring/ summer 2024 with D’AMELIO Footwear


Speak With Your Feet

There’s a force amongst us, we feel it on the trade show floor here at the Javits Center today in New York City on this day 2 of the MAGIC New York trade show, a presence you know will define the mood and the tone of MAGIC, it’s that leading brand everybody will be talking about, taking snapshots like DANIEL PLUS LAUREN did in their sponsored Photo Booth, it’s none other than D’AMELIO Footwear, the one who’s speaking for MAGIC New York this spring/ summer 2024 edition filled with winter-ending shoes to knock out an Arctic blast.


There’s one thing that D‘AMELIO is all about, and it’s in many words to live by, D’AMELIO is self-expression, showing your sense of style, quality, and crass, also in this beautiful collection, D’AMELIO has 300 million people following their brand cumulatively, a footwear enterprise stemming from their deep passion for fashion, and its capacity to shape an individual’s style and confidence.


D’AMELIO is powered by industry experts with 30 years of experience, who’s dedicated to crafting an accessible collection that harmoniously melds comfort, style, and quality; D’AMELIO was also the prominent featured brands at MAGIC New York, sponsoring events like happy hour and The Majestic Photobooth so D’AMELIO leaves its unbreakable footprint on a fashion space that thrives for brands that raise the bar in fashion, taking up the challenge of creating footwear that’s a mark for inspiration.

Daniel Quintanilla

MAGIC New York coutures your spring/ summer 2024 with ‘B. COATURE’ (formally known as ‘Coalition LA, The Coat Company’)


Vegan Warmth

In what we can say now are the last official days of summer before fall starts this Saturday morning at 2:49 a.m. EDT (New York time), day 2 of MAGIC New York trade show here in New York City today brought an electrifying charge of couture into the Javits Center fashion trade show space, this exciting sanitary of high-end cocktail and couture designers style a spring and summer 2024 to be a time of playfulness on the next level while taking up the need to be sustainable for a market that now demands it, enter in B. COUTURE, an LA based brand who meets the 3 essentials of fashion, appearance, couture, and sustainability.


Once known as Coalition LA, The Coat Company, the newly emerged B. COATURE comes in with a never before seen collection of coats seeing the light of day for the first time, combining coats with a couture idea in mind, adapting the moniker of a never repeat collection of vegan made coats destined to make a fashion statement, perfect for those out and about moments celebrities have outside their current media projects, transition from one destination to another along with the change of seasons, and step and repeat red carpet moments, also ready to wow with its LA designed and China manufactured vegan attire to propel itself into a new generation of environmentally conscious fashion.


Starting from the top, the 2 coats you see in the first image of this article are B. COUTURE’s best sellers, they’re made up of vegan leather with super soft sustainable vegan fur for an also super-stretch feel on the body, these couture coats made with no animal harming whatsoever are straight up bold in color, plus DANIEL PLUS LAUREN easily spots the much shinier color and fabric thanks to the entire vegan manufacturing process, technology that lets you capture a photo-op here in New York City that surely last in our minds for days.

Top selling winter coats are spun off in never-before-seen styles found in the mini-coats that mimic a blazer while you can style it with other pieces that fulfill the fantasy look you turn into reality, those mini-coats are also part of a multi-functional coat with duel roles, one being a complete long coat aligned with vegan fur for a touch of coziness and warmth, plus the mini-blazer coat acting as that wham you want it to, all thanks to zippers that allow you to transition your style.


The name “Coalition LA, The Coat Company” still lives on for the moment while the new name and direction of B.COATURE takes place, but one thing is for sure, you should definitely look forward to stylish, functional, camera worthy, and a sustainable line that caters to all generations of carbon-neutral consumers who want their styles featured in Page Six in full panoply, while no animals were harmed during the production of B. COATURE.

