Lauren Conrad shows off those who do good in social media


It’s Not All About You

Let’s think about how we use social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and such, well it’s not that hard how we use it, we wanna gain as much friends, likes, and popularity as possible, it’s either for self-fulfillment, to feel important, or it’s a very good angle to promote our businesses, making the world feel good, and that we’re there with them in everything we do, but there’s a whole other way that you can look at it, and you have a chance to be selfless where you give back to the world, it’s those 10 women today which Lauren Conrad and company features who use social media for good.

It’s good to start with Jamil @jameelajamilofficial who’s best known for her spoiled ways on “The Good Place” where in real life, Jamil’s one who created @i_weigh so a woman’s worth is not defined by what the numbers read on the scale, MILCK stands up to women who’ve been assaulted through as survivors share stories through art within the global community, Candice Huffine heads DAY/WON clothing line promoting size inclusivity and body confidence while creating too Project Start encouraging women to take up running and find strength, Katie Sturino has The 12ish Style that’s a size inclusive blog, and Rachel Cargle raise funds for therapy for black women and girls who need heeling.

And now, the one and only Rebecca Minkoff, who created The Female Founder Collective that allows women-owned businesses to shine, and easily be supported, Jessamyn Stanley strives to make yoga accessible for all body types and abilities, “Harry Potter’s” Emma Watson uses her Hogwarts fame to involve herself in #TimesUp, political engagements and sustainable fashion, and launching the HeforShe campaign with the United Nations, Miry Whitehill takes newly refugee families out of survival mode and puts them into situations like banking and finance, and Glenn Doyle’s organization raises money to for situations like reuniting families together back from the border, or gifting sick children with Build-A-Bear.

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Lauren Conrad’s first born Liam goes on an Easter egg hunt

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Somewhere Oval The Rainbow

There’s nothing more uplifting, blossoming, and optimistic about the time of Easter and Passover, where one has risen to bring redemption to those that need salvation in their lives, there’s nothing like children to bring joy and happiness to our lives, with a little chocolate and marshmallows along side, and don’t forget the Easter eggs, which Lauren Conrad posted on Instagram today of little Liam James Tell going on an Easter egg hunt which could have been Easter Sunday, or as late as this morning.

There you see little Liam cute with beige and white bunny ears on his head wearing a light, light yellow button down top with cute white pants holding a beige Easter basket, as well as wearing a multi-colored bow-tie for the joyous moment in Liam’s childhood.

Though, Lauren says that little Liam still may have not grasped the concept of what an Easter egg hunt is, Lauren at the very least called this year’s Easter egg hunt a success, and Liam James Tell will have a new brother or sister in the fall as Liam’s mother, Lauren Conrad, has announced there’s a second child on the way.

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Kristin Cavallari makes more time for hubby on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Make Time For Love

Listening, understanding, patience, give, and take are the sacred foundations of building a happy marriage, but it all starts with love for one another, inward and outward passion that extends far beyond intimacy, plus a little bit of attention helps to move those marriage foundations in the right places, that’s what Kristin Cavallari did Sunday night on “Very Cavallari” on E! as Kristin pledges to work from home and get Jay more involved in Uncommon James.

Kristin talks Jay into designing something for Uncommon James which Jay slightly objects to at first, but pledges to the task Kristin’s assigned him to do in a timely fashion, Kristin and Jay also plan a trip to Cabo, Mexico spending time together without any kids to interrupt, or friends to get in the way until at least at a ladder part of the trip.

Kelly’s quest for Mr. Right continues as Kelly gets ready for another blind date, this time with someone who’s 26 years old and younger than even Kelly’s younger brother, Kelly’s not one to play mother, let alone a cougar, to a younger man, but it doesn’t stop Kelly from going on the date, and letting the tequila take over all control.

What definitely keeps on flowing is the drama that continues to unfold at Uncommon James, this time Brittany becomes a target by Reagan because Reagan feels that Brittany changed once she got promoted, doing whatever Kristin wants her to do, but all Brittany sees from Reagan is a cop out excuse not to succeed, plus Brittany was too busy teaching herself how to manage a company to be worried about Reagan.

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Kristin Cavallari making ‘Paradise Hotel’ a family adventure

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Fun For The Whole Family

As Kristin Cavallari gets down and dirty for her latest gig of hosting ‘Paradise Hotel’ starting May 9 on FOX, Kristin has decide to make it an all around family affair, Kristin today told Page Six that she’s bringing not only husband, Jay Cutler, along for the ride, but the kids are coming along too for the titillating journey that Kristin is going on in Mexico, but it’s being done in different phases as far as the kid’s go.

