FSNYE New York Spring 2024 reveals Haflinger, Think, & Gabor’s boiled wool shoe revolution

Daniel Quintanilla

Hot Break-in

We may be feeling the heat from the fires up in Canada with clouds of smoke blanketing New York City here on Wednesday, turning the sky orange, blotting out the sun to chilly winds, and creating sudden breathing problems right where we are at Central Park South, where Park Lane Hotel is located, who holds the Footwear Show New York Expo, showing off shoes for Spring/ Summer 2024, also finding popularity in boiled wool shoe options, thanks to Germany made Haflinger, Think, & Gabor.

Daniel Quintanilla


This is where the trend of boiled wool padded with sustainable cork is heating up, it first got hot during the COVID-19 pandemic, now it’s seeing a second wave of popularity found it clogs and slippers, it’s mainly bought by kids and older woman, mainly because of comfort, now it’s adding a new demographic of executives, who also appreciate Haflinger’s break-in free sandals that may be confused with Birkenstocks, but they’re entirely different, only thing similar is their made in Germany.

Daniel Quintanilla


Take the comfort you find from boiled wood with cork, and put it together with details like wicker layerings and print patterns like flowers, colors, and you have Think, a highly-selling corky sandal that’s found mainly in boutique shoe shops, comfort, colors, and footbed interests are what Think’s devoted customer are driven over, the “Mitzsy” is one of Think’s style that’s constantly selling out, where the only major change every season are new colors.

Daniel Quintanilla


Gabor is a one-of-a-kind sneaker that check boxes every need a woman is looking for, a comfortable shoe, and an easy to slip in shoe, Gabor is best known for sneakers that you don’t need to tie up, offering Velcro and pre-tied shoes without untying them, just slip your feet right in as you run out the door, Gabor also has sandals with sneaker bottom for that Summer feel without losing touch with Gabor’s signature sneaker, Ballet flats are also made with the sneaker bottom, fitting in nicely with Gabor’s colorful details found in Gabor’s white and black line of sneakers.

Daniel Quintanilla

FSNYE New York Spring 2024 luxury comfort shoes with Carrie Underwood worn Maison Bedard collection

Daniel Quintanilla

Heels… But No Pain

The Footwear Show New York Expo here at the Park Lane Hotel today are fond of delivering an exclusive, high-end destination for Spring/ Summer 2024 shoes that are devoted to giving their consumers not only the best, but the most beautiful high heel possible, adding a few details to elevate the shoe look for the special occasion, there’s even a shoe here that was worn by Carrie Underwood, which the dubious belongs to Maison Bedard.

Maison Bedard is a luxury shoe brand made in Italy, created by Jessica Bedard that goes beyond its high heel special occasion functionality, it’s true reason for its creation is that it’s a luxury comfort shoe that can be worn from the time you go out to work, to the time you arrive home from work, Maison Bedard is made for the everyday woman.

Daniel Quintanilla

What makes Maison Bedard so unique is the collection is very colorful and texturized, comprised of cool material to make a shoe like their high heel boot look fun, modern, bold, picturesque, and eye-popping not only to the customer, but anyone walking past you at a place like the Park Lane Hotel here in Central Park, the hotel guest who’s finally emerged from her hotel room hours after check in; Maison Bedard’s key to comfort are memory foam sandals, and real leather on its high heel boots, real leather on the soles, and real leather lining on the inside, keeping your feet comfortable, cool, sweat-free, and pain free all day long.

Daniel Quintanilla

Maison Bedard have also tapped into the world of celebrity, like with the black shiny ballet flat you see above here, this particular shoe was worn by Carrie Underwood, and it has sold out twice; Maison Bedard has also expanded from direct-to-consumer selling to now being sold in stores which Maison Bedard is excited about, Maison Bedard allows you to be luxury beautiful in your everyday life, without the inevitable pain your feet would endure otherwise.

