Lauren Conrad gets into the separates business



Standing Out To Look Good

Lauren Conrad on Monday channeled her latest craving into the separate sets of summer, as summer finally can achieve its mark since summer’s inception has passed, as well as the Fourth of July, this is the moment where summer can have its moment where back to school is not echoed.

Lauren begins with English Factory and their two-piece smocked set, then over to For Love & Lemons with their Zamira Floral Crop Top and Miniskirt, Free People Wild Heart Set, Cauplet Helene Top and Madie Midi Skirt, and Free People with their Coco Cabana Set.

Lauren moves onto WAYF Anzio Strapless Crop Top and Naples Ruffle Skirt, Blue Life Perfect Crush Top and Bungalow Shorts, Lost + Wander Rosa Crop Top and Rosa Maxi Skirt, FP One Railroad Twin Ties Set, and Keepsake Moonshine Top and Moonshine Skirt to give off much needed night light.

Just Don’t Touch These Products Ever

Lauren Conrad and crew on Monday went into a beauty note about products that they will never, ever use in their life, like eye shadow which Lauren encounter PTSD due to her middle school days, but gives a try since Lauren’s now a mommy.

There’s even a fear of lipstick from Lauren’s contributor, Tessa Scott, because it’s just a huge distraction onto those looking at you, most likely because of the size of one’s lips, or that the color is so bold, notable, and eye-catching, that it gives away the beautiful features one girl’s offering.

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Jay about the house on ‘Very Cavallari’ ep. 2

Courtesy: E! Entertainment via YouTube

Jay Taketh, Jay Giveth, Jay Recommend, Jay To The Rescue

It’s not easy being Mr. Kristin Cavallari (formerly the NFL player known as Jay Cutler) on Sunday night’s second episode of “Very Cavallari” on E! as Jay ponders the future abodes of his loving wife, Kristin Cavallari, and adorable 3 children.

Jay comes to an epiphany about moving his family out from under their awesome 7 bedroom and 7 bathroom home in the Nashville area that Daniel plus Lauren would buy instantly if the cash times 4 were at hand, Jay gets an emphatic no from Kristin who is the wifey in this situation.

Regardless, Jay marches on with Kristin’s orders of moving the Uncommon James headquarters out from their spacious home into the new downtown store in Nashville’s rapidly growing Gulch district, only to be handed the unpleasant task of firing feuding women who didn’t label the shelves because Kristin is too fed up to do the job herself.

Meanwhile outside of Jay’s dilemmas, Shannon is having man problems as Shannon had her first fight with her current boyfriend, so she confides in Brittiany Taylor for some comfort, advice, and assurance, inspite of the fact that both Shannon and Brittiany have been clashing on the work front.

But even though you and work nemesis have been at odds while on the clock, you gotta hand it to your number 2 nemesis for driving a classy car like a Mercedes Benz blotted out for advertising purposes with the true star in front of the car instead of on the grill.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment via YouTube

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Kristin Cavallari shoots down reunion with Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen via YouTube

It’s Not Cold Enough At The Core

Kristin Cavallari Wednesday night on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” gave a conveyor belt update on where she is currently with her old MTV friends, Lauren Conrad was up first.

Kristin was asked by Andy Cohen if she would ever renew contact with Lauren, and Kristin immediately fended off that idea because she and Lauren never stayed in touch during “Laguna Beach” & “The Hills” or after, despite the fact that both Kristin and Lauren are mothers now, Kristin says she would have to make the first move to reach out to Lauren.

Sandals To Love

Lauren Conrad’s world on Thursday had her craving summer sandals that come from her very own LC Lauren Conrad collection which are Pixii Flip Flops, Lupine Wedge Sandals, and Begonia Sandals, as well as Madewell, Top Shop, J Crew, and Who What Wear.

Practicing Peace

Lauren Conrad’s gang Thursday too were inspired by 5 ways to practice mindfulness for a more peaceful mindset like remembering to breathe, doing 8 minute meditations, taking a walk, making a mantra, and picking a prompt moment of me time.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad’s favorites today involves refreshing ideas like home inspired photographs of living room, kitchen, and yard, delicious kale guacamole, and do-it-yourself paper vases.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and the gang today rounded up their weekly finds today with high heel sandals, heart rings, bikinis, and pom pom key chains.

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Lauren Conrad blossoms edible flower popsicles



Roses Are Yummy

Lauren Conrad turned over the goodness of her site today to her good culinary friend, Claire Thomas, to make an unprecedented, healthy, and as well as a refreshing and tasty frozen treat which Claire calls edible flower popsicles made entirely from scratch, and with love.

