Lauren Conrad celebrates 10 years of LC Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s via People

A Decade Of Design

Lauren Conrad is celebrating something special this year, especially now since fall has arrived, Lauren is crowning the 10th anniversary that Lauren partnered with Kohl’s to conceive the LC Lauren Conrad collection, which just started out as apparel before evolving into a lifestyle brand, and stood true to the seasonal release calendar like all designers follow, but now it’s a release every month for LC Kohl’s as Lauren got the party started today telling People about the history and the evolution of LC Lauren Conrad.

Lauren pays duly noted kudos and respect to Kohl’s who mirrored Lauren’s life milestones, like when Lauren married husband, William Tell, in 2014 with a bridesmaid line, or when Lauren gave birth to Liam James Tell in July 2017 with a maternity line, Lauren says Kohl’s has been the forefront of encouraging Lauren to talk about and design her life experiences through LC Lauren Conrad, and Lauren will continue to make that a priority with her line.

Lauren and her LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s team are releasing a special 10th anniversary collection in November and December because for Lauren, 10 years is a big deal, and Lauren reassured her audience today about the 10th anniversary line, while thanking them for all their love and support.

While Lauren’s special November and December pieces will have all the fixings that LC Lauren Conrad has evolved to, Lauren too told People that one month will be all about pink while the next month is all about blue, making strong statements all around, it’s all about meeting challenges and exploring like with the LC Runway collection back in fall 2015, listening to the customer, being inspired by life and social media, and changing with the fashion industry in terms of seeing new collection from other designers, navigating yourself through the upheaval that’s been taking place so far.

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Lauren Conrad takes first-born Liam to pumpkin patch

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Smells Like Harvest

Can you feel it? Can you really feel it? The haze of Halloween is creeping up on us more and more each day as the day fast approaches in 12 days from now, which the spirit of Halloween begins next Saturday with big parties across the country, especially in New York City, and the makeup artists always keeping busy, creating identities other than ourselves, Lauren Conrad took a special moment today to spend time with first-born, Liam James Tell, to go on a little field trip in search of the great pumpkin, sans Charlie Brown.

There’s Lauren’s precious pride and joy, son number one, Liam, smiling at the pumpkin that Liam stares down at right in the pumpkin patch, fresh from the earth, un-carved and ripe to harvest itself in the fall, and ready to join Liam, Lauren, William, and recent newborn, Charlie Wolf Tell, to celebrate Halloween in the most fun and exciting way.

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Becky G Sparkles on the ‘Latin American Music Awards’ Red Carpet

Courtesy: Zimbio via D’Orazio & Associates

Spread The Latin Love

Becky G always pulls out all the stops on the red carpet, and Becky’s look Thursday night at the “Latin American Music Awards” (the Spanish cousin of the “American Music Awards”) did not disappoint.

Both a winner and a performer at last night’s show, Becky G stunned in multiple Kallati rings and Le Vian stud earrings.

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Vancouver Fashion Week SS2020 at its finest

Courtesy: EB Consults Worldwide

Canada + Fashion = Cashionista

New York Fashion Week is not the only place where you find out the latest that’s happening every season in fashion, there’s also London, Paris, Milan, and even LA that participate in catwalk seasonally, but one important place you don’t wanna overlook is right above these here United States, it’s Vancouver, Canada where their semi-annual Vancouver Fashion Week takes place, the fastest-growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals, celebrating multiculturalism and up-and-coming designers in their runways, also identifying undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally-reputable platform along with media coverage and cogent buyer connectivity, leading on to international success.

A list of fine designers include David Grillo, who’s models floated down the runway in long flowy dresses, looking like goddesses as classical Italian music echoed throughout the room embodying the timeless and classic nature of the brand, the collection is washed in pastel colors featuring opulent lace and silk fabrics.

Let’s go French and Lebanese with Celine Haddad, who’s “Rebellion” falls on lilac on a range of blazers, skirts, and see-through tops, resisting too in utility holsters and belts, non-traditional accessories that represented anti-conformity with oversized shirt with cutout back, blazers paired with workout tights, hoodies, and shorts.

Don’t hide from Diabla, their Bolivian traditions, folklore, and heritage come out in handmade garments with beautiful and delicate beading, dazzling fringe and elegant silk and chiffon pieces, accompanied by rich jewel tones and shimmering gold.

We’re brave with Carla Quiroga’s South American style with tassels and ombré effects, coming in lightweight knits and netting, featuring skirts and pants with flare, with infused colors of pinks, purples, mint green, light orange, and green.

Papingo Maminga shines on challenge, taking on kitsch, 80’s color, rainbow bands wrapped around sleeves and pant legs morphed into a hybrid line of high street and modern fashion.

NARDA Bolivian Handmade is individualistic expression, in Jaguar camouflage with rose spots to blend into its jungle habitat, defined in palettes of pinks, nudes, and greens.

Let’s look at La Espina, that’s ethical fashion found through earth, wind, and skies with white laced dress, golden pencil skirt, and floral headbands.

DAHNA, the namesake of Danha Kim, founded her brand with roots in Hanbok style in soft colors of pink, blue, and green with puffy layered skirts and short jackets combined into a silhouette reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty, drawing inspiration from historical artifacts, while staying modern with recycled fabrics.

