Lauren Conrad into #pink #flowers from #garden ~ @LaurenConrad #laurenconrad

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Lauren Conrad tonight captured a flowering in action that’s blossoming to its fullest capacity, approaching to its absolute peak in action only for it to get better and many more to grow.

Daniel Quintanilla

Maria’s Bag by @AlidaBoer #beltbag ~ @mariasbag #handbag #guatemala

Courtesy: Maria’s Bag

My April Love

Maria’s Bag by Alida Boer revealed this bag of the month today that is their Belt Bag, made with a mix of Italian leather and handmade Mayan textile, designed with multiple cardholders and an interior pocket, it’s a functional and versatile piece that’s made in Guatemala.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kristin Cavallari’s #exploration holds @UncommonJames #summer #love capsule ~ @KristinCav #necklace

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Love ❤️ Only

Kristin Cavallari revealed a collection within a collection today as Uncommon James Summer 2021 Exploration was released, it’s the UJ Summer Love Capsule series that includes Rosie Necklace, Protective Necklace, Mediterranean Necklace, Healing Power Necklace, and Seeker Necklace, Kristin also revealed this collection in collection when Kristin was live today to discuss the UJ Summer 2021 collection.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kristin Cavallari #sailing w/ @UncommonJames #summer #exploration ~ @KristinCav #jewelry

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Sea Sexy

Today was a big day for Kristin Cavallari, as Kristin released her Uncommon James Summer 1 Exploration collection, setting sail with the finest pieces from this collection being Rosie Necklace, Big Deal Ring, Love Necklace, Shell Hoops, and Everyday Bracelet, Kristin also went live today explaining this UJ Summer 2021 and upcoming Uncommon Beauty Skincare.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kylie Jenner meets @DjulaJewelry ~ @kyliejenner #jewelry #djulajewelry @dorazioPR #kyliejenner

Courtesy: DorazioPR

The Kardashian Effect

Kylie Jenner, who’s fame is a three prong effect, one being a Kardashian, one being a Jenner, and one being the owner of a billion dollar makeup empire, blings out in Djula Jewelry from rings, earrings and chokers, all made possible by the power of DorazioPR, who today anchors up their treasure with Kylie.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kaia Gerber in #leggings w/ @KazeOrigins #kn95facemasks against #COVID19 ~ @kaiagerber @dorazioPR #kaiagerber

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Stylish & Safe

Model and actress, Kaia Gerber, continues to do her part in staying safe against COVID19 while out and about, as DorazioPR today spots Kaia wearing the Kaze Origins KN95 face mask made up of class-A 5-ply material, also certified organic, and with adjustable ear band where it’s high-quality material keeps COVID19 from coming in, and COVID19 from going out.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kristin Cavallari #doitlive w/ @UncommonJames #summer & #uncommonbeauty #skincare ~ @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

Courtesy: UncommonJames Instagram

Great Summer, Great Skin

Kristin Cavallari went live today to go more into detail about her new Uncommon James Summer 2021 Exploration collection that had it first drop today also, inspired by all the destinations we encounter during our summer travels, as well as shedding Winter for Summer canvas, Kristin was up close and personal with heart pendant necklaces, dainty pieces, rings, and bracelets that spell Summer with just a glance.

Kristin also gave a sneak peek of her new Uncommon Beauty Skincare line due out May 13, 2021, Uncommon Beauty are skin products formulated for all ages, it hydrates your skin and fills your skin with key vitamins like Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy, plus your skin is free of harsh chemicals from conventional skin products that can age you over time.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kristin Cavallari stacks @UncommonJames #summer 2021 #exploration ~ @KristinCav #jewelry

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Gold Bunch

Kristin Cavallari eyes her favorite Uncommon James Summer 2021 Exploration today for a wonderful stack of jewelry like you’ve never seen before, Kristin’s right to the heart and treasure with Protective Necklace, Big Love Necklace, Two Way Street Ear Jacket, and Wishful Necklace.

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LC @LaurenConrad dusts with #ruffles @Kohls ~ #laurenconrad #kohls #lclaurenconrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Dusty Style

Lauren Conrad today didn’t put the layers away just yet despite it’s now Spring, the LC Lauren Conrad over at Kohl’s has the Tiered Ruffle Tie-Front Throw Duster measured at the right duster length, lightweight, arm openings, ruffle detail and open front, a chic duster that fills the room with retro vibes.

Daniel Quintanilla