Lauren Conrad’s midcentury modern Friendsgiving



Is Dried Orange The New Pink?

Ten days, Ten days is all we got until Thanksgiving, so it’s that very week before where we put together something festive for us and our friends before we depart for Turkey Day, Lauren Conrad finds trusted party animals to throw a midcentury modern Friendsgiving.

Party Planner, Royale Ziegler, of But First, Party, got inspired by Claire Thomas’s new home, especially the dining room, as well as the home itself, lined up with midcentury wood walls which fit into the traditional Thanksgiving brown found on the harvest basket filled with squash and pumpkins.

Royale was able to incorporate autumn tone colors like dried citrus, which Royale fall in love with immediately, using it for garland and decoration, then there’s blush pink cabinets in Claire’s dining room, and the rest of pink comes in the form of decoration with party decoration from Oui Party.

Dried citrus goes a long way not only with decor, but for the main course and dessert served up for Royale and Claire’s Friendsgiving, let’s not forget the lovely libations involved added on for a certified good time, and florals already adding to blush, coral, and pops of orange for instant warmth.

Also celebrating in this Friendsgiving set up are festive fall sweaters and dresses direct from Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad collection, as well as acacia wood plates, ceremic white and gold dishes, tall leaves water glasses, and cream woven cotton napkins coming from the artisans at The Little Market.

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Lauren Conrad stuns while attending Baby2Baby gala

44826351_1211245002347122_924660760595056411_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Baby Social

Lauren Conrad found herself out and about on Saturday as Getty Images reported that Lauren and husband, William Tell, attended the Baby2Baby gala presented by Paul Mitchell at 3LABS in Culver City, California, doing the usual step and repeat that is the red carpet.

Lauren was also seen inside the Baby2Baby gala itself where William was mainly present wearing  tuxedo while Lauren wore a V-Neck long beige gown, also attending the gala with Lauren was good friend, Hannah Skvarla, who’s Lauren’s partner in crime running the day to day operations of The Little Market.

Ripe for the occasion, Lauren went to her hair stylist, Kristin Ess, to give her night sky stars shining at the top of her head, Lauren gives evidence of Kristin’s work direct from her Instagram, where the stars are just darling and downright dandy, inspired by lace and doily-like decoration.

Baby2Baby provides low-income children ages 0 to 12-years-old with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

By distributing to non-profit partner organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs, foster care programs and children’s hospitals, Baby2Baby will serve more than 180,000 children in Los Angeles this year and hundreds of thousands more across the country through the Baby2Baby National Network.

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Audrina Patridge’s daughter on ‘The Hills’ uncertain due to divorce settlement

36830648_329649954241105_1640350346528161792_nCourtesy: Audrina Patridge Instagram

Your Daughter Could Be A Star

Audrina Patridge and her ex-husband, Corey Bohen, were said to reach a divorce settlement, according to The Blast reported on Friday, but one of the stipulations in the settlement could be that Audrina’s daughter, Kirra, may not appear on “The Hills”.

It’s said that on Corey’s side, Corey seems concerned about his daughter’s well-being if Kirra were to participate in filming on MTV’s reboot of “The Hills”, and has the initial worry that Kirra has done filming already on “The Hills”, and has put forth a whole-hearted effort to block his daughter from appearing.

So Corey strikes back by asking for an added request to order his ex-wife, Audrina, to revoke any prior consent Audrina may have provided for the minor child to appear on “The Hills” reboot, as Audrina’s already been filming scenes on “The Hills” along with Stephanie Pratt.

Audrina filed for divorce from Corey Bohen last September after there were claims of domestic violence Corey committed towards Audrina, as well as accusations of Corey claiming Audrina didn’t trust Corey, and statements from Corey himself saying that he would kill himself if Audrina were to leave Corey whatsoever.

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Lauren Conrad’s Friendsgiving with The Edit



We Could Taste The Bird Already

One of the benefits to the drawbacks of Halloween falling on a Wednesday every 6 to 11 years is that Thanksgiving Day falls on the earliest date possible, November 22nd, so we’re more excited since it’s only 13 days away, Lauren Conrad starts the edit today with the dinner.

Technically, it’s Friendsgiving Lauren stresses upon, gathering your BFF’s at one table each year mainly right before you go away to see your folks for Thanksgiving, Lauren has a California Friendsgiving via The Shift Creative with pink florals, metallic gold glassware, and the glorious food that goes along with it.

