Lauren Conrad a bridesmaid for a friend


Courtesy: People

Post-Baby Appearance

Lauren Conrad, for the first time since delivering baby Liam James Tell on July 5, made a public appearance Saturday being a bridesmaid at a wedding, reported Saturday by People.

Along with Lauren, husband, William Tell, and baby Liam James Tell, attended the wedding of Cassandra Herschenfeld & Ben Katz in Ojai, California, wearing a light gray gown with a thigh high slit carrying a bouquet a white flowers.

As Lauren was walking a groomsmen down the aisle on the outside grass, well known “Laguna Beach” attendees were Lauren’s high school friend, Lo Bosworth, and Schuller religious family heiress, Christina Schuller, who is now known as Christina Sinclair.

The 4th Leg Of The Trimester

The Lauren Conrad team today rely on Lauren Roxburgh to tell us about the fourth trimester, which is life out of the womb for baby, but mom needs to take care of herself with vitamins, good bone care, placenta care, breastfeeding, foam rolling, magnesium, vaginal healing, meditating, and love for your body.

The Peasant Top

Team LC today made their newest craving known being the peasant top with selections from J. Crew, Ulla Johnson, Lucky Brand, and LC Lauren Conrad.

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Lauren Conrad finds buyer for Brentwood home


Courtesy: Main Beach Realty/ Keller Williams/ Variety

Gorgeous Homes Go Fast

Just a week after it was reported that Lauren Conrad put her Brentwood, California home up for sale, Womens Wear Daily reports today that Lauren has found a buyer, after only being listed 4 days.

Lauren’s asking price for the Brentwood home was nearly $4.5 Million, the actual selling price of the home will be disclosed once the sale is final.

Out of all the homes that Lauren’s owned, this Brentwood property looks like the easiest sell Lauren’s ever had, it’s also learned that most of Lauren’s properties were used as rentals.

Lauren previously lived in Pacific Palisades with husband, William Tell, before baby Liam James Tell was born, it’s undisclosed now where Lauren, William, and baby live, and Lauren Conrad still owns 2 properties in hometown, Laguna Beach.

Friday Favorites

Team Lauren Conrad today rounded up their favorites before the weekend being a moon-themed baby shower, trio earrings, boho modern home, and a lonestar southern look.

The Edit

LC team’s picks today are a nice strong baby stroller and high rise skinny jeans which Lauren picks herself, plus novels, pillows, workout attire, jumpsuits, ruffle tops, jewelry, and chocolate protein to give the world new weekend inspiration.

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Lauren Conrad tells of new life with Liam James Tell

7th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic - Arrivals

Courtesy: Getty Images/ Paul Archuleta

Things Are Different Now………..

Lauren Conrad opened up to E! News Wednesday revealing how life has changed for Lauren since newborn, Liam James Tells, was born just 6 weeks and a day ago.

Sources share that Lauren’s still adjusting to life with a newborn, and taking advantage of all of Liam’s nap time to get to know Liam better, as well as taking Liam out on long walks around the neighborhood right along the beach.

Sources also say both Lauren and husband, William Tell’s moms have been extremely helpful, and that Lauren is getting right back to work with her endeavors, and it’s said that Lauren’s lost lots of weight so quickly since giving birth nearly 2 months ago.

Don’t Ask Them Those Questions

Lauren Conrad today had new ladylike laws with 4 questions one should never ask a couple, like if a guy & girl are a couple, when they’ll be moving in together, who’s gonna pop the question, or whether or not they wanna have kids.

A Peach Libation

Lovely Libations with team Lauren Conrad today introduces us to the frozen skinny peach margarita, made with fresh peaches, kosher or sea salt, silver tequila, fresh limes, large orange, light agave nectar, and crushed ice for that chilled effect.

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Nicholas K to debut spring 2018 on instagram in eco-inspired paradise


Courtesy: Nicolas K

You Gotta Inspire Somewhere

Long known for opening New York Fashion Week since 2014, this season, the sister and brother duo behind Nicholas K announcd Wednesday that they have decided to take a new approach.