Daniel Quintanilla

Ivy Cove’s Luxe Father’s Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Will Love

Ivy Cove


Father’s Day is right around the corner and we’re here to help you celebrate all the amazing dads in your life. Whether you’re looking for something for your husband (from you and the kids), your own dad, father in law, or grandfather, we have some cool gift ideas any dad will love. From a new dopp kit, leather bag for work, travel or gym, or stylish loafers to unique luxe items like a cigar humidor, watch case, tech accessories, travel flask set for a day on the boat or golf set with a hidden flask (that he’ll want to show off to all his buddies), there is something special for every dad out there (including the guy who has everything!) that he is sure to love. Even a cool, blue diaper backpack for the new dads out there! And whether your budget is $40-$400+, we pulled together a variety of luxe items that will make sure these dads feel extra appreciated.

Ivy Cove

Father’s Day shopping just got a little sweeter! Ivy Cove is having a Father’s Day Sale running June 9th -18th with 25% off sitewide!

Ivy Cove is a luxury leather goods and accessories brand based out of Montecito, CA with a variety of accoutrements for men, women, travel, home, lifestyle, and even pets and babies! Every item is handcrafted with eco-friendly, sustainable materials like 100% responsibly sourced leather, so you can feel good about each purchase.

To shop the men’s collection: https://ivycove.com/collections/mens

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FFANY New York shoe show kicks off with rain boots from chooka, Western Chief, & STAHEEKUM

Daniel Quintanilla

No Such Thing As Wet

Now that we’re in the first full week of June, it’s time to execute our Summer plans going forward, with countless hours of sunbathing on Long Island beaches, and/ or closer to home on rooftops here in New York City, whether it’s laying around or day parties into the night, but watch out for those rainy moments at days end with showers and thunderstorms, or just a rainy Summer day that may come around every once in a while thanks to a hurricane or two elsewhere, you definitely wanna be ready to hop the puddles between street corners on Broadway, and you need rainwear to do just that; enter FFANY Market Week, showing off shoe brands from across the country on 5th Avenue, it kicked off Monday, it’s running till this Friday, and Daniel Plus Lauren saw chooka, Western Chief, and STAHEEKUM, all owned by the Pacific-Northwest based Washington Shoe Company.

Daniel Quintanilla


Functionality is the driving force as to why we see, do, act, and buy things, we need assurance that what we’re stepping into will keep us on our toes, Chooka and it’s fully functional rain boots are reasons for you to buy a high-quality boot for those days filled with heavy downpours, or puddles on uneven streets along Columbus Circle here in Manhattan, you also want every step to be fashionable, Chooka lays out smooth textures either in polished or solid looks donning bright and neutral colors, Chooka also shows off it’s contemporary and waterproof line with a touch of inclusivity as it celebrates Pride Month with rainbow editions found in designs and laces.

Daniel Quintanilla

Western Chief

For this edition of rain boots, it’s okay to reference this year’s Oscar-Winning Best Picture, “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, because Western Chief covers not only women and men, but also kids, which makes it not only fashionable, but an affordable rain boot for the whole family, it’s all about catering to every child’s fantasy and what they want to be when they grow up, with an array of endless fun prints, fire engine prints are a huge seller for kids who want to one day be a Firefighter, it’s all about the emotions when designing whimsical prints for women, tapping into their happy place with such designs, and men want to show off their ruggedness as Western Chief creates prints and shoes to express their journey into the wild.

Daniel Quintanilla


The great outdoors with a hike in the woods, a devil’s trail both east and west, or a climb on a mountain trail can bring all kinds of adventures and agility requirements for your feet, even something as simple as a long walk through the 5 boroughs here in New York City are an everyday adventure, if not an occasional weekend adventure for tourists, STAHEEKUM has shoes that are made for all kinds of adventures, and even shoes for recovering from adventures, STAHEEKUM’s roots began being a slipper shoe line, this more outdoor transition includes sustainable materials made from plastic bottles blended in with polyester.

Daniel Quintanilla

Under one roof, chooka/ Western Chief/ STAHEEKUM by the Washington Shoe Company deliver highly functional and fashionable rain boots and adventure shoes no matter what your pricing point is, you have your choice of being whimsical, creative for your children, New York walks, and one of the best rain boots you can have when it rains here in NYC.

Daniel Quintanilla

Diana Mohyl: New York Attorney At Law PC (Why Litigate A Divorce?)


