Felix Gray chats up about its computer glasses at AWS Loft

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Computer Glasses Are Fun

Felix Gray gave an overview tonight about its computer screen glasses line at the AWS Loft in lower Manhattan here in New York City, starting in a panel of 3 gentlemen with a moderator asking common questions about the Felix Gray line, as well as their business structure.

Felix Gray set itself out on a mission to create computer glasses that did 2 things, one is make computer glasses that are stylish and cool, taking the stigma out of computer glasses where it’s only reserved for geek/ nerds, two is making computer glasses that are not too pricey, where everyone can afford to have cool eyes, and be chic looking at screens all day.

Felix Gray makes their computer glasses to fit 2 types of glasses, one are glasses that are nonprescription, and two are glasses specifically for prescription, it’s all about learning, knowing, and understanding who your consumer is.

Felix Gray glasses are amazingly light weight according to those who tried them on tonight at their display table, and Daniel plus Lauren tried on their lightweight glasses, appreciating not only the coolness of wearing glasses when you don’t need to, but learning that Felix Gray blocks out blue light glare caused by screens, which can damage your pupils, leading to the little things like red eye.

It all begins with guerilla marketing, a sure fire and steady way to make a conclusing about your customer base, learning and discovering real quickly of structure needed to make the business grow, such as realizing you need to raise your limitation to an unlimited status for building your website so you avoid the website crashing when you get to 1,000, as the team of Felix Gray realized early on.

The only way for Felix Gray to realize its success, and knowing what kind of computer glasses to make for those staring at a desktop, laptop, or even your phone all day is to know where the need for Felix Gray comes from, and it’s the office where the need for Felix Gray was born, because people need relief from strained eyes, headaches, and blurry vision, so they’re able to focus better, and be more productive at work.

Felix Gray strives on hiring the right people who not only can run their company the right way for Felix Gray to succeed, but who loves what they do, very passionate about Felix Gray, and has the ability to think through a problem.

Daniel Quintanilla

Whitney Port tries convincing Lauren Conrad to rejoin ‘The Hills’

Whitneyrome2Courtesy: Whitney Port

Please, Pretty Please

It’s what everybody, including Whitney Port’s begging Lauren Conrad to do, join the reboot that is “The Hills: New Beginnings”, that’s coming to MTV in 2019, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that Whitney’s on a crusade to do whatever possible to get the girl who made “The Hills” possible to return.

Despite Whitney and the world’s desire to see Lauren Conrad grace MTV again, Whitney says she hasn’t talked to Lauren directly about rejoining “The Hills”, Whitney has had to reach out to friends of Lauren, as well as Lauren’s people to see if Lauren can at least spark some interest.

In the meantime, Whitney’s mission for her reprising role on “The Hills: New Beginnings” is showing the American people that the 33-year-old Whitney is not the same as the 25-year-old Whitney, Whitney’s focus now is her family, as well as being a brand ambassador promoting good health, like with Koia drinks.

Fitted Sheets Are Hard To Fold

As Lauren Conrad also focuses on her businesses and family, Wednesday was a great day to learn the tricks of folding a fitted bed sheet, lay it flat first, fold it in half, and master the trick of tucking each corner of the sheet so many times until impossible so you can fold the fitted sheet once and for all.

Don’t Make A $2,000+ Mistake

Fashion is expensive, so don’t regret breaking the bank with buyer’s remorse, but Team LC today has choice wedges, handbags, and sunglasses worth a broken piggy bank over.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad previews Redbook front page cover

IMG_7398IMG_7399IMG_7400IMG_7401Courtesy: Redbook

Out In Front

Lauren Conrad gave her loyal fans, readers, and visitors a little taste of her upcoming time with Redbook magazine cover today, featuring a look at what magazine enthusiasts can expect at their local newsstands when they buy Redbook this month, and read up on Lauren.

Lauren also reveals she’s wearing the newest favorites from her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s being jeans Lauren doesn’t ever want to take off, and new sweaters arriving just in time for fall, which Lauren modelled as Lauren did the Redbook photo shoot for her magazine article of course.

Like Mom, Like Baby

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today made the Tuesday Ten about fashion ensembles which starts out with mommy wearing, then passing the exact look down to baby daughter and/ or son with matching blouses, swimsuits, or prints at least so baby can dress just like mommy does.

3’s A Scarf

Monday’s accessory report by Jessi Burrone shows off the 3 ways a scarf can by styled, beginning with a scarf draped from the neck while held together with a belt over the waste, then a scarf that’s wrapped like a bow, or an oversized scarf made to look comfy.

