Lauren Conrad speaks dining out with high amounts of people



Let’s Take Everyone Out To Dinner

Though on maternity leave, Lauren Conrad today in advance talked about some new ladylike laws being dining out in a large group, and how to properly handle it.

First, do your very best not to be unless if you can’t control the situation, because there are people waiting for you, know what the right time to eat is when food serving time varies, and take an equal portion when splitting different food dishes.

If the conversation turns moribund, don’t pull out your phone, make an effort to talk the people next to you, and make it as easy as possible to split the check.

The $10,000 Wedding Of Your Dreams

Team Lauren Conrad today came up with creative ways to make your fantasy wedding bells an incredible reality on a budget.

Only splurge when you absolutely want to for certain things, keep all wedding events in one location, a short guest list, become a do-it-yourself bride, and use all your daily contacts to help you create a happy wedding you’ll never forget.

Daniel Quintanilla


Jared Lang is the millennial designer at the UBM ‘MRket’

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Man Who Dresses The Millenial Man

The Jared Lang Collection today gave the world a taste of how one must dress a man who comes from the millenial generation at UBM’sMRket” at the Javits Center here in New York City.

To start, Jared Lang is originally from Montreal, Canada who made his way to South Florida becoming a modern millenial man looking to dress a man like himself looking for something edgy, and fashionable.

Jared Lang specialized in button-down shirts, and puts his own modern millenial twist on something that’s been done time and again, a fit that’s unique because it’s not slim or trimmed, but slightly taylored where the millenial man customize their own fit.

Photo on 7-18-17 at 2.09 PMPhoto on 7-18-17 at 2.13 PM #2Photo on 7-18-17 at 2.13 PM #3

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Before branching out on his own, Jared Lang was one of the orignal designers of Stoned Rose when he was in fashion school, and the Jared Rose Collection has only been around since 2011, and is one up-and-coming designers everyone’s talking about right now.

Photo on 7-18-17 at 2.11 PM #3Photo on 7-18-17 at 2.14 PM

In a collection full of woven button-downs, Jared Lang also has branched into mutiple divisions of pieces like socks, shoes, coats, t-shirts, belts, spring wear, summer wear, and swimwear.

As Jared Lang strives every day to make each division they launch successful, the Jared Lang millenial man is someone who makes Jared Lang their lifestyle, having a very high level of quality about how they dress, and how they respect themselves.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s guide to summer sandals



Show Off Them Nice Pedicure

Lauren Conrad’s team today nose-dived into summer a little more with a Tuesday Ten filled with a summer sandal style guide just in time for the beach.

Team LC’s selections include an array of LC Lauren Conrad pairs like the firefli sandal, the quarter strap, and the shimmer sandal, as well as Ann Taylor’s gretel suede slides, and Revolve TKEES studio sandal in sophie.

More options include the Loeffler Randall ankle-wrap leather flats, Joie Pietra Wrap sandals, the Madewell Boardwalk multi strap sandal, J Crew colorful bable slides, and Forever 21 Jelly Ankle-strap sandals in mint.

A Corn Fiesta

The recipe box was opened again by team LC today, serving up a delicious new twist on summer’s favorite side dish, which happens to be Mexican corn on the cob.

For this latin corn, it gets infused with butter, mayonaise, cotija cheese, chili powder, lime, and cilantro, to make a summer pasttime more thrilling and yummy than it’s been since the beginning of time.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Cecchi features summer handbag collection

Army Green SorellaBackpack-1-1024x681Black + White Folio 6Black + White FolioBlack Bella Backpack - gold hardware 2

Courtesy: Lauren Cecchi

Summer Can Make You Happy

Today, yours truly here at Daniel+Lauren gives you an inside look at the wonderful handbags that Lauren Cecchi has to offer.

With help from Seventh House PR, Lauren Cecchi’s Summer 2017 collection is full of energy with vibrant colors like lapis blue that is reminiscent of the bright summer skies, as well as Lemonade yellow refreshes the palette and prepares you for round two.

There’s also midnight eloquently blacks out the competition, while Trophy silver demonstrates who the real victor is with your award-winning style.

Lauren Cecchi has had a knack for fashion and design since early childhood.

At the age of five years old, she sat down to learn sewing from her fabulous grandmother Gaetana.

