Lauren Conrad presents the chocolate peppermint smoothie

Courtesy: The Little Market

What Shakes Are Meant To Be

We’ve seen peppermint during Christmas time be used for 2 things only, paired up with all kinds of chocolate, and standing alone with its candy cane, but then again, there’s the York Peppermint Patty all year round, Lauren Conrad regardless has a new twist to chocolate and peppermint coming together, it’s in a smoothie, and a healthy one too.

To make a smoothie like the one here, you need a creative and health conscious mind like Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly, who takes the most important essentials for a body to have everyday, like fiber, fat, protein, and greens to make this delicious smoothie up, a nutrition-approved drink that has a touch of sweetness with lots of minty fresh aspects that lacks added sugar and fructose.

Start out with unsweetened almond milk, chocolate collagen protein, cacao powder, cacao nibs, chia seeds, small or big avocado, a small handful of mint leaves, 3 drops of peppermint oil, and ice of course to make your smoothie cold.

While your making this chocolate peppermint smoothie, make sure you pour this delicious and healthy drink into female artisan made ceramic drinking cups right out of The Little Market, who has beautiful dish wear all the time.

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Lauren Conrad’s pomegranate and apple pear desserts


Baby, But Potent

It definitely is the season to do not only lots of drinking and eating, but we’re also making all that good food too, especially desserts for the holiday season, Lauren Conrad and her gang today open up the recipe box once again to prepare pomegranate tarts and muffin tin apple pear pies.

Lauren recruits help from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan, over at A Sweet Savory who created these 2 wonderful desserts, which begins with the pomegranate tarts, pomegrantes with its incredible health benefits has been using its brain power on itself, and on people’s minds to move itself onto the dessert scene, making serious gains in kitchens everywhere.

Buying the pomegranate tart as a whole pie would be satisfying enough, but that miniature size just makes the dessert itself even more powerful because it’s like you’ve got the whole pie in the palm of your hands, now this pomegranate tart is no small feat, it’s made in small parts starting with the crust, followed by the chocolate ganache with chocolate, cream, and butter alone, then it’s the delicous filling of mascarpone cheese, sour cream, honey, and vanilla.

Now the crown for a whole pie that’s shrunken to be just a baby goes rightfully hands down to the muffin tin apple pear pies, filled with the best Granny Smith Apples, all kinds of pears, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, pie dough, and a muffin tin pan to make the magic happen, and the juiciness come alive for the holidays.

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Lauren Conrad’s gift guide for pet lovers


They’re Like Our Children

If you’ve been lucky enough to own a pet in your life, you know what it’s like to not only care for it, but to love it as if your cat or dog has been with you throughout your entire life, Lauren Conrad pays ode to pet lovers today with a gift guide of what to gift your very best friend.  

The gift guide begins with one’s pet being included in the family set of pajamas gifted for the holiday with the LC Lauren Conrad Jammies For Your Families Knit Winter Fairisle Pet Bodysuit.

Every dog loves a collar, so the Yard Hadley Collar prides itself with a high quality and colorful collar that we know your dog will absolute love, an adorable tee from Wholesome Culture The Ones In Need, Are The Best Breed, and The January Rose Fur Mama Stamped Key Ring.

We would all love to keep our beloved pet around forever, but the closest thing found here is the Alexzandra Marie Art Custom Pet Portrait, a pet always needs a bed away from home with Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed, and another keepsake of your pet via PupSocks Custom Dog & Cat Socks.

Even the simpliest gift turns out to be the best gift, like with the West Elm Found My Animal Adjustable Dog Leash, flowers can be toys to with Urban Outfitters and its Bark Bouquet Of Flowers Dog Toy, and don’t forget your cat also as Lauren Conrad presents her LC Lauren Conrad Cat Wristlet.

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Lauren Conrad turns to Amber Fillerup Clark for 5 minute hairstyles

Quick, But Beautiful

Lauren Conrad and the rest of the team put her social media space in the good hands of Amber Fillerup Clark, who’s the Barefoot Blonde, today coming up with not only 5 hairstyles, but 5 hairstyles that can be done in just 5 minutes whether you’re quickly off to work, or off to your next holiday party.

Amber gets her feet wet first with the three strand braid, a go-to style that gives you quick length and volume when braided in equal sections and tied off with elastic to make it more polished, and a barrette’s job is either secure the braid, or make the braid fuller and looser when it’s pulled out.

The Modern French Twist can be done quickly despite when longtime hair stylist say otherwise, Amber says all you have to do is take all your back hair up with your pointer finger and twist it around 2 to 3 times as the hand moves up, creating a twist in the process, and a simple bobby pin keeps the Modern French Twist secure.

If you thought the bobby pin was just a plain old accessory that keeps your hair together, then you’re missing out on how the bobby pin elevates one’s hair style as it’s paired with a headband, or a scarf around one’s hairstyle or outfit to complement your outfit, and the top knot hairstyle always comes in handy when one is in a rush.