Kristin says that youngest daughter, Saylor, will be side by side with Kristin for the entire trip as older siblings, Camden and Jaxon, will finish out the school year first before venturing off to Mexico with daddy, Jay, in the final 2 weeks, but not before joining mommy, Kristin, for the first amount of time so they can have an exciting adventure before finishing out the school year.

In all the scheming and backstabbing going on to hook up with someone to stay in the game so they can walk away with pleasure and a boat load of cash, Kristin has decided to make this a family adventure that no one will ever forget, Mexico is such a beautiful place with beautiful beaches that not even an alliance can sabotage the strong bond that family creates with children and husband there by your side.

For Kristin Cavallari, family is such a strong bond where her children and hubby are so loved by Kristin, that not even the shenanigans of “Paradise Hotel” can break the bond that Kristin has with husband and family.

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Stephanie Pratt admits to attempting suicide

Courtesy: OfficialStephPratt Instagram

Where Does Mental Health Reach Its Limit?

Stephanie Pratt admitted to Us Magazine today that she tried to kill herself back when she was living in London, England some years ago as she was a cast member of the U.K. hit reality series, “Made In Chelsea”, it was all caused by one close person to Stephanie and one person only, Stephanie’s big brother, Spencer, as well as parts of Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag.

It all went down when Spencer told their folks that Stephanie shouldn’t be living in London anymore, that prompted Stephanie and Spencer’s mom to tell Stephanie not to go back to London, which sent Stephanie in such mental anguish that she ended up in the hospital after a suicide attempt, which the ambulance needed to rush Stephanie so they could save her life.

Stephanie got to a point where she just could not grin and bear it anymore as Heidi and Spencer were watching Stephanie’s life fall to pieces, and get more stressed and depressed.

This is not the only time that Stephanie’s been in the hospital for mental health issues, Stephanie’s parents have seen her in the hospital before for this very same reason, as these culmination of metal issues turned into full on depression.

Currently, Stephanie Pratt has retreated to Hawaii to get herself out of Los Angeles, California so she can clear her head, where she phones with her therapist once a week, the alternative would’ve been checking into a treatment center.

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Lauren Conrad has new appreciation for Mother’s Day

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Love From The Mother

Yes, today and the rest of the weekend may be all about Easter and the rise of Jesus Christ, but it’s certainly not too early to be thinking about Mother’s Day since just 3 and a half weeks from now, it’s a day where you know you have to show appreciation for the person who brought you into this world, and Lauren Conrad could not appreciate it more this year than any other years as Lauren told Yahoo Lifestyle today.

Lauren’s idea for a perfect Mother’s Day includes spending the day with her family and maybe just doing a lunch or a brunch and kind of having a more relaxing day, or maybe taking a beach day if the weather’s nice, Lauren also suggest a perfect Mother’s Day gift for anyone in search of one being a classic jewelry dish from LC Lauren Conrad that holds all kinds of jewelry, as well as a nice little tote.

Mother’s Day has always been special for Lauren since she became a mother almost 2 years ago, this year is special again because Lauren’s expecting her second child in the fall, and Mother’s Day next year will be extra special again since Lauren will have her second child about 8 or 9 months in.

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Lauren Conrad shares bride’s stories of engagement ring shopping advice


That One Step To Happiness

Wedding season may be unofficially around the corner, but when it comes to getting engaged, engagement season is 24/7/365 or 6 if it’s leap year, love has no season or time of day, love is everlasting, and there could be no stopping love when it ignites, so that right moment has to be curated in order to seal the deal between 2 significant others, it simply starts with an engagement ring that’s just right when you propose to the one you love, and that moment needs to be special without any stress possible, Lauren Conrad today along with her crew enlist 5 brides to share their stories of shopping for an engagement ring with ease.

Thanks to help from James Allen and their fine engagement rings, Lauren’s team starts out with Laura, who shares that she found the perfect ring where the only plight with that perfection was the setting not sitting flat against it, so Laura sought help from James Allen and their website where Laura’s ring can be customized, and Laura ended up finding the perfect wedding band that sits well with Laura’s customized engagement ring.

