Lauren Conrad’s bible to getting a hair bob or lob


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The Rules Of Hair So Short

Right on the last third of 2017, Lauren Conrad in baby steps introduced the world to her new bob haircut, in an effort to keep things simple, now that she’s a busy mom, so Lauren today carved out a journey if one wants Lauren’s style.

First things first, ask the stylist for a textured long bob or a chin-length bob with layers, bobs shouldn’t be angled too much because they’ll look dated while determining if you want hair long enough for a pony tail, and your hair will change texture once it’s no longer weighed down by length.

Now, a bob takes quite a bit of commitment on your part, it takes every six to eight weeks  of visits to your stylist to maintain one’s bob or lob look, and and a bob looks its very best when the bob is not overstyled.

Find Us In Lapland

Lauren Conrad’s team today turned over their space to Selena from Find Us Lost, who recently got in a major fix on her love for winter getaways, roaming her way to Lapland, Finland, where they are best known for husky sledding (dog sledding), and the Artic Sea.

While sporting the best that Paper Crown has to offer, Selena discovered a standalone sections of Lapland, showing off a long list of places to lodge, things to do, eat, and drink, especially if you’re looking for a new favorite haunt that overlooks the beauty that winter has to offer.

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Lauren Conrad kicks start one’s New Year’s health resolutions



That Extra Push Just Plain Helps

Lauren Conrad and her gang today with The Edit had their usual picks of the week, but 2 finds out there are necessary for those that need their 2018 health goals jump started, but are at a loss of how to go about it.

Lauren’s health conscious contributor, Allison Norton, serves up The Republic of Tea Get Clean Stackable Detox Tea, coming in 3 kinds that are good for morning, anytime, and night, a delightful and potent line up of herbs, spices, and fruits take detox to a whole new level, leaving you floored.

There too is an easy way to get your vitamins and minerals out of your meals, it’s called Daily Harvest, and these find convenient cups of wonder come in smoothies, soups, healthy ‘sundaes,’ overnight oats, and chia puddings that take less than 5-minutes to prepare, and are all made of real, unrefined, and unprocessed ingredients.

Friday Favorites By Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s finds today include eclectic touches of a charming home right out of the Glitter Guide, from giving the bedroom a nice touch of wicker, to the living room with a wall filled all kinds of paintings from all kinds of people.

The Little Market features a new cookbook called “The Immigrant Cookbook”, a book filled with diverse recipes from immigrant chiefs around the world, celebrating diverse American culture with appetizers, entrees, and more, and each purchase supports the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, which is dire at this time.

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Lauren Conrad seeks care for combination skin



All Symptoms On The Face

The Lauren Conrad team today once again got into proper skin care of the face, reaching out to those that do not just suffer from oily, dry, or normal skin, but those people that have a combination face with a variety of factors.

Combination skin are certain areas of your face tend that are either dry or oily than other parts of the skin, so first find a gentle face cleanser to wash twice a day that won’t strip moisture or leave it tight and dry, and exfoliate your skin at night twice a week to eliminate dead skin.

Next, moisturizer must be done for oiler skin with a shine control, and richer creams for dryer skin, and there’s one more important step you must take in your combination skin care routine, apply SPF to protect against the sun, even for an overcast day.

Go Help Yourself

Team LC today struck again with their favorite self-help products that are books and podcasts, self-help should not be considered a stigma or a sign of weakness, it’s just getting an uplift of powerful words, statements, and ideas after being drained emotionally and physically in all directions.

One will be amazed by the amazing array of freeing and inspiring books that Team LC has to offer, it all comes down to eliminating the negativeness, celebrating the positiveness in your life, realizing the incredible power one has they never knew the did, and being a minimalist that eliminates the excess in your life.

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Lauren Conrad and wardrobe risk of 2018


Risks That Give You More

Lauren Conrad and her gang today talked about something they usually never get into, risks, not risk about investing (though you should get some cryptocurrency while you can), but risk of  fashion, especially since this is a brand-new year with plenty of new beginnings.

It all came down to a simple little quiz broken down into A, B, C, and D answers, which define one person’s current methods, and what needs to be changed about them, A’s need to minimalize themselves, doing a major closet clean out, and investing in a few evergreen pieces.

For the B’s, it doesn’t hurt to have a pop of color in the land of neutrals you live in, C’s need to consider a little basics in their drive for trendy pieces, and D’s must stop playing it safe and add a few or more fun pieces into their wardrobe.