Claire’s Kitchy Kitchen conceives these pops with coconut water worth 2 cups, a quarter cup of rose syrup, flowers that you can eat, paleta molds with popsicle sticks, and these are just the popsicles, the rose syrup is made up of a half a cup of sugar, a half a cup of water, and a teaspoon of rosewater.

On these edible flower popsicles, The Little Market lays out the pops on ceremic trays, Moroccan woven stool, and Ethiopian hand towel that’s made from female artisans around the world, and not only do they taste good, but they’re too beautiful to eat.

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

A Good Husband He Is

Kristin Cavallari provided a snippet today of husband, Jay Cutler’s, devotion to his loving wife as he helped Kristin move all her office stuff over to the new Uncommon James store in the next episode of “Very Cavallari” this Sunday on E!

Though Jay has his reservations about the logistics of moving things and the help involved, Jay goes on as always to make Kristin happy in her moment of madness while launching a brand-new store in Nashville that’s become an already successful line in its short lift that is Uncommon James.

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A_I_R debuts spring 2019 for New York Men’s Fashion Week

IMG_4281IMG_4305IMG_4293IMG_4291IMG_4289IMG_4308IMG_4276Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Don’t Count The Men Out Just Yet

For a moment where all the attention is given to the men, New York Fashion Week stepped in today to push a moment in their lives here in New York City to give all the attention to the men for what is New York Men’s Fashion Week today, via Seventh House PR to give note to the spring 2019 collection of A_I_R.

A_I_R spring/ summer 2019 collection debuts its second season, asking artist, Sharon Lee to carve certain animals and objects that have multiple meanings to the brand (tigers, bats, flowers, suns), creating a visceral palette of color, silhouette, and style that references the past, harkens to the future, and sits squarely in the here and now.

The men’s looks includes blue rain washed “It’s A Lyfe” tee with check golf pants and volaure silver mesh watch, teal reversible coach’s jacket with light putty construction tee, white high density French terry shorts, and silver mesh volare chronograph watch, and sand mixed media woven hybrid shirt with sun washed blue remake denim easy pants and vilare gold mesh watch.

It’s looking even better with black “escort” surf company tee with black raw hem denim jeans and volare rainbow mesh watch, light putty high density terry tiger print crew with red/ white/ blue easy shorts and volare pitch black black chronograph watch, and optic white long sleeve rose tee with grey check golf jacket and black raw hem denim jeans and volare pitch black chronograph watch.

Believe it or not, women’s looks are in the mix too with wild world kimono long robe and mustard miss volare watch, sun washed blue jacquard denim sleeveless wrap with sun washed blue jacquard denim crop pant brown volare rose gold watch, , and men’s optic white “It’s A Lyfe” high density crew with sun washed blue high denim shorts and magneta miss volare watch.

Notable collaborators include Klasse14, who implants their iconic watches that strive for a new generation of creative personalities and unique thinkers into their timed hardware, Jeffrey L. Sebilia who’s 15 years of experience runs the gamut working directly with high profile celebrity clients to designing high fashion for major mass retailers, and Kirk Woodward Nelson who implements his experience as a writer and a director, and a fine artist to create such a modern collection working in the fusion of our changing fashion and media world as a whole.

Through the eyes of Daniel plus Lauren, A_I_R meets the complex and changing landscape we live in not only in the world, but in respective media and fashion, navagation in no problem for this fine work of art.

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Lauren Conrad’s 2018 trends for sunglasses



Keep Those Eyes Cool

It’s a given that you’re gonna have a pair of sunglasses handy since we are in summer of course, but make sure your pair’s the coolest sunnies around according to Lauren Conrad today, who delivers a guide to the must have sunglasses this summer.

Lauren starts out with the retro-cat eye frames that give a more defined look that gets daring in every way, oversized in oval, square, and heart shapes work perfect, printed frames are the newest sunnies with designs on the rims outside the lenses, all thanks in whole to Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna.

There’s a gift from the kids of the 1990’s, it’s oval shaped sunglasses where Lauren personally could not be more happier that they made a comeback right out of the “Clueless” Cher Horowitz generation, and don’t forget the classic true round circle frames  where a perfect circle is the way to go.

Hacking Through Summer

Lauren Conrad’s team today has their Tuesday Ten based on summer beauty hacks starting out with mixing your beauty foundation with sunscreen so you have SPF protection on your face, you can also mix aloe vera with water to make aloe vera ice cubes for those days you’re out in the sun too much.

And if you thought waterproof mascara was only for those sweaty and/ or crying moments, you can also use this makeup wet blanket barrier for when you take a swim too, so all your features look sexy out of water.

