Lauren Conrad reveals stripes for the end of summer


There’s Still A Lot Of Summer Left

If anyone’s counting, there’s exactly 15 days left in the unofficial summer season, while there’s 32 days left before fall officially takes over, all of summer’s bucket list are being checked off as we speak in these last 2 weeks or less, and it’s all about making the most of our time count, and once that summer clock ticks out, it’s back to work, transitioning from summer to fall fashions in one breeze, and it’s perfect for Lauren Conrad today to tell about stripes that take us into fall easily while keeping the last threads of summer at our sides.

Lauren starts first with the LC Lauren Conrad Graphic Tee, going perfect with any pair of jeans or denim jeans right from LC Lauren Conrad as well, next up is the Madewell Striped Ruffle Strap Empire Dress that flows well with the summer breeze, LC Lauren Conrad Metallic Striped Ruana pairing well with white khakis, J Crew V Neck Swimsuit celebrating white and red, and LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Sleeve Tank and Wide Leg Pants, celebrating the rest of red, white, and blue with white and blue stripes from the sky.

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s Gola Rainbow Striped Sneakers for those late afternoon thunderstorms, LC Lauren Conrad Peplum Top as another top to wear with jeans, H&M Tie-Front Jumpsuit, LC Lauren Conrad High Heel Walnut Sandals, and Maxwell x Christy Dawn Striped Emmy Top that strikes the end of September with a sword.

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Jennifer Morrison paired a Vhernier ‘Verso’ ring with her End of Summer look

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Let’s Keep Summer Alive

There’s no telling what Jennifer Morrison will do next with her storied career, Jennifer’s played a Doctor on “House”, Emma Swan on “Once Upon A Time”, love interests on “How I Met Your Mother”, and mother of James T. Kirk on “Star Trek”, and the list goes on and on, especially when it comes to jewelry when attending the InStyle Badass Women Dinner on Tuesday night, being Vhernier.

For Jennifer’s night, Vhernier provided her with the Verso Diamond Ring, it’s spun off from the true Verso Ring, but comes laced up with diamonds from top to bottom, every nook and cranny littered up with pure diamonds, making for a beautiful way to put a ring on it.

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Jameela Jamil spiced it up in Kallati jewels for InStyle’s Badass Women Dinner

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

The Finest From The Brits

Time and time again, the United Kingdom blesses the United States with singing talent, dance talent, sports talent, and acting talent, a British talent goes an extremely long way in the entertainment industry, proving their versatility, and it doesn’t end with British actress, Jameela Jamil, who found herself Tuesday evening in 2 places, first at the InStyle Badass Women Dinner, then over at the NBC Universal Celebration wearing Kallati.

With Kallati’s earrings and rings, there’s five collections starting with eternal with its diamond collection, heirloom with its colored gemstones, legendary for its iconic designs, Renaissance inspired by the sun, and infinite for diamond and colored gems.

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Kat Graham stunned in Vhernier jewelry at InStyle’s Badass Women Dinner

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Bring Out The True Woman In You

Kat Graham has brought an amazing gift to this industry with her talent on TV and other film projects, as well as being a model and dancer to add to her resume, it all came in handy with Kat’s work on “The Vampire Diaries”, that all paid off Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, California as Kat was at the InStyle Badass Women Dinner, wearing Vhernier jewels.

It all starts with Vhernier Vague Earrings that’s in 18 karat rose gold in clean understated lines, diagonally cut, and also available in white gold, and not rhodium plated.

Next up comes Vhernier Eclisse Ring in 18 karat rose gold, incorporating architectural and contemporary art, sculptured in the most beautiful way possible.

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Rihanna’s Simple Summer Accessory She Hasn’t Taken Off All Month

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

If You Love It, Wear It Everyday

No matter the coat, the blouse, the skirt, or even a dress, you will wear that favorite piece of clothing if yours day in and day out because you just so happen to fall in love with that piece, and you can’t get over how fabulous it looks on you, but always remember to care for it in the proper manner every once in awhile so that dress can always look fabulous on you, jewelry and accessories are no different when worn on a regular basis, they’re just made so wonderfully, well-crafted, and well-detailed that it deserves heavy rotation in your fashionista life, Rihanna, is just like us when it comes to fine jewelry as Rihanna will not anytime soon abandon this Djula gem.

Rihanna, who’s been a star in her own right to say the least for the last 14 years since hitting the scene, shines bright with diamonds from the Djula sliced diamond chain necklace at 3 different times, one being on Tuesday in Santa Monica, California at dinner with her mom, August 8 at the Eataly in Los Angeles, California, and August 4 arriving in Barbados.

The Djula sliced diamond chain necklace is shaped in the most traditional way with each diamond pendant lined perfectly up and down the necklace.

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Lauren Conrad recruits Half Baked Harvest for fine summer food & drink

Courtesy: Half Baked Harvest YouTube Channel

There’s A Little Summer Left

You walk outside, and you can still feel the humanity lingering in the air, which along with it being hot has been the theme of this particular summer this year for the most part, there’s been signs recently of low humid days in between H&H spells, so summer is still in full swing in spite of it winding down more and more, but you can still find yourself a great drink and delightful dish to at least celebrate the fine impact of August before we start smelling the pumpkin spice lattes, Lauren Conrad today has found Half Baked Harvest to whip up Paloma Mocktail and Mexican Street Corn Salad.

Since Lauren is due to give birth to her second child in the fall, there’s no possible way that Lauren can have any alcohol whatsoever, but Half Baked Harvest has got Lauren’s back with the Paloma Mocktail, mixing it up with chamomile tea, honey, sparkling water, water, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, strawberries, and fresh flowers, and it’s all about blending it as one to make it one fine drink that eases the pain of no alcohol.

