Lauren Conrad bridges balance gap with work and baby


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Happy Babies & Important Battles

Lauren Conrad answered a very important question one asked today as part of Lauren’s Ask Me Anything August, one wanted to know how Lauren herself is able to take care of her one year old, Liam James Tell, along with maintaining her key businesses.

What it all comes down to is that everybody’s situation is different, when you have a newborn you want to raise with your spouse and all the supporting friends and family you have, you must figure out what’s really important in your life, some cases call for mom to devote all her time to baby, and put the career aside.

What Lauren did with her situation is become a stay at home mom so Liam can get all the care he can get (albeit support of family and friends, plus still struggling with eating and sleep at times), and take the entities in her career like The Little Market and LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s to be the focal point of Lauren’s work.

The mystery Daniel plus Lauren may have solved here with Lauren’s piece was that Lauren’s high end collection, Paper Crown, is not being produced at the moment.

Light Wood As Home Staples

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul got into her love for light wood decor today inspired by California and Pinterest post with furnishings suitable for the living room, the den, the kitchen, coat hangings, and even art to satisfy those light natural west coast trees of beautiful.

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Kristin Cavallari recaptures youth on ‘Very Cavallari’

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The Party-er Inside Us

In Sunday night’s episode of “Very Cavallari”, Kristin Cavallari and her wonderful ladies over at Uncommon James go on a little trip, and it involves Kristin grabbing onto her past of party girl, going out to bars and having shots.

In all those attempts of be Kristin Cavallari from back in the day, Kristin is reminded that she is a wife, and a mother with 3 kids when Shannon’s friend, Taylor, first reveals to Kristin herself that she is 8 weeks pregnant, after briefly disclaiming why she might be lame on the trip.

Taylor then has no problem telling the rest of the Uncommon James crew that she is pregnant, everyone is delighted, and Taylor feels comfortable gushing her pregnancy out because Taylor spends most of her time with her co-workers anyway, and their little trip makes it more easier for Taylor to tell.

Brittiany meanwhile’s having relationship problems of her own as Brittiany tries to get her boyfriend to understand what her troubles with him are, Brittiany’s boyfriend doesn’t get why Brittiany’s breaking down and crying the way she is, all he can do is stare and directly watch Brittiany’s frustration.

Kristin also realizes the next morning that she cannot party the way she use to before husband and kids, it’s something Kristin Cavallari hasn’t done in a long time, and the only thing Kristin’s left with is a hangover.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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Lauren Conrad launching new LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Collection


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Living The Dream Everyday

While chatting with People on Thursday about not wanting the athleisure trend to come to an end, Lauren Conrad announced there’s a new addition coming the the Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad line, it’s a brand-new weekend set coming this fall that’s inspired by comfort.

Since Lauren became a mom one year and one month ago, Lauren’s life has changed, Lauren now works from home so she can care and watch her son, Liam James Tell, grow up, that means Lauren needs all the comfortable clothing she can get her hands on because Lauren’s busy being a mom.

So Lauren created this new weekend collection that will include everything from ultra-soft joggers and knit sweaters to relaxed pants and comfy pullovers, Lauren loves the idea of doing separates in an everyday outfit, or wear head-to-toe for a more relaxed look, feeling comfortable and put together.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad today kicked off the weekend as always with this week’s favorites, which include floral arrangements in vintage pharmacy bottles, slip on flats to easily transition from summer to fall, a sweet vegan treat of chewy lime coconut cookies, free downloads of love cards, and dogs holding carrots to feed rabbits.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and ladies today devoted their weekly picks to whale trinket trays from LC Lauren Conrad, Wild Tonic Kombucha, The Tank Bra by Everlane, Forever 21 wide leg frayed jeans, The Little Market Earl Grey tea gift box, and dRA Provincial Eyelet Blouse.

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Lauren Conrad launches redesigned LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection

Courtesy: Kohl’s YouTube Channel


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Better Denim When It’s Hot Again

Lauren Conrad made a big announcement on Wednesday that her line of denim over at Kohl’s with the LC Lauren Conrad line has been improved, thanks to enormous feedback so it fits better for all shapes and sizes.

In the new variety of plus sizes, petite sizes, and so many new styles, fits, and washes, the LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection will now include Lycra to ensure there’s as much comfort as possible, and even the jeggings and super skinny denim will be made of their signature 4-way stretch fabric.

Though Lauren loves skinny jean, super skinny, and jegging, Lauren too likes straight ankle modelled by Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen, washes indigo range from dark to light or clean to destructed raw hem, and offering cute styles that flatter one’s body with compromising the comfort.

What You Didn’t Know About Team LC

Lauren Conrad today continued on with her Ask Me Anything series this August with a Q&A session about Lauren confidents who work for her at, doing an FAQ about what they love to do, where’d they’d be without LC, their favorite workouts, and so forth.

