Lauren Conrad springs daisies with LC Lauren Conrad


Spring Us Out Of Winter

Technically, if you look into it where The Old Farmer’s Almanac is concerned, we’re still under the chains of winter whether we like it or not, because spring doesn’t start until later today at 5:58 p.m. EDT, so we can’t celebrate the spoils that spring brings up here in New York City and the rest of the country just yet, but it’s not stopping Lauren Conrad from revealing some nice daisies she’s come across with new her spring pieces from Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad collection over at Kohl’s, not slowing the spring equinox in progress now taking place.

As focused as LC Lauren Conrad is, there’s never been more focus on daisies than anything else, it starts with a pair of skinny jeans where tiny daisies are embroidered up and down these bottoms, but taking center stage here would be a lemon embroidered floppy hat, perforated cross body handbag, and an everyday pullover sweater taking the cake with a daisy and a smile.

While it’s hard to miss a black button down top that’s nothing but big prints of daisies, you can’t miss the flower-embroidered cloche hat all in white along with a pair of all-white feel good midrise skinny jeans which may not have any daisies on itself, but easily falls in line with the white on daisies.

Those feel good midrise skinny jeans all white come in handy once again as they pair well with a flounce-sleeve top in white that carries tiny black and gray daisies all around the top.

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Lauren Conrad’s chic LC Lauren Conrad & The Little Market items to aid on spring cleaning


‘Tis The Season…. To Get Organized

Yes, as FOX starts anew today being a media company without its own movie & TV studio, and as Disney gets ready to take over what they bought out from FOX at 12:02 a.m. tomorrow morning, it just so happens that spring too is just hours away from awakening while we bid adieu to what’s been yet another cold winter, so in the spirit of new beginnings, Lauren Conrad relies on her tried and true entities today to help you with any spring cleaning you want to conquer in your life, at least if it’s getting your home organized from all the clutter that’s gathered for so long.

The most appropriate thing to start with first from Lauren’s brands are LC Lauren Conrad, starting out with organizing tiny items with a bunny motif pink trinket tray, a heart shaped ceramic organizer for more paper clips to store, travel jewelry pouch and case to store all the jewelry you’ve been gathering all your life, bisque stone vase to hold those fresh spring flowers, and “Hello” paperweight table decor to keep all those desk files in check.

Let’s go next to the goodness of our souls with The Little Market and their female artisan made products, the notable item here today is the whimsical wicker basket that holds all kinds of towels and extra items you need for the bathroom if warranted, a ceramic tray to hold extra keys and such as well as use to serve up all kinds of treats, your woven serving tray can also be used to store newspapers, striped sisal baskets to store lots of toys, and glass jars to put all your cotton swabs, bobby pins, salt, sugar, and such.

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Kristin Cavallari comments about Lauren Conrad’s success

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Call It A Truce?????

For nearly 15 years, it’s been no secret that Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are so-called frenemies, a little tiff way back in 2004 that got initiated from a little MTV show called “Laguna Beach”, it was Kristin who was dating Stephen Colletti, but it seemed Lauren has her eyes on the dashing teenage boy, which seemed not to please Kristin in any shape or form, it’s said to been a fierce rivalry ever since, but it looks like Kristin has finally turned the corner on her “old frenemy” named LC, who told E! News today what she thinks about Lauren’s business success.

As Kristin found herself in Pacific Palisades, California over the weekend with husband, Jay Cutler, and their 3 adorable children, Kristin revealed that she is nothing more than happy with Lauren Conrad’s success with Kohl’s, The Little Market, and success social media website being, Kristin went onto note out of left field that she also is happy with the success that Heidi Montag has had post-“Hills”.

And of course, Kristin Cavallari’s very giddy about her own success with Uncommon James and the lifestyle brand it offers for young adult women, as well as with the newest extension of Uncommon James being Baby James, gearing to the young babies in one’s life.

And don’t forget Kristin’s successful top-selling books 2 years apart from each other being “Balancing In Heels” and “True Roots” cookbook, which gives more than sweet-tasting icing to Kristin Cavallari’s success.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite swimwear trends

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Jump In The Pool Already

Well just when we couldn’t get enough of waiting for spring, we’re now thinking further ahead to beach season, otherwise known as summer where we strip nearly to the bare bone and work on our tans, drink a little more beer, run a few more miles, and eat more fruit than we could ever imagine, but you gotta look good while committing all those sins as you keep up with the latest fashions in swimsuits, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that Lauren Conrad takes up today giving light to the newest offerings from LC Lauren Conrad.

Swimming up first in the world of LC Lauren Conrad are ruffles, a classic detailing on swimsuits like one-pieces especially that’s been modernized and modified for slimmer body types at the bikini line of one-pieces, and on the waistline at the bottoms of two-piece swimsuits.

