Nick Cordero’s phone reveals great day with wife and son pre #COVID19 #nickcordero #ripnickcordero #amandakloots #broadway

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Amanda Kloots, the widow of Nick Cordero, came across a video today that Nick made of his wife and son, Elvis, playing together back on February 23, 2020, in the park on the swings and Elvis swing back and forth, with video then in slow-motion.

Amanda remembers having the best day with Nick and Elvis, and Nick not being aware that he was using the slow-motion function when filming the two, many wonderful moments were captured, some posted on the Instagram story now, but Amanda never knew how much Nick liked the slow-motion feature.

Amanda also admitted early today on her Instagram videos that she still talks to Nick even after passing, but no doubt is going through the grieving process, letting the tears come out at the end of the day.

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Fashion Mingle @fashionmingle #minglemastermindgroup touches on #diversity in #fashion #blackisbeautiful

Courtesy: Fashion Mingle

Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” today got right to the heart of the matter of problems the black population deals with in the world of fashion titled “Diversity In The Fashion Industry”, the misconceptions and stereotypes that continue to exist for blacks.

For black models working with brands, they’ve been told that they’re skin tone or look do not fit the predominantly white brand they’ve been striving, which has led to little or no work for black models.

The other problems black models encounter are not only being not ethnic enough for a brand, but micro-aggression from other models who’ve told black models that they’re lucky to be here, and/ or don’t deserve not to be modeling with their brand.

Big box brands and even small box brands only have makeup artists that cater to their white models, and no makeup artists that understand black models or any black makeup artists at all, leading black models to do their own makeup, sometimes leading to tears behind the scenes, but not at all seen come showtime.

Brands act on the belief that black models working in the fashion industry need to be light-skinned, closed for Albanian in some cases, other blacks working in fashion are relegated to working behind the scenes, some black individuals are asked why they’re there, acting on the fact even from the U.S. Census that whites are the dominant race, which most brands market to, thinking that the black population can’t bring in dollars.

The bottom line is the fashion industry as a whole needs to be convinced that blacks too along with whites, and even Asians, Hispanics, and other minorities also can bring in money for the fashion industry.

It’s also important to support non-white designers, brands, and retailers who love fashion for all its good, bad, and ugly, as well as a white-audience brand to truly understand, appreciate, and intend to take on a more diverse audience without being fake about it.

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Amanda Kloots still talks to late husband #nickcordero while handling grief #amandakloots #ripnickcordero #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The grieving process certainly has no timeline, or no playbook about how to grieve, but one should never feel guilty about taking time to grieve, or talking to a loved one soon after they’ve passed, that’s what Amanda Kloots revealed early today on her Instagram story that she talks to her late husband, Nick Cordero, everyday as part of the grieving process.

No doubt that grieving leaves you with all emotions, one action Amanda does is writing a letter to one-year-old son, Elvis, about what happened to his daddy over the months Nick battled COVID19, and why Nick is not here anymore.

The most natural emotion Amanda is left with each night is that Amanda cries about Nick not being here anymore, missing him everyday and keeping him alive in her heart as much as possible.

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New York Fashion Week #nyfw cancelled by NY Mayor due to #COVID19 @NYCMayor @nycgov

Courtesy: Pexels

New York City government, along with Mayor Bill de Blasio, on Thursday evening sent out a Tweet, informing the public that all large events requiring a city permit, taking up more than one city block, plus video and staging, are cancelled up till September 30, and New York Fashion Week, requiring all those aspects, is one of them.

Major New York events that normally happen in September, like the West India Parade and the Feast Of San Gennaro, are also cancelled too because they interfere with outdoor open space and outdoor open restaurant businesses that are able to practice social distancing to stop the spread of COVID19.

Any form of New York Fashion Week that has required a permit to hold their events will be denied, and be refunded or deferred permit fees, religious events, press conferences, and demonstrations are exempt from this order entirely.

Though, New York Fashion Week hasn’t been cancelled officially, New York government did stress that New York Fashion Week can go on without the use of city services, and it’s a safe bet that NYFW will officially reveal how to function under COVID19.

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Nick Cordero’s son Elvis remembers dad on his cell phone #nickcordero #amandakloots #ripnickcordero #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The goodness, kindness, talent, and strength that Nick Cordero possesses, and lives on through the people he touched along the way, especially his one-year-old son, Elvis, who looked at his dad today in the best way possible, through his cell phone, which wife and mother, Amanda Kloots, shared on her Instagram story.

Elvis looks at a video of his dad and laughs as if he is there, then another video where Elvis sees his dad again, and mommy Amanda ask Elvis to give daddy Nick a kiss, Elvis tries his best to kiss daddy as Elvis plays with the phone trying to kiss daddy on the screen.

Amanda was so touched how Elvis thought his dad was there, also touched how Elvis remembers his dad even though it’s been months since Elvis has seen his dad before entering the ICU from COVID19.

Just 2 days after Nick passed away from COVID19 complications, Amanda remembers him in People, and efforts in the Broadway community are in motion as 30,000 signatures were collected to rename Longacre Theater “The Nick Cordero Theater”.

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Nick Cordero’s wife #amandakloots reflects on her loving husband in @people #nickcordero #broadway #COVID19 #ripnickcordero

Courtesy: People

Right before the newest issue of People comes out tomorrow, Nick Cordero’s widow, Amanda Kloots, took time Wednesday and Today to reveal how much she misses Nick, and what a wonderful father Nick was.