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Lauren Conrad gang’s meatless post July 4th weekend



Time To Cleanse Out

For what’s been an amazing Independence Day and holiday weekend filled with fireworks, marshmallows, burgers, steak, hot dogs, chicken, fish, and beer, it’s time for Lauren Conrad and her crew today to get straight again with their daily diet with a brand-new Meatless Monday.

Today’s animal free recipe box dish is courtesy of Lauren’s nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, who gives us the harissa chickpea bowl that’s placed delightfully in a beautiful ceremic  bowl right out of The Little Market, filled with protein and healthy fats providing all the nutrients one needs, and it is vegan.

The harissa is supplemented with a half a cup of chickpeas, two tablespoons of avocado oil, one cup of califlower rice, one tablespoon of coconut cream, one tablespoon of harissa seasoning, one cup of chopped kale, half of an avocado that’s sliced, and chopped green onions that’s for the garnish.

The First Party

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today got to the business of planning a baby’s first birthday party that finds its inspiration from bees, making it a bee-themed party coming in white, gold, and black, and it’s a great way for baby, and parents too to celebrate the first year.

One will definitely find lots of decorations dedicated to looking like honey bees, with head decorations, dishes, cups, and napkins that come with a long line of cakes and donuts, and lots of food to go around.

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Kristin Cavallari’s ‘Very Cavallari’ finally on the air

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

The Electric Eye’s At Home Again

Kristin Cavallari’s new reality series, “Very Cavallari”, debuted Sunday night on E! with an enormous amount of drama, backstabbing, dating, alcohol, and self-proclamation that  makes for some good television week to week, and a whole lot of Kristin to go around.

From the top, Kristin recaps about the last few years of her career with her book, “Balancing In Heels” on New York Times Bestseller List, the Chinese Laundry brand of the last 5 years, “True Roots” which came out over 3 months ago, and the Uncommon James store which “Very Cavallari” centers around.

Onto the rest of “Very Cavallari” that are Brittany, Taylor, and Shannon who bring on their own share of drama with each other, it’s a steady flow that begins right at the workplace with the fear of Brittany reporting to Kristin about what’s right and also wrong.

Now Kristin’s end includes helping her BFF, Kelly, navigate the dating world, Kelly confesses she didn’t what to expect when meeting Kristin for the first time, even though Kelly knew who Kristin Cavallari was before they actually met.

Husband, Jay Cutler, adds her two cents about whether or not Kelly should text a guy back, both Kelly and Kristin feel they should text Kelly’s guy back, but Jay does not think so.

In the end, Jay sees it as gameless, but Kristin’s the one who originally created the game.

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

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Lauren Conrad celebrates baby’s first birthday

36148963_530446000692010_3443402090112614400_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Let’s Eat The Cake

It’s amazing how a new life comes at us when we least expected, and we get to reap the rewards that come with it, that reward was Lauren Conrad today giving her son, Liam James Tell, a first birthday all will not forget.

There’s Lauren being fed a piece of birthday cake that she and hubby, William Tell, made for Liam who just turned one years old on Thursday, it’s a tall white frosted birthday cake with a tad of baby blue frosting crumbled on the top by the handsome Liam himself.

Lauren proudly nears for Liam’s feedings, happily watching her son grow up right before her and William’s eyes, blossoming in so many ways that Lauren cannot even imagine, where Liam before Lauren knows it will become a handsome little boy, then on the way to becoming a handsome young man.

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Kristin Cavallari hates watching her old self

35001224_706482166350342_7170055276236636160_nCourtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

The Past Can Be So Damning

Kristin Cavallari told People today that she’s not one of those people who look back at the way they were way back when, meaning she doesn’t watch old episodes if MTV airs  “Laguna Beach”, and also “The Hills”.

Kristin says looking back at her former self makes her cringe, and husband, Jay Cutler, knows it very well, there was a time where dear ole Jay put MTV on one day a couple years back where “The Hills” was airing just to mess with Kristin, it made her cringe so to speak.

Kristin also proclaims that she will never voluntarily show her kids old episodes of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”, but Kristin will not stop them from coming across her old work if they ever do, all Kristin will do is explain that she was just a kid like they are.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad today threw out the first Friday Favorites of July with party theme going to the moon and back and up to the stars, homemade raspberry Champagne pop-tarts, summer staples of split-back crop tops, and illustrated art of another person’s beauty not being the absence of your own.

The Edit

Today’s picks from Lauren Conrad and her team include Rebecca Minkoff Ana Floral Wrap Dress, LC Lauren Conrad 10k Rose Gold Diamond Accent Leaf Stud Earring, West Elm White + Gold Candle, LC Lauren Conrad Print Halter Maxi Dress, Anthropologie Springworthy Bandana, and The Little Market White Tassel Blanket with Black Stripes.

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