Supreme Court bans EPA carbon footprint regulations, Informa sees bright future for fashion sustainability

Courtesy: ABC News/ Supima

The Environment Next

The United States Supreme Court today laid down another monumental move that could impact the world we live in, it bans the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the nation’s carbon footprint which is responsible for emitting greenhouse gases that could have a peril affect on our environment, and greatly affect climate change, reports ABC News.

The Biden Administration fought tooth and nail to have net zero carbon admissions by 2030, relying on The Green New Deal to be taken into effect, looking to more organic sources easily broken down, as well as wind and solar power for energy.

Also today, Informa released a 2022 Sustainability Report, laying out the sourcing process where industries such as Cotton are preparing for the day that we finally declare sustainability in fashion a new and final normal to protect our environment from carbon admissions, eliminating fast fashion in favor of garments of all kinds sustaining a longer life.

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Square Toe Sandal of the 90’s makes a big comeback

Courtesy: Rag & Co

It’s So Cool To Be Square

Square Toe is the new cool shoe, and it’s not going anywhere, the popular square toe silhouette from the 1990’s is here to stay.

With A list celebrities constantly seen rocking this trend, what used to be a controversial style is no longer.

So if you don’t own any square toe shoes, now is the time.

Courtesy: Rag & Co

This modern look will instantly update your outfit.

Courtesy: Rag & Co

Whether you’re shopping for a statement gladiator, classic kitten heel, puffy flat or chunky platform, opt for a style with an angular design because right now, it’s all about the square toe.

Courtesy: Rag & Co

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blú swimwear: The Color of Swim

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

Fits The Scene

During a vacation in Jamaica, designer Keri O’Shea’s pre-teen son made a comment about the suit on “that guy over there” as being really cool & why can’t he wear a suit like that? She immediately looked over & replied to her son, “you have great taste! ‘That guy’ is Ralph Lauren & that suit truly is incredible!

She returned to the states & set about searching for a suit that would check all the boxes – body conscious, but not overly revealing, fashionable yet still functional, colorful but never garish, versatile yet still clearly swimwear. She immediately called up her dear friend, fellow mom & like-minded creative, Heather Durst, & the duo set about to rethink the modern American swim aesthetic. Fast-forward 3 years (a slight delay due to the pandemic) & blú swimwear was born.

blú swimwear answers every “need” Keri & Heather set out to address when they began putting pen to paper. The prototypes were immediately granted favorite swimsuit status by their families & the first production run made quite a splash (pun intended…) with their friends & family. Now, for Summer 2022, the collection is finally available to the public in a meaningful way.

The collection consists of two silhouettes, The Bather, a slim to the body, extended square-cut suit that embodies more of the European side of the range (the suit like Ralph was wearing!) & their version of a Trunk, but with a liner that transports the wearer immediately into the world of luxury swim. Each silhouette is available in a range of colors & patterns. Regardless of which silhouette you choose; you’ll be glad you did.

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

blú fans have repeatedly exclaimed that “these suits are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.” Heather & Keri follow suit by adding, “This has become an informal brand guarantee of sorts! We’ve had so many customers from everyday swimmers to Olympians tell us some version of this phrase. We like to say ‘from bar to beach!’”

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

Made of 80% polyester & 20% Lycra, each suit is sourced & sewn using factories committed to sustainable practices. Doing good doesn’t stop at the factory level. 5% of every suit sold is donated to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit that cleans up the shores of the world’s coastlines. Durst & O’Shea add, “We strive to keep our open waters thriving so we can continue sharing our favorite moments with the one we love for generations to come.”

The Bathers all retail for $116.00 & the Trunks are $136.00. Each is available in Sizes S – M – L – XL for immediate shipping at While you’re there, check out the matching Boys & Girls collection under the SweetCheeks label. Spoiler alert… women’s is in the works… stand by ladies!

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Lauren Conrad reveals having ectopic pregnancy after Row V Wade overturned

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Hitting Home The Hardest

Four days following the United States Supreme Court overturning Row Vs. Wade after being a precedent for women for nearly 50 years, Lauren Conrad breaks her silence today that this seismic decision passed down was hard for Lauren to come to terms with, because Lauren was in a similar situation when starting a family 6 years ago, and how her reproductive organs had to be saved, in order for Lauren to have the 2 healthy children she has now.