Finally, Feelomena aspires off of traditional martial art of Japanese Samurai, with 90 degree cut outs and strategic cinches and straps, playing with dichotomy of stationary versus non-stop movement, tactical versus gentle, contrasting minimalism with glamour, glimpses of geometric and fur-heeled shoes peeked out beneath the vast billows of fabric, offering a glimpse at Saltarelli’s breadth of skill.

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Lauren Conrad loves on fall multicolored manicures


Why We Love Fall

Fall has so many definitions to it, New York Fashion Week, The September Issue, foliage on the falling leaves, temperatures from hot to cold, pumpkin spice, and Halloween all around, there’s also a conversion from cool color tones to bright colors that celebrate the season, it’s all found in the fashion we wear, as well as on our fingertips with nail polish aka manicures, Lauren Conrad today has a set of fall manicures that fit the mood you’re in, as well as the fall we’re feeling.

Let’s start out light with the cool-toned gray and blue mani, as it’s demure but yet striking look enhances neutral blue and gray shades, chosen in different hues by Olive & June, ZOYA, Essie, and KL Nail Polish in Wishbone.

Now, let’s get onto the true meaning of fall which represent bright colors, consisting of berry and rose tone that turn into pretty, pristine, and polished looks found on dusty rose and pinky nudes, they turn out bold and striking that balance of dark shades and lighter and softer hues.

Whether you wanna hold onto summer in some way, or wanna embrace fall every step of the way, there’s always a balance between the two, and it comes in the form of stripping yourself down to the bare bones, it’s called elegant nude mani in a two-toned look coming out soft and neutral that’s very flattering with a bit of flair to definitely spice up your look.

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Zendaya Nailed Her Minimal Jewelry Look at Elle Women in Hollywood

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Royalty Starts Young

Zendaya has been killing the suit game lately, but Monday night’s look may have outdone them all at the Elle Women In Hollywood celebration in Beverly Hills, California.

What we love the most though is Zendaya’s perfectly paired minimal jewels, which are Yvan Tufenkjian earrings, Djula choker, and Le Vian rings, that soften Zendaya’s look just enough to make a killer menswear look effortlessly chic.

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Scarlett Johansson’s Matching Eyeshadow and Earrings is Our Next Go-To Beauty Trend

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Royalty Is Earned

Honoree, Scarlett Johansson, just gave us a new lesson on beauty at Monday night’s Elle Women In Hollywood celebration in Beverly Hills, California.

Opting for the perfect little black dress, Scarlett let her beauty shine in a bold pink eye moment, pink eyeshadow that is.

To top it all off, Nicole paired her beauty look with the stunning laboratory-grown Anabela Chan rose tourmaline earrings, giving us a cue on how to step up our beauty game with the perfect matching jewel.

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Nicole Kidman is All Choked Up in Chic Tuxedo Look at Elle Women in Hollywood

Courtesy: Zimbio via D’Orazio & Associates

The Power Of Strong Women

Nicole Kidman never fails to melt our hearts and Monday night in Beverly Hills, California was no exception.

As one of the honorees at Elle’s Women In Hollywood celebration, Kidman was perfectly suited in a sleek tuxedo dress and best of all, diamonds galore.

Nicole’s beautiful statement choker and jewels that also included earrings and rings, made by designers Yvan Tufenkjian, Kallati, and Le Vian, were the perfect ‘wow’ addition to her simply chic look.

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Lauren Conrad’s sweater shopping guide

Courtesy: Kohl’s

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up

There’s definitely mixed signals going on with the weather at times, whether summer’s trying to get its last breath in when it can, or fall like the last few days is finally getting the last laugh deciding what you wear today, it’s definitely a good time for cashmere, jean jackets, chunky knits, and trench coats to make their show stopping entrance onto the city and suburban streets, as well as heeled booties and a few sneakers to add a little touch, Lauren Conrad has got a whole line of sweaters she and her team chooses so you can be the warmest, and stylish toy possible this fall season.

Starting with Lauren’s own LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, Lauren’s selections are plus size knit pullover sweater, puff sleeve sweater, pointelle bell-sleeve top, off the shoulder sweater, funnelneck sweater, high-low turtleneck, and open front cardigan.

Now it doesn’t stop with LC Kohl’s, there’s also Aerie Fuzzy Feels Sweater, Madewell Beresford Wrap-Front pullover, DEMYLLE x J. Crew puff-sleeve Pom-Pom sweater, Splendid Allston puff sleeve pullover, Madewell Montford Fringe pullover, and Mads Norgaard Copenhagen Karulla Multi Sweater.

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Angelina Jolie has angelic moment in Marco Bicego for ‘Maleficent’ roundtable

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

The Villain Within

Angelina Jolie has been fittingly serving dark glamour for her “Maleficent” press tour, but we are loving this break from bar girl with a soft, feminine look for Disney’s Villain’s Roundtable.

Sitting alongside costars Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina looked heavenly in a silky white look topped with the perfect classic pearl earring and ring from storied Italian brand, Marco Bicego.

Angelina Jolie wore Marco Bicego earrings and ring to the Villains Roundtable for “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil” on Friday.

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