Amanda Kloots #liveyourlife takes over @harpercollins #instagram ~ @christinaperri #harpercollins

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It Hits Home

Harper Collins harnessed the power of its Instagram today to let Amanda Kloots and family take over their Instagram, to celebrate the just released Nick Cordero memoir of “Live Your Life”, everything you saw on Amanda’s Instagram today was simulcast onto Harper’s platform, where you got to see Nick’s “Live Your Life” song play out during the musical morning where 2-year-old son, Elvis, loves hearing his dad’s voice, plus Amanda’s dad reading excerpts out of “Live Your Life”.

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The Book Perri

“The Band Perri”, who’s lead singer, Christina Perri, is super-excited today because she’s finally getting a chance to sit down and read “Live Your Life”, Amanda Kloots’s story that tells the bravery and courage that Amanda gained while enduring the 95 day battle to save her late husband, Nick Cordero, from COVID19.

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Kristin Cavallari’s all about #UncommonBeauty water cream ~ #skincare #uncommonjames @thecoconutcult @carolinedamore #kristincavallari

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Cream Of Potency

Kristin Cavallari before Uncommon Beauty gets restocked on July 15 tells you today a little more about UB Daily Water Cream, it’s powerful ingredients from all over the world that provide a whole new level of hydration and daily skin protection that helps soothe and even skin tone for a glowing revitalized complexion, preventing fine lines, doesn’t clog pores, and reduces dullness to even out skin texture.

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Jewels & Latte

Uncommon James has the perfect blend of 14 to 18 karat gold to go with your caffeine fix for today, it’s an aroma of Ethereal Necklace, Passion Cuff Necklace, Bound by Love Necklace, Link Necklace, and Wishful Necklace, and get that java to go for us busy people.

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Coconut Republic

There’s so many things that you can do with a coconut, you can eat it, cook with it, soften your hair, and the list goes on, but Kristin Cavallari eats coconut today through The Coconut Cult and their snacks like cookie dough, coffee cream, and yogurt.

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What’s Pizza W/O Sauce?

If you’re making a homemade pizza tonight, make sure you have all your pizza ingredients to bake the best pizza of your dreams, but if you don’t have the sauce, then what is it, here comes Caroline D’Amore gifting Kristin Cavallari a jar of her Pizza Girl sauce where the pizza’s saved, or pasta just to keep things simple.

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Fashion Mingle educates on the cost of #sustainability ~ #fashion #business @fashionmingle #COVID19 #nyc

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Know Before You Green

In, and out of COVID19, there’s a new trend in fashion that’s emerged, it wasn’t just comforts, it was sustainability, the fast-moving effort to slow down fashion and make it environmentally friendly as consumer demand for it rises, but sustainability comes at a price, and it’s not cheap, Fashion Mingle today in the Mingle Mastermind addresses “The True Cost Of Going Sustainable”.

Fast fashion is cheap, right now, and you can make a quick profit off it, but fashionistas have been more educated on the true cost of this common fashion, plastics, and unbreakable materials build up in landfills, and sit there for years and years and years, plus COVID19 put fast fashion out of business, and fast fashion still has a long way to go from making a comeback, but by then, slower fashion will have taken control and declare its here to stay, so brands are jumping on the bandwagon to stamp sustainable on their business model, sometimes too fast before certifying they’re truly sustainable.

Yes, sustainability is very expensive, because producing organic cotton is an entirely different laborious process than standard cotton, it takes lots of water, and a different way of growing it that runs the bill up, plus it’s said production domestically is better suited than overseas, it however needs to be certified, and verified before you go out and mark green on your collections, the cost of sustainability also stems from rigorous inspection of what you’re using and how your producing it, but also if you’re workforce is working sustainably and being paid fairly, plus third party firms have to come in and verify your inspection of a brand achieving sustainability.

Large brands such as Patagonia are able to meet sustainability standards because they understand what sustainability is, and are not in the business of fast fashion, plus other large brands such as Kohl’s can include sustainable collections on their portfolio because they have the means and manpower to produce certified organic cotton, but smaller businesses do not have that luxury of large capital and resources to be 100 percent sustainable, leading to scenarios like green-washing which is lying about your sustainability status, so the solution for smaller brands are trying to work it in on a small level where the season less trend works to their advantage as massive capital don’t have to be spent too often, there’s also collaboration with other smaller brands to produce a 100 percent sustainable collection to offset the costs.

It’s very important to devote as much time as possible for you to achieve sustainability with you being able to meet the cost of it, but make sure that diligence shines not just inside, but outside too when consumers and other brands may perceive you as not too sustainable, so work inside and out on achieving sustainability.