Pre-Baby Is Busy Too

Yes, we know that when the baby is born, one mother and father cannot be seen by the public for at least a year or two, but the activities before the baby arrives can be pretty hectic too, so it’s a good idea to have meals that just need pre-heat.

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul found casseroles free of processed sugars and salts, but instead had fresh veggies and lean meats baked in them, homemade soups and stews help a great deal with pre and post baby, you also have options of wholesome smoothies, muffins, energy bites, and protein porridge to get mama-to-be and post-partum mama on her feet.

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Lauren Conrad gets winterized with seasonal beauty products



Them Hands Can Get Dry

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton sympathizes with beauty nuts out there who suffer greatly from dry skin in the winter, so Allison’s Tuesday Ten today is all about products that helps your skin stay hydrated and moist with a winter that’s living up to its season this year.

Allison starts with Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm where lip healing happens immediately, Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth Kendi Pure Treatment Oil to keep hair soft and silky, Kiehl’s Crème de Corps to keep skin hydrated, Arcona Night Worker Cream to hydrate and brighten skin overnight, and RMS Beauty Oil that produces less oil on your face while hydrating simultaneously.

Allison’s winter rescue continues with Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream to hydrate skin around the eyes preventing wrinkles and dryness, Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream that works magic for all skin problems, Lano Rose Scented Hand Cream Intense keeping hands from getting badly dry, Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay reducing pores and mosturizes incredibly, and Kristin Ess Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask that keeps the hair soft.

Copper Is Kitchen’s Best Friend

Lauren Conrad personally today has a love affair with everything copper involving the kitchen, an array of accessories that one can relate to.

Lauren happily loves Simpler Life copper measuring cups and spoons, Threshold Marble utensil storage container, Cambridge Silversmiths Jessamine Mirror 20-piece silverware set, Old Dutch 12-itch copper colander and clad canisters, Olde Thompson pepper mill and salt shaker set, Williams Sonoma copper butter dish, Pottery Barn cocktail shaker, and Williams Sonoma’s monogram coasters, copper cheese knives, cake stand, and Imperial pint mug.

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49th NAACP Image Awards: Halle Berry, Samira Wiley, Logan Browning, and more

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Represent In High Fashion

Martin Luther King Day on Monday was all about the caring, friendship, and community love spread all around among adults and children, but the 49th Annual NAACP Image Awards last night in Pasadena, California were all about stunning jewels and clothes, and no sign of #metoo and #timesup snowflakes, being the rest of Hollywood showing up on the red carpet for the prestigious awards show.

Let’s start with Halle Barry and her Joelle black diamond horn earrings along with Harry Kotlar black diamond stud earrings, and Anil Arjandas black diamond stackable rings and snake ring, going mighty fine with Halle’s black and red strapless gown that defines her persona, as well as bring color back to the award shows in the aftermath of a black statement at the Golden Globes.

Samira Wiley’s up next with her bright sparkling yellow gown that goes beautifully with her IVY New York tourmaline earrings, Le Vain tourmaline ring, and Mattia Cielo diamond bracelet, and let’s not forget Logan Browning who’s taking names with her sheer Maria Lucia Hohan dress.

There’s Susan Kelechi Watson with her loud and most thick red, white, and black long-sleeve v-neck dress to go with Maxior diamond earrings and 18 karat gold rings, the lovely Jeannie Mai from “The Real” went for menswear from the world-famous Styland suit, AS29 diamond necklace, and Neil J. Rodgers ‘Sofia’ shoes, and there’s the history making Tiffany Boone wearing a Noudar ruby hoop earrings with Le Vian diamond snake ring.

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Lauren Conrad clears the clutter out from her life



Organize Like A Disease

Lauren Conrad came to the realization today that she will never be a true minimalist, let alone a simple one, so Lauren summoned the expertise of Clea Shearer the help Lauren be an extreme organizer in places like the closet, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

Clea’s The Home Edit is especially one place you’ll find more creative ways to stay organized any room you’re in, but Clea starts with Lauren at the closet where shoes are stacked, baskets are used for clothes and shoes, and the one-year discard rule if you haven’t worn a piece quite often.

The pantry is all about dividing food between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, having opens bins to save time, and spending 15 minutes each month weeding out expired food, the bathroom involves keeping products you essentially use everyday, creating categories for all things bathing, and holding a daily drawer, and the office is all about easy access to very important items, a happy supply of items, and marking a specific spot to let you know of incoming, current, and outgoing projects.

Waste The Waste

Lauren Conrad’s team today came up with five simple ways that you can reduce the waste you have as you continue to celebrate the arrival of 2018, while 2017 wastes away in the rear-view mirror.