Separate To Be Free

It is important not to fear the litigation process in a divorce. You should embrace it. The litigation process is in place to facilitate the resolution of the divorce proceedings. If utilized in the correct way, a divorce can be resolved more cost efficiently by using litigation tools. An experienced divorce attorney knows which tools to use, how to use them and when. The internet is full of fear mongers that might tell you to run from attorneys and try to do it yourself or with a mediator who may or may not be licensed. Here is how the litigation process can help you.

Experienced attorneys can recognize which litigation tools are useful. The courts man the guillotine that moves the process forward. When a couple enters the New York Court litigation process, the first time they will encounter the judge is either during a hearing on an emergency motion or at the preliminary conference where the court issues an Order setting discovery deadlines. Once there is an order in place, the court can enforce the deadlines for exchange of discovery such as financial records, home appraisals and tax returns. These items are not only necessary to prepare for a trial but also to engage in meaningful settlement negotiations. 

An experienced attorney can help you strategize your discovery process so that you are better prepared for a mediation. If you enter a mediation before having sufficient knowledge of what assets you are dealing with or if there is a lingering question about whether a party has revealed all their financials, then what is the point of a mediation? There is no point. It is just spinning your wheels. An experienced attorney can help you negotiate your divorce but also obtain all the information you need to enter settlement negotiations and help you choose a good mediator. 

An experienced attorney can help set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish at different stages of your divorce. Sometimes you need the litigation process to wear down the parties so that they are more realistic about what they will get. For example, motion practice before a Judge can help the parties see whether the Judge will be receptive to certain aspects of their case such as the amount of spousal support they should get or whether the Judge will be more likely to grant joint custody verses sole custody. An experienced attorney can help you test those waters. 

If you are interested in learning more about how the divorce litigation process can help you contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law.

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‘Sophia’ (Working Title) a 10 minute preview of 1 Woman Show by La MaMa theater resident, Sophia Gutchinov

Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez

Love Is An Illusion???

During the Memorial Day weekend at the Theater for the New City in the Lower East Side of Manhattan here in New York City, an artist who thought she found love but ended up buying a bag off Canal Street named Sophia Gutchinov, gave a preview of her one woman show that the theater resident of La MaMa is currently working on, with the working title, “Sophia”, giving us an idea about the mirage that’s unfortunately love sometimes in precious fake items posing as famous names without absolute verification. The soloist play is a multimedia work told through ceremony and the discovery of one’s roots.

Daniel Quintanilla
Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez

Enter “Sophia”, whose Mongolian and Italian roots run deep, with absolute love and trauma, “Sophia” uses her Mongolian warrior-like philosophy and culture to tell the story about her journey of finding love, and how it all turned out to be just a fake handbag made at a nearby factory, posing as a Louis Vuitton; love can come in all forms, it can be at the truest sense, a superficial love, or a deep understanding of each other, but love can end up just a mirage, which “Sophia” unfortunately experienced.

Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez
Daniel Quintanilla

Much like buying a Louis Vuitton bag on Canal Street, it’s not real, which “Sophia” used to compare her love dilemma, “Sophia” fell in love with a guy despite there apparently being red flags, “Sophia” gets excited about this guy wanting to get to know her more, but encounters push back from the guy she thinks she’s in love with, “Sophia” keeps giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, but sees through his lying story of no MTA trains going into Manhattan, just by knowing what’s running on the MTA, though “Sophia” appreciates the guy’s honesty of not being in proper love space, her love lets her down again.

Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez
Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez

Finally, “Sophia” has enough, as time go by, and a brand-new phone enters “Sophia’s” life, “Sophia” wonders who’s texting her when her supposed love of her life re-emerges after ghosting “Sophia”, “Sophia” has no clue who it is, she then says it’s the guy she met on the app, “Sophia” reiterates to her love turned sham that he ghosted her, dropped off the face of the Earth, then challenges her former fake love to meet her up at a rooftop bar to talk, “Sophia” says the guy doesn’t know what he wants, but delivers him an ultimatum about meeting her, or just losing her number for good.