The Capsule Meal

Lauren Conrad announced on Monday that she has partnered with HelloFresh to bring the capsule meals out every September, November, and January, simple recipes to dress the table where you can start out with 6 free meals, plus get a tote bag from The Little Market free.

Daniel Quintanilla


Liu Shuishi presents a retrospective at Chase Contemporary

image2image3image5image4image1Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

And Now, A Final Thought

Liu Shuishi went back in time tonight to all of the pieces he’s ever painted in the last decade and a quarter at least at the Chase Comtemporary art gallery in midtown manhattan here in New York City, reflecting a single draft of her paintings.

From recent works such as “I Am Watched” as of this year that have a deeper oil painting enrichment that ever before, to “The Theory Towards Asertainment” back in 2015, or even simple pieces such as “Wedding” back in 2011 or “Ghost” in 2012, Liu Shuishi’s work of art are deemed as final.

In terms of final, final means that in those years the paintings were elaborated, Liu Shuishi settled on a construct that his work and thought put into it were the mere final thought of a partial meaning of life Liu came up with, until Liu had come up with another breakthrough later on.

In concrete print, Liu’s powerful work reflects the artist’s ongoing concern with modernity’s complex reality regarding the isolation and instability of contemporary life, rendering figures with large heads and exaggerated features in highly gestural, bold brushstrokes, Chinese traditional art, and calligraphy art with the thick impasto paint strokes to make Liu’s work rich both in presentation and content.

And with tonight’s exhibit over at Chase Contemporary, Liu Shuishi’s showcases artworks that reflect the artist’s oeuvre since his transition from traditional Chinese landscape painting, to his unique brand of existential expressionism which defines life at any given moment.

Daniel Quintanilla

Inden: Est. 1582 establishes spring/ summer 2019 at UBM ‘Coterie’

li5upHSWRxe4txzAUDoWwAiAyW3fIORoirfvRl%mem3AyxIqBYPiRuiznTrFA2Z%yw+GROMAyxRU2mKFPT+2Ip0AbKJqHQPDSLOWfo9OcdLkpAg6NFrB0fSOaRuQaCgMFzCgT0EES13+T+q04C5xJ0paRg2Raar%NES8ynGS6Ks4SOKQCourtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Samurai Forever

Inden EST. 1582 caught the eye of Daniel plus Lauren today strolling on the floor of this first day of UBM’s Coterie trade show at the Javits Center here in New York City with their one of a kind handbag and accessories collection like no other.

Inden EST. 1582 in modest terms is a Japanese accessories line doing everything from mirrors, pen pouches, high end purses, and so forth, where it is hand painted, and made of deer skin, cow skin, and high Japanese wood lacquer, but Inden is 436 years of the fighting Samurai warrior based on the accessories used to fight, where it later became a fashion trend in Japanese culture.

Inden EST. 1582 is very protective of how it makes it collection, because it’s a manufacturing method that has lasted for over 400 years, expanding on the Samaurai tradition which provides modern and simple designs with high end bags and wallets with redefined designs to card cases suited for a business environment.

What strengthens the importance of the Inden EST. 1582 collection is that all of its products are virtually life resistant (scratch resistant, water resistant, element resistant, fade resistant, time resistant), putting it in a situation that with good care, an Inden EST. 1582 handbag can last for many years, where even the shine gets better.

Now as the wallets have become a popular seller for Inden EST. 1582, their red medium sized handbags are a top seller to along with anything that’s colored red, and their new offering includes the ring handbag that made with Inden’s iconic dearskin, and accepts the honor of being the lightest handbag one can buy.

Strong is not a justifiable word to classify Inden EST 1582, it’s Samurai fighting accessories philosophy steming over 400 years with its guarded manufacturing process are what officiates the durability, strength, and beauty an Inden EST 1582 product is.

Daniel Quintanilla

Negris LeBrum’s SS2019 ‘Epoque Rosée’ collection at New York Fashion Week

Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2455[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2496[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2508[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2532[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2546[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2576[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2678[1]Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2778[1](1)Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2797[1](1)Negris_Lebrum_RS19_2874[1]Courtesy: Negris LeBrum

Love Woman

Negris LeBrum returned to New York Fashion Week last Sunday evening to present their spring summer 2019 collection named “Époque Rosée”.

The show was hosted by VenuesNYC at the famous FLAT NYC event space located at 23 West 24th street taking place at 7 p.m. EDT.

Followed by the Mardi Gras Soiree, Negris LeBrum hosts each season.