This was an ectopic pregnancy, Lauren’s Fallopian tubes had to be saved so Lauren could carry her 2 pregnancies to term, it was the prompt medical care Lauren got from Doctors that enabled them to save her Fallopian tubes.

However, Lauren reveals she read a similar story about another patient who was in Lauren’s position, but their outcome is was more grim because their Doctor had to contact their Lawyer about using a D&C as a tool to help establish the diagnosis of the ectopic pregnancy, the Doctor feared he’d lose his license, but while the patient was awaiting that procedure, she was facing death if it wasn’t treated promptly.

While Lauren is extremely grateful for the prompt care she received by her Doctors in order for Lauren to have the 2 beautiful children she has now, there are many women out there with their own personal experiences about abortion and reproduction, they’re affected differently by it, it can be scary, sad, and confusing, all Lauren ask is that you talk, listen, and respect a woman’s choice about what she does with her body.

And hopes that someday that every women has access to the healthcare she needs and the freedom to decide what happens to her body.

Daniel plus Lauren also goes in-depth with an OP ED about the true intentions of the Anti-Abortion Activist, if their heart’s in the right place.

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OP ED: Are Anti-Abortion activist true to the mission of overturning Row V Wade?

Courtesy: Pexels

Where’s Your Heart?

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Row V Wade after nearly 50 years of existence, allowing a woman the right to have an abortion without criminal action and being provided the utmost care by a clinic who provide proper care without harm, as well as this being a private matter for the woman to deal with.

While this indeed was a devastating day for millions of women across the country, it was truly a monumental day for the ones who’ve been opposing abortion for nearly the life of Row V Wade, all the men, and women fighting against this issue their whole lives, something they never thought would happen in their lifetime.

It also was clearly a dark day for the one writing this piece because of the possible limitations and lack of options as an alternative that are ahead, leading to scary scenarios not only affecting women, but men, and all humans young and old for years to come.

So now we place blame on one group who’ve been led to end legal abortion, the anti-abortion activists, they say they’re pro-life, checks and balances that want life before and after to be preserved, but is that their true clear cut opinion?

Absolutely not, demonstrators opposing abortion walk blindly into this fight for whatever reason they have, it’s not for the right reasons, they don’t think about the repercussions this has on women, nor are they pushing alternatives to abortion without overturning Row V Wade like protection during sex, contraceptives, improving education for all human beings, and eliminating gender pay gap.

The anti-abortion activist reason for joining this fight is merely to belong, showing that they’re not an outcast, hiding their fanaticism for religion, or any other obsession they may have, purely on the same level of someone who loves sports, or even a public figure they want to get close to, even if it means harming that public figure, they’re led on a mission to fight for life thanks to the likes of the late Jerry Falwell, who spawned the Fight For Life movement in the mid-1980’s that led states to put limitations on abortion, such religious leaders are fanatics themselves, purely for their own satanic reasons whether to justify their Christian obsession, personal, political, and financial gain, or hide their own skeletons deeper in the closet which can destroy them.

Like Christian leaders, Politicians, and possible financiers leading the fight to end all abortions, the anti-abortion activist has chosen, and has succeeded in overturning Row V Wade without there being viable alternatives that will ensure a woman, her child, and even their spouse are in a good place to raise a family from birth through college.

At some point, Jane Row, the architect to Row V Wade was converted to be anti-abortion, even going far as being baptized in front of the cameras, but confessed near the end of her life she went back to being pro-choice, and was always pro-choice, confessing that she was duped by anti-abortion activist into opposing abortion at some point in her life.

The anti-abortion activist has now put women in a scary place when she has an unplanned pregnancy, limiting her options and accessibility to proceed with an abortion that will allow her continue on her path to create their future.

We are now a country divided, with 26 states planning to limit or eliminate abortion, while the other 24 keep abortions legal, it’s also a new fight between the haves and the have nots, having the means to get an abortion as soon as possible.

Yes, Row V Wade must be reinstated by the Supreme Court, they must not also go after Gay rights, keeping Row V Wade in place will give women piece of mind about choosing the option to abort if ever they’re in that situation, plus you need alternative options to abortion like protection, contraceptives, a strong economy for both men and women, and eliminating gender pay gap as a way to reduce abortions without overturning Row V Wade.

And the anti-abortion activist must be considerate, loving, and understanding about those who are pro-choice, even going as far as stressing options that could lead women not to choose abortion without being straight forward anti-abortion but no alternative in sight, they would want the same love if ever they were in a situation where they’d have no choice but to abort their baby.

