MAGIC New York takes foothold of spring/ summer 2024 with D’AMELIO Footwear


Speak With Your Feet

There’s a force amongst us, we feel it on the trade show floor here at the Javits Center today in New York City on this day 2 of the MAGIC New York trade show, a presence you know will define the mood and the tone of MAGIC, it’s that leading brand everybody will be talking about, taking snapshots like DANIEL PLUS LAUREN did in their sponsored Photo Booth, it’s none other than D’AMELIO Footwear, the one who’s speaking for MAGIC New York this spring/ summer 2024 edition filled with winter-ending shoes to knock out an Arctic blast.


There’s one thing that D‘AMELIO is all about, and it’s in many words to live by, D’AMELIO is self-expression, showing your sense of style, quality, and crass, also in this beautiful collection, D’AMELIO has 300 million people following their brand cumulatively, a footwear enterprise stemming from their deep passion for fashion, and its capacity to shape an individual’s style and confidence.


D’AMELIO is powered by industry experts with 30 years of experience, who’s dedicated to crafting an accessible collection that harmoniously melds comfort, style, and quality; D’AMELIO was also the prominent featured brands at MAGIC New York, sponsoring events like happy hour and The Majestic Photobooth so D’AMELIO leaves its unbreakable footprint on a fashion space that thrives for brands that raise the bar in fashion, taking up the challenge of creating footwear that’s a mark for inspiration.

Daniel Quintanilla

MAGIC New York coutures your spring/ summer 2024 with ‘B. COATURE’ (formally known as ‘Coalition LA, The Coat Company’)


Vegan Warmth

In what we can say now are the last official days of summer before fall starts this Saturday morning at 2:49 a.m. EDT (New York time), day 2 of MAGIC New York trade show here in New York City today brought an electrifying charge of couture into the Javits Center fashion trade show space, this exciting sanitary of high-end cocktail and couture designers style a spring and summer 2024 to be a time of playfulness on the next level while taking up the need to be sustainable for a market that now demands it, enter in B. COUTURE, an LA based brand who meets the 3 essentials of fashion, appearance, couture, and sustainability.


Once known as Coalition LA, The Coat Company, the newly emerged B. COATURE comes in with a never before seen collection of coats seeing the light of day for the first time, combining coats with a couture idea in mind, adapting the moniker of a never repeat collection of vegan made coats destined to make a fashion statement, perfect for those out and about moments celebrities have outside their current media projects, transition from one destination to another along with the change of seasons, and step and repeat red carpet moments, also ready to wow with its LA designed and China manufactured vegan attire to propel itself into a new generation of environmentally conscious fashion.


Starting from the top, the 2 coats you see in the first image of this article are B. COUTURE’s best sellers, they’re made up of vegan leather with super soft sustainable vegan fur for an also super-stretch feel on the body, these couture coats made with no animal harming whatsoever are straight up bold in color, plus DANIEL PLUS LAUREN easily spots the much shinier color and fabric thanks to the entire vegan manufacturing process, technology that lets you capture a photo-op here in New York City that surely last in our minds for days.

Top selling winter coats are spun off in never-before-seen styles found in the mini-coats that mimic a blazer while you can style it with other pieces that fulfill the fantasy look you turn into reality, those mini-coats are also part of a multi-functional coat with duel roles, one being a complete long coat aligned with vegan fur for a touch of coziness and warmth, plus the mini-blazer coat acting as that wham you want it to, all thanks to zippers that allow you to transition your style.


The name “Coalition LA, The Coat Company” still lives on for the moment while the new name and direction of B.COATURE takes place, but one thing is for sure, you should definitely look forward to stylish, functional, camera worthy, and a sustainable line that caters to all generations of carbon-neutral consumers who want their styles featured in Page Six in full panoply, while no animals were harmed during the production of B. COATURE.

Daniel Quintanilla

Coterie New York has a playful side to spring/ summer 2024 with MENTI


Come Play With Me

Playful, it has so many interpretations not only in the world of fashion, but in a world where flirting and attraction can lead to so much more to ultimately celebrate love and intimacy, playful has also been a means to an end in the consumer market, whether it’s listening to music, buying perfume, or where we’ve arrived, in fashion, as Coterie New York here in New York City kicked off today to show off what next spring and summer will bring, this year’s just ended summer season continues being playful with MENTI, a new collection showing here at Coterie New York for the first time.


Started in 2019, MENTI originated out of Athens, Greece, making its debut here in New York this season with a cocktail dress addressing the flaws one woman may have on her body while having the ultimate purpose of its creation, being flirty, sexy, and playful, accelerating the visible parts of the body through translucent silhouette, a very playful evening gown with the option of showing off your cleavage or not, either choice zipped or unzipped give off voluptuous sexiness from head to toe, you also get to be playful on the bottom half.