There’s one great moment where one-piece and two-piece swimwear meet in the middle, it’s the cutout piece as it’s truly a one-piece leaving an opening in the mid-section, they’re timeless, trendy, and come in many variations, the most notable one are high-waisted cut outs.

Bows are the worst kept secret to adding sex appeal to the bikini top, bows are now going beyond their cleavage duties and falling on straps of bikini tops for added cuteness.

If you haven’t seen a classic retro belted bikini, then you’ve missed out on elegance and sexiness this little minor detail gives to a classic one-piece tank bikini.

This long-running swimwear essential runs 50/50 with all swimsuit lovers, it’s hit or miss so to speak as it’s a bikini coverup where it nicely matches the bikini itself while one transports to and from the beach, or wears it before one is ready to reveal themselves.

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Kristin Cavallari sends Jay Cutler to oversee Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Where Does The Problem Lie????

Lately, despite the success that Kristin Cavallari’s had with Uncommon James, the obvious problem of shipments (10 to be exact) being delivered with nothing in them are something not to sneeze about, it can be an unforgiving situation on your brand, leaving a response where those customers respond with their feet and don’t look back, Kristin was determined to get to the bottom of it Sunday night on “Very Cavallari” by sending in husband, Jay Cutler, to see what and where the causes are in this shipping issue, and what’s needed to be done to solve this embarrassment.

It seems that Jay discovers that Brittany, who is the best worker Uncommon James has on their payroll, is very overworked with non-stop shipments, so Jay recommends that Brittany does not handle all shipments being exported out to costumers, a simple thing would be delegating the shipments to other workers so Brittany does not encounter the brunt of it.

Aside from shipping problems causing all the Uncommon James drama, other drama exist as Kristin talks with a former UJ employer who’s name is Kaylee, who says she was fired from UJ because Human Resources says that they were receiving a lot of complaints from employees about Kaylee’s actions, and that they could not tell Kaylee where the complaints were coming from, so Kristin goes of her way to rehire Kaylee after being dismayed but HR’s decision to fire Kaylee, but other Uncommon James employees are very upset that Kaylee is back, and do not have good things to say about Kaylee.

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Lauren Conrad seeks fashionable donuts at The Edit


Seek & You Shall Find

Whether we expect it or not, we come across things that just may surprise us for all the right, wrong, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, strange, and unique reasons, the way we react to those things we don’t expect says a lot about about us, telling you what your best you is, and where you need improvement, it also comes down to our urgency, doing whatever we can to resolve a situation in the most sane and gut-wrenching way possible, and we hope to be back on track quickly, so today is a good day for Lauren Conrad and The Edit to provide cute and the unexpected.

We know it’s getting warmer outside, you also know that wedding season is just around the corner, and all the fears and excitement about it come to rise, but Lauren today conquered one task being the engagement ring, where James Allen gives you the opportunity of designing your engagement ring according to how beautiful you want it to look on your soft hands.

Donuts share a common thread with gorgeous men and women, we only look, but we can never touch, though sometimes we give in to our inner desires and eat the donut anyway, Lauren gives more reason today with Simple Vanilla Buttermilk Baked Donutsvia Salted Mint that make the donut pretty too with florals, but it takes a bit of sting out of the temptation knowing the donuts can be homemade.

Girl Code carries a sacred weight and trust among girlfriends, where you must protect and go all out for your near and dear BFF’s, now girl code can be more empowering and engaging for girls who are entrepreneurs in fashion as Lauren explores The New Girl Code by Niki Smit as it’s an inspiration for the next generation.

Finally, Lauren finds a way to simplify your skincare routine, thanks to How to Marie Kondo Your Skincare Routine, by Skin Type via Byrdie Beauty who changing the day we tidy up our skin, and ourselves.

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Lauren Conrad reveals spring hair styles for any length

Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde

What Does Warm Look Like?

There’s definitely a contrast to where Daniel plus Lauren feels spring coming up here in New York to where hair stylist, Amber Fillerup Clark feels spring out in Arizona who’s warmed up already, spring is coming on March 20 either way where it’s time to bloom out the latest spring styles in your wardrobe from head to toe, and we’re definitely ahead with the head part as far as hair is concerned, it’s also a fact that you can change up your hair style not only every couple years or every time a celebrity like Taylor Swift spawns and inspires it like back in 2014 with “Shake It Off”, but it can be changed at the start of a new season like spring, that’s why Amber’s here today to help Lauren Conrad and gang out with spring hair styles no matter how far down your hair reaches.

Amber, who happily heads Barefoot Blonde and Barefoot Blonde Hair starts out this March to spring hair with the short length, Amber says that people are going for the blunt cuts, so Amber recommends a textured bob reaching for the chin or right to your shoulders as you do your next trim short, it’s classy and adds lots of personality to any straight or curled hairstyle with waves to partner the curls.

