Gansevoort Park Avenue becomes the Royalton Park Avenue

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The Lifeblood That Was Gansevoort Park Avenue

It just so happened that checking through Twitter tonight, Daniel plus Lauren found out that Gansevoort Park Avenue, the flesh and blood of Halloween for yours truly since 2011, had been sold to Highland Properties to become Royalton Park Avenue, back in October of this year.

At first blush, when finding out about this, it was a heart attack that one didn’t expect to take place, but honestly suspected when the rooftop nightclub had a new name during Halloween, so the suspicion went into overdrive for a time being during and after Halloween.

In totality, this year especially felt a whole lot different leading up to Halloween without having any official prior knowledge of Gansevoort Park Avenue being sold to another owner, so it’s a culmination of aspects taking place which led up to this point where Gansevoort Park Avenue got sold to another owner, with uncertainty taking place of what will become of Halloween 2018 at this establishment.

There could be a shimmer of hope, Royalton Park Avenue could live up to the standard that Gansevoort Park Avenue upheld during their run as a moniker hotel on Park Avenue, or Gansevoort Meat Packing District could offer a whole lot more when it comes to Halloween, and its late night antics.

But whatever the case may be, Daniel plus Lauren will be committed as faithfully as possible, whether it’s looking for a new home that defines Halloween, or growing accustomed to what Royalton has to offer on Park Avenue, or what Gansevoort’s got up its sleeves in the Meat Packing District,

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad reveals a very straight forward morning routine

Courtesy: Kellogg’s

Let’s Get To It

For most people, mornings are what they are, busy, tired, sweaty at the gym, sitting in traffic, and eating breakfast in-between, Lauren Conrad’s mornings are different, now that baby Liam James Tell arrived, Lauren today told “Today’s Morning Routine” that’s mornings are a whole new world.

It’s 6 a.m., it’s dark out, the world is just about awake at that time, and the only thing Lauren’s doing is opening her eyes to the sounds of Liam crying, getting up out of bed making a B line to the coffee maker for coffee stat, as Lauren adjust to becoming a morning person.

Lauren however didn’t become a morning person out of the blue, it took some planning, cleaning out her closet big time to make it easier on herself, and wearing easy products while doing easy things to get out of the door without slowing down.

And in the middle of saying good morning and I love you to husband, William Tell, Lauren’s favorite thing in the morning is picking up baby Liam while choosing which type of cereal to eat, though Lauren’s absolute favorite cereal dish is Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with strawberies and almond milk.

Friday Favorites With Lauren Conrad

As a new morning person, Lauren Conrad still found time today to lay out her weekly favorites starting with a wine and wrap party, then peppermint cream hand scrub, pretty  nurseries, and ruby studs.

The Edit

Lauren’s picks today are Little Nomad Roam Free Play Mat in Silver Lining, and Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Magnolia Cozy Reversible Coat.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad and the 5 engagement rings of all time



Make That Special Moment Last Forever

Today, Lauren Conrad and her team take a moment to ring the wedding bells again, discovering 5 engagement ring trends that will stand the test of time, because if you’re spending the rest of your life with your man or woman, then the stone’s gotta stand out.

With help from James Allen, Lauren starts out with the classic three stone setting, which is a classic in itself, and it’s not because of Meagan Markle, rose gold is the latest metal to get inducted into the forever status, it’s a simple setting, and a great style statement.

Royal weddings are becoming a common thing nowadays, and because of it, we have colored gemstones offering a pop of color, turn to the halos for halo settings as this function makes stone appear bigger, and then there’s the classic oval cut diamond where it’s fashionable, yet timeless.

Pastel Gift Wrap In 2

The Lauren Conrad team today got their gift wrap in check with a holiday special, pretty pastel gift wrap in two ways, one being layered tissue paper gift wrap consisting of tissue paper in desired colors, colored ribbons, wrapping paper, tape, and scissors to carve it out.

The next pastel gift wrap is confetti cellophane gift wrap which happens to come with butcher paper and ribbon in your choice of colored confetti or loose glitter, and don’t forget to add a sweet ornament on top from LC Lauren Conrad, which makes everything sweet all around.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s short hair gets even shorter

25005778_1911902965792185_7233525680166666240_nCourtesy: Kristin Ess Instagram

Just Keep Cutting……& Cutting……& Cutting…….

Lauren Conrad looks on New York, New York today, leaving something behind from herself, less hair than Lauren had going in, according to Lauren herself reporting today on her Instagram, as Lauren got more of her hair cut even shorter than before.