Playfulness is certainly not limited to cocktail evening gowns in black, they’re found in many colors with varying textures that run from printed fabric to easy fit ruffle veiled designs modeled after the black evening gown, MENTI comes in different sizes, made to fit any body type, and each design is handmade, no machine manufacturing is involved, and details like fabrics, straps, hardware are done with the utmost care, it may take more time, but the beauty of the MENTI dress is with the labor intensive.


No matter what the weather calls for, hot or cool, MENTI dresses with its playful details definitely extenuates your special occasion, a rooftop summer in New York City, time in the Hamptons, or any exotic vacation destination you choose, evening wear as we see here with the black cocktail dress is surely something you want to dive into, taking playfulness to a seriously higher level.

Daniel Quintanilla

Coterie New York unleashes Spring 2024 corset dress by 19:13 DRESSCODE


Butterfly Blush

While we are in the last days of summer here in New York City, Coterie New York at the Javits Center today has a plan to kick off your spring/ summer 2024 with such delicate yet daring pops of sexiness that only Italian brands can boldly create, this is 19:13 DRESSCODE, a world filled with glamorous luxury for women that’s easy to welcome into or elevate your sense of style, it’s the allure of corset that sends young women running to the nearest department store to get their hands on what promises to be a new season of allure.

19:13 DRESSCODE, it is rich Italian charisma of international luxury with materials embodying a sharp sense of color, you’ve got comfort, femininity, and movement to celebrate the women wearing this brand, this 100 percent Italy made yet affordable collection are long, semitransparent tulle corset gowns for easy wearing for delicately complex and ironic women.

This lovely corset dress taken by DANIEL PLUS LAUREN is a mini bustier dress in tulle, it’s made to be a side zip closure, lined skirt, bodice with tulle drapery on the front, and thin straps, plus it’s made of 100 percent silk and 100 percent polyester, it’s also available in black, but the choice of white in this case is a far better option as you can accessorize and colorize your makeup to create a powerful style you know will be a game-changer.

At first blush, when seeing 19:13 DRESSCODE with this beautiful Italian corset dress, DANIEL PLUS LAUREN couldn’t help it think of singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo, where a couple times outside of her GEN Z 90’s and 2000’s fashion aesthetic, Olivia made her red carpet looks virtually similar to 19:13 DRESSCODE’s offering here, one being DISNEY PLUS’s “Driving Home 2 U”, and the “2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards” where Olivia at both times wears super-high-end fashion with corset tops and dresses, plus during sets on her SOUR tour that same year.

If there’s anything missing from the new buying power that is GEN Z, it’s the freedom to incorporate more vibrant styles into their core of what’s trending on TikTok, the best part for GEN Z and 19:13 DRESSCODE, along with the GUTS tour next spring by Olivia Rodrigo herself is with the call for ticket prices to start at $20 a piece, there’s plenty of affordability with 19:13 DRESSCODE, priced at $750.00, you can color coordinate your style for that night of GUTS tour live in your nearest city, or close to home here in New York City at Madison Square Garden on April 4,5,8, and 9, 2024.

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Amanda Kloots celebrates what would’ve been Nick Cordero’s 45th birthday


Age Is Not The Enemy

Nick Cordero, the truly extraordinary gentleman who honored Broadway with his talent, and went through a 95-day-battle after contracting COVID-19 before succumbing to it, would have turned 45-years-old today as September 17 would’ve been his birthday, Nick’s widow, Amanda Kloots, celebrated the men she loved with an Instagram tribute, pointing out the late Nick Cordero believed how age is just a number.

Instead of worrying that you’re getting older, the simple plan would be to just celebrate it, it’s because you have more time on earth, to celebrate not only you, but more time to celebrate the people you love, each year you live is a blessing, and an absolute miracle.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kerry Bannigan in Sourcing Journal Sustainability Report: ‘S’ in ESG can’t be ignored

Image Credit: Lisa Kato

Time Is Running Out

In a sustainability report just released today by Sourcing Journal with Informa, conscious fashion advocate, Kerry Bannigan, says it’s not just the U.N. 2030 date that brands and businesses have to meet to achieve sustainability, it’s a huge groundswell effort that for one, meets the demands of their customers, but meets growing sustainable concerns raised by their employees, who are asking their bosses to be mindful about their worries about the environment.

What started out as an optimistic outlook by brands on sustainability early on in 2015 when the U.N. Set the sustainability 2030 deadline, it’s now turned into a painstaking process and sometimes a 2 steps back situation on meeting all sustainability requirements, there’s the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed the process down tremendously, and the realization of not latching onto the effort much earlier on shortly after the U.N. set the 2030 date.

It’s apparently going to take longer than 2030 to be absolutely sustainable with their business, there’s audits on sustainability that are being done as we speak, realigning business models, budgets, and portfolios to meet this challenge, meeting legal requirements, and being transparent; partnerships, city policies, and more legislative actions are going to speed up the process for the fashion industry to meet the UN’s Social Development Goals (SDG) for this reset being the Green New Deal to roll out on time; more reports on Sustainability Now can be read in the Sourcing Journal.

