Lauren Conrad tours Barefoot Blonde’s new offices

Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde Hair

Great Spaces Are Created

In many people’s lives, the workplace whether it’s an office, a restaurant, store, TV network or studio, and so forth, we find a way to make that space we earn our dollar in a great place to work, most 9 to 5 jobs have all kinds of offices whether they’re comfy or dull, but it takes one to make an office space that’s not only better than an average office space, but better than one’s home itself, Lauren Conrad and her crew today take a tour of newly renovated work space of Amber Fillerup Clark, who’s in charge of the Barefoot Blonde Hair empire.

As Amber created her new fun space at Barefoot Blonde Hair, Amber knew off-hand that she didn’t have a lot of money to throw around for an all out high-end office renovation, due in part that Barefoot Blonde Hair is a startup, but it didn’t stop Amber from wanting a space that makes you feel happy and creative, and Amber liked a lot of yellow, gold, green, turquoise, and pink to fill up her oasis with, so Amber called on Jade Bennett of Finders Keepers Design to put the finishing touches on items Amber found in thrift stores, Home Goods, and Ikea of all places.

Amber’s new open office space at Barefoot Blonde Hair motivates its staff of 8 people to collaborate and share ideas in the weekly Monday meetings that take place, as Amber Fillerup Clark, or anyone else running a blog as a business for that matter work hard day in and day out to make their business a success, as consistency and patience are a very important virtue to practice.

Daniel Quintanilla


Zang Toi FW19 salutes America at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Zang Toi

The Greatest Soil One’s Ever Lived On

Last Wednesday on a cold evening before Valentine’s Day on February 13, up at Spring Studios in lower Manhattan for New York Fashion Week, Zang Toi revealed his newest, and most hottest fall/ winter 2019-20 collection ever to hit our shores, it’s Zang Toi’s America collection, paying homage to the very country that Zang Toi loves, with dazzling colors of red, white, and blue on stunning pieces which make America a great country always.

As Daniel plus Lauren spoke very briefly with Zang Toi himself, yours truly simply asked where’d the inspiration for such a beautiful collection come from, Zang beautifully answered it’s because he loves this country very much, and Zang wanted to express his utmost love for America in such a beautiful collection he created, while paying a great deal of gratitude for the opportunity that America has given him, which Zang Toi calls home.

In being a witness to this America collection, while experiencing the gorgeous strapless evening gowns coming gracefully in the color navy with statement jewelry that begins as a diamond choker that drapes in 3 extended parts across the chest, one can’t help but to think the night of Inauguration as the newly elected President with the new First Lady by his side attending an array of balls to greet all important congressmen, and celebrity supporters too.

When you think Washington, D.C., you think The White House, the National Monument, and Capitol Hill, those landmarks of our nation’s capitol are symbolized beautifully on Zang Toi’s two sets of off-white pieces starting with a long light egg-shell jacket over a translucent long turtleneck with rope tassels across the upper body that pairs with white trousers, the next being a similar look, but with a thicker top almost looking like a button down, but having very wide and thick bell sleeves at the helm.

There are very important roles here in Washington, D.C., like the House Of Representatives, the Senate, Speaker Of The House, Press Secretary, Secretary Of State, Attorney General, Head Of State, and Madame Secretary, Zang Toi’s bright patriotic red long sleeve long dress boldly with black tights represents the greatest power our country has when it comes to not only making a remarkable fashion statement, but making life-changing decisions at a moment’s notice which affects billions here and around the world.

With every congressional member or the President Of The United States especially comes those lobbyists, campaign fundraisers, campaign supporters, conservative or liberal elite who either are for or against the President, those movers and shakers carry themselves in nothing less that elegance, because they’re very powerful people, so Zang Toi salutes the Ann Coulters of the world you may see on C-SPAN with a stunning power suit black all the way down, carrying a look of a long navy jacket, navy long light top, and navy slacks, making a statement that our country is great, and nothing will get in the way of the agenda one wants to achieve.