Something that can definitely back Lauren’s shorter hair up is Lauren’s hair stylist, Kristin Ess, who surely was the one that made it possible for Lauren to have much shorter hair leaving New York than when Lauren arrived, Kristin responded saying shorter, shorter, and shorter, with Lauren continuously raising the effortless chic bar.

Lauren apparently revealed an even more shorter hairdo on Tuesday when Lauren was on hand to show off her cereal creations prior to the opening of the Kellogg’s Cereal Bar in New York City’s Union Square.

Lauren Conrad’s been having her hair short since the end of October into early November when Lauren officially debuted her short hair, after giving a little preview during Halloween.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad presents coconut snow clouds



Savory, & Creamy Coconut

Lauren Conrad relied on her good friend, and food contributor, Claire Thomas, of The Kitchy Kitchen today to make the most wonderful sweet edible obsession there is so far, they are coconut snow clouds providing the wintery canvas with the sugary and tangy taste buds one desires.

Now, there’s more to the story than a savory and creamy coconut Daniel plus Lauren described above in the subtitle, this coconut snow cloud is loaded with some good stuff, try white vinegar, kosher salt, egg whites, and coconut flakes to start with the heavy cream, full fat coconut milk, and vanilla bean that’s already fantastic.

The deepest, darkest, boozy, and most drunk ingredient one will find in this coconut snow cloud is 2 tablespoons of dark rum, which makes this holiday dessert not only a dish, but an experience with other find spirits a wonderful moment to look forward to.

Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

The team of Lauren Conrad today put their party planning skills to the test with a pink candyland Christmas get together, featuring pink balloons, pink decorations, and a wine and champagne cart that throws hot coals onto this shindig as a way to break the ice.

Along with cookies, cake, and champagne, team Lauren recruits help from their find friends being Rachel from Bonjour Fête, and Royale of But First, Party, who have helped Lauren and gang pull off fantastic and epic parties then and now, and sure enough, this pink Christmas to come.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad publicly debuts short hair at Kellogg’s Cereal Bar


Courtesy: Brit + Co

Cereal Is Cool Since ‘Seinfeld’

Lauren Conrad was on tap in New York, New York today as the press got a preview of Kellogg’s newest cereal bar over on the east side in Union Square, where both Lauren with her new hairdo reported by Brit + Co, and Tony The Tiger, were in such fine glory.

As Lauren wore a nice burgundy v-neck dress with floral prints prior to frigid temperatures and blustery winds fast approaching, Lauren’s hair stylist, Kristin Ess, was on tap for the Kellogg’s cereal bar preview, as Kristin was the one who did Lauren’s hair, and ready to take credit for it.

Now if you haven’t been to a cereal bar, it’s not a bar with cereal, just so you know, it’s Kellogg’s, who’s the world renowned cereal leader, taking all their longtime favorites like  Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, and Pop Tarts and giving them a new twist for patrons to enjoy, making all kinds of concoctions, along with a standout item of a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich.

Cute Baby Sleepwear

Lauren Conrad today delivered her Tuesday Ten that was filled cute baby pajamas filled with top, bottoms, and onesies by Baby Gap, Pottery Barn Kids, Hanna Anderson, Old Navy, and J. Crew.

Doggie Gift Bag

Team Lauren Conrad today provided another gift guide that showed appreciation for man’s best friend, the dog, with the Furbo Dog Camera, a camera that lets you monitor your dog while your away from home via the Furbo Dog Camera app.

Daniel Quintanilla

DJ’s Mark Ronson, Clark Kent, Tony Touch Amongst Others Attend Style Artist Lounge During Art Basel, Miami

7775eb1c-9959-49dd-bd18-8fd20170febdCourtesy: Style Fashion Week

On Friday, The Style Artist Lounge by Style Fashion Week opened with a private brunch, hosted by Merrill Lynch and Mike Muse in support of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Style Fashion Week Art Show will be showcasing urban and street art connected to the pulse of today’s art world.

We will house incredible artists from around the world, +20,000 guest attendees, celebrities, buyers, press, and fashion industry insiders.

This season, Style Fashion Week is sure to be prodigious, exciting and more impressive than ever.

Make sure to come by and enjoy the amazing art produced by  talented artists from around the world.

Rush Arts is dedicated to providing inner city youth across New York City with significant exposure to the arts, as well as to supporting emerging artists with exhibition opportunities.”

Guests discussed technology and the arts over glasses of Notorious Pink Rosè.

Throughout the afternoon, guests of Style Artist Lounge could view artwork by abibi.k, Adam Thompson, Moncho1929, Laurent Proneur, Robert Young, and UncuttArts in addition to a swimwear presentation by Char Loves Swimwear.

