Lauren Conrad’s people advice for pregnancy cravings and food aversions


Courtesy: Kelly LeVeque

Making Pregnancy Beautiful For Real

Today, Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Ilana Saul, who’s dealt with pregnancy two times already, passes along valuable advice to those that are about to encounter morning sickness of whatever level, hankering of all types of food, and even avoiding foods they love normally.

Ilana relies on resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, who happens to be expecting first dispenses out cravings of all types, where the general rule is to have healthier versions of food if you crave carbs, fruit if it’s sweets, dark chocolate if it’s chocolate, cottage cheese for dairy, califlower and shrimp if soul food, but do these in individual portions instead of bulk to avoid bad habits now, and after pregnancy.

If you suddenly get sick to your stomach over the foods (even the healthy ones) you normally live otherwise, seek out alternatives so you still get your healthy doses in and try mixing them with alternative food.

Once you do have morning sickness, be sure of the level of morning sickness you’re suffering from, bad bouts involve a doctor, while mild ones only require Vitamin B6, any solution to morning sickness at any level still needs a doctor’s advice beforehand.

And when you’re in the 12th to 14th week of your pregnancy, check with yourself to see which level of health you are in, so you can go on to maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of food and activity until you give birth.

Toting and Toweling

Lauren Conrad today gave an accessory report on beach totes and beach towels, proclaiming that if you want to take the beach seriously, forget grabbing the grocery bags and home linens, go for the real thing, and do it in style, plus The Little Market speaks the majority.

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Lauren Conrad passes along Father’s Day wishes to hubby

35288692_356246098234208_6331293724340912128_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Daddy Gets The Credit Too

Today is Father’s Day, and it’s extremely gratifying to see now the dads get the same love as mom’s do on Mother’s Day, so Lauren Conrad took advantage of that dad love and spread it to her husband, William James Tell.

It was all about William today, celebrating all the major contributions William has made in being a dad to him and Lauren’s nearly one year old boy, Liam James Tell, whom would have not entered this great world of ours if had it not been for William meeting Lauren 6 years ago.

This little photo Lauren parades around are of William gleefully teaching little one, Liam, how to walk, on a wet and sandy beach in front of the ocean waters of the Pacific right in the heart of California, Liam is all curious about where his feet go, and what Liam feels underneath.

In just about 2 and a half weeks from now, William and Lauren too of course will get to celebrate the beautiful life growing up fast by the day that is Liam James Tell as little Liam celebrates his first birthday on July 5, the day Liam was born.

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Kelly Rutherford celebrates Resident magazine’s June 2018 cover release at Zirkova House

IMG_9873IMG_9803IMG_9895IMG_0001IMG_9886IMG_0023Courtesy: Seventh House via Udo Spreitzenbarth

A Cover Celebration

Resident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hillary Latos and Publisher Christopher Pape, amongst New York’s polished and elite, gathered Thursday evening at the exclusive Zirkova House in New York City, home of the multi award-winning vodka brand, Zirkova One+Together, to celebrate the June 2018 Travel Issue cover girl, Kelly Rutherford.

Best known for her TV characters as matriarch on hit drama series “Gossip Girl” and an award-winning role in the soap opera “Generations”, it is her advocacy efforts for women’s rights that captivated Resident Magazine readers, attendees, and fans everywhere.

Other notable guests included: Amir Arison (Star of NBC’s “The Blacklist”), Zirkova One+Together Partner Derek Anderson, Actress Malgosia Garnys, musician Frank Bell, Thomas Andrieu, Axum Araya, Taylor Beckham, Ariel Cohen, Diana Cristea, Barry Drexler, Valaerie Malakova, Doree Lewak, Dena Pilevsky, Mandie Erickson, and notable American artist Judi Harvest.

“We are thrilled to have Kelly Rutherford on our June cover this month to celebrate her achievements as an actress in the industry.

With her strong commitment to women’s rights it was only befitting to have her cover party at the stunning Zirkova House,” says Resident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hillary Latos.

Kelly Rutherford’s arrival, in an all-white ensemble, mirrored the effortless beauty she displayed on the cover of Resident Magazine’s June 2018 issue, unveiled in a sequin, assymetrical, dress with a plunging neckline.

On the cover, hair and makeup was styled, by Bata Plavsic of Angelo DavidSalon into a classic, but relaxed, bouffant bump swept away from her face using The Flex Brush to showcase Rutherford’s timeless beauty.

“Kelly is a classic beauty so I wanted to create an old Hollywood sophisticated look for her. Very clean, simple and polished, one of my favorites,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist Bata Plavsic.