Whether it’s out to work, or out to anywhere but work, Lauren also finds a Halogen Faux Leather Pencil Skirt from The Little Market, showing off its classiness, and don’t forget the chic found in this perfect sexy skirt which matches up to real leather anyday.

Lauren also seeks out useful desktop and mobile wallpaper that ‘Be a Nice Human’ Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper via Brit + Co., giving those hard nosed, hard drinking, judgmental, and even the nicest person a reminder to always hold to the credo of treating people the way you want to be treated.

This week’s edit seeks out more finds like Dear Ankle Boots from LC Lauren Conrad, a trilogy of the “Crazy Rich Asians”, a music video that’s “Quiet” by MILCK, Yard Dog collars and small leashes, skin cream, self care for the feminine, and The Little Market Curated Gift Bag Tote.

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Lauren Conrad’s blushing with pink breakfast pudding



Dessert For Breakfast

Every now and again growing up, you or another would find yourself eating cake for breakfast, because it was leftover from the night before, and it was a great pick me up in the morning, now Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul discovers blush pink breakfast pudding.

Making great use of chia seeds which carry fiber, protein, magnesium, and more, Ilana takes those chia seeds to make a tasty pudding at the start of the day, Ilana also brings along strawberry and vanilla to whip up this delightful dish that can easily feed breakfast for a week.

Starting out with chia seeds obviously, you have 2 cups of strawberries, one can of full fat coconut milk, 5 tablespoons of chia seeds, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract, the blush pink breakfast pudding can be thinner if you choose to use a lower fat coconut milk instead of full fat which makes it thick.

Now one just doesn’t throw all the ingredients together to make the pudding, they have to be made in piecemeal, so first take coconut milk and strawberries together to mix in the blender to it’s blended until it’s smooth, then whisk in chia seeds and vanilla into mixture.

And last, but not least, pour the blush pink breakfast pudding into a sealed lid container, and refrigerate at least 3 to 4 hours, or as long as overnight where this pudding can be enjoyed for up the 5 days, supplying nutrition and deliciousness to one’s breakfast, being the most important meal of the day.

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Lauren Conrad rallies Amber Fillerup Clark’s effortless hair knot


Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde

Pony Up On The Hair

Lauren Conrad, as well as Lauren’s Team LC gang hand over their blog space today to the Barefoot Blonde, who is Amber Fillerup Clark, who will demonstrate the best way to make an effortless top knot, in the way of a tutorial.

Amber sees everybody’s in a time crunch lately, because the days have gotten shorter, the temperatures colder, and we all react by hitting the snooze bar on the alarm clock in the morning, so we are rushing out the door more than ever after we realize that we have overslept.

The Barefoot Blonde helps a lady’s day go smoother with her effortless top knot which start out as making your part line right at the top of the back of your head, taking your updo upside down so hair’s toward the face, make the hair high pony, but keep elevated.

Next, make two sections in the pony and twist them together, then secure your twist with a clear elastic but leave it in a loop so it’s easier to pin and hide at end, then pull the twist apart section by section to give it a little much more volume.

This is where the effortless knot comes in, finally wrap the twist around to make a hair bun, and then you bobby pin the bun into place, so it’s easier to get ready in the morning when rushing out the door, since it’s just too comfortable in the dark to get out of bed.

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Lauren Conrad cozy for November LC Lauren Conrad


Courtesy: Kohl’s

We Dream Of Hot Cocoa

Lauren Conrad today revealed November pieces of her very own Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Collection, focusing on the cold days that are coming or are already here, designing piece to wear around the house on a chilly day, or after a big Thanksgiving Day meal.

This month’s LC Lauren Conrad is filled with just chenille, velvet, and all things cozy, which includes the drawstring hem velvet sweatshirt with velvet jogger pants that match colorfully in burgundy, and fit in extremely well with any type of day or night in the 30 days of November.

Next up on the November cozies are a surplice jumpsuit in gray with a brushed knit boucle oblong scarf which Lauren shows off in the color of ivory, the scarf is also available in a rose colored option, also take note of a plush rose hoodie coming soon to LC Kohl’s.

Such colors like gray violet, pink champagne, and varsity maroon can only be uniquely found in the LC Lauren Conrad off-the-shoulder sweater, Lauren chooses wisely to feature the wonder unique white oak to her off-shoulder piece, plaid’s back in action with the checkered plaid ruana coming in birlwood blush and windy blue.