There’s a whole world of adversity around us, we get knocked down, but it’s up to us to get back up even stronger, that tenacious drive is the only way we can overcome challenges in our lives, and be given great things after the job is done, it’s what America is all about, celebrating the red, white, and blue in the proudest way possible, it’s what Zang Toi’s beautifully created in this dazzling collection that keep our nation strong against the enemies that want to destroy it, the will to keep fighting day in and day out.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s favorite LC Lauren Conrad dress times 3


Flaunt It Any Way You Can

It’s no secret there’s that favorite piece of clothing in our closet or drawer that we just can’t stop wearing over and over again, we mix it up any way we can with different pieces on some days just so it doesn’t look like we’re wearing the same thing we wore the day before, it’s felt too on Lauren Conrad with one of her LC Lauren Conrad dresses which Lauren and crew show off today as it’s styled in 3 different ways.

The first way to style this LC Lauren Conrad dress is with statement accessories, nothing brightens up a look than having powerful side notes beside the main act, it starts with a bright red handbag, thick padded velvet headband, and a relaxed jean jacket to make Lauren’s fit and flare dress that’s black with rose prints up and down an eye catcher.

Look number 2 gets a little more simpler, it’s classified as the daytime chic with pops of color that are black and white, the white coming off a soft pink blazer with a pair of plain ole white sneakers so are daily errands are more thrilling to conquer, and our coffee dates more of an event than they were already planned to be.

The third look of this cute and adorable dress go opposite of day and right into night time where it’s all dressed up with the glam of a black blazer, strapped heels, and a pop of color added with a simple blush clutch to embolden the night of a date, with girlfriends, or just going out to have fun as one’s favorite dress is enhanced more and more.

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A Fashionably Inclusive F/W 19 Season at New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion

Courtesy: Arun Nevader/Getty Images
Courtesy: Arun Nevader/Getty Images
Courtesy: Arun Nevader/Getty Images
Courtesy: Arun Nevader/Getty Images
Courtesy: Arun Nevader/Getty Images

The Catwalk’s Felines Play

From February 6th to 11th, 2019, New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion returned to the enchanting and dramatic Angel Orensanz Venue in lower Manhattan.

Designers, celebrities, artists, buyers, and industry gathered in Manhattan for the most fashionable and inclusive event of NYFW.

In the course of 5 days, Art Hearts Fashion offered the most diversified schedule of designers and artists.

With an opening Fashion Night Out at Alice + Olivia and over 30 runway shows highlighting cultural diversity, inclusion and the return of the annual Project Cancerland show, Art Hearts Fashion set itself apart by breaking boundaries of creativity and innovation for New York Fashion Week.

“This was our most diversified and creative season at New York Fashion Week ever”, said Erik Rosete, Founder and President of Art Hearts Fashion International.

“We kicked off the week with a fashion night out event at Alice + Olivia followed by over 30 international designers and artists showcasing on our runway”.

The inspiring Ana Ono Intimates show brought out the power of fashion week by giving a platform to cancer survivor models, and by raising over $100,000 in donations toward their cause.

The five day event brought together designers from every culture and walk of life to cultivate the power of fashion. Attracting over 10,000+ attendees, New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion has grown into a cultural phenomenon .

“We wanted to feature the creativity, inclusivity, and power that fashion week can embody”, Rosete said.

Art Hearts Fashion has amassed an A-List Celebrity following that includes Britney Spears, Oscar Winner Adrien Brody, Kelly Rutherford, Nick Cannon, CeeLo Green, Drew Barrymore, Adriana Lima, Curtis Young “50 Cent”, Jason Derulo, Male Super Models Tyson Beckford and Garrett Neff, Philip Bloch, Steve Madden, Nicky Jam, Lindsay Lohan, Floyd Mayweather, Terrell Owens, and countless more.

Consisting of 5-days of unrivaled shows, the highly sought-after event has a daily attendance of over 1,500 guests, celebrities, fashion editors, stylists, influencers, media, and VIPs.

Art Hearts Fashion has showcased prominent designers from Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Costello, Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, Hale Bob, Sue Wong, MT Costello, Carmen Steffens, Amato Haute Couture by Furne one, Sue Wong, Walter Mendez, Zimmerman, Orlebar Brown, Vilebrequin, Trina Turk, Mister Triple X, Black Tape Project, renowned artist Domingo Zapata, and many more of the most talented designers and artists in the world.