Photo Credit: Jason F Vasquez
Daniel Quintanilla
Daniel Quintanilla

Sophia Gutchinov is an accomplished actress and artist who currently has a theater residency at La MaMa Experimental Theatre, her work includes sketch comedy in “How to New York”, and a workshop of the La MaMa theater piece that expresses Sophia’s frustration with love back in April 2022, which Daniel Plus Lauren saw and wrote about.

“Sophia” (Working Title) is a prelude to a full-fledged one woman show Sophia Gutchinov is working on with La MaMa Experimental Theater, you can donate to support Sophia’s show by clicking on the link here.

Daniel Quintanilla

ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan 2023 Ends On A High Note


New York, NY (June 1, 2023)

ICFF, North America’s premier contemporary furnishing design fair, and WantedDesign Manhattan, a ‘show within the show’ dedicated to high-end North American studios and international emerging designers, held during NYCxDESIGN on May 21-23, 2023, at New York’s Javits Center, finished with an enthusiastic response from exhibitors, editors, manufacturers, academics, buyers, architects and designers,and other members of the design community.


Combined, the two fairs hosted 476 established and emerging design brands from 35 countries, 116 of which were first-time exhibitors, presenting furniture, materials and textiles, lighting, flooring and rugs, kitchen and bath, wallcoverings, accessories, and assorted objects for commercial, residential,and hospitality environments.

Together, the two design fairs gathered over 9,000 architects, interior designers, and contemporary retailers in the Javits Center, up 32% over 2022. The total number of visitors toboth shows topped 13,000, up 37% over the previous year, a strong indication of the industry’s desire to engage and the positive response to the new changes at ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan.

“Our plan this year as first-time brand directors for both ICFF and WantedDesign Manhattan was to bring more curated, creative, and immersive design spaces to the Javits, to deliver a more cohesive floorplan, and to improve the experience of the shows overall. And we were simply blown away by the enthusiasm and positive response from exhibitors and attendees alike. This proves to us that we are on the right path, and we will continue improving on this as we plan for 2024,” said Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, brand directors, ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan.

“Highlights for us included: The focus on US-based studios across Look Book, ICFF, and The Crossroads, located at the heart of the show, was a huge hit. The international pavilions created a nice balance and brought a rich layer of culture to the show. The Talks, both at the mainstage and at The Oasis x Material Bank, have never been so well-attended and well-received, with a succession of fascinating discussions with design rock stars, industry leaders, and cultural organizations. The work from the emerging designers in the Launch Pad and Schools areas was exceptional and the diversity of the projects and designers coming from all over the world created a fantastic energy. The resounding applause at the end of the show that started with Launch Pad designers and students and spread to fill the Javits Center was a powerful testament to the incredible creative energy present throughout and created a truly magical moment,” Hainaut and Pijoulat continued.


The ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan Talks covered topics such as the spirit of American design, diversity in design, emerging design, innovations in technology, designing the future we want to live in, ethical design, and sustainability.

The robust conference lineup included design leaders and innovators such as Snøhetta, Patricia Urquiola, David Rockwell, Sharon Prince of Grace Farms Foundation, Young Huh, Karim Rashid, Jean-Jacques L’henaff of LIXIL, Giulio Cappellini, Deborah Wang of DesignTO, Ayse Birsel, John Edelman, Pamela McNally of NKBA, Jeanine Hayes and Bryan Mason of AphroChic, and 2023 Designer of the Year Morris Adjmi, founding principal of MA Architects, among many others.

ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan Talks were presented at the Main Stage, sponsored by Turf and Natuzzi, and at The Oasis x Material Bank, furnished by Normann Copenhagen, FilzFelt, Ressource, and Kasthall. The Main Stage and The Oasis x Material Bank were designed by Rodolfo Agrella from Rodolfo Agrella Design Studio (RADS) with additional support from Alessi, American Standard, Haworth, Lutron, Mecho, and Pella.