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Lauren Conrad lands in New York’s SoHo via Planet Oat

Courtesy: LaurenConrad Instagram

Goodies W/O Guilt

If there’s a place where it’s best to be expressive with the arts, fashion, dance, and even food, then it’s New York City, but more specifically, it’s the curative destination best known as SoHo where all is expressed, and legends are born, it’s where Lauren Conrad was Thursday as Lauren discovered a new planet, Planet Oat that is who’s best known for oat milk and is opening a brand-new store this week in SoHo known as The Planet Oat Marketplace filled with treats, and a brownie recipe Lauren made that you can spot in Lauren’s Instagram story.

The mission behind Planet Oat is that it prides itself in being dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free, the goodness of oat milk goes beyond your morning coffee, cereal, and smoothies, it also finds its place for those who have dietary restrictions and can’t handle fore-mentioned foods that cause food allergies.

If you’re in New York’s SoHo this weekend or very soon, take Lauren’s advice and stop over at The Planet Oat Marketplace so you can buy your own oat milk made brownies which Lauren loves with a passion, as well as other Uber-popular treats that come from this milk-alternative which inspires a triage of super-delicious and sweet treats where guilt is not an issue for these guilt-free options.

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Influencer James Murray exposes fashion confidential with new ‘’ website

Courtesy: James Murray

JUNE 22, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY)

JAMES MURRAY has been rather well known and successful throughout his fifteen plus year career span in the New York Fashion Public Relations elite social circles.

Today, he has officially launched The Backstage Testimony of James Murray ( and it is now LIVE. At the age of eighteen, he moved to NYC from NJ to pursue his career in fashion, landed an internship at Donna Karan International, where he worked under ALIZA LICHT (Author of ‘Make Your Mark’), to which he dedicated his first article too. “How It All Started”.

James Murray has experienced the inner workings of some of the most notorious and storied fashion houses from the Versace press office, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and PR firms/Showrooms such as People’s Revolution, LAFORCE + STEVENS, and Showroom Seven/Seventh House PR.

He is best known for breaking out on his own as he launched SUPREME PUBLIC RELATIONS in 2016, which quickly became one of the leading boutique firms known for representing the latest most anticipated emerging fashion brands.

Supreme Public Relations was closed in 2020 officially due to various reasons, which will be ‘disclosed’ later on, which is basically an ‘autobiographical digital diary’, which James calls it.

He despises even the word ‘blog’, ‘bloggers’, and the whole ‘basic’ culture behind it (in his own words). “I am creating something new and REAL. These are very deep things I will be discussing eventually and I can promise you it looks light now, but eventually shit will hit the fan”.

James has described this project as the story of his rise to fame, fall, and now re-birth and re-invention of himself both personally and professionally.

He believes that the many experiences he has personally undergone and witnessed firsthand will not only entertain and shock people, but actually maybe help them from making the same mistakes or learning from his.

Although the ‘digital diary’ isn’t considered a blog, it definitely features three different subscription levels that contain MUCH MORE than just content.

Clearly, he has connections through Chanel beauty, soap & glory, revlon, pop beauty, among various others who we believe are sponsoring product for his subscribers ‘gift bags’ (yes, the subscriptions come with bi-weekly to monthly depending on the type you get gift bags filled with top notch goodies).

It might be worth it just to subscribe for that! In addition to the products, discounts on botox and filler, event invitations, and much more.

The packages are as follows:

1) The A List Package – top tier subscription for $15.99/month – see website for all details

2) The Almost Famous Package – mid tier – see website for details

3) The Come Up Package – low tier – see website for details

James has stated that he will be disclosing ‘deeply personal stories’, ‘newsworthy information’, and ‘extremely controversial subject matter’ that pertains to some real ‘tea’, supposedly which he is known for having. “Behind the fame, the clothes, the makeup, the venues, the glamor…there is A LOT of ugly too”, he states.

And there are always two sides to every story, so why not tell both about this one?”, he states.

An article was published on him circa 2018 titled “What Really Happens Behind The Scenes at New York Fashion Week”?

When asked about that article he says “my responses, reading them now…literally make me want to cringe. I feel like such a fraud reading that. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do…however, I think the world is ready now for the real story. Both the good and the bad, so that we can hopefully make this industry a better place and pave the way for future generations to evolve through it, as opposed to destroying it (which is what I see happening every day)”, says the Publicist.