The event’s sponsors included April Love Pro Makeup Academy; Style The Runway, Monster Energy, Rx Water, Ofra Cosmetics, Black River Caviar, True Gold Honey, Shibue, Tadazzle Me, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, Moda Brush, The Makeup Light, FNL Network, Fashion Week Online, Six Summit Gallery, and Drakes Organic.

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Christopher Lowman’s F/W19 ‘Intelligent Life’ Presentation at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Geremy Dubensky
Courtesy: Geremy Dubensky
Courtesy: Geremy Dubensky
Courtesy: Geremy Dubensky
Courtesy: Geremy Dubensky

Life Being Smart…. & Jaded

On Monday, February 11th, 2019, the enterprising and sought-after young American designer, CHRISTOPHER LOWMAN, returned to the New York Fashion Week calendar for the third straight season to showcase his newest collection from his eponymous label. Continuing his always talked-about streak of presenting in unconventional and imaginative spaces, Lowman’s invite-only fashion presentation this season showcased his collection, aptly titled INTELLIGENT LIFE, at the famous interior design emporium MDRN Intelligent Living (located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District) as part of a unique collaboration with notable wellness and beauty brand Immunocologie. 

Previous NYFW outings for Lowman include his highly successful inaugural collection, titled Harvard Punk’d, presented during NYFW Spring/Summer 2018, and last seasons much-lauded The Glorious Olympics collection (a patriotic homage to the 1980’s Olympics). Both received critical praise from media outlets including Vogue Paris, New York Times, Sportswear International, Apparel News, NY Magazine, Cool Hunting, The Huffington Post, and more. 

Drawing inspiration from the modern age of information, design, fashion technology, as well as certain everyday advances in our daily lifestyles (including innovations like robotics and smart home technology designed to make our lives luxurious, sophisticated, and as easy as possible), Lowman’s INTELLIGENT LIFE concept places this fashion of the future presentation right in the heart of one of New York’s most significant destination’s for design creativity, and in one of the most innovative, creative, and forward-thinking luxury design concept showrooms in New York: MDRN Intelligent living. Owned by the renowned interiors and futurist designer, Warren Kay, MDRN recently launched “Intelligent Living”, a sustainable transformable modular system for the home, which offers an innovative lifestyle solution and raises the standard in luxury living and furniture design. 

Lowman’s INTELLIGENT LIFE features structured, sculptured, and geometric silhouettes in bold statement- making shapes and vibrant colors, juxtaposed with free-forming, effortless yet luxurious fabrics. “I am extremely excited to welcome you to the Intelligent Experience,” says Lowman. For the designer, INTELLIGENT LIFE also represents the epitome of brilliance and class as a personification of empowerment, intelligence, wellness, and attention to the finest details. As such, Lowman has galvanized support from leading luxury wellness and skincare brand Immonocologie.  “I am especially proud to be collaborating with MDRN Intelligent Living and Immunicologie, alongside my longstanding collaborators Aveda, Mathew Curtis, and Yukie Natorie.” Founded by the notable skincare expert and entrepreneur Karen Ballou, Immunocologie is entirely created from sustainable, clean, and green ingredients, and is a recognized leader in providing effective treatments. This, to Lowman, represents the “natural” and total care and attention of what’s inside – the body & soul, which emanates through to what is on the outside, the clothes, as a direct reflection of what it means to have an INTELLIGENT LIFE. This is just the reason for the collaboration. 

To help realize Lowman’s vision, the young designer galvanized an exciting group of partners including Unite Hair-care, Aveda, Mathew Curtis, Yukie Natorie, and some of the brightest, striking young models in the industry from agencies including BMG Models, EMG Model,, Twenty Eight, Crawford Models, Vera Von/Nelson Models. 