Plavsic prepped Rutherford’s skin with La Prairie Skincare for the magazine cover shoot.

Zirkova One+Together is proud to have hosted Resident Magazine’s June 2018 Cover Release with actress Kelly Rutherford,” said Derek Anderson, Partner at Zirkova.

“Part of our ethos is a commitment to making sure this world in which we live is an equal, empathic, and uplifting one for all; and we are certainly not stranger’s to Kelly’s lauded reputation as an activist for Women’s and children’s rights. We couldn’t think of a more fitting person to be supporting.”


Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres provided by rustic Latin restaurant La Pulperia, and specialty cocktails crafted by Zirkova One+Together and other libations from Gabriel Boudier Dijon, Bache Gabrielsen, Trois Riviéres, Vivanco wines, Besserat de Bellefon and MiravalProvence Rose.

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‘SCOPE BASEL: ONLY YOU’ by Indira Cesarine

unnamedCourtesy: Scope Art

This Space Is Woman

The Untitled Space is pleased to present multimedia series “ONLY YOU” by Indira Cesarine at SCOPE Art Show in Basel, Switzerland in partnership with ArtHelix Gallery and SHIM.

Cesarine’s medium format photography, welded steel sculpture and video art will be on view in Booth A43 from June 12th to 17th for the duration of the fair.

“ONLY YOU” is a conceptual narrative portrait series chronicling a woman’s emotions as she traverses a metaphorical landscape of love, loss, abuse and betrayal. Each artwork is part of the greater narrative of her story.

The series is based on autobiographical experiences of the artist.

It was photographed on a medium format RZ camera as well as on HD video.

The limited edition photographs and welded steel sculptures were completed in 2017 and unveiled last November at The Untitled Space gallery along with a dance performance by Bryn Cohn + Artists inspired by the series.

Photography from the series was additionally featured at CICA Museum, South Korea as part of their January exhibition “Portrait 2018”.

The video art edition of “ONLY YOU” premiered at Art Basel Miami for an exhibition in collaboration with American Friends of The Louvre and Miami Art Museum.

The video has additionally been screened internationally at exhibitions including “Factory Project” at London’s Red Bull Studios in collaboration with Graffik Gallery, at an event for Cannes Film Festival in France, and at the Big Screen Plaza in Chelsea, New York.

Indira Cesarine is a multimedia artist who works with photography, video, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

A graduate of Columbia University with a triple major in Art History, French and Women’s Studies, she additionally studied art and photography at Parsons School of Design, International Center of Photography, School of Visual Arts, The Art Students League and New York Academy of Art.

Cesarine had her first solo show at the age of sixteen at Paul Mellon Arts Center.

Empowering feminist themes are often the point of departure for Cesarine’s multi-sensory series.

Her artwork questions the place of humanity in context with contemporary civilization and is often influenced by autobiographical content and women’s history at large.

As a multi-disciplinarian artist she works across several mediums and techniques to convey a rich and diverse narrative, with an emphasis on thematic subject matter that engages a narrative of social discourse and art activism.

Her artwork has been featured internationally at many art galleries, museums and festivals, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mattatuck Museum, CICA Museum, Getty Images Gallery, French Embassy Cultural Center, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Art Basel Miami, Cannes Film Festival and the International Festival Photo Mode to name a few.

In 2014, her public art sculpture, “The Egg of Light” was exhibited at Rockefeller Center as part of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.

Her work was recently auctioned at Sotheby’s New York for the annual “Take Home A Nude” art benefit.

Artist’s Statement: Indira Cesarine

“’ONLY YOU’ is an autobiographic series that I photographed and directed, working with a model to reenact sentiments I was feeling.

This series tells the story not just of my emotional trauma, but that of many women who have been abused and betrayed by people they trusted, and how difficult it can be to process those emotions.

In light of the #MeToo movement, many women are finding the strength to tell their stories.

I have had many experiences that have crossed the line, in my personal life as well as throughout my career, and this series resonates with me as particularly relevant, a metaphorical mirror of how many women are feeling right now.

You can feel the emotions in this series—they range from anger to sadness to disbelief to shame…frustration, fear— It’s an emotive series that focuses on the eyes as a portal.”

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Lauren Conrad’s favorites inspired by far away places



When You Can’t Get Away

These days, Lauren Conrad finds herself more homebound than ever before, but that little bundle of joy named Liam James Tell makes it all worth experiencing your neighborhood more, so the Friday Favorites today take destinations stimulating one’s mind when hopping on a plane immediately’s not an option.

Lauren delivers worthy photos of Morocco showing off the beautiful artwork done on their classical principle structures where the artwork material’s made up of all tile, the iconic tiling doesn’t limit itself to wall structure decor, it’s also found on the floor in hexagon designs.