ICFF again hosted the ICFF Editors Awards where leading design editors chose winners in 12 categories for outstanding design as well as Best in Show from the 476 exhibitors. Five of the awards went to participants in this year’s Look Book, including Best in Show. Winners of the 2023 ICFF Editors Awards are:

Accessories: Obakki
Best Booth: Turf
Body of Work: NJ Roseti
(Look Book)
Carpet and Flooring: JD Staron
Furniture: Sin
Kitchen/Bath: Mila International
Lighting: Daniel Shapiro
(Look Book)
Materials/Textiles: Tomma Bloom
(Look Book)
New Designer: Kim Swift
Outdoor Furniture: Mexa Design
Seating: Caleb Ferris
(Look Book)
Wallcoverings: Affreschi & Affreschi
Best in Show: Caleb Ferris
(Look Book)

We gratefully acknowledge the judges: Lila Allen, AD PRO; Sophie Aliece Hollis, The Architect’s Newspaper; Eric Mutrie, Azure; Diana Budds, Curbed; Rita Orrell, design journalist; Stephen Treffinger, design journalist; Ben Dreith, Dezeen; Kathryn Greene, Hospitality Design; Rebecca Thienes, Interior Design; Leslie Clagett, Kitchen + Bath Business; and Ryan Waddoups, Surface.

New this year, we co-located with DIFFA by Design, a celebration of inspired design, cocktails, and community, at the Javits Center. For four decades, DIFFA has harnessed the design industry’s resources and talent to create legendary programs and events like DIFFA by Design.


The Crossroads: One of the main highlights and focal points of the show this year was The Crossroads, designed and curated by David Rockwell, Rockwell Group, and Pei-Ru-Keh. Sitting at the center of the show, this playful and immersive 2000 sf space celebrated American design through the works of 17 established and emerging designers. It also became the location for several Dialogues at The Crossroads, hosted by Tiffany Jow of Untapped, in conversation with the designers. This program will be continued in 2024.

The Restaurant: Designed by Rodolfo Agrella, the restaurant became a definite go-to for attendees during the show and was furnished in partnership with Be Original Americas and its members Chilewich, Anglepoise, Heller, Kartell, MillerKnoll, and Oasiq.

The WDM Café x Caesarstone: Starting on day one as the location for the press breakfast, the WDM Café x Caesarstone became one of the main meeting points at the show. Located in WantedDesign and adjacent to the Talks main stage and The Oasis x Material Bank, this was the perfect place to host meetings over coffee. The space was designed by Rodolfo Agrella and with the support of Heller, Fyrn, Tala, Turf, Ressource, and Mohawk.


The jury for the 2023 Best of Launch Pad awards honored two emerging designers this year based on their thought-provoking design. Tori Deetz of Good Growing won the award for Best of Launch Pad, Furniture/Home Accessories and Shaunak Patel won for Best of Launch Pad, Lighting. The jury included: Giulio Cappellini, Founder, Cappellini; Andrea Cesarman, Co-founder, Design Week Mexico; Jerry Helling, President and Creative Director of Bernhardt Design; Jean-Jacques L’hénaff, Leader, LIXIL Global Design AMERICAS; Jennifer Olshin, Founding Director and Partner, Friedman Benda; Kia Weatherspoon, President and Founder, Determined by Design; and Amy Devers, host of Clever.Launch Pad was sponsored by American Standard and presented with media partners Design Milk and Clever.

Look Book, the dedicated program for high-end North American designers, makers, and studios that serves as an in-person portfolio for the A&D community, returned this year with 48 exhibitors. This year’s participants showcased diverse designs and an exceptional quality of their displays, resulting in an incredibly inspiring Look Book. It was presented by media partner Dezeen with the support of Turf. A selection of Look Book designers participated in Look Book Live, a talks program hosted by Ben Dreith of Dezeen.

For the second year, WantedDesign Manhattan continued the Schools Showcase as an opportunity for international design schools to present the work of their best students, to be part of the main design trade event during NYCxDESIGN, toreceive feedback from professionals, and to start building their network. Participating schools for 2023 included: CEDIM, Central Saint Martins, Cranbrook Academy of Art, École Boulle, IED, University of Iowa, Northumbria University, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, RISD, SAIC, SCAD, Tec Monterrey, and Universidad Iberoamericana. As presenting sponsors of the Best of Schools and Best of Students prizes, Design Milk and Alessi chose the entire group of students from Universidad Iberoamericana as the Best of Students winner and Northumbria University as the Best of Schools winner.