Additional partners for the Christopher Lowman Fall/Winter 2019 INTELLIGENT LIFE Presentation include: G Brand Management, Terry Doe, and 

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Oxford Fashion Studio Brings 14 Independent Designers to New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio
Courtesy: Oxford Fashion Studio

Creation From Around The World

On Saturday, February 9, Oxford Fashion Studio presented 14 designers over the course of two shows at Pier 59 Studios in New York City. The collections ranged from eveningwear to street-style, including both mens and womens.  

At 4 p.m, the goal for the fashion group is to highlight independent fashion designers from all over the world, giving them a platform to showcase their work. Oxford Fashion Studio has worked with nearly 700 designers, from over 70 different countries, over the past 10 years. This year, the designers showcased their work to a full-house on the NYFW runway.  

Chaahat Thakker presented her collection, DEPLICO, exploring  construction and color through a variety of media including sculpture, kirigami, and collage. The results were dynamic silhouettes and playful details; challenging  consumers’ notions of a wearable garment. Armed with a diverse visual arts background, Thakker explores fashion as equal parts wearable art and functional design. 

Poli & Jo was born out of East End of London, Spitalfileds, the birth seed of effortless edginess and cool creativity. The Defender collection is Poli & Jo’s take on the cotton bag trend.  Made with the same high-quality material Land Rover uses for its convertibles, these pieces provide the ultimate longevity and sustainability while staying classically stylish.  

Farah Naz designs are inspired by nature, specifically the Lotus; a delicate flower with many layered petals arrayed around a strong core.  Rooted in the mud, the lotus rises to blossom clean and bright, symbolizing purity and resurrection.  Hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, crystals beads, pearls, sequins, silk threads adorning each look; the collection began with cobalt blues and carmine reds; transitioning through black to close the show in snowy whites. Fabrics used within the collection are tulle, French lace, silk, and cashmere. 

Designer, Ron Ramos, connected his aesthetic of luxury and tailoring by playing with the idea of soft and hard.  The collection used an opposition of heavy and light textiles from leather to georgette to crepe to crepe back satin, resulting in sultry-luxe workwear that transitions from day to night. For this FW19 collection, the pieces are interchangeable, additive, and layered amongst the collection itself or from within your existing closet. The ideologies of this collection genuinely convey the designer’s principle of dressing; embodying effortless luxury and strength. 

Using cruelty-free silks, naturally dyed fabrics, and recycled materials, Seray Sacan  incorporates her eco-friendly ethos into each of her pieces.  The Boholective Wave collection of Minzou aims to mimic the elements, formation shapes, and stories of the universe’s galaxies. Incorporating tiny seed beading, hand-knitted ring attachments, and eco-friendly fabrics (such as raw silk) Minzkou weaves together and further embellishes these materials to create a collection that reflects the splendor and endless wonder of the stars glittering in our skies.  

The collection of Jisu Lim is conceptual; reflecting the designer’s own interpretation of every object within a concept with modern, edgy and trendy aesthetic.  “My collection is inspired by the ‘Post No Bill’ sign around construction area. This sign is the most familiar thing that I am exposed to in my daily life, as a New Yorker.” says the designer. “The phrase refers to many cities’ laws which forbid the posting of handbills, or any type of advertisement on the construction walls in order to keep the walls clean. However, I always think it is such an irony that the construction walls itself ruin the beauty of this city.” Jisu Lim’s collection is about recreation, circulation, and the beauty inside of the ugliness. 

The NC by Charly Nzogang collection showcased an eclectic, pragmatic, and ecological view of the industry. Each piece from the collection metamorphosizes into the future with flowing pieces armed with interesting gathered details and necklines. Designed for women who love change and modern architecture; the NC woman likes to bring the spectacular in to her fashion every day, while remaining chic, elegant, and sexy. 

Jyu Ri Ri’s FW19 collection is titled “EGO-FRIENDLY”.  Overcoming  opposition from family regarding her desire to pursue fashion, Jyu Ri Ri respects women who fight for what they want. “EGO-FRIENDLY” is an ode to the strong-willed women, and is intended to be gear for warriors in their daily lives. The designer served up this dynamic collection made with materials like Mohair, Velvet, Embroidery, Extra Fine Wool creating cozy and chic looks.