Now as you stay at home more, you can find inspiration for yourself, and your baby by making do-it-yourself hanging wall art made of yarn and clay moldings, you can also enjoy a vegan chocolate bananas foster sandwich that’s a whole new experience from PB&J, and a pretty necklace layered with fine other chains.

The Edit

With this week’s picks today, Lauren Conrad and her people have something brand new from LC Lauren Conrad, it’s the LC Lauren Conrad O-Ring Geometric Convertible Crossbody Bag that’s large enough to fit any makeup item imaginable, and super cute to trot around.

Now if you work long hours, don’t have time to cook, and want fine dining everynight, subscribe to the Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service for just $78.93 a month, and The Little Market takes a new, unusual, unique, and different approach to fine china, their The Little Market Woven Vase from $36 to $44.

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Lauren Conrad unloads breakdown on hats



Put A Hat On It

Today, Lauren Conrad delivered on another accessory report, laying down the law on the coolest hats in the land, those fine fashion companions that one puts on their head for reasons like blocking out the sun, look like a hoodlum, or by stylish.

Lauren starts out with panama hats resembling bucket hats that are perfect for a weekend getaway or no matter where you’re going, coolness factors are found in classic and cool baseball caps showing off fun and team pride, plus wide brim straw hats that are also found in the LC Lauren Conrad collection.

Hats coolness continues with the fisherman caps (a.k.a. engineer hats) that’s said to be the ultimate cool girl’s hat taken into evergreen times and cooler months, boater hats with the stiff brim and the chic ribbon detail, and visors making a comeback giving face time shade to block out the sun.

The Best Legging For Tight Butt Exercise

Lauren Conrad’s team today searches for activewear that are perfect for doing different workouts at the gym, like yoga with sandals or flip flops, high waisted leggings, sports bra, yoga mat, and water bottle to keep hydrated, especially with bikram.

Spin is sports bra, leggings, tank top, towel, and socks to go good with spin shoes you better not forget, barre & pilates include the bare minimum of leggings and t-shirt with a bottle of water, and circuit training with shorts or leggings, a breathable shirt, and proper shoes to prevent injury.

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Lauren Conrad’s people teach baby budget for college



Love That Little Piggy Bank

Each year that’s passed for nearly 50 years, it’s gets harder and harder to save for a rainy day, let alone save for college, but the folks at ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan provided by your government provided Lauren Conrad’s gang Wednesday tips to conquer inflation and save for alma mater.

The good ole 529 plan we hear about from many public service announcements says we need to make a montly budget of 50 percent for needs like household bills, 30 percent for discretional spending, and 20 percent for savings for your little ones who aspire to be the President of the United States one day.

Now we all love to buy new stuff, but it’s probable to either borrow stuff you want so you love it for instant gratification, and/ or buy it, then sell it when you get over yourself to put away money for Yale or Harvard.

Now 529 doesn’t have something other savings accounts practice, 529 is 100 percent tax free, so take advantage of that tax free savings by saving as early as during a mother’s pregnancy, one can also get their friends and family to put into the 529 plan at baby showers, christenings, and all throughout the child’s life, like with $100/ month at least.

Surviving Hot Strand Damage

Team Lauren Conrad struck again on Wednesday about keeping strands healthy in the summer heat, like drinking 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day, wear a heat to avoid sun damage, use natural oils to protect hair, sparce on hot tools, and spray leave-in conditioner before salt and chlorine water submergence.

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The keto diet menu by team Lauren Conrad



It’s A Fat Buster

Today, Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton delivered the big keto plan for all to follow for those who have difficulties figuring out how to navigate their daily diet of fat burning whether it’s existing inside their body already, or if it’s being added every meal.

Allison with resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque starts off plan with breakfast with a fructose-free breakfast smoothie filled with almond milk, protein powder, chia seeds, bee pollen, he shou wu, coconut oil, XCT oil, almond butter, spinach or kale, and ice cubes to make it a smoothie in the first place.

For lunch, Allison and Kelly cook up a keto cobb salad, with baby arugula, brussels sprouts, shaved red cabbage, sliced carrots, avocado, hardboiled egg, chopped bacon, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and pink salt.

An afternoon snack include coconut cacao almond butter cups filled with melted coconut oil and butter, cacao powder, almond butter, pink salt, vanilla stevia, pecans, and cupcake wrappers.

And for dinner, help yourself to lettuce wrapped turkey burger with half an avocado beginning with 10 ounces of ground turkey meat, romaine hearts, salt & pepper, garlic and onion powder, carrot, zucchini, avocado oil mayo, fresh lemon juice, and red pepper.