For the Spring/Summer ’18 collection they will launch with a more visceral presentation pictured in the very place which served as the designers’ inspiration for the season.

On Thursday, September 7th at 9:00 AM, in collaboration with IMG & the official NYFW, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz will debut their SS18 collection via the label’s Instagram account, @NicholasKstudio.

Each look will be released one-by-one during their usual time-slot, however this season the press can take a leisurely coffee and eschew the drama of finding their seats.

“As an alternative to a traditional Fashion Week runway debut, we wanted to collaborate off-site with someone we felt shared our vision for design, sustainability and conservation, while also having a memorable experience” explains Nicholas.

Inspired by the futuristic natural architecture of Azulik, a sustainable Luxury Eco retreat located in Tulum, Mexico; the new collection reflects the natural beach and jungle environment that has made the area so popular for dreamy Instagram shots.

The brand will be shooting its campaign and lookbook at Azulik in late August, amidst a traditional Mayan ceremony and a show in the hotel’s new on-site boutique, ZAK IK for its retail debut of the collection.

The images will serve to visually answer the all important show question- ” what was your inspiration.”


Courtesy: Nicholas K

AZULIK, meaning “Blue Wind” is a combination of Spanish and Mayan words.

The collection reflects this color palette of vibrant endless blue skies, tropical plants and white sands beaches of Tulum.

The collection features fabrics perfect for the warm weather it was meant for, including sandwashed silk, puckered organic cotton/ linen, cotton artisan handloom Ekats and tencel jerseys, seen in solids as well as prints such as jungle camo and zebra butterfly.


Courtesy: Nicholas K

Join Nicholas K to experience the collection on September 7th, 2017 at 9:00 AM via @Nicholaskstudio – no RSVP required.

For more information, please visit: NICHOLASK.COM

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Jewelry for a wedding day by team Lauren Conrad



Precious Metals Going Down The Aisle

Today, Lauren Conrad and her team with help from James Allen presented a wedding day jewelry style guide for each body part, whether on a budget, or not.

James Allen begins with round, solitaire diamonds of 14 karat white gold diamond tennis bracelet, 18 karat white gold four prong round brillant diamond earrings, and gold trio micro pave engagement ring.

There’s also trendy options such as 14 karat rose gold halo oval engagement ring, yellow gold four prong diamond earrings, and 14 karat white gold four prong wire basket solitaire diamond necklace.

For some of us, more is more with James Allen platinum twisted pave ring, pave frame pendant necklace, and 14 karat white gold diamond tennis bracelet, fine jewelry comes in white gold diamond pave frame earrings, crown bezel ring, and bail diamond pendante necklace.

And then there’s the delicate ones that are the James Allen marquise cut engagement ring making its own statement, pairing well with the James Allen 14 karat white gold diamond tennis bracelet.

Fruit Salad On The Hot Side

The recipe box today gives a new twist to the ever-sweet, and the ever-natural juiciest dish that only a meal can justify, the fruit salad becomes the Chili Lime Fruit Salad.

The key to making this spicy and juicy dish is filling your bowl with pineapple, watermelon, mango, payaya, lime, and jicama, which just gets its hot stripes simply by adding chili powder, in a ceramic bowl from The Little Market.

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Lauren Conrad uses baby Liam James Tell to spread post-Charlottesville message


Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Spreading Love For One Another

Lauren Conrad in response to the recent tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, took to Instagram Tuesday evening to not only show off her very own newborn, Liam James Tell, but to spread a powerful message of love.

On Saturday, violence broke out at a Unite The Right rally in Charlottsville, injuring a number of people, and killing one, who is Heather Heyer, reports The Daily Progress.

Because of this, Lauren use the words of Martin Luther King, Junior being “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

And one of Lauren’s dear photographer friends, Elizabeth Messina, added her own light to the situation saying that “I hope that we can all learn to love each other a little more so that our children can live in a world with less hate and more acceptance and understanding.”

It’s also announced that a funeral for Heather Heyer, 32, will be held at the Paramount Theater at 11 a.m. today, where the slain individual is expected to be remembered.