As a new bundle of joy comes into your life, hair priorities take a certified backseat to raising a newborn once after giving birth, but it doesn’t mean the hair totally suffers, it’s best to keep a medium length hairstyle as the undone look is done without being completely undone.

There’s no way around it, long hair grants you unlimited style possibilities where one can go where no one has gone before, so give the scrunchie a chance as Amber stresses that there’s many colors and patterns of scrunchies out there to complement the luscious long hair.

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Lauren Conrad springs in gingham style with LC Lauren Conrad


Pattern Up The Look

It’s no wonder why spring is such a great season of the year, it’s not only a springboard into summer, but it’s an opportunity to explore such delightful patterns, on blouses, bottoms, skirts, and dresses, consider gingham which has been a style pleaser for decades, its tiny checkered look up and down a maxi dress which could come out in blue and white eases our minds that winter is finally coming to an end, but Lauren Conrad and her LC Lauren Conrad collection are just beginning with gingham today, which shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

Lauren starts off with a good array of items related to gingham from LC Lauren Conrad, it is a ruffle cold-shoulder top that’s gingham from top to bottom, it pairs well with feel good midrise skinny jeans that are in traditional jean blue,, and wayfarer gradient sunglasses to complete the spring look that draws the summer out of one.

Next up in gingham style is a pleat neck dress complementing the straw hat extremely well, but don’t forget the strawberry crossbody bag at play here where we go from spring to summer and back in a strawberry second.

Finally, gingham plays out well in a sleeveless maxi dress that gives gingham its reason for being, then it goes well with grosgrain packable straw hat that will make any spring season going into summer a time to remember, it’s a time we all look forward to until the end of October in some spots.

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Lo Bosworth attends The Retreat Austin by Funkshion

Courtesy: The Retreat by FUNKSHION

“The Hills” Are Alive Outside Hollywood

Them lovely “Hills”, we know them with Lauren Conrad obviously, we also knew them with Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag, who made that very place out in California a must see destination, there was also someone else too you knew in “The Hills”, her name is Lo Bosworth, Lo was not one to miss as she was Lauren’s lifetime BFF on “Laguna Beach”, then she made a comeback onto “The Hills” in the middle of season 2 and stay on till the end in 2010, for better or worse, Lo was there for it all, but Lo has other priorities today as she has her own lifestyle brand called Love Wellness, Lo played a very big part on Sunday in Austin, Texas for The Retreat by FUNKSHION event during SXSW week.

Lo was the headliner in a VIP Editor and Influencer Breakfast which brought Lo’s brand, Love Wellness to center stage, a curated, personal care online shop for women, ranging in products from PMS care to vitamins.

Following the breakfast was a panel which Lo was involved in which was a discussion in partnership with Bloom, dubbed, The Business of Wellness was moderated by its founder, Lindsey Martin and panelists, Bethany C. Meyers, Gigi Vogel of De la Heart, and former NFL player, Dr. Mark McBath of Surterra Wellness, diving deep to discuss stigmas of their individual facets of the industry, trials, and tribulations and building their community through digital and face-to-face interaction.

Overall, The Retreat Austin by FUNKSHION was an extraordinary success, all the panels offered riveting commentary and advice on battling everything from common stigmas to eating disorders, and discovering the ways to stay fit and mindful in the most difficult moments.

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Lauren Conrad’s new favorite prints from LC Lauren Conrad


Self-Love Is Best

Today, or any day is a great feeling when you set out to buy a whole new line of clothes for the season, especially the spring where it’s a huge warm-up not only in the air, but a warm-up for summertime when the layers are really put to sleep till fall, and minimal clothes are needed as the days go on, not to mention those days where the only thing required is a swimsuit of any type, with a few flip flops for a short walk or drive to the beach, it’s fitting that Lauren Conrad and her crew lay out their new favorites from LC Lauren Conrad.

Laying out new prints at LC Lauren Conrad is always a great moment before the new season gets underway, LC Kohl’s first goes for the lemon spree littered up and down on a black graphic tee, check patterns make room to overlay delicate floral prints in print savvy blooms on an open shoulder top, lucia blooms have been big with LC Kohl’s where they’re found on a black dress, ditsy is delicate but not boring which gives a perfect balance on a ditsy point blue dress, and moodier backgrounds are in style to add punch and pop found in Fleurie India Ink.

Bell sleeves on floating blouses have become the rage if you find them in the dreamiest pink florals of saville blooms, break out the swimsuits in retro one-piece cutout fashion in subtle green bicolor floral, dresses flow again in bold floral pattern with intricate vines on Sarafae Fleurs, handbags share in the new prints too with pretty pastel floral bloom print, and you want your best one-piece swimsuit out in the water in a ripple hip one piece with cherry print.

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