And what’s a good drink without a good dish, it’s Mexican Street Corn Salad filled with corn obviously, plus avocado, extra virgin olive oil, lime, honey, chili powder, paprika, kosher salt and pepper, basil, cilantro, feta cheese, and tortilla chips, all making for a nice delicious meal that’s sure to please.

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Joan Smalls was elegant in Yvan Tufenkjian & Djula diamonds at the UNICEF Summer Gala

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Showing Off For A Good Cause

Whoever’s declaring that supermodels are no longer the talk of pop culture are not one to see the history and impact that supermodels have brought to this world, as well as the modeling and fashion industry, and still are without having prior celebrity attached to their resume, we’ve seen already what impact Victoria Secret models have on the world, now it’s still and always the individual who brings their own celebrity to the runway, and are passing along their talent and gifts onto others in need, Joan Smalls found herself this past Friday at the UNICEF Summer Gala in Porto Cervo, Italy, wearing pure jewelry from Djula and Yvan Tufenkjian.

Joan wears an incredible diamond necklace from Djula Jewelry, it’s beautifully and delicately laced with an array of diamonds not only on the pendant, but on the necklace piece by piece, a breath of fresh air as an alternative to only a precious metal.

Joan also possesses gorgeous rings and earrings from Yvan Tufenkjian, ranging from the stackable collection that carves to young and urban jewelry, and the sandstone collection that’s timeless, powerful, and sophisticated.

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Taylor Swift was vibrant in $4K Misahara earrings at the Teen Choice Awards

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Clear The Room, Please

It’s Taylor Swift, and there’s no stopping now once Taylor arrives on the scene, it’s all hands on deck for Taylor, who completely changed the entire landscape of the music industry, not only with the tunes on the radio, but with the business of music and such, there’s no artist like Taylor Swift who’s her own entity in her own right, standing up to what’s rightfully hers artistically, and not letting a few bad tabloid moments fold Taylor completely to the depths of Britney Spears who’s a cautionary tale for life, so Taylor thought it was time to pay it forward to the fan base that put Taylor in the superstar status she’s at today, attending the Teen Choice Awards Sunday evening in Los Angeles, California, wearing Misahara Zara hoop earrings.

You will appreciate the $4,000 you’ll be dropping for these gorgeous earrings, the Misahara Zara Hoop Earrings are a modern take on classic diamond hoops, sapphires and diamonds handset both inside and out of 18 karat gold mounting, allowing stone to be seen from all angles when worn, and it’s 6.25ct paraibas set in 18 karat white gold, and 1.25 inch diameter.

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Lauren Conrad’s best LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees for your personality

Courtesy: Kohl’s

The Tee That Says “You”

There’s something wonderful about phases in our life, it all involves change, whether good or bad, little or big, it doesn’t change the person you’ve grown yourself to be, which all leads back to experiences that made you wonderful, and yes, you shine bright in the clothes you wear, you not just look good, you also tell the world via your shirt or skirt what kind of person you are, and that’s more than enough needed even someone reads you, it sends many messages to people you know and don’t know, hopefully in a good light, there’s many ways to break you down, Lauren Conrad today helps along the way with her LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees that speaks of love and adventure.

With the LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees at Kohl’s, Lauren makes you take a quiz to determine what graphic tee is right for you, Lauren starts with A answers that take you as an easy going and laidback personality where you love hanging out with friends and spotting new places to hang whether they’re planned or not, B answers are those who care, help others, and wear their heart on their sleeves, so we find graphic tees of love.

One can never go wrong with C, C people are not people who usually hang around the office, they’re calm and radiate positive energy in stressful situations, and love to go to Hawaii, D answers are people always out on an adventure where it’s hard to pin them down, but tell wonderful stories when they are pinned down, and E finds itself cracking jokes to people, whether through talking, or through tee.

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Lauren Conrad & diamond shapes right for you

Courtesy: Jessi Burrone

How Much Girl’s Best Friend Does One Need?

Right from the time when we are little girls and boys, we all crave something beautiful and sparkly in our lives, that’s right, it is a diamond, a rock rich from the minerals of the earth that’s big enough to brag to our friends, big enough to walk proudly around town with, and big enough to put a ring on it when it’s time to make honest men and women out of ourselves, but believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much diamond, maybe not big enough to make us puke, but not the right fit for our style, and not the right fit for our budget, that’s where Lauren Conrad and James Allen come in today, finding out which diamond fits you.

Thanks to the possibilities that provides when buying your precious ring for taking the next step, you can start by zeroing in on a diamond ring’s shape, one is round where it’s brilliant and sparkly, and can be sized at any budget.

You’ve got an oval cut diamond too as it elongates fingers, the oval has unique shape and is a modified version of a round diamond, and its light distribution can be modified to fit your appeal, princess diamonds are cut to maximize size and must be properly set so this cut don’t chip.

Get cozy with a cushion diamond that looks like a pillow and are classic vintage, but choose one that’s a high quality cut, emerald diamonds are the most elegant and appear larger than other diamonds coming with intense clarity, marquise diamonds are the perfect choice when it comes to finding your engagement ring, carrying vintage quality with large coverage.

Pear diamonds are ones to soak up all the light with its traditional and brilliant stature, but must be set properly since tips are sharp, and heart diamonds have strong sparkle and are cut to maximize carat weight.

There’s a diamond for every taste out there, traditionalists should stick to their guns on round, cushion, and marquise, modernists have emerald, oval, and princess cuts, and those against the grain can opt for heart or pear-shaped diamonds.

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