Dermaplaning: The Results

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone told about her Dermaplaning experience at Kate Somerville today concluding that it was an incredible experience that must be executed every month to remove dead skin from the face and neck, leaving those wonderful body parts looking amazing, and don’t touch your face.

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Lauren Conrad makes a call for interns



Build You…. Brick By Brick

It’s your junior year, senior year, or even your sophomore year in college, and you’re looking to jumpstart the career of your dreams by landing a golden internship, but need a few skills to be the one and only candidate to land at that company, don’t worry, Lauren Conrad has you covered today if you want to intern for

One quick thing to note with Daniel plus Lauren here is that yours truly has encountered many who’ve gone into fashion sparked by one sole purpose only, it’s because those young men and women were inspired by Lauren who got a marquee internship at Teen Vogue.

But to intern at, you must start out small by applying at small firms where you can get much needed experience that can complement your education, so you can land bigger fish like in your later years of college.

Reflecting back to when applying for jobs, it’s all about that cover letter that gets the fire burning in your pursuit to land a job or internship, college hopefuls need to not only reveal their passion for what they’re applying for, but their knowledge of what they’re applying for.

Now the next key tip resignates well with yours truly when they interned at their favorite TV stations back in the day in Philly, though this decision was made entirely by yours truly, you must play it cool on what you know about the place you’re applying at, be professional about your knowledge of the company, it will set you apart from just being a fan-individual of something like, be modest in plain words about what you know, reveal later in monumental times about your love for the place you’re interning at.

Yours truly too encountered a little distance-itis when attending college at Temple while wanting to conquer an internship at MTV way back near the winter of 2002, Lauren’s point is go for internships that are local where you’re attending school at, because Lauren’s people will hit delete if aspiring applicants are not in the Los Angeles, California area, or simple as the inability of receiving college credit, because no one can work for free without college credit.

Now back in 2002, yours truly with Daniel plus Lauren didn’t have to worry about social media as an extra arm for employees to look at when applying for internship or job (we thought applying online for a job was more than enough), bottomline is that you must keep your social media professional if you want potential employees to look at what you do without blemish.

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Lauren Conrad keeps August in style check



Summer’s Still Hot

If summer of 2018 has proven anything so far, it’s a lot hotter than last year, today’s Tuesday Ten from Lauren Conrad keeps with how summer in August needs to be, at its hottest, full of sunshine, and plenty of beach days left before Labor Day.

Lauren starts out with florals found on maxi dresses in black and white print, casual outfits of classic white blouse and light blue jeans with straw bag and pink scarf, stripes and palms on swimsuits, radiant moments of red on jumpsuits, and adding another swimsuit even late in the season.

Lingerie has found its way from underneath our clothes to becoming the clothing we wear with corset tops and high-waisted bottoms, sundresses giving off a baby doll look, sweet summer sets, chambray all day found on denim, and the summer blues that won’t make us sad, but come in monochromatic outfits.

Razor Burns & Ingrown Hairs

A beauty 911 from Lauren Conrad today apart of Ask Me Anything August goes for a breakdown of dealing and avoiding razor burns like shaving in the right direction, taking your time, shaving at shower’s end, always using a shaving gel, exfoliating, finding a good anti-irritant product.

What’s extremely helpful too is using a sharp razor blade because it moves more softly, cleans of your hairs well, avoids nicks, and irritation, also replace razor blazes regulars as they get dull from frequent use, and make sure to clean razor and shaving tools after each use in rubbing alcohol so bacteria is killed away to avoid infection

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Alicia Sanz wore Maria Lucia Hohan to K.I.N.D event

5d54ee336079c1719f978ba2a5dc52dad1c85093Courtesy: Getty Images via D’Orazio & Associates

Cute For Kids

Alicia Sanz wore a Maria Lucia Hohan dress to the Kind Los Angeles: Coming Together for Children Alone event on Sunday evening in Culver City, California.

KIND continues to build a robust national network of pro bono attorneys who have been trained by KIND and who have represented unaccompanied children in their search for safety, including children who have been persecuted in their home countries; trafficked to the U.S., and abused, abandoned or neglected; these are among the many protection needs of these uniquely vulnerable children.

KIND have trained more than 24,200 attorneys and partnered with over 522 corporations, law firms, law schools, and bar associations.

Firms often take numerous cases in their offices across the country and establish in-house expertise.

In addition to in-person trainings and mentorship, KIND’s online manual helps our attorneys access information whenever they need it; numerous other resources are also available to KIND volunteers.

Hailing from Ceuta, Spain, Alicia Sanz has been acting ever since she can remember.

She began her career at a very young age taking classes in her hometown at the Dramatic Center of Ceuta.

It wasn’t long until Alicia landed her first lead role at the age of 8, beginning what was sure to be a very successful career.

At 18, Alicia moved to Madrid to study at the prestigious acting studio, Juan Carlos Corazza, the same school where Academy Award Winner Javier Bardem began his training.