“My husband was a very special man”. “He was everyone’s friend. We taught each other things, challenging each other to grow. We loved to sing and dance wherever we were. Just looking at him doing the simplest things would bring a smile to my face.”

She adds, “As a husband I don’t think a day went by that he didn’t say to me, ‘I’m the luckiest.’ Words can’t describe how much I will miss him, his presence, his voice. I’m heartbroken.”

Kloots remembers, “I don’t think a day went by that he didn’t say to me, ‘I’m the luckiest.’ ”

“He lived for that little boy,” Cordero’s Rock of Ages costar Constantine Maroulis tells People. “He was born to be a parent. They both were.”

Efforts to remember Nick by the Broadway community were put in motion Wednesday as a petition successfully collected 30,000 signatures to rename the Longacre Theater “The Nick Cordero Theater”.

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Kristin Cavallari @KristinCav @UncommonJames biggest #sale of the year #kristincavallari #uncommonjames #jewelry

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Mid-Year Savings

Now that we’ve passed the Fourth Of July, and are still in the midst of 2020, at least gotten through half of 2020 despite circumstances, Kristin Cavallari announced today Uncommon James’s annual mid-season sale with high markdowns on all of UJ’s popular items and such.

Now through July 13, you can save 10 to 65 percent off on over 60 items that Uncommon James has to offer, you can step up your style and add some flare to your home since there’s no better time to save big.

With so much savings, it’s makes you hungry, hungry for Oat Milk Flax Seed Biscuits out of Kristin’s upcoming “True Comfort” cookbook, Kristin’s fans also got cooking on her Instagram story by cooking recipes out of “True Roots”, Kristin’s first cookbook.

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1.3 Million file #unemployment week of July 4 thanks to #COVID19 @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor today once again shared another grim number of individuals out of work thanks the COVID19 pandemic, it’s 1,314,000 who filed for unemployment, 99,000 less than the week before, raising the 14 week jobless number near 52 million.

The number on insured unemployment has decreased considerably from the early days of the pandemic, this week’s numbers are 18,072,000, a far cry from over 20 million in all of May and parts of June thanks to states reopening.

Reopening added 4.8 million jobs for the month of June, but sharp rises in COVID19 cases in almost all of the U.S. could erase that progress, and unemployment figures could go up again, leading to financial catastrophe.

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Liberty Fairs cancels men’s fall trade show due to #COVID19 @LibertyFairs #libertyfairs

Courtesy: Liberty Fairs

Safety First

Liberty Fairs just announced in an email early tonight that it’s cancelling both its August and September shows, fall was originally scheduled to happen during New York Fashion Week, and partner with Informa, taking place September 22 to September 24.

Liberty Fairs has high hopes it can revive physical trade shows in 2021 with the utmost caution and awareness at that time, as well as it should be more safe, Liberty Fairs will launch its first virtual marketplace in the next few weeks on August 3, where you can register here.

Here’s the official email from Liberty Fairs that dropped tonight….

To our Community:

After careful consideration, LF&LF is officially canceling the Liberty Fairs shows originally slated for August and September this year. We believe it is our ethical responsibility to revisit physical trade shows at a safer time and with best practices in place, and so are looking towards 2021 with high hopes. 

This decision was made with our community’s health and safety in mind. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of group gatherings through the end of this year remains unclear even as we closely monitor reopening timelines and border restrictions.

Still, it’s an exciting and necessary time to explore viable new formats for trade as we reevaluate the state of our industry. Our vision for trade and fashion wholesale prioritizes both digital and experiential spaces as key to our collective success.

In the next few months, we’ll be launching the first Virtual Marketplace for Liberty Fairs. You’ll be able to easily discover and transact online in our #WorkingFromHome world. See below for details:

August 3: Liberty Fairs Virtual Marketplace


We are also proud to announce a new addition to our Liberty Fairs Team, Edwina Kulego. Formerly the International Sales Director at Informa Markets, Edwina will now join us as Vice President of Liberty Fairs.

Amidst all this newness, we’ll never lose sight of what makes Liberty Fairs so integral to our community. Rest assured that we’re moving forward with the same energy we’ve always had – after all, it’s seeing familiar faces, discovering beautiful new things, and creating those finishing touches that really make our events a special place to be. We’ll miss seeing you in person this year, but it’ll be all the sweeter when we meet again in 2021. In the meantime, see you online!

Sending peace & love,
LF&LF – Liberty Fairs Team

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The #NickCordero Theater closer to reality as @MoveOn reaches 30,000 signature goal #broadway #COVID19 #ripnickcordero

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

There could very well be a change on New York’s Broadway landscape, as the name of Longacre Theater may be retired, in favor of “The Nick Cordero Theater”, the goal was to reach 30,000 signatures at, that goal today has now been reached.

The petition was first made aware by Nick’s widow, Amanda Kloots, on her Instagram story on Tuesday, by this morning, 27,000 signatures were reached, and less than 1,000 were only needed as Daniel plus Lauren reported on a GoFundMe account raising $1 Million for Amanda and son, Elvis, more than double the goal of $480,000.

After a courageous battle for 95 days in the ICU of Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood, California, Nick Cordero lost his battle with COVID19, he was 41.

The Longacre Theater was where Nick performed his last Broadway show, “A Bronx Tale, The Musical”, which is why the Broadway community is pushing for the namesake of Nick Cordero to live on forever.


****Original goal for signatures was 30,000. Once milestone was hit, petition added 5,000 more signatures so it can reach 35,000, continuing to get signatures.****

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