Waves can be done without any heat treatment, all you have to do is wash your hair the night before, braid your hair when it’s halfway dried, sleep the night with the braids in, then undo the braids when you wake up.

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Lauren Conrad’s sweater style times 3

A Trifecta Of Chic

A sweater can be just a sweater if it has no depth to it, but it can be many things if the sweater is especially chic, Lauren Conrad goes out of her way today to style a soft and versatile sweater in varying looks.

Lauren lays the first stone with her very own LC Lauren Conrad Soft Reglan Sweater going for the cute and casual, coming in the college colors of Varsity Maroon, pairing it with a relaxed pair of jeans and brown booties while adding a touch of flair with a printed handbag.

Now many times, we’ve seen button-down blouses with skirts, tank-top blouses with skirts, and short-sleeve tops with skirts or even dresses, now Lauren goes all out to style the chic sweater that’s of a very rich jewel tone with a metallic mini skirt and classic heels, classic high heels modernized being a sandal open foot high heel, and don’t forget a semi-round black handbag to go for the festive occasions that are the holiday parties going on now.

Jeans and metallic skirts are not just moments where you can wear this glorious sweater that Lauren has here today, you can also wear the LC Lauren Conrad Soft Reglan Sweater when you go out and about on errands with a simple pair of blue skinny jeans with simple midnight blue sneakers, and the out and about excursion gets even better once you add a small chic backpack to the equation which turns a rough idea of backpacking throughout Europe into an everyday trip throughout the five buroughs of New York City, especially Manhattan.

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Lauren Conrad’s holiday spirit in The Edit


The Pine Needles Are Fresh

Uh oh, there’s just 18 days left till Christmas, so now is the time to get our festive spirit in order, as well as our Christmas shopping, Lauren Conrad and The Edit today put together a few ideas of inspiration, and gifts to get you on the right track.

Lauren gets the holiday mood going with a cozy and inviting holiday party filled with copper dishes, candles, cute napkins, drink carts, and a galore of frosted mini-Christmas trees to keep in the moment, thanks to Winter Lodge Inspired Holiday Dinner via The Revelry Co.

Going around, there’s something funny a lit your phone lately, it has a holder sealed onto the back of it to hold it better, Lauren gets creative with it with the LC Lauren Conrad Phone Ring with the heart acting as the holder, and the ring enabling you to hook up so much more to the phone.

Sometimes, the best gifts don’t come in the physical sense, but instead come in people or places, which is why Lauren stumbled upon Amsterdam Canals via Find Us Lost for its peachy skies and icy waters making for an incredible snapshot in a cold place.

More finds this week include the Lulu & Georgia Maya Rug, The Little Market Purposeful Tote, The January Rose Dog ID Tag, Hello Lovely Postage Set from Luck Kisses & Cake, “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King” on Netflix, the LC Lauren Conrad Llama Kitchen Towel, and the delicious Rachael’s Good Eats Shredded Chicken Verde Soup.

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Lauren Conrad releases LC Lauren Conrad December collection


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Cozy With The Family

It’s definitely that time of year where we spend more and more time with our family than ever, all in part because of the holidays, so Lauren Conrad picked a good time today to release the latest coming from her LC Lauren Conrad collection.

For this LC Lauren Conrad photo shoot, Lauren gets enhanced assistance from photographer, Cami Jane, who brought in her husband, and her 2 adorable young children to join in on the fun of the LC Kohl’s shoot, where Cami and her family dressed up in a pair of fun matching pajamas.

These pajamas Cami and her clan wears are Women’s Fairisle Top & Bottom Pajama Set, Men’s Fairisle Top & Bottom Pajama Set, and Toddler Fairisle Top & Bottom Pajama Set, the fairisle is a pattern on all jamamas that represent the true lining and art of the Christmas holiday season making everybody smile proudly.

Without a doubt, Lauren places her vehicle on the chic route with the color of soft light found in the Eyelash Hooded Sweater that are paired well with the Feel Good Super Skinny Midrise Jeans, Lauren’s sweater looks just as good in another color offered that is heritage gray.

Next up, Lauren places her style on a more conservative level but keeping the chicness that Lauren is best known for with the Flutter Sleeve Top coming in gray white plaid, and once again going for the traditional blue jean that is the Feel Good Super Skinny Midrise Jeans for a complete winter look.

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Artisans’ Gate previews its new restaurant on New York’s West 57th

VdE5OiSGR4S+wJKHSVU3owp5W+jQLoTESuI0pR6mOyZwVr3l70yaQci8bHYBQnMxUAwknfHFUUSI2GJ8xTh5rXAQAjgE4zOuTWmF5wX24Hf0Rwl7L3xq04QpCveLq3BDWMDgCourtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Night To Enjoy Fine Food

Artisans’ Gate had plenty to celebrate on Tuesday night, as Artisan’s Gate gave a preview of its brand-new restaurant on the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue here in New York City, with fine samples of dishes and drinks to an invitation only crowd.