By the age of ten, she was drawing up and making her own unique designs.

As a preponderant of decisive looks and fresh lines, Lauren’s ingenious upbringing defines her collection’s timeless creativity and fuels her passion for fashion.

Noticing there were no American-made luxury brands on the shelves, Lauren decided to change the world one handbag at a time.

LCNY was born that day, created out of love to provide exquisitely designed handbags and accessories, proudly made in the U.S.A., using only the highest quality materials, and constructed by diligent craftsmen who have pride in their work and a shared respect for the environment.

From expertly designed accessories to meticulously crafted handbags, the Lauren Cecchi New York collection exudes beauty, elegance, and sophistication in a celebration of color.

Each handbag is personally designed by Lauren before being constructed right in the heart of the NYC garment district by some of the country’s most sought-after artisans.

Hand-stitched totes, clutches, backpacks, and everything in between, LCNY is a premium collection of edited essentials for the modern-day socialite.

Each piece is carefully crafted to foster a quick and easy transition from day to night, with an array of timeless styles, signature colors, and coordinated accessories that are designed to be luxurious while remaining suitable for any occasion.

The bold color palate and gently raised ribbing have become the signature features of the LCNY collection, but Lauren Cecchi New York is a name known for its erudite silhouette, not for its branding or logo.

LCNY handbags and accessories exemplify the delicate balance between functionality, elegance, and sex appeal.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kendall Jenner wears black diamonds for Valerian premiere


Courtesy: Getty Images

Black Is My Favorite Color

Kendall Jenner wore Djula black diamond feather earrings and Le Vian black diamond stackable rings to the Los Angeles premiere of “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” on Monday evening in Hollywood, California.

Djula was founded in 1994 by famed Parisian designer, Alexandre Carrot.

Each unique piece in Djula’s collection exudes a delicate, seductive originality that epitomizes French elegance.

With an emphasis on fashionable yet timeless design, Djula is clearly recognized today as one of the most famous, in-demand jewelry brands in Europe.

Djula can be found in over 80 exclusive retailers worldwide, including its first U.S. flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Considered one of the oldest jewelers in the world today, Le Vian’s glittered archive tells the story of a family’s steadfast integrity and love of gemstones and quality.

Capturing the eyes of ancient royalty and the most famous celebrities on today’s red carpet, Le Vian’s designs are regarded as works of art.

Master gem cutters then utilize Le Vian’s proprietary and innovative cuts to brilliantly reveal the exceptional beauty of each gem.

Daniel Quintanilla

The strip about stripping shampoo with Lauren Conrad’s team



When Should You Strip?

The face says it all, Allison Norton of team Lauren Conrad today spoke the truth about clarifying shampoo, what it does, and when it’s best to use it.

Clarifying shampoo or stripping shampoo is a wash that should not be use more than once a week, it’s intention is to remove dirt, buildup, residue, and anything that’s been torturing the hair over the last 7 days.

It’s recommended that everyone should use stripping shampoo because the hair follicles need to breathe, so hair doesn’t get weighed down or feel compromised over time, hair must be lightweight and healthy in one’s hair maintenance.

There are a lot of clarifying shampoos out on the market, even 5 recommended by Allison, but always read up on each one to make sure that stripping shampoo is right for you.

The Myths Of Fitness

Team Lauren Conrad today relied again on Doctor Hunter Vincent to give the lowdown on fitness myths floating out in the world, and the best way to bust them.

For starters, one pound lean muscle burns 7 to 10 calories per day than a pound of fat which only burns 2 to 3 calories of muscle per day, restricted diets help you become leaner and strong with weight training 2 to 3 times a week, balance exercise, and put some consistant work in on weight training whether you want bulging biceps, or just a lean & toned figure.

Daniel Quintanilla


Save The Duck is the effort at UBM PROJECT


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Donald Duck For Life!!!!!!!!!!

Save The Duck on Sunday gave yours truly an inside look of their men’s & women’s collection here at UBM’s PROJECT semi-annual men’s fashion trade show at the Javits Center here in New York City.

Save The Duck is a clothing design company performing the action by living up to the name itself, saving ducks by not using any real duck skin or fur to make their collection.