As 6 p.m. struck, ‘Shinaburo’ is a Korean ancient word which means ‘little by little, gradually’.  C’EST D is determined to change society’s perspective of the fashion industry.  Challenging society’s norms cannot be achieved overnight. Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design alumni and designer, Doyeon Yoni Yu, supports body positivity and size inclusivity. She’s bringing those into her designs and unapologetically designing fashion for all types of bodies featuring unexpected yet delightful color combinations and creative use of fabrics to accentuate the female silhouette. 

In view of the rampant gun shootings in the USA; the collection titled CODE 417 broke boundaries and brought a relevant awareness to the runway. Code 417 is the police radio code used in New York : Person with a Gun. Topped with bucket hats and coordinating surgical masks, their heightened expressive street style aims to inspire a deeper conversation.  Fabrics and materials used were denim, cotton, nylon, PU coated materials and quilted Fabric. OUT OF ORDER is a streetwear label started by 3 friends passionate about this new category in fashion. Although all three are of Asian heritage, each were brought up and are currently living in different parts of the world.  

Delayne Dixon’s brand was inspired by empowered women unafraid to step out of societal standards. DIXON showcased pieces that are alternatively romantic and finished off with a cutting-edge. This season’s collection of DIXON is all about embracing your inner vixen. Posh fabrics, such as luxe faux furs mixed with shiny vinyl and bold metallics, gave each look a vivid statement on the runway. “After all, fashion should not be confined and we strive to create emotion for our viewers.” says designer Delayne Dixon. 

Meg Beck’s AW19 is a collection that takes inspiration from historically feminine looks, grunge, and the athleticwear of her childhood. Using tulle, cotton floral prints, handcrafted grid fabrics, and repurposed materials, Meg’s collection blends many textures and forms. By modernizing and altering traditional women’s wear, FW19 looks to celebrate valuable aspects of femininity without enforcing regressive gender roles. 

Pheren Couture FW19 collection, LACRIMOSA, pulls inspiration from both nature and the interior of the Royal Palace. Incorporating lace, crystals, pearls, and tulle; these illusion centric red carpet ready gowns were completed with haunting masks.  A twisted cros s-cultural ode to the European and Indonesian Majapahit Empire.  

Born in Milan and raised in Shanghai, designer Nina D. Quantas moved to the U.S. as a teenager. Her interests led to a lifetime desire to redefine what it means to dress feminine, without losing sight of what makes you an individual. Seamlessly combining timeless inspirations with modern aesthetics, like a meteor shine cross the city sky, this collection features bold looks that illuminate the urban women in any occasion; including coats that left guest searching for instant access. 

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite hydrating beauty products


Water Brings Life

No matter where it comes from, in a bottle, in a salad, or in a piece of fruit, water is said to do wonders for the body, moving all nutrients to the necessary places in the body while eliminating toxins that hinder our body growth and beauty enhancement, hydration can also be found in beauty products which help one’s skin look a lot younger, brighter, and tighter, Lauren Conrad and her crew today seek out their favorite beauty products devoted to hydration.

Aveda, which is one of the most trusted names in skin care for many years, provides a stress-fix body cream that’s thick and luxurious for a more perfect day, Lauren’s hair stylist, Kristin Ess, does wonders for one’s hair with a weightless hydration daily scalp plus hair mask, where it gets down to the roots so the hair thrives and shines.

Oil against the skin has always broken out one’s skin in negative degrees, but it’s assured that True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Face Oil will do the opposite since it’s got passionfruit and papaya seed oils to help hydrate the skin, lips need moisture too when you use Sara Happ The Dream Slip Lip Mask before bed, Peach and Lily Good Skin Day Drench plus Nourish Sheet Mask helps you out with long plane rides, and Ciate Marula Cuticle Oil extends the life of your manicure.

Moisturizer can also be used as a primer to applying makeup, and it hydrates too with Glossier Primer Moisturizer that leads to lighter makeup application, mascara can do a real number on one’s lashes, that’s why there’s Shiseido Full Lash Serum to hydrate those lashes after heavy makeup use, fight aging and increase hydration with Lancer Skincare Intensive Night Treatment, and boost your eyes when you’re tired with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream.