Lauren now features many options in her next look that are a side-ruffle scarf tunic, striped woven oblong scarf, solid subbed yarn beanie, and solid jersey flip-flop mittens which spell out winter’s arrival, as well as the fuzzy balloon-sleeve sweater in a pattern of colors, but solidly Lauren wears in English Manor.

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Lauren Conrad focuses on the positive with body bloggers



Love Who You Are

Lauren Conrad and her lovely team today have broken down their 10 favorite bloggers who focus on being body positive, it means recognition and acceptance of all body types, encompassing self-love and appreciating your body whatever it may look like, encouraging others to feel the same way about themselves.

Lauren’s team starts out with Gavyn Taylor, who’s already part of Lauren’s extended family by being involved with the launch of the LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection, and this year’s correspondent for at New York Fashion Week, both earned by Gavyn’s take on fashion and lifestyle.

Next is Alex Michael May who’s a speaker, model, writer, and creative director who fills her Instagram with fun and colorful outfits along with destinations from places all over, Nicolette Mason is a contributing writer who blogs about style, travel, and everything in between, and Joan of Fete and Flora uses her style to inspire any color lover.

Shira of A Sequin Love Affair splits being a blogger and social worker believe it or not to help others live their best fashionable life to express themselves despite size or budget, Amy of Beautifully Broken Journey is a mom blogging about self-acceptance, and Thamaar of Musings of a Curvy Lady writes about inclusion while using her voice.

Rochelle of Beauticurve is a blogger who spreads the good news of having fun with fashion at any size, Gabi Fresh’s successful social media following is thanks to body positivity, and Alex LaRosa blogs about a very chic travel guide and virtual closet.

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Lauren Conrad decks the mantel in 3 ways



Holiday Above The Fire

If you’re anything like the department stores, you’re so ready to decorate for Christmas, albeit 5 days after Halloween, and Thanksgiving not for another 17 days from now, Lauren Conrad has the same syndrome when it comes to early decorating, so Lauren decks the halls today styling the fireplace mantel.

The first way to style a mantel at the fireplace is consider using a few ideas from Lauren’s new LC Lauren Conrad Holiday Collection, so you can make the first style of a bottle brush mantel filled with the pretty twinkly lights and faux holiday snow, but bottle brush trees in all kinds of colors alongside a pom pom wreath, and a glass house lantern make this a favorite of Lauren’s.

We find that we get Lauren’s next mantel idea from the famous city of lights that is Paris, France, for this style to be called a French Inspired Mantel, it starts with fresh foliage, ornament champagne bottles with ornament champagne glasses, and iridescent teardrop ornaments, and evergreen branches with wire and floral tape that cannot go without statues of the Eiffel Tower celebrating Paris at its finest.

Let’s get fresh with the next styled mantel, Lauren Conrad has a fresh flowers mantel filled with a little bit of blush pink, fresh greenery, vases of fresh flowers, and Lauren’s new LC Lauren Conrad tealight candle holders that make the wreath sparkle, as well as an added final touch of a big ole bow or a tassel or two.

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Lauren Conrad’s gang preps for holidays with The Edit



TGIN (Thank Goodness It’s November)

Today may be TGIF, but Lauren Conrad and her team are more than grateful that Thanksgiving’s just around the corner, so this week’s edit includes a few things one can do to get ready for the holidays, as well as Turkey Day recommendations.

Lauren starts out the list with her very own LC Lauren Conrad Passion High Heels with their transitional boot value and buttoms for a polished look, Lauren also stumbled upon  a great Thanksgiving starter with the POPPYjack Shop Thanksgiving Table in a Box which anybody is more than grateful for, and “Three Identical Strangers”, which is a documentary from Amazon about triplets coming together by chance.

Lauren passes the paton at The Edit with Team LC taking note of Lauren’s very own again with LC Lauren Conrad Sweater Knit Birdseye Slipper Shots that complement fall nights in, Moscow Mules are also in fashion this season as Team LC finds Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Cups, and let’s meet Allyson Dinneen, who has @NotesFromTheTherapist on Instagram with insightful thoughts for people to take in each day of their lives.

The Edit continues with H&M and their V-Neck Button Down Blouse or romantic sleeves and lace embellishments, TED Talk who presents “Mac Barnett: Why A Good Book Is A Secret Door” can be heartwarming for a child, Thanksgiving needs a good tabletop with Anthropologie Artificial Plants that brighten up one’s eating space, and one always needs exfoliation with The Little Market Sugar Scrub in Coconut.

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