Daniel Quintanilla

Coterie New York has a playful side to spring/ summer 2024 with MENTI


Come Play With Me

Playful, it has so many interpretations not only in the world of fashion, but in a world where flirting and attraction can lead to so much more to ultimately celebrate love and intimacy, playful has also been a means to an end in the consumer market, whether it’s listening to music, buying perfume, or where we’ve arrived, in fashion, as Coterie New York here in New York City kicked off today to show off what next spring and summer will bring, this year’s just ended summer season continues being playful with MENTI, a new collection showing here at Coterie New York for the first time.


Started in 2019, MENTI originated out of Athens, Greece, making its debut here in New York this season with a cocktail dress addressing the flaws one woman may have on her body while having the ultimate purpose of its creation, being flirty, sexy, and playful, accelerating the visible parts of the body through translucent silhouette, a very playful evening gown with the option of showing off your cleavage or not, either choice zipped or unzipped give off voluptuous sexiness from head to toe, you also get to be playful on the bottom half.


Playfulness is certainly not limited to cocktail evening gowns in black, they’re found in many colors with varying textures that run from printed fabric to easy fit ruffle veiled designs modeled after the black evening gown, MENTI comes in different sizes, made to fit any body type, and each design is handmade, no machine manufacturing is involved, and details like fabrics, straps, hardware are done with the utmost care, it may take more time, but the beauty of the MENTI dress is with the labor intensive.


No matter what the weather calls for, hot or cool, MENTI dresses with its playful details definitely extenuates your special occasion, a rooftop summer in New York City, time in the Hamptons, or any exotic vacation destination you choose, evening wear as we see here with the black cocktail dress is surely something you want to dive into, taking playfulness to a seriously higher level.

Daniel Quintanilla

Coterie New York unleashes Spring 2024 corset dress by 19:13 DRESSCODE


Butterfly Blush

While we are in the last days of summer here in New York City, Coterie New York at the Javits Center today has a plan to kick off your spring/ summer 2024 with such delicate yet daring pops of sexiness that only Italian brands can boldly create, this is 19:13 DRESSCODE, a world filled with glamorous luxury for women that’s easy to welcome into or elevate your sense of style, it’s the allure of corset that sends young women running to the nearest department store to get their hands on what promises to be a new season of allure.

19:13 DRESSCODE, it is rich Italian charisma of international luxury with materials embodying a sharp sense of color, you’ve got comfort, femininity, and movement to celebrate the women wearing this brand, this 100 percent Italy made yet affordable collection are long, semitransparent tulle corset gowns for easy wearing for delicately complex and ironic women.

This lovely corset dress taken by DANIEL PLUS LAUREN is a mini bustier dress in tulle, it’s made to be a side zip closure, lined skirt, bodice with tulle drapery on the front, and thin straps, plus it’s made of 100 percent silk and 100 percent polyester, it’s also available in black, but the choice of white in this case is a far better option as you can accessorize and colorize your makeup to create a powerful style you know will be a game-changer.

At first blush, when seeing 19:13 DRESSCODE with this beautiful Italian corset dress, DANIEL PLUS LAUREN couldn’t help it think of singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo, where a couple times outside of her GEN Z 90’s and 2000’s fashion aesthetic, Olivia made her red carpet looks virtually similar to 19:13 DRESSCODE’s offering here, one being DISNEY PLUS’s “Driving Home 2 U”, and the “2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards” where Olivia at both times wears super-high-end fashion with corset tops and dresses, plus during sets on her SOUR tour that same year.

If there’s anything missing from the new buying power that is GEN Z, it’s the freedom to incorporate more vibrant styles into their core of what’s trending on TikTok, the best part for GEN Z and 19:13 DRESSCODE, along with the GUTS tour next spring by Olivia Rodrigo herself is with the call for ticket prices to start at $20 a piece, there’s plenty of affordability with 19:13 DRESSCODE, priced at $750.00, you can color coordinate your style for that night of GUTS tour live in your nearest city, or close to home here in New York City at Madison Square Garden on April 4,5,8, and 9, 2024.

Daniel Quintanilla