Wanted Interiors returned this year with the Lounge, multi-brand presentations, and storytelling installations. Participants included Turf, Heller, Ligne Roset, Hatsu, Ressource, David Weeks Studio, and a selection of international studios in interactive and immersive spaces.

ECO Solidarity, a collaborative initiative of nine European designers and studios represented by EUNIC NY, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, returned to WantedDesign Manhattan this year. Responding to the environmental and humanitarian crises, this year’s edition focused on design with empathy, addressing some of the world’s most pressing conditions of human health and wellbeing. This year’s projects explored ways to improve urban domestic infrastructures, preserve and restore natural habitats, protect the health and wellbeing of people, and accommodate the displacement of the most vulnerable members of the community.

The Lounge at Wanted Interiors became a central meeting and lounge space during the show. Designed by Rodolfo Agrella, the Lounge was a showcase for sponsors David Weeks Studio and Ligne Roset, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Togo, designed by Michel Ducaroy.

Dates for ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan 2024 are set for May 19-21, 2024.

For more information, please visit icff.com.

Daniel Quintanilla

Summer up w/ Ivy Cove Union Square & Ivy Cove x Step Up Market Tote

Ivy Cove

Summer‘s Calling

Make every trip to the market a fashionable one with the Ivy Cove Union Square Market Tote. The engineered honeycomb leather design transforms from an easy to store flat leather piece to a unique shopping tote, perfect for the market, the beach or just about anywhere. The tote is also reversible for ultimate versatility in design and is available in Natural, Cobalt and Green, and Cobalt with a multicolored digital print. And the best part is this luxe bag is only $98! It’s so cute, you might just want to hang it in your entryway.

Ivy Cove x Step Up

Ivy Cove, luxury leather goods and accessories brand based out of Montecito, CA, is excited to be partnering with Step Up, the mentorship nonprofit guiding girls to their success, to design an exclusive Ivy Cove x Step Up Market Tote. Supporters of Step Up include Reese Witherspoon, Regina Hall, Isabela Merced, Mandy Moore and Gabrielle Union. This reversible tote features the signature Step Up orange with their logo on one side and vibrant multicolor Ivy Cove hues on the other.

Ivy Cove founder, Ivy Moliver, has always had a passion for supporting organizations that focus on women and children which is what initially led her to Step Up. She was drawn to their engagement level and encouraged by their motivating group of diverse professional women. After participating in several mentorship panels, Ivy wanted to give back in a meaningful way. Utilizing her resources and expertise, Ivy worked with Step Up to create the Ivy Cove x Step Up Market Tote. 

This exclusive and limited edition Ivy Cove x Step Up Market Tote retails for $118 with 20% of the proceeds going directly back to the organization to help support their mentorship programs. Step Up helps to propel girls to fulfill their potential. This chic farmer’s market tote can help empower women and change young lives…and also carry all your market essentials in style! Check out this IG reel to see how the bag transforms IRL!

Daniel Quintanilla

OFFICIAL: Anthony Rubio Recaps The Pet Gala – Pets in Recreated Outfits from The Met Gala

Livie the Morkie as Salma Hayek (Photo by Hideki Aono)

Anthony Rubio Designs: Establish in 2003

New York, NY (May 30, 2023)

In 2013, Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio started recreating for dogs the looks that graced the red carpet of The Met Gala to much acclaim. What originally started out as a photo project, this year the designer wanted to do something different. To hold an in person invite only presentation to showcase his work up close. The ultimate goal is in 2024 to hold a full sit down meal event with red carpet, runway show and performances with a charity aspect to it. It will be his signature event. Over the years, Anthony Rubio’s charity base runway shows have raised over four million dollars for animal shelters and rescue groups.

Recreated looks presented at The Pet Gala include looks worn by Doja Cat, Jared Letto, Rihanna, Cardi B, Pedro Pascal, Salma Hayek, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, Diddy, Naomi Campbell and Emily Blunt.