Instead, Save The Duck uses synthetic duck called Plumtech created by Save The Duck to avoid using actual animal, making for very breathable jackets that are lightweight and weather resistant.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Save The Duck also has a recyclable collection completely made of 100 percent recycled bottles, as well as an athleisure collection geared more on springtime proving that Save the duck is not just about the environment, it’s also about being trendy.

One neat thing about Save The Duck is that each coat comes with its own bag, so that anybody can store their Save The Duck jacket in a lightweight bag when they’re not using it.

In Save The Duck’s collection of mens and women’s wear, as well as rain coats, Save The Duck was ranked as one of Forbes top eco-friendly brands, and the public also loves the message behind Save The Duck, almost identical to Ducks Unlimited, who’s fight is to preserve wetlands.

Save The Duck has also caught the eye of Disney, where Save The Duck has a collaboration with Disney featuring Donald Duck & Daisy Duck with a special collection for men, women, and kids.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Save The Duck is very confident that the Disney collection will sell extremely well because kids will love it, adults will love it because they remember Donald Duck as a child, and the power of Disney alone will bring great sales to this special collection.

For Save The Duck, it’s all about not only sustainability, but it’s all about preserving the life of animals, responding to the concerns about animal testing people have, and staying within trends producing a collection that people will love for its fashion sense, and environmental sense.

Daniel Quintanilla

The favorites of Lauren Conrad in mid-July



Let’s Go To The Beach Already

Lauren Conrad, who’s on maternity leave taking care of newborn baby, used the miracle of time before today for the Friday Favorites we know and love.

Lauren here has this sweet little space fit for a baby boy from DustyLu & Caroline Kilmartin, followed by a trio of canines loving each other the best way they know how.

If we’re gonna catch up on our reading, let’s start by Lauren’s favorite read of the “Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures”, a palm-inspired manicure, and a dance performance from “World Of Dance”.

The Edit

It’s another week of finds by Lauren and her darling team that seek out LC Lauren Conrad Chambray Off-The-Shoulder dress, and Pottery Barn Teen’s The Emily & Meritt Bunk Task Lamp.

And if you haven’t found yourself at the beach yet, at least you’ll find yourself with Team LC’s selections from Paper Crown, Maya Brenner, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and The Little Market.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ ladies diamond dazzle at season 7 premiere


Courtesy: Getty Images

Your Diamonds For The Girl

The stars dazzled in their jewels to the “Game of Thrones” season 7 premiere on Wednesday in Los Angeles, California.
Amanda Crew wore Djula diamond earrings and rings, Hannah Murray also showed Djula love with diamond ear huggers, and Keisha Castle-Hughes held her own wearing Maxior earrings and ring.
Djula was founded in 1994 by famed Parisian designer Alexandre Corrot. Each unique piece in Djula’s collection exudes a delicate, seductive originality that epitomizes French elegance.
With an emphasis on fashionable yet timeless design, Djula is clearly recognized today as one of the most famous, in‐demand jewelry brands in Europe.
Djula can be found in over 80 exclusive retailers worldwide, including its first US flagship store on Madison Avenue.
Contemporary and connected with the zeitgeist, without sacrificing the classic values of fine jewelry, Maxior brings in its DNA the confidence of a jewelry group with over 30 years of tradition.
The brand’s mission is to translate the customer’s wishes in unique moments, providing achievements through new experiences to gift or purchase a jewel.

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The heirloom tomato salad by Lauren Conrad’s team



The Perfect Summer Dish…. Next To Turkey

Today, the team that is Lauren Conrad was at it again not only keeping house while’s Lauren’s away, but serving up the taste of summer that is a wonderful tomato salad.

With help from Claire Thomas at The Kitchy Kitchen, Claire and Team LC take very big heirloom tomatoes coming in red, orange, and even green to make something refreshing for heatwaves like this.

We know that olive oil will be a given guest at the table, but it’s the lemon, mint, parsley, marjoram, flaked sea salt, and ground pepper that make this salad dashing to sink our teeth into.

Summer Fun For The iPhone

The Lauren Conrad team today beamed up their seasonal inspiring tech wallpapers celebrating summer at its finest.

Here, we have ice cream & popsicles colored in lavender and white with jimmies and chocolate chips, plus flamingos and ducks sitting on the water taking in the finest time of their life.

Daniel Quintanilla