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How It’s Put Together

Kristin Cavallari had another one of her wholehearted efforts come to life today as Kristin dropped the third edition of her Uncommon James Fall/ Winter 2020 collection, tracing back to her Italian roots from Italy, you also have a behind the scenes video posted by Kristin and UJ of how they put this photoshoot together.

The overall idea of Uncommon James Fall/ Winter 2020 is jewels bringing to life the anticipation and romance of the fall season, and this 3rd drop means a whole lot as it salutes her family’s roots, found in a wide array of beautiful jewelry.

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Lauren Conrad interviewed by @whitneyEVEport #WhitneyPort on #podcast Part 2 @LaurenConrad #LaurenConrad @dearmediastudio #realityTV #dearmediastudio

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All’s Revealed

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port expounded more on the second portion of Whitney’s “With Whit” podcast on Wednesday, getting to the heart of money, friends, having children, and even reality TV.

Lauren first confessed the only reason she agreed to do “The Hills” was that she was broke while attending college for a short time, right after coming off of “Laguna Beach”, Lauren thought it was easy money and would have fun doing just the pilot of “The Hills” at least.

Lauren still stays connected to “Laguna Beach” friends such as Stephen Colletti, Christine Schuller, and Dieter, mainly it’s because Lauren lives in the town she grew up in, and still sees those friends on holidays.

Both Lauren and Whitney were not ashamed to admit they had difficult pregnancies, felt guilty for having fears and changes happening to their body, and were at times sick, with Whitney having difficulty breast-feeding, and Lauren got heartburn just from drinking water with first-born, Liam James Tell.

Lauren also has a guilty pleasure of reality TV, that lucky show is “Big Brother”, keeping a play-by-play book on each week, Lauren revealed too she was in the live audience last year, Whitney says she likes “Big Brother” too.

Lauren importantly noted she’s not one who post very frequently on Instagram, Lauren will only post if it’s something Lauren thinks is worth sharing (professional and personal), Lauren wants to capture each moment in her life without the world knowing despite PR people Lauren’s talked to thinking otherwise.

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Kristin Cavallari #divorce timing perfect, plus dropping Cutler name #jaycutler #kristincavallari @enews @OnAirWithRyan #enews #onairwithryan #stayhome #COVID19

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A Perfect Plan

There are many downsides to the COVID19 pandemic, the virus has crippled every way of living we know, but then again it’s silver lining for Kristin Cavallari in terms of splitting with ex-husband, Jay Cutler, Kristin told E! News Tuesday she thought about divorce for 2 years, and quarantine in the pandemic is what sealed the deal for Kristin, confirming all her reasons for divorcing Jay.

Kristin also told Ryan Seacrest and his crew from “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday that Kristin is in the process of changing her legal name from Kristin Cutler, back to Kristin Cavallari, Ryan picked up on the still technical Kristin Cutler on Kristin’s Zoom during the interview, Kristin also pointed out there’s only so much growing that married spouses can do before they definitely know they’re not right for each other anymore.

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Glass Cutters & Royal Blue

Rihanna was in some fine electric, royal, and the best blue you’d ever seen as told by Dorazio PR today as Rihanna wore Vanleles Diamonds earrings from the Enchanted Garden collection in her trip to China to promote Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty by Rihanna.

Inspired by prints from traditional African fabrics, the Enchanted Garden Titanium Paraiba Flower Earrings are flower cuff earrings crafted in 18 karat white gold and titanium, African responsively sourced Paraiba Tourmaline.

Step into a world of delight and magic, where gardenias, roses, orchids and cherry blossoms burst into bloom in a spectacular display of floral splendor.

A garden alight with floral fantasy and delicate flowers twirling to moonlight.

We have used the finest stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds with white and rose gold, to transport you to this enchanted floral fantasy.

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Kristin Cavallari’s @UncommonJames #italy inspired look for #fw2020 @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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Italian Beauty

Today, Kristin Cavallari released the third drop of her Uncommon James Fall/ Winter collection, with a personal Italian meaning tracing back to Kristin’s family roots, now Kristin reveals the UJ fw2020 pieces used for her photo-op.