Venues NYC began a pilot program this season called “Runway To Go”.

The program is designed to match designer brands and production teams with their venues placed throughout New York City.

Their first partnership began last Sunday with the brand Negris LeBrum.

VenuesNYC provides clients with a unique portfolio of both raw and finished spaces.

Their venues are owned and operated in house to give clients the best experience and most affordable rates.

Their growing portfolio includes lofts, rooftops, warehouses, storefronts, luxury apartments, theaters, and studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens that range from 1,200 to 70,000 Square Feet in size.

The Époque Rosée collection inspiration is the aspirations, attitudes and strength of the Negris woman.

With their designs and dresses, the brand intend to represent these traits of a modern woman, a woman who is loved by many, admired by all and depicts elegance.

A fusion of these with a fashionable freedom inspires Negris LeBrum designs.

The success of their previous women’s wear collections have created much anticipation each season and the brand is up for the challenge.

The Époque Rosée collection featured hair and makeup by Augment International and shoes by Nina Shoes.

Art Hearts Fashion’s groundbreaking New York Fashion Week SS2019

MISTER TRIPLE X At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWMADELINE STUART 21 REASONS WHY At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWMISTER TRIPLE X At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWMADELINE STUART 21 REASONS WHY At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWMISTER TRIPLE X At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWMISTER TRIPLE X At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion NYFWCourtesy: Getty Images via Art Hearts Fashion

Fashion Is Only Natural

From September 6th to 10th, 2018, New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion returned to the enchanting and dramatic Angel Orensanz Venue.

Designers, celebrities, artists, buyers, and industry professionals from around the world converged in Manhattan for the most ground-breaking and innovative event.

Art Hearts Fashion offered the most extensive schedule of designers over the 5 days during fashion week and over 100 international designers and artists showcasing their collections on the AHF stage.

With a cutting-edge Cotton Inc show featuring Amazon & Alexa with a “See Now, Buy Now” concept, Art Hearts Fashion pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation for New York Fashion Week.

“This was by far the most ground-breaking and creative production this season at New York Fashion Week”, said Erik Rosete, Founder and President of Art Hearts Fashion International. “We kicked off the week with World Renowned Artists Domingo Zapata featuring a special performance by Nicky Jam followed by three of our most art inspired designers”.

The next day, Art Hearts Fashion expanded its footprint by adding a second venue at Pier59 Studios to produce shows for over 50 international designers.

The inspiring Madeline Stuart showcased her line 21 Reasons Why collection to a standing ovation.

An explosion of sexiness and creativity with The Black Tape Project set the crowd on fire.

The series of events wrapped up the week with an exclusive event featuring the first-time ever collaboration between Amazon, Cotton Inc, and Art Hearts Fashion. “Cotton’s Fashion Delivered Runway Show is the archetype for how brands should approach fashion retailing, giving consumers a front row seat to a memorable experience and the ability to purchase the looks they want on Amazon through their mobile devices — a simple, seamless experience.” explained Marissa Barlin, Director of Strategic Alliances for Cotton Incorporated.

The evening closed out with a grand finale featuring 3 Italian designers for a “Taste of Italy.” Attracting over 12,000+ attendees, New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion was a massive success.

“We wanted to showcase the creativity, energy, and sexiness that is New York City” Rosete said.

Daniel Quintanilla

Richie Rich & Anina Net’s Illuminated Jewelry at American Fashion Podcast

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Jewelry Of The Future

The fashion industry keeps moving forward everyday, and its designers like Richie Rich along with fashion model icon and expert, Anina Net, that are moving it in another direction, as revealed tonight at the American Fashion Podcast event at the AWS Loft in lower Manhattan here in New York City.

Richie Rich and Anina Net are collaborating together to bring the fashion hungry universe Illuminated Jewelry, a collection of jewelry that’s not only gorgeous, but gives light at the very least with its battery powered blue lights that make for the right hue, and can stand up to black.

Richie and Anina pulled out all the stops for those attending the AFP event not only filled with food and drink, but a collections of models young and old (men and women too) in youthful wonderful colors out of the youngest model in the place so Richie and Anina can proudly promote Illuminated Jewelry.

The American Fashion Podcast event not only gave a delightful showcase, but guests got to learn about where the future of fashion needs to head, Anina Net herself spearheaded the panel of 3 along with Richie Rich to emphasize how fashion and technology need to bridge together in order to survive and thrive, stay in business for many years, and rely on expertise like those that Anina has for design houses to bring out the best of their visions, so there’s no confusion, or no simple penciled in philosophy to expect the consumer to embrace it.