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Lauren Conrad’s essential oils list right for you ~ #laurenconrad #thelittlemarket @sajewellness #spreadwelness #laurenconradcoloves

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Oils For Goodness

Lauren Conrad recently with The Little Market teamed up with Saje Wellness to create the Aroma Moasic Diffuser made up of essential oils while empowering and supporting women artisans, Lauren today what each type of essential oil does such as geranium and lavender for calm and balance, plus other essential oils that soothe, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Courtesy: Carrot & Crumb

The Lauren Conrad Co. Edit

Lauren Conrad and her LaurenConradCo team today are keeping their Instagram story busy with the finds of the week, one find is ice cream sandwiches made with no churn mint, cardamom, and pistachio ice cream by Carrot & Crumb.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Colorful Sights by LC Kohl’s

LC Lauren Conrad today made sure to bring out their Summer brights all kinds of LC jewelry at Kohl’s that comes in watermelon, pineapple, multi-colored bands, and hoop earrings that are multi-colored with plated gold.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

“Mommy & Me” At Sea

LC Lauren Conrad with Little Co. by Lauren Conrad continues loving their new matching pieces at Kohl’s that include here “You, Me, & The Sea”.

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LC Puff & Chic

Puff is in tonight with the LC Lauren Conrad Textured Puff-Sleeve Top in Ivory Tusk of textured fabric, square neck, and very easy to look good in.

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Cher in #hanutsingh #jewelry supplied by @dorazioPR ~ @cher #cher

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Gems For Pop Royalty

Cher, who’s the hands down lifetime holder of the Goddess Of Pop Music, and an icon for all the ages, holds jewelry that only Cher can declare her lifetime status in, it’s Hanut Singh jewelry that’s littered with necklaces, earrings, and rings all holding gem stones and diamond on their precious metals, as this story today is told by DorazioPR.

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Fashinnovation addresses #sustainability on ‘Fashion Futures Live’ ~ @Fashinnovation_ #saudiarabia #nyc #fashion #COVID19

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A New Beginning

Fashinnovation held a discussion today on the apparent reset going on in the world of fashion thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, live from New York City and Saudi Arabia joining the annual Arab fashion event called “Fashion Futures Live”, where sustainability and inclusion were laid on the table.

Since the start of this pandemic, where it was just a nice thought or merely an added stream of revenue for many fashion brands prior to COVID, sustainability is now the number one issue for all designers and businesses to meet by 2030 thanks to the upcoming Great Reset that’s also the Green New Deal, requiring all businesses to have zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The race is on to slow down fashion from its fast revenue, fast production, and vast waste from fast-moving trends that keep changing everyday, COVID has slowed down collections to season less trends where the global marketplace will need the next few years to recover from the COVID19 pandemic, the upside to this is reducing the amount of unbreakable waste sent to landfills daily.

Even though the production of sustainable collections cost more, what helps in this organic process is production staying domestic and nearby to access instead of overseas and not thought out, meeting the sustainability guidelines comes under tremendous rigor as it’s a lifeline for you to capture the new market, and get funding for your business.

Not only is sustainability a major issue in fashion out and proud thanks to COVID19, inclusion now has a majority vote in fashion’s future, addressing the disparity not only between men and women climbing up the success ladder, but disparity between large and small businesses, plus establishing equality above the male and female sexes, where the LGBTQIA and non-sex declaration are all sharing in the wealth spectrum.

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Lauren Conrad’s summer #LCLaurenConrad outfit of the day at #Kohls ~ #laurenconrad

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Summer Vibes

Lauren Conrad with just 4 days until the official start of Summer decided to put together an Outfit Of The Day today with help from her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, it’s an LC burnt orange blouse with LC black and silver flip flops, followed by a pair of LC rose colored sunglasses that are extremely helpful for the extreme heat out on the west coast.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Summer Bonus

You can also add another Summer uniform to your LC Lauren Conrad item as palm trees, beach, the sun, and waves are apart of this LC Graphic Tee that pairs perfectly with jean shorts and sunhat from LC Kohl’s itself.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

An LC Kohl’s Jewel

LC Lauren Conrad today were all hands down on why silver is such a beautiful piece of jewelry to possess, it comes in the LC Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Chevron Band Ring made up of accents, 7 millimeters, and a must-have for your fine jewelry collection.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

An LC Little Co. Adventure

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad today is landing on Summer in a very big way, it’s having and adventure with the LC Organic Print Tank that says hello to adventure without being shy about it, cactuses, mountains, and the sun keep this baby

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LCB Makeup In Action

Tik-Tok beauty, Aly Silverio, has always been a fan of Lauren Conrad Beauty, Aly’s a fan once again today by showing off the Lauren Conrad Beauty Liquid Eyeliner that Aly’s delightfully artful lining up on the edge of her eyes.