Mainly, it’s all about reducing the use of plastic waste such as toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes, using reusuable shopping bags and reusuable straws, and refuse utensils given to you for take out, though they say use cloth towels for the kitchen, they too can bring big germs, so it’s best you keep on using paper towels because they don’t leave germs, and can be easily disgarded.

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Lauren Conrad reveals the latest photo of cute baby Liam

fullsizeoutput_5d03Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Show Off That Cuteness

Lauren Conrad today posted yet another adorable picture of baby Liam James Tell on Instagram, not only looking as beautiful as ever, but growing quite a bit since being born a little over six months ago to Lauren and husband, William Tell.

There, Liam is laying on right in the middle of his crib on a white linen sheet, raising his right arm, keeping his left arm down tucked to the side of him, and having one leg raised up in the air while delightfully trying to move around in the crib.

Beside Liam is an emoji of a strong man posing the way Liam is, but only flexing all the huge muscle he has, it’s quite possible that Liam James Tell is striving to be the strongest man in the world, Liam is on the right track for sure getting his tiny body warmed up.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad had another round of finds to end the week on Friday, coming across a wardrobe combo of distressed denim and feminine footwear, a fine decor of animal prints to put up on one baby’s wall, an IKEA dresser, a funny mug, and mocktails from The Kitchy Kitchen.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and her team Friday rounded up a new line of picks that include Anthropologie Marble Vanity Tray, The Little Market Hamper In White, Topshop Tie Top Minidress, Nantucket Poster from The Night Sky, and Forever 21 Medium Impact Sports Bra & Active Mesh-Panel Leggings.

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Lauren Conrad’s team 9 month bridal boot camp plan



Start Now, And You’ll Succeed

Lauren Conrad team member, Allison Norton, Thursday told us about her nine month plan to prepare herself to have a bridal body, going as far as 9 months out, or as short as even one week out, with effective ways to get your body ready.

At 9 months out, immediately eliminate as much processed foods as possible, which all contain added sugar, salt, and fat causing bloating and weight gain, focus on natural whole foods, create a realistic workout plan that you can nail without interruption, and create a natural beauty regimen that’s chemical free.

Six months out, no more bread baskets and kick up your cardio workouts, 3 months out, put more water in your diet, no more refined sugar, and add beauty supplements, add greens and practice self care one month out, 8 hours of sleep a night and swap coffee for tea two weeks out, and get a message, do a favorite workout, and eat bloat-reducing foods 1 week out.

Dana Renee Ashmore of Gratitude Collaborative

LC contributor, Anna James brought another edition of Ladies Who Laptop on Thursday, getting to know former TV producer, Dana Renee, who founded Gratitude Collaborative, giving gifts that give back.

In between production projects for the company Dana worked for, Dana founded her little company, finding organizations that Dana knows and trust, where it’s all about fighting hunger with 49 million Americans who deal with it every single day, making sure that every gift that’s sold is a gift that will pay dividends in charity.

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Lauren Conrad’s January splurging and saving



A New Year Of Spoils

Lauren Conrad today brought her first 2018 edition of splurge vs. save, comparing clothes, shoes, and accessories in the form of those that are expensive, as opposed to those that are lower-priced versions, so there’s no tears and heartache after spending a sum fortune.

Team LC’s Jessi Burrone starts with Zimmerman Lovelorn Floral Dress that runs at $850, which in this case is worth the money, then the Topshop Frill Detail Skater Dress for just $40 and a momentary frill, there’s also Kate Spade New York Ocean Slingback Pumps for $228 compared to Vince Camuto Kolissa Slingback Pump for $98.95.

The next comparisons are laces blouses from Jourden White running at $640, and the Forever 21 Sheer Lace Mock Neck Top for only $27.90 (pick this one), Chenille Sweaters are making a comeback from the 90’s from Lost + Wonder Maya for $75, and LC Lauren Conrad’s version of Chenille that’s just $29.99 (pick this one too).

Give What Fights For You A Fighting Chance

That’s right, that immune system of yours could use some help in winter, Ilana Saul today found some healthy habits to boost your immune system naturally, starting with adding probiotics found in supplements, coconut milk yogurt, and fermented foods.

There’s also an elixer one can make starting out with hot water, then adding elderberry syrup, apple cider vinegar, a magnesium supplement called natural calm, and local honey, and essential herbal oils one can rub at the bottom of their feet, with the end result of being less sick in winter.

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