The overall message is that it takes the fashion industry, fashion investors, and technology visionaries to get the consumer excited about what the fashion’s evolution has to offer.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad reveals the newly-tweaked LC.com Edit

IMG_7033Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

Evolving To Give You More

All this week, Lauren Conrad has been redefining the flagship that is LaurenConrad.com beginning on Monday, with less pieces but pieces everyday that are deeply devoted to more content and images in one piece, today was no different as Lauren and team revealed a redefined LC.com Edit.

The LC.com Edit will not only incorporate Lauren’s weekly favorites, Lauren and everybody else’s purchases of the week, but this newly refocused Friday piece will have things around the world wide web that Lauren and and her team can’t stop raving about, being the latest trend, or funny stuff.

Lauren’s finds today included a Pink Pineapple Airbnb having such wonderful decor, an awesome fireplace, and cute pink furniture to fit the lodging, then there’s something Lauren does not endorse too often, and expensive $750 handbag that you must dave up your dollars for, its a Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Leather Handbag.

Farm Animals For A Kids Birthday Party

Whether it’s Lauren Conrad breaking her new rule of one piece a day over at LaurenConrad.com, or having an additional piece on Friday with The LC.com Edit being the norm, but Ilana Saul today has a party planning animal party piece for a kid’s 4th birthday.

Hairspray Made By Sea Salt

Lauren Conrad and her team on Thursday got together for a do-it-yourself beauty piece where you can make a spray for your hair that’s made entirely out of sea salt, with luke warm water, avocado oil or coconut oil, and drops of lavender essential oil.

Daniel Quintanilla

Zang Toi brings out Yves Saint Laurent in spring/ summer 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week

9C5B6422 (1)9C5B6453 (1)9C5B6565 (1)9C5B6599Courtesy: Zang Toi

There’s Only One Source Of Inspiration

Tuesday night, up at Pier 59 Studios on the Chelsea Pier by the West Highway by the Hudson River where Daniel plus Lauren was at, it was a day to pay tribute, but the first and foremost tribute that came due were the nearly 3,000 casualties of September 11, 2001, which the runway show took a moment of silence to observe.

Soon after, Zang Toi began his very own tribute to one of his inspirations, the late, great Yves Saint Laurent, who always left Zang Toi at awe when doing his own work, so Zang Toi travelled to Marrakech, Morocco paying a visit to the Saint Laurent Museum, and as a result, Zang Toi created to spring/ summer 2019 collection that pays tribute to the master, who is Yves Saint Laurent.

With an astounding 30 looks strutting the catwalk on Tuesday evening, who can’t help but be star-struck on the Mondrian Couture Silk Faille Floor Length Scultped Vest in Black with Yves Blue Strapless Jumpsuit, the Mondrian Couture Silk Faille Oversize Cut-Away Coat Black Handloomed Wool/ Rayon Strapless Tunic and Legging, and the surely sleek and sexy Mondrian Crepe Chiffon High Square Neck Mini Caftan with Black Wolford Bodysuit.

9C5B6682 (1)9C5B6727 (1)9C5B68449C5B68909C5B69349C5B6990Courtesy: Zang Toi

In the audience of this fantastic program, yours truly was loving the look of Black Handloomed Cashmere/ Silk Pullover with Zebra Faille Rolled Sleeve Zebra Faille Skinny Pant, the Aubergine Couture Silk Faille Strapless Gown that’s French Lavender Couture Silk Faille Assymetric Ballskirt Lined with Paris Pink Couture Silk Faille, and the do not ever put in a backseat the Black Handloomed Sexy Back Gown with Handbeaded French Lavender Butterflies.

9C5B71039C5B72059C5B73949C5B76189C5B7710Courtesy: Zang Toi

Zang Toi may primarily be a women’s collection, but Zang Toi has 2 extravagent looks that are just for men, the first one is Men’s Black Cotton Twill Safari Jacket with Dropped Pockets along with Black Cotton Twill Trouser, the next one is Men’s Black Couture Cotton Velvet Dinner Suit with Hand Beaded French Lavender Butterflies Mask.


In the few moments Daniel plus Lauren was granted to talk with Zang Toi backstage following the show thanks to Bonnie Bien at La Presse PR, yours truly not only learned the orgins of Zang Toi’s spring/ summer 2019, but learned that Zang Toi wanted to make a collection that’s daytime and evening gowns that was really beautiful and gorgeous, where Zang’s mission was to leave the audience feeling beautiful, and the philosophy is that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.

Daniel Quintanilla