The next 7 days free of should definitely be interesting.

As of now, there is no line up because there isn’t supposed to be. “Everything will come out when it’s ready and you will know when it does”, states James Murray, the author.

Instagram: @backstagetestimonynyc


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Informa/ WGSN SS23 apparel trends for men and women

Courtesy: Informa

You Gotta Get Out

Informa Markets Fashion with WGSN today held its annual Apparel Trends outlook for the Spring/ Summer 2023 season of where womenswear and menswear will be, there’s definitely a demand to renew social interaction thanks to the COVID19 pandemic locking the world down for nearly 2 years, demand in travel has serged in spite of inflation and the threat of a recession, the comforts of home will be taken to the office full-time while others choose to keep home by working at home or searching for other meaningful ways to work outside 9 to 5, and full capacity events will keep on selling out once this pandemic is gone for good.

Courtesy: Informa

Young Contemporary Women’s of SS23 emphasizes the need to get back out and not just mingle, but have fun while your at it with strong colors, rethinking social norms, the workplace, and environmental consciousness, pink palm trees, vibrant pastels, trippy abstracts, and retro florals back the big ideas of the Desert Rider with sporty aesthetic, Maxi Adventurer with leisurewear and festival styles, Meta Lounger with high tech comfort for digital soft, Grounded Escapist exploring nature in bold and dark colors, Pyschedelic Boheme silhouetting into the free-spirit of the 1970’s, Summer Enthusiast natural and carefree, and Phygital Fanatic battles the 1990’s when physical work met its match with the rise of the internet.

Courtesy: Informa

Women’s Contemporary of SS23 is a force to be reckon with since it got disrupted by COVID19 for nearly 2 years, it finds footing again where artisanal and digital are coming together to work harder and last longer, stressing sustainability at its core while finally being inclusive, big ideas include the Day To Night Socialite where work and party are one with silk at day and layerings at night, the Smart Lounger seeking an upgrade in active daywear with innovative fabrics, the Vibrant Florist found in joyful silhouettes, embroidery, and print, Tech Inspired Crafters who digitally recreate traditional craft for the future, Fluid Artists found in drapery, sculptured profiles, and fluid cuts, the Graphic Experimentalist statement of polka dots, stripes, and checks, and the Rustic Artisan pushing sassy, feminine aesthetic from beach to bar.

Courtesy: Informa

If anything, the biggest seekers who want to embrace life again are Men of SS23, they’re eager to seek out nature in all forms, going far beyond the living room that became their workspace in the pandemic, hybrid work/ home initially emerging to find smarter and clever attire holding onto comfort to find themselves outdoors, abstract prints filled with color hybrids noting 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s lead to big ideas of the Desert Rider of technical and natural fabrics as one, the Business Casual Savant bringing work from home and work at work together, the Mid-Century Modern Man that spell out nostalgia and familiar pieces, the Guerrilla Gardener inspired to reconnect to gardening tasks and looks, the Future Hedonist amping up the 70’s with hyper colors and silhouettes, the Coastal Explorer taken from womenswear to give you preppy muted pieces over a shoreline, and the Summer Chaser that pull us back to the beach for those carefree days of living.

In spite of the real possibility of a global recession within a year, that hasn’t slowed down creativity not only for the Spring/ Summer 2023 season, nor has it relegated sustainability back into the niche session, nor has it stopped menswear from being more feminine with the LGBTQIA community to the point where we now call for a piece of menswear to have lace.

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Austrian style comes to New York with emerging Austrian fashion at the ACFNY

Courtesy: Pavle Nicolic


What can fashion design really do right now? is the intrinsic question that arises in a time of chronic political, environmental, health, and social struggles amidst lingering fears of an imminent crisis.

With the exhibition Crafting Fashion for Possible Futures, curated by Camille Boyer and Miriam Kathrein for the Austrian Fashion Association, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of contemporary Austrian fashion design and shows that design holds the potential for change and possible, better futures. The exhibition will be on view June 24-September 8, 2022. The opening reception with curators and participating designers will take place on June 23, 7-9 PM.

Courtesy: Eric Asamoah

The exhibition focuses on the working methods of professional fashion design practitioners who are concerned with their responsibility in the socio-political, socio-cultural, and socio-economic realm. Their respective fashion design practices explore and investigate fields of identity politics, activism, sustainability, or the interdependency of traditional production processes and new technologies.