There’s also Jenna, who’s love on a budget didn’t stop Jenna from finding the engagement ring of her dreams thanks to James Allen, Jessi declares herself an old soul so Jessi sought out vintage options on deck, Natalie’s all about the details when creating her own engagement ring for that game changing moment, and Ally’s a classic ring gal who wants to be surprised by her engagement ring, Ally was more than stunned when her boyfriend found an already designed ring that Ally over and over again still can’t take her eyes off of.

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Kristin Cavallari previews her gig on ‘Paradise Hotel’

Courtesy: FOX YouTube Channel

Let’s Play A Little Game

The docket of Kristin Cavallari has grown apparently bigger nowadays since Uncommon James has seen enormous success, and Very Cavallari” on E! in its second season continues to create buzz on and off the screen, so now Kristin has added hosting to her portfolio as E! News on Tuesday revealed the first promo for “Paradise Hotel” on FOX, which premieres Thursday, May 9th at 9 p.m. EDT/ 8 p.m. CDT, and which Kristin is hosting all the way.

In a lovely blue dress, Kristin excitingly announces she’s hosting the return of “Paradise Hotel”, where the rules of the game are very simple, hook up with somebody, do whatever you can to jump into bed with that guy or girl.

Do whatever, being go through whatever cutthroat means possible to get with that other one, push and shove that other girl out of the way, make up lies, arouse the guy, make sure you get satisfied at the end of it, whether it’s being pleased sexually, or walking away with a hefty cash payout.

But if you fail to hook up with that guy or girl in each challenge ascended upon you, then it’s one thing for you and one thing only, you’re eliminated, sent home, or sent checking out.

If the excitement of trying to hook up with that guy or girl without being sent to check out one night a week isn’t enough for you, then you got 3 nights a week for “Paradise Hotel” to pleasure you, and no reservations are needed.

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Kristin Cavallari takes to New York City for Uncommon James campaign

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Bite Into The Apple

Just like Daniel plus Lauren takes to the big apple that is New York City now more than ever and today as well, Kristin Cavallari did exactly the same today and yesterday as Kristin announced in the safe haven that is Kristin’s Instagram that she’s paying a visit to the greatest city in the world for her Uncommon James fall 2019 campaign, getting all geared up for the fall buying season in the world of fashion, baby, and lifestyle which make up Uncommon James as one.

As Kristin touted Uncommon James, Kristin took a me time moment just for Kristin alone to give Uncommon James a nice little promotional push, it was directly from the balcony from what could be her suite at The Williamsburg Hotel to look over the iconic skyline near and dear to our hearts that is all of the island of Manhattan in all its glory while sporting a pair of traditional blue jeans while posing her beautiful back against the camera with nothing but her semi-topless body, and that luscious blonde her that’s one of the key factors that’s made Kristin Cavallari famous since her days in “Laguna Beach”.

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Though Kristin’s Uncommon James store originates out of Nashville, Tennessee, Kristin takes care of business for the brand in places like Los Angeles, California, as well as New York City where a good part of Kristin’s business dealings are conducted.

As Kristin found herself in New York City yesterday also, yours truly being Daniel plus Lauren got themselves thinking thanks to follower feedback that Kristin could have a temporary pop-up store coming to the big apple, just like in Los Angeles late last year.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite spring 2019 nail colors


Them Lovely Colored Nails

In spite of tornadoes and bouts of wind and cold temperatures, we can safely say we’ve gotten our act together since spring started just about a month ago, we may be caught off guard by lingers of winter, but there’s nothing like an afternoon or a full-fledged spring day to get us outside more and leave our jackets in the closet, so it’s time to change our approach to beauty, one step is getting a manicure, but they can be expensive, and home manicures need to be livened up every now and then, so today there’s Lauren Conrad and her 5 favorite spring colors this year.

Lauren’s feeling a little cold today, so Lauren gets icy with Olive + June with their pastel monochromatic spring shade that’s surprisingly versatile, OPI with their dusty green nail polish ranges along the same lines of O+J in terms of color but only with a slight dark tone, and the legendary Essie takes monochromatic to a whole new level with their light shimmery gold shade that’s bold out of the first 3 so far, and even pairs well with any form of gingham.

For those who don’t wanna go too bold but don’t wanna be dull either, there’s an in-between with the elegant neutral that Olive + June provides as it flatters one’s skin tone, or go over to the dark side and get stormy while you’re at it with Essie and their stormy gray nail polish for those wild and daring moments.

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