In the evening, attendees enjoyed performances by iconic DJ’s Clark Kent, Tony Touch and Mark Ronson, who brought an incredible crowd to the newly renovated MiaBea House.

A special thanks to Vezt, Notorious Pink Rosè, Harmless Harvest, Lovegevity, Style Fashion Week, Essentia Water, International Chamber of Design, Entrepreneur Magazine, Rush Arts Foundation and MiaBea House.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad creates mini-Christmas trees



Christmas Found In All Sizes

Lauren Conrad took a moment today to share an inspiring idea which puts the holiday spirit in the right place, it’s found in a bunch of small trees that bringing happiness with just a little love, and a little decoration to make the season bright.

Lauren presents mini trees with do-it-yourself gold leaf terra cotta pots, supplied by glitter, glue, and a little imagination to find the right letters and words describing the festiveness of the holidays, and that word is JOY, joy bringing so much fun, love, and happiness to one’s heart.

With a little paint, paint brushes, gold leaves, stencils, mini trees, and a tiny ornament balls of course, plus a little instruction to make it come alive, a Christmas tree can come to fruition, and spread the spirit like a wildfire, without the need for a Christmas tree at large.

Blankets Made With Love

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today took a different approach to gifting someone, instead of buying a gift, Jessi made a gift, a do-it-yourself gift guide featuring a hand knitted throw blanket, one that requires the right yarn, made just right for someone, and inexpensive all the way around.

For this blanket, Jessi makes her homegrown throw blanket at a small size, and an off-white color, with just the right pattern and textures, one that is made especially for a newborn baby, this blanket is layered out in knot patterns, and help is seeked from Sarah Lou Co.

Daniel Quintanilla

Dre, of Cool & Dre Celebrates Birthday with Star Studded Entourage at Style Artist Lounge During Art Basel Miami

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Courtesy: Style Fashion Week/ Style Artist Lounge

Birthday, Art, & Miami Are A Great Party

On Thursday evening, from Style Fashion Week, the Style Artist Lounge in Miami, Florida immersed guests in an exclusive art and music experience.

Day to night, attendees could view the works of Adam Thompson, UncuttArt, Marlyn Sasson, Laurent Proneur, & Stephen Gamson.

In the evening, Vezt Music App hosted a private dinner celebrating Dre of Cool & Dre’s birthday. Notable persons in attendance included: Fat Joe, Derrick Adams, Hank Willis Thomas, Shawn “Pecas” Costner and more.

Vezt Music app gives musicians control of their revenue, allowing artists to choose percentages of the rights to their songs to offer for sale to fans, friends, rights-buyers and brands through an app-based platform that employs blockchain technology to track and collect royalty income.

The dinner lead into an after party, which took the newly renovated MiaBea House to capacity. Guests mixed and mingled sipping Notorious Pink Rosè.

Style Fashion Week Art Show will be showcasing urban and street art connected to the pulse of today’s art world.  We will house incredible artists from around the world, +20,000 guest attendees, celebrities, buyers, press, and fashion industry insiders.

This season, Style Fashion Week is sure to be prodigious, exciting and more impressive than ever! Make sure to come by and enjoy the amazing art produced by  talented artists from around the world.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s favorites seek out the spirit of December



It’s December Like You Mean It

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, you’ve got cloudy weather outside, snow on the way tomorrow, and frigid temperatures in the middle of next week, so today’s Friday Favorites from Lauren Conrad celebrate all things the season.

Lauren is inspired by gingerbread house gift wrap having all kinds of gifts inside surrounded by a frosted Christmas tree, then there is some cute decor of a thick throw blanket, canvased by a color combination of off-white and beige with little tabs of red and hot pink combined into one.

From LC Lauren Conrad, Lauren has the newest edition to her holiday pieces, they are a home decor or ornaments that feature rabbits, tigers, cats, and tiny bunnies all festive for the holidays, sweet treats of strawberries and cream bars, and a video of LC Lauren Conrad tried out in various sizes.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and crew today added some stocking stuffers to their weekly picks, which are It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+, LC Lauren Conrad Velvet Cat Key Chain, Double Rosette Keychain and Faux Leather Tiered Ribbon Key Chain, and Wildfox Sweet Treat Sommers Sweater.

Lauren and team also seeked out 24” Eucalyptus Fresh Wreath with Blue Bow, Serena & Lily Tulum Rug, LC Lauren Conrad Tourmaline, Citrine, and Blue Topaz Fine Rings, Clinique All About Eyes, Paper Crown Dolores Top, Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days, and The Little Market Berber Ceramic Plate.

Daniel Quintanilla