Pet Models:

Kimba, a Chihuahua as Jared Leto (Choupette, the Cat)

Bogie, a Chihuahua as Bad Bunny

LaLa, a Pomerian as Dua Lipa

Darla, a Pomerian as Cardi B

Miley-Jo, a Chorkie as Rihanna

BLiNG, a Pomerian as Pedro Pascal

Livie, a Morkie as Salma Hayek

Bagel the SunglassCat as Doja Cat

Layla, a Shichon as Naomi Campbell

Bitsy, a Yorkie as Emily Blunt

Gizmo, a Shih Tzu as P. Diddy

Fritz, a Pomerian as Jared Leto (non-cat)

From Anthony Rubio:

I have always been obsessed with fashion ever since I could remember. So when I first learned of the Met Gala events way back when, I never missed the opportunity to sit in front of the television (where you got the best views) to witness the parade of celebrities chosen by top designers to grace the red carpets modeling the creations to fit, or not, the themes of that particular gala.

Kimba a Chihuahua as Jared Leto as Choupette, the Cat (Photo by Hideki Aono)

Zoom to become the Pet Couturier. I challenged myself to recreate the favorites of what I witnessed on that red carpet only that it would be for dogs using my Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba as my muses. I actually did it to entertain myself but a photographer friend asked to immortalize those designs. We put them out in the social media and before we knew it, publications, bloggers, and influencers took notice. Soon my creations were seen on television programs and reports both locally and internationally.

Bitsy a Yorkie as Emily Blunt (Photo by Angelina Gorbea)

As an advocate for animal rescue and pet adoption I have, from the start, used the platform afforded me through my fashion design career to bring awareness to the plight of those who needed a voice to speak for them. When my Met Gala recreations became news I decided that I wanted to create an event similar to the Met Gala to raise funds for Animal rescue and who better to help me than actual rescues as models.

Layla, a Shichon as Naomi Campbell (Photo by Hideki Aono)

This year I chose to create this inaugural event completely financed out of pocket to show that I could do this and with success in hopes to garner sponsors, donors, and supporters for what I plan to be an annual event, the first of its kind. Like the actual Met Gala, I would like to have the Pet Gala happen at a museum complete with an exhibit and of course that procession of guests, (cats and dogs) modeling couture creations for a worthy cause.

Gizmo, a Shih Tzu as P. Diddy (Photo by Hideki Aono)

This year the theme, as was with the Met Gala, was a celebration of the late great legend, Karl Lagerfeld. I enjoyed recreating the most standout creations of the recent Met Gala and hope they have moved and enticed everyone into wanting more. I invite anyone interested in helping to make this happen again to reach out. Let’s make this happen in a big way to make a huge difference in saving lives in a fashionable way.

Check Out Daniel Plus Lauren’s 1st Take On Anthony Rubio’s “The Pet Gala”, With Original Images & Writing By Daniel Plus Lauren, just click on the link highlighted!!!

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Taylor Swift & Ice Spice wear Candy Ice Jewelry & Vera Belleza earrings in ‘Karma’ music video

Taylor Swift

Spot My Bling

Ever since Taylor Swift’s “Karma” remix featuring Ice Spice dropped on early Friday morning, it’s been a non-stop listening party for the nation and worldwide, it’s No. 1 on iTunes and on the Billboard charts, plus Taylor playing at MetLife Stadium this weekend right here at home in both Tay Tay and Daniel Plus Lauren’s current home of New York have got fans all excited to say the least.

But here’s the biggest reveal, Taylor Swift glammed all out for her “Karma” music video remix, wearing Candy Ice Jewelry Pearl Sprinkles Earrings, then Taylor and Ice Spice wore Vera Belleza Diamond Earrings provided by Dorazio PR, and styled by Joseph Cassell Falconer.

Taylor’s no stranger to the world of Candy Ice Jewelry, Taylor blinged out yellow gold earrings for her “Bejeweled” music video.

To top it all off, Ice Spice made a surprise appearance Friday night at Taylor’s concert at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, the whole stadium screamed at Ice Spice’s unannounced arrival.

From Now Until June 1, 2023, See A “Fresh Art Exhibition: The Light Period” Here In New York City At 150 Wooster Street In Manhattan, A Curated Art Gallery By Debbie Dickinson.

Daniel Quintanilla