Kristin made this look as authentically Italian as possible, going with the UJ Verona Necklace where you can embrace your inner romantic in a dainty chain with a rose pendant, the UJ Hope Cuff Bracelet built with class and everyday elegance, and the UJ Benvenuto Earrings that’s a refined and unique take on everyday hoops, there’s also Daniel plus Lauren’s selections for UJ FW2020.

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Kristin Cavallari dedicates @UncommonJames 3rd #fw2020 drop to #italian #italy heritage @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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Roots Run Deep

Kristin Cavallari just released the third edition of her Uncommon James Fall/ Winter 2020 collection today that has a special meaning behind it, this drop is dedicated to Kristin’s Italian heritage that’s played an impactful role in Kristin’s life over the past few years, places where Kristin’s great grandparents came from play a key role in this drop.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Snake chains are in, but Uncommon James Venetian Necklace takes the trend to another level, this stunning flat chain overlaps in the front and continues dropping, eye-catching doesn’t even begin to cover it, and comes in both 14 karat gold plating and rhodium plating.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Mixing metals just got easier, and even more fashionable, with Kristin’s UJ Milan Earrings, these rectangle drop earrings feature a silver square at the stud with an open rectangle below, created with both 14 karat gold and rhodium plating.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Heads will turn with the UJ Castillo Bracelet on your wrist, strong and geometric, this pentagon bracelet is the perfect no fuss statement piece, and pairs well with the matching UJ Medici Bracelet.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Meaning “let’s go” in Italian, the UJ Andiamo Necklace features a compass design and serves as inspiration for all our travelling desires, created with 14 karat gold and rhodium plating.

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837K #unemployment claims filed, almost 63 million #jobless from #COVID19 @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor reported another staggering number with unemployment today, though 837,000 is still extremely high, it’s 36,000 less than last week, plus it’s the lowest number so far in the COVID19 pandemic as more businesses reopen up according to state.

Also at its lowest level during the pandemic is the insured unemployment rate at 8.1 percent, 0.6 percent lower from the week previous, the amount of those on insured employment dropped dramatically too to under 12 million at 11,767,000, 980,000 less than last week.

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Kristin Cavallari’s daughter Saylor #photobombed @KristinCav @UncommonJames #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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Snap, Snap, Snap

Kristin Cavallari captured a quick set of photos today from her iPhone of her daughter, Saylor James, as one of those moments you want to capture every ounce of growth of your children.

Like mother, like daughter, Kristin and Saylor are both wearing denim, Saylor wears denim jacket while Kristin wears denim jeans with white long sleeve blouse, brown cowboy hat, and Uncommon James earrings.

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Kristin Cavallari celebrates #truecomfort release with @dryfarmwines #wine @KristinCav @UncommonJames @PenguinRandom #kristincavallari #uncommonjames #penguinrandomhouse #dryfarmwines

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Grapes Of Joy

After a summer long promotional effort, followed by weeks and days leading up to “True Comfort” release and live virtual book signings plus press junkets, it’s time for Kristin Cavallari to celebrate once and for all, with a little wine tonight from Dry Farm Wines, one of the best wines out there in Tennessee, but without the additives that lead to hangovers, all with Uncommon James Girl Boss Earrings.

It sure was a great day alright, at least the last 2 days where Kristin hopped on the TV and livestream circuit to talk about “True Comfort”, and cook up amazing recipes without the guilt, from “GMA”, to “Amazon Live”, to “Home & Family”, and to the most anticipated “Talk Shop Live”, Kristin cooked up tremendously delicious recipes for all of us to love, and say goodbye to calorie counting forever.

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Nick Cordero #amandakloots son Elvis learns #guitar from @frostyvasthy #nickcordero #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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Music In The Blood

If you want your children to be talented in an art from like dance and/ or music, then it’s best to start when they’re out of the womb, music must be present and playing in the house, thankfully there’s early signs of performing arts in one-year-old Elvis, the son of the late Nick Cordero, and his wife, Amanda Kloots, where good friend, @frostyvasthy, sings and plays her guitar for Elvis.

As Frosty plays and sings, little Elvis (Nick Jr.) gets all happy and grabs his little play guitar where Elvis mimics Frosty, showing the purist signs of talent that his late dad left him, destined for a bright future as a talented performer.

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