Soon after, Alicia made her television debut as Lucía Elízondo Cortés on Antena3 Network’s hit drama “Gavilanes” in 2010.

Maria Lucia Hohan has become the starlet’s go-to designer, gracing Hollywood A-listers at major award shows, premieres and red carpet events.

Known for her ethereal, elaborately draped gowns and flirty cocktail dresses, Maria Lucia Hohan’s signature aesthetic lies in her delicate pastel hues and colors on variations of silk textures, sheer mousseline, sand washed satin, creamy velvet and crisp taffeta.

Self-describing her collections as chic but girly, Maria’s pieces are created to enhance the feminine silhouette and make a woman feel radiant and fabulous.

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Lauren Conrad solves the copycat friend problem



See Yourself Without The Mirror

Lauren Conrad got thrown a bit of a curve ball today with her Ask Lauren piece, Lauren got a question she never encountered before, what to do with a friend of yours that copies exactly everything you do, down to the Starbucks Latte, or baby’s name.

Flattery’s highest form comes from imitation, it’s like a compliment at the right time, but not everyone likes it when someone else copy’s what they do, it can be insulting, embarassing, or even downright scary (something out well-known movie thrillers like “Single White Female” or “The Roommate”).

One of the best solutions Lauren comes up with is keeping certain things like baby names or dresses to yourself until after the fact that they have been revealed, another way to solve the problem is sit down with your BFF about how you truly feel when they copy exactly what you do.

Working In The Abode

Lauren Conrad a crew today provide constructive ways that one can work from home, without all the typical daily chores in the house that can easily distract you, start with creating a separate and inspiring work space that immediately gets you in the work zone.

Next, schedule the amount of time you’re gonna spend working while working at home so you don’t end up working around the clock, eat regular healthy meals when you’re suppose to, separate personal to-do lists from your work to-do lists, and set time that you spend with spouse and family while working at home.

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Kristin Cavallari leaves Jay in charge on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Husband Steps Up While Wifey’s Away

There’s a reason why Kristin Cavallari’s famous, it’s all from paying her reality TV dues at MTV years ago, and that’s paid off in dividends with tons of opportunities, one of them doing red carpet duties for E!’s Oscar coverage, so Kristin left hubby, Jay Cutler, in charge of Uncommon James on Sunday night’s episode of “Very Cavallari”.

And so, Jay reports to the Uncommon James downtown Nashville, Tennessee headquarters to oversee the ladies who are presently hard at work, still putting the new store together before it opens not too long from that point, Jay also reminds the ladies that they all wouldn’t be working if it wasn’t for Jay himself.

Instead of fighting and crying, Shannon takes a break from all that to check up on her friend, Taylor, who not only didn’t show up for a photo shoot, but has been sick every morning with what Taylor thinks is the flu for the past 4 days, Shannon however suspects Taylor might be pregnant.

Shannon goes onto visit Taylor, Taylor then takes 2 pregnancy tests, Taylor right away says that tests are gonna be false, but much to both Shannon and Taylor’s delight, Taylor is going to have a baby.

Now onto E!’s red carpet, the big moment has arrived for Kristin, where she anchors the red carpet for the Oscars, doing a fine job with her newfound E! colleagues like she always does, and Kristin’s Uncommon James staff, along with Jay watch on TV back at home with astonishment.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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Lauren Conrad fires up summer’s end with Friday Favorites



Oh Baby, Summer’s Over??????

Well, not quite, but there’s only one full month left of summer before we all have to go back to work and school, so Lauren Conrad today made her first Friday Favorites of August about the best of summer, as well as other knick knacks.

Lauren starts right at the beginning with baby showers and pacifers by Ryan & Rose that double as a teether for the ever-growing baby, then we look to the underdog as Lauren gravitates to the understated beaded chain and cable chain rings that earn the right to be delicate and elegant.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff where happy hour doesn’t seem like a stretch away, it’s rose winesicles with strawberry, peach, and nectarines of your favorite rose wine, then we go into a rustic and romatic bedroom with the highest ceilings anyone can find, and an overweight dog finally loving life.

The Edit

Every once of summer left is too squeezed in today by Lauren Conrad’s remarkable team of ladies with picks by Lauren that are the Urban Outfitters Amber Button-Down Linen Midi Dress for a family photo with William and baby, and LC Lauren Conrad Compote Mules for all types of everyday occasion.

Team LC continues on with the selected few with Forever21 Polka Dot Peplum Cami, Miel Mimi Bandeau Bra, The Little Market Ceremic Tray, “Diana: 7 Days That Shook The World” by the BBC on Netflix, e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Brow Gel In Clear, May Designs Custom Branded Bachelorette Party Tumblers, LC Lauren Conrad Bella Greenport Floral Kimono, and People Of Fashion on Instagram.

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