The fashion practitioners presented in the exhibition deal with how designing fashion can bring about positive and systemic change. Within their design practices, they seek possibilities to create new prospects pivotal for societal transition.

Some of the designers on show recraft the cultural, employing intangible and material resources; some use deadstock that remain as a result of overproduction in the textile industry; through the act of making, others challenge the obsolete power structures in place and denounce a neo-colonialism ubiquitous both in our western societies and most fashion mega-corporations; some champion community and identity, give visibility to minorities, and create platforms for the non- and under-represented; others de-seam—in the literal meaning of the word—masculinity and interlace the demand of intersectional feminism into the wearable.

All the designers presented in the exhibition instigate change through their daily practice. Their acts give form not only to garments and textile artifacts, but also to a social fabric full of optimism, solidarity, and hope.

Courtesy: Jojo Gronostay

Graphic Design: studio VIE is a multiple award-winning Viennese branding and design agency whose striking design solutions are valued by renowned art and cultural institutions as well as fashion labels and commercial customers.

Exhibition Design: Vandasye is a multidisciplinary design office based in Vienna, Austria, whose work ranges from product to exhibition design and enjoys a high international reputation.

Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport
Austrian Fashion Association

Supported by
Vienna Business Agency

About the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

With its architectural landmark building in Midtown Manhattan, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York is dedicated to innovative programming, showcasing Austrian contemporary art, music, literature, performance and academic thought in New York and throughout the United States. In addition to presenting exhibitions in its multi-level gallery space and housing around 13,000 volumes of Austriaca in its library named in honor of the late Vienna-born American writer and intellectual Frederic Morton, it hosts over 100 free events per year in its auditorium and supports at least as many projects at partner institutions across the nation.

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BILLIONAIRE SS23 – Timeless elegance and Italian style by Philipp Plein

Courtesy: Phillipp Plein

Say No More

Deep diving into the Amalfi Coast, the heart of Belpaese, the new collection by Phillipp Plein retains the classic BILLIONAIRE attitude whilst evolving mosaic patterns, a vivid colour palette and new silhouettes provide an essence of casual-chic.

Submerged into the supreme coastline with shapes of blue reflecting the crystal sea in the Positano Gulf, glimpses of green and yellow resemble the glistening lemons dangling from trees surrounding the historic streets of Sorrento, whilst neutral colours portray the yachts floating on the horizon.

Sophisticated and elegant, the collection provides daily looks combining preppy knitted tops and double twisted virgin wool trousers.

Cashmere sweatshirts and coats crafted in cotton and wool allow for evening options.

The collection is completed with hero pieces of silk and cotton blended tailored blazers embroidered with the BILLIONAIRE crest.

Courtesy: Phillipp Plein

Luxurious silk shirts are woven with the iconic ceramic prints and bring flair and a sense of playfulness.

Designed for the gentleman who is ready to embrace the warm summer vibes, opulent silk robes and pyjamas are offered alongside deluxe leather travel accessories.

Crafted in the finest materials by Italian artisans, the shoes enrich each outfit. Low and hi-top sneakers are offered for casual options, whilst loafers, elegant shoes and boots compliment occasional wear. Sleek leather belts, holding the BILLIONAIRE monogram logo, are styled to complete formal looks.

Courtesy: Phillipp Plein

Born in Italy, the luxury brand continues to express ‘Made in Italy’ through artisanal knowledge, sartorial expertise and merging premium fabrics.

BILLIONAIRE is for the men who appreciate style and elegance.

With the acquisition of 100% ownership to the holding of Mr. Philipp Plein, the Billionaire Couture brands follow a new path that will begin in search of new flagships in London, Dubai, Monaco and Milan.

They will become a platform for expansion through both direct and franchised stores, (currently in Moscow, Marbella, Cairo and Nizhny Novgorod, which are to be followed by Doha, Kuala Lumpur and Nuova Dehli), and will also become a marketing tool to communicate with the 150 multi-brand customers.

Courtesy: Phillipp Plein

“I am proud to have acquired 100% of this brand which allows me to express an aesthetic and to bring to life a style very different to that of the PHILIPP PLEIN brand. BILLIONAIRE is a brand with a very precise DNA and intended for confident men who are not afraid to be special on formal occasions and classic on special occasions.” Philipp Plein

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