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Kristin Cavallari’s #outfit moments in #cabo #mexico ~ #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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Beach Front Styles

Kristin Cavallari today reminisced about her unforgettable trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her 3 children, with Kristin noting the outfits that stunned the sands of Cabo starting with her little black dress holding a glass of wine, floral print dress over white canvas, white tube top over yellow and prints pants, and an orange free-flowing open-back dress that’s seen for the first time throughout this whole week with one of Kristin’s sons by her side.

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An Uncommon Statement

Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James today is all about having an impact with their fine pieces of jewelry, UJ goes high up with their UJ Hoop Earrings all having their own color, thickness, and symbols for perfect ear play and capturing awareness from afar.

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412K: #unemployment increases post #COVID19 pandemic ~ @USDOL

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In an apparent surprise at this point post COVID19, the United States Department Of Labor reports today that unemployment claims went up 37,000 from last week’s 376,000 which revised down 1,000 to 375,000, to reach 412,000 this week, a stark contrast to the nation returning to full capacity and many states ending COVID19 unemployment benefits earlier than planned.

Remaining unchanged at all levels, the insured unemployment rate came in at 2.5 percent, no revision, no rise, and no fall, but increases continued with the actual insured unemployment figure as it rose 1,000 to 3,518,000 from last week’s 3,499,000 which also revised up 18,000 to land at 3,517,000.

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Glenfiddich Collaborates with Rising Australian Designer Jordan Dalah to Reimagine Celebration ~ @AUSFW #AUSFW #AAFW @GlenfiddichSMW #glenfiddich

Courtesy: Glenfiddich
Courtesy: Jordan Dalah

Sydney, 17 June 2021

Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky, today announced its collaboration with rising Australian designer, Jordan Dalah, following his runway debut and opening of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW).

As part of the collaboration, Dalah and Glenfiddich will push the boundaries of both whisky and fashion to celebrate mastery, innovation and craftsmanship, as they come together to create limited-edition packaging and a luxury gown inspired by Glenfiddich expressions.

Dalah’s unwavering passion and pioneering ambition are what drew the team to him. Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, Ross Blainey said: “Glenfiddich has always forged its own path and is renowned worldwide for being the first to experiment and push the boundaries in the Single Malt category. We see those same values in Jordan and his approach to the label.”

Establishing his eponymous label in 2018, Central Saint Martins graduate, Jordan Dalah, has been globally embraced as a leader in the new guard of fashion. Inspired by historical codes of dressing, his collections aim to reimagine these references through a modern, stylistically ‘awkward’ lens.

“The opportunity to open AAFW this year, the first physical Fashion Week since the pandemic began, is such a privilege. I am so excited to work with Glenfiddich on my creative journey as a designer and share my vision as we collaborate on future creative endeavours,” said Dalah.

Dalah celebrated his successful debut at AAFW with Glenfiddich’s newest expression, Grand Cru – an exclusive whisky matured for 23 years and elegantly finished in rare French cuvée oak. This will be the first expression the collaboration will reimagine.

Daring and unexpected, Grand Cru encapsulates Glenfiddich’s spirit of luxury and craftsmanship as it redefines moments of celebration through a new and extraordinary liquid experience. Created for the non-conformists, it has been uniquely crafted for those tearing up the rule book and wanting to celebrate significant life moments in a whole new way.

“Jordan Dalah is a genuine leader with an incredible imagination and unique designs. He pushes the boundaries of both fabric and fashion, creating garments as no one else has. There is always a risk in following your passion when it is outside the norm, but there is a thrill and reward for taking the path less travelled. That path is what Glenfiddich has always taken and why we are so excited to work with Jordan,” said Blainey.

Noting the Tudor period as a particular source of inspiration, Dalah’s mastery of volume and exaggerated silhouettes takes shape through reframing past tenets of the time. Dalah’s signature style removes any accurate historical references from his collections by pairing costume-like garments with more mundane everyday pieces.

Glenfiddich’s partnership with Dalah is the first time the Global brand has engaged an Australian designer to elevate its story. Glenfiddich Grand Cru is available in luxury whisky retail outlets and premium establishments at a recommended retail price of $395.

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