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Lauren Conrad pleads a case for trousers


They’re Sexy Too

Fashion staples and pieces alone make their own statement without having to be paired with a certain top or accessory, the little black dress is a stand alone without question, a catsuit has no words, skinny jeans speak volumes, and tops don’t need any assistance, but trousers have gotten a bad rap about being none of the above, just boring bottoms or pants associated with work or only benefit people with long legs, Lauren Conrad changes all that today being the lawyer that trousers need in 3 sexy looks.

Lauren relies on her own trusted LC Lauren Conrad trousers with help from Madison at Minimal Major to put together these looks starting with both trouser and button up top having a knotted tie associated with it, you can also add a fun statement heel with lots of layered gold jewelry onto this fun look rather it being something corporate.

The next look goes for a rocker type of feel since a rocking t-shirt is added to these luscious trousers, it’s technically a black graphic tee representing something of Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones that go with burnt pink trousers, the look also attends on a white graphic tee thats paired beautifully with black trousers with floral prints up and down.

Now before you think corporate pantsuit with this final look, vaporize that from your mind now to focus on the monochromatic scheme going on here for this retro girl boss feel, you have monochrome blazers and trousers paired with sharp cat eye sunglasses and a skinny leopard belt with a trendy mini crossbody which throws away to stuffiness for blazing street style.

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Lauren Conrad stresses the positive in The Edit


Rise No Matter What

There’s no doubt that our country needs all kinds of reinforcement concerning optimism and new ideas right now and forever so our very shores can thrive at their fullest potential, and keep marching on no matter what adversity comes its way, putting our ingenuity to work as we figure out complex problems or situations arising in the short term and long term, today is no different as Lauren Conrad puts positivity to work in The Edit.

Lauren gets started with a quote from @stylishcreativebranding being “Never Forget How Wild Capable You Are” as a reminder to one self when life gets tough or stressful that one is strong all through out, it comes out of nowhere the amazing things the you can do if something hard and fast is thrown at you, perseverance and resilience are a mitigating factor to one’s drive to go forward.

Lauren next turns her positive attention to something Lauren’s good at, it’s fashion in animal prints found on shoes that are ASOS New Look Block Heeled Sandal which go perfect with a monochromatic outfit, casual jeans, or a little black dress.

The focal point of The Edit this week is “Guess Who”, a very classic mystery face game that some reading this may or may not remember, but it’s in a new creative and downloadable form of a DIY Wes Anderson Guess Who Board Game by Lovely Indeed.

The Edit today also has new wooden picture frames from West Elm Edge, The Immigrant Cookbook from The Little Market, Kristin Ess 3-in-1 Flat Iron, H&M Jersey Jacket in Binge/ Houndstooth, Sara & Hero Bank Heist on “America’s Got Talent”, LC Lauren Conrad Compote Women’s Mules, and “Barbed Wire Heart” by Tess Sharpe which all feature great moments of reinforcements to get us through the day at least.

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Lauren Conrad’s most romantic beauty looks


Love Arrives On Time

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day folks, that day where we must show our love for one another in the forms of cards, candies, gifts, and booze, plus a little intimacy with each other that leads to spectacular defining moments in our lives in the years to come, and you need a little beauty to go with that love and affection you show for your man so he’s wowed all the way, Lauren Conrad can definitely help with that today with primp tips of the most romantic looks that define beautiful.

The beginning of romance with Lauren is a no fuss fishtail which is an undone braid that’s perfectly taught by Amber Fillerup Clark, adding a dash of shimmer to one’s makeup always does the trick in bringing the utmost beauty out of a woman, two tone manicures are becoming a rage in the nail polish world showing off 2 shades of red or pink for Valentine’s Day, making a perfect winged eyeliner always works too, and Bridget Bardot inspired hair always makes one fall in love.

Manicures have the power to go even further as you add 3 subtle and sparkly elements to it with a stripe of gold raining down the middle of 3 fingers, you can also take minutes to make a half-messy updo braid because imperfection always attracts, and the one trick pony on the face that always brings the goods to the table when it comes to beauty on Valentine’s Day or any day, it’s lipstick matte.

Daniel Quintanilla