Electronic Health & Wellness

The Tuesday Ten today is all about the Lauren Conrad gang’s favorite ways to get motivated on improving their bodies that come in audio form, as well as podcasts.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad conducts the tasting of beer



How Many Bottles Of Beer On The Wall????????

Whether you’re in fashion, at a reception, a barbecue, night out, happy hour, or any given moment, you know you’ve had your share of alcohols on tap, bottle, draft, chilled or hot, whether it’s wine, cocktails, whiskey, vodka, beer, and so forth.

However, for Lauren Conrad, she and her gang have not devoted a fifth or even an ounce  of their Lovely Libations to beer, Lauren personally changed all that today with a beginner’s guide to beer tasting, what to know about all beer types, and how to correctly pour it.

Lauren splashes the bottom of the glass about hops, flowers used before beer’s refrigerated to help preserve the beer while in transport, giving its bitter and aromatic flavor, and malts which is malted barley is a grain that gives beer its color, determining if a beer will be light or dark, and even sweet.

Lauren then doubles down on beer types, starting with lagers and pilsners for those who like crisp and refreshing beers that too are on the lighter side, ales with a fuller body come in amber and very fruity with high hop amounts that mainly come in IPA’s, stouts are the darkest and fullest body beers to man (a.k.a. Guinness), porters are similar to stouts but with a chocolate-y side, and sours are similar to cider which make the beer tart and fruity.

There’s a good pour of beer into a glass if not drank by bottle or can, angle glass at 45 degrees, pour to glasses middle, pour slowly, and only a dime-size of foam should be on top.

For Daniel plus Lauren, yours truly has tried all types of beers, but lagers are they’re absolute favor, and Yuengling and La Birra Di Meni are the beers of choice for this beer enthusiast.

You Look Pretty After Your Workout

While you consume beer, you will definitely have to workout, especially intense cardio and/ or bikram yoga sessions to burn the beer off, followed by a shower after those intense sessions.

However, if you do less intense work outs, then Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today shows you how to master a post-workout primp, being applying melt proof makeup, touching up your tresses, and doing a post-workout wipedown of yourself in a few steps and products.

Daniel Quintanilla

Carve Designs defines women’s outerwear at UBM Pre-Coterie

v2YG+1CbS2KT5sqkO4oKFgazZMdoX+SEOgeZhMLH29mAFmifA+fZRtO3+2B6hPzJywiDgFGE7+Sc6aZUVCZY+ZWAZKfYBuz8RSm+Z06DIMutRgCourtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Not All Bikinis Are Alike

Carve Designs distinct itself immediately today by showing off their swimwear that’s more than just a swimsuit that you lay out on here at UBM’s new Pre-Coterie event, where’s its establishing itself as an appetizer to the full course after February and before September.

Carve Designs is one of the first swimwear lines to target the outdoor industry, but it’s crucial to separate the outdoor industry from the surf industry and the fashion industry, the outdoor industry are brands like The North Face, REI’s, and trade shows in Denver, Colorado specializing in outdoor apparel.

Carve Designs fills the gap for those women who love outdoor activities like biking, hiking, surfing, or swimming in the lake with outdoor swimwear, board shorts, hiking gear, crop tops, full on tops, etc.; because the outdoor apparel industry started out only attracting to men, and no one had catered to women in the outdoors.

Though Carve Designs do prints and florals just like any other swimwear line, but Carve Designs is an activewear line that’s not just a fashion swimwear line, it’s durable material also is UPF 50 that goes right up to the neck, which prevents sunburn.

Carve Designs is a supportive activewear line that’s made for the girl who bikes, hikes, swims, and does surfing, while it’s not a competitive line, Carve Designs supports the girl who likes to play volleyball on the beach, jump around acting goofy, and do whatever else the wilderness calls for.

Out of the Carve Designs, women just love the UPF sun shirt, where all coverage from neck to torso is vital, allowing for a flattering waistband to make room at the abs, the sun shirt also has neck zippers that allows for full coverage with long sleeves and shoulder pads, and in really soft fabric.

Carve Design’s newest thing this fall will be the expansion of resort-wear with coverup tops to wear over CD’s bikinis, and one-piece swimsuits with open back, short sleeves, and one-piece reversible swimsuits showing off other prints not the norm (as it was with fashion back in the day), catering to all body types.

Carve Design’s distinction pays off with its solid outdoor wear for the woman who doesn’t just want to lay on the beach all day, or be known as the Las Vegas pool girl looking pretty.

Daniel Quintanilla