There’s a big mission behind Artisans’ Gate, and it’s not just the food and drink itself, Artisans’ Gate stems its origins from one of the entrances to Central Park which has its own names after the people who proudly built New York City, and the Artisans’ Gate entrance into Central Park happens to be 2 blocks away from this new restaurant holding its namesake.

Artisans’ Gate is all about being artisanal, using local vendors not only for all its food, but for dessert and drink as well, one thing that Daniel plus Lauren wants to point out is the bread comes from Balthazar’s Bakery.

And the delicious bread with essence of olive oil that Daniel plus Lauren ate last night was made in-house right there at the restaurant that same day for last night’s preview, the Italian luncheon meats also eaten by yours truly that were salami, capocollo, soppressata, coppa, and prosciutto were so fresh and delicious.

Fish also played a very big role for Artisans’ Gate Tuesday night with wonderful and delicious presention of fishes, such as scallops that were amazing, several samples of fine New York Clam Chowder without all the cream involved like in New England Clam Chowder, NYCC’s all about the fish, capers, olives, and vegetables that go with it.

A lovely sample too were what could be tiny oyster bread bites with fresh cheese sauce made in-house, shots of soup with basil and fish as well, and donuts done in a whole new way made very tiny that were glazed in chocolate, and held up with a chocolate disk.

All these fine foods are prepared by Chef Marko Ristovic, who brings to Artisans’ Gate a passion for cooking that began while attending medical school in his homeland of Serbia, who realized that food and joy heal someone just as much as medicine.

One of the most fascinating facts yours truly learn last evening was that Artisans’ Gate use to be a cafe, but changed to what it is now, and it’s under the same ownership as it has been for the last 37 years.

Daniel plus Lauren cannot wait to return to Artisans’ Gate after it opens, where it’s said to also have to best burgers in midtown, but on an elevated, upscale level.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad has a gift guide to gift the little ones


Courtesy: The Little Market

Gifts Do So Much For A Child

It just keeps on getting closer and closer to Christmas Day, so Lauren Conrad and her delightful crew today revealed another gift guide, this time it’s an extensive gift guide that’s just for the babies, toddlers, and big kids.

The Little Market Stuffed Animals kick things off for the babies and toddlers with their own chic line of knit toys and cozy alpaca critters to empower the little one new to the world, there’s also Briar with its adorable Pom Bonnet, The Little Market Bunny Rattle, “Baby’s First Eames” by Julie Merberg, and “My First Book of Feminism (For Boys)” by Julie Merberg.

Next, we have the Oeuf Necktie in White/ Indigo Stripes that’s 100 percent alpaca, the EZPZ Mat + Bapron Gift Bundle where you can get bibs, placemats, and great diaper bags, the Solly Baby Wrap to hold and keep your newborn close, and Harbour Clothing with the Merry and Bright Bloomies.

We now go on to the big kids gifts that include “This is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids From Around the World” by Matt Lamothe, the imagination stimulator with Tender Leaf Toys Life On Mars Set, LC Lauren Conrad Fairisle Matching Family Pajamas, and The Little Market Kids Apron.

Let’s go back to Kohl’s with the LC Lauren Conrad Rainbow Keychain that’s a perfect stocking stuffer, Families Belong Together Coloring Without Borders Coloring Book, Crate  & Kids Goldendoodle Stuffed Animal Adoption Set, and Lovelane Designs Flying Super Hero Set.

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Lauren Conrad gift guides for the guys


Courtesy: Urban Outfitters

What A Guy Wants, What A Guy Needs

One of the most challenging task we have only once a year is shopping for the man, woman, family member, or friend that we love, guys are no different, maybe even harder, but Lauren Conrad’s guys gift guide today breaks it all down.

Men certainly do a lot of working out, and it’s said that men sweat out so much because they burn calories and fat faster than women, and it’s important to replace some of those fluids you lose, Lauren found the S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Teakwood.

Guys get hurt a lot doing crazy things, so it’s best to gift your guy a McGee & Co. Vintage First Aid Box storing band-aids, peroxide, and ointments, The Little Market Mountain Man Candle in pine, driftwood, and cedar entices a man’s wilderness, and the Uncommon Goods Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch is just that, everything a man needs like a knife, bottle opener, can opener, and screwdriver to survive.

Men just love to drink, especially if it means being their own bartender, so Lauren recommends the Flask & Field Just Add Tacos Gift Box, track your luggage with the Away Tile Luggage Tag, and the coolest can opener around with the Schoolhouse Hammer Bottle Opener.

Keep you man’s drink cold with the Terrain Stitched Leather Drink Sleeve, important documents need to stay together in The Little Market Leather Portfolio, and guys love videos games, especially with the Urban Outfitters Handheld PAC-MAN Arcade Game.

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