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Lauren Conrad’s people are in kitchen heaven



There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

Welcome to your home, someone else’s home, or even a home you may wanna buy, we’ve all been there, the only thing that matters most in the home is the kitchen, that’s why team Lauren Conrad today devotes Tuesday Ten to those inviting culinary spaces.

The first ones listed up are the subway tile with white cabinet (electric range is yours truly’s favorite), huge workspaces with open shelving, rustic wooden elements for farmhouse effect, island/ bar combo for many things, and dark & light elements.

Next again is open shelving with gold furniture and neutral cabinetry, kitchen filled with artwork, a bright kitchen with summer remininces, navy colored kitchen with marvel, and blue accents with subway tile, gas range, and polka-dot stools.

Salads For The Future

Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen today brought her own recipe box filled with 5 make-ahead salad hacks so one can save time and money making lunch or dinner.

These full-on lunch or dinner meals include hijiki with brown rice and salmon, quinoa with beets and goat cheese, brown rice with pico de gallo and cotija, quinoa with pecan, cheedar, and arugula, and kale with peanut sauce, green onion, and tofu.

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Lauren Conrad makes you completely unplug on vacation


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Not On Vibrate, But Off

If one is on an airplane, then one knows they’re totally cutoff from the world (via phone calls and text), but they can at least still do videos, music, and work, but Lauren Conrad today forbids anybody from using mobile devices while on vacation.

Lauren recommends disabling any app one may have that makes it possible for them to look at work email so there’s no need to see your phone, and going somewhere off the grid where reception is nowhere remotely possible to take place.

Lauren says also to leave that precious expensive or inexpensive laptop of your where it usually is for the most part, at home, and pack yourself a paperback book instead of downloading a book so you’re not tempted to check into social media.

The Fondue Connection

Lauren Conrad with Us Weekly on Saturday shared the many wonderful ways you can have a fondue party with cheese, and anything beyond cheese.

Now, a cheese fondue is reserved for dippers like fruits and vegetables, but a chocolate fondue reaches out to strawberries, clementines, blondies, meringues, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers.

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2017 Teen Choice Awards: The stars stun in Styland, Borgioni, Noudar & more

Courtesy: Getty Images

Let’s Fall Madly In Love

The stars glittered in their fine jewels at the Teen Choice Awards 2017 red carpet tonight in Los Angeles, California.

Katie Stevens, who introduced herself on FOX’s “American Idol”, then made the world fall in love with her and co-star, Rita Volk, on MTV’s “Faking It”, and now holding her on on Freeform’s “The Bold Type”, wore Styland suiting and L’Dezen by Payal Shah diamond earrings.

Courtesy: Getty Images

Perrey Reeves, who list of cool and unique movie and television roles extend in many forms, wore Borgioni black diamond studs and a Noudar black diamond choker.

Courtesy: Getty Images

And Erika Costell, who as of late set the catwalk on fire with her incredible beauty, amazing talent, and the breath of fresh air she brings to the runway, wore Borgioni brown diamond hoops and white diamond ring, and a L’Dezen by Payal Shah diamond ring.

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Lauren Conrad puts Brentwood home up for sale


Courtesy: Main Beach Realty/ Keller Williams/ Variety

Buying & Selling Purely For Profit

In a quest to make more money on what’s been successful real estate for Lauren Conrad, Variety reports today that Lauren has listed a Brentwood, California home for sale.


Courtesy: Main Beach Realty/ Keller Williams/ Variety

Lauren first bought the 6 bedroom and 5 bathroom home back in April 2013 for $3,651,375, now Lauren’s selling it for $4,495,000, the home itself is 4,303 square feet coming with a 2-car garage, front porch, white open living spaces, and hardwood floors.

For about 5 to 8 years, Lauren just like any other owner of real estate has bought and sold homes making a good profit off of them, and renovating properties from top to bottom to raise value, if needed.


Courtesy: Main Beach Realty/ Keller Williams/ Variety

Despite owning several properties, Lauren and husband, William Tell, maintain 2 small homes on the same street in a low-key neighborhood down in Lauren Conrad’s hometown, Laguna Beach, California.

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