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Brings Trend and Young Contemporary Lineup to New York, SOURCING at MAGIC New York Trades Alongside MAGIC This September


New York, NY (September 14, 2023)

MAGIC New York returns to the Javits Center September 19-21 highlighting women’s trend, young contemporary and modern sportswear apparel, footwear and accessories for Spring/Summer 2024. MAGIC New York presents a growing modern sportswear segment, meeting continuous demand for young contemporary and trend driven brands. SOURCING at MAGIC co-locates with MAGIC to showcase key suppliers and manufacturers.

MAGIC New York creates the opportunity for retailers to shop Spring/Summer 2024 on a curated cohesive show floor in women’s apparel, accessories, footwear and home, gift and beauty. MAGIC New York brings a wide selection of modern sportswear brands to the show floor including Barefoot Dreams, Caite, Julian Lang, Ciao Milano and Veronica M. Retailers can shop high and low, explore private label opportunities as well as secure immediates.

Launching this September and providing industry expertise to the fashion community, MAGIC New York debuts its first education series. Fashion Snoops Trend Forecaster Melissa Moyan and Kelly Helfman, President of Informa Markets Fashion, present the Top Trends To Shop Session on September 19, and a moderated conversation Curating for Curves: Strategies to Successfully Incorporate Extended Sizing with Gita Omri, Designer and Founder of Omri Essentials, Karen Cohen of MeMoi and Leonidas Monedas, CEO of Mat Fashion, moderated by Emily Benson, Founder at the Boutique Training Academy on September 20.

Supporting efforts around industry wide sustainable and ethical practices, MAGIC will debut the Verified Sustainable by MAGIC program in partnership with Hey Social Good at the September show. Brands are vetted and ranked accordingly to recognize where they are in the journey to becoming more sustainable. This program helps buyers to find sustainable brands more easily and trust that they have been verified based on meaningful data points.

“Enhancing our offerings not only through brand extension in both domestic and international categories but also increasing visibility into the breakdown of brands by specifications like sustainable, woman-owned, new to show and more, provides our customers a more tailored experience on the show floor with ease of access to multiple categories, ultimately saving time and creating a more intuitive buying experience.” says Jordan Rudow, Vice President, MAGIC. “Introducing the education sessions provides opportunities to learn and enhances the resources that our community can acquire while attending MAGIC New York.”

Trending styles for Spring/Summer 2024 include rich neutrals, occasion sets and jumpsuits. Over 300 brands are set to showcase their lines, with a selection woman-owned, new, international and plus size brands. Retailers registered to attend MAGIC New York include Free People, Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s, South Moon Under, Wantable, Nordstrom, Apricot Lane Boutique, Belk, Madrag and Pants Store.


SOURCING at MAGIC New York co-locates with MAGIC New York hosting manufacturers and suppliers from 13 countries. This selection of exhibitors offers low minimum orders and expediency to market in the mid to contemporary price points. SOURCING at MAGIC highlights a curated variety of exhibitors and product categories including apparel, footwear, accessories, fabric and trim as well as packaging.

“The New York edition of SOURCING at MAGIC provides the sourcing community more opportunities to connect and source materials, expand their networks and implement new resources for their businesses throughout the year, says Andreu David, VP, SOURCING at MAGIC. “By emphasizing sustainability, we provide our audience with insights to make informed and sustainable choices across materials, supply chain services and manufacturing.”

The top buyers and retailers registered for SOURCING at MAGIC New York include Nicole Miller, PVH (Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), Beall’s Inc., Rag & Bone, American Eagle Outfitters, Kenneth Cole, Everlast, Macy’s, New York & Co. and Robert Graham.

Industry editors are encouraged to attend for the chance to meet with designers and speakers of interest. Members of the press can register to attend at

For more information on how to attend or become an exhibitor, please visit and

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Albright College spring 2024 at New York Fashion Week by Patricia Ann Parenti


The Ole College Try

Albright College Fashion Department had its runway show in NYC, at the 3 West Club in Manhattan, on Saturday, September 9, 2023. This EXTREMELY creative show by present and alumni students was produced by Very New York PR (events and public relations) and they did an excellent job. Albright College is located in Reading, PA and founded in 1856. Albright College is named one of the top fashion programs in the country because they offer hands-on instructions from the staff to make sure they are skilled in the latest technology. Even some of the instructors of the fashion department were at the show. Besides teaching students how to create commercial ready-to- wear, the college specializes in costume design for film and theater. To learn more about the college, go to WWW.ALBRIGHT.EDU.

This runway show featured six very talented designers that showed very beautiful and unusual fashions. Since I have been in the fashion industry many years, I felt these designers showed styles I’ve never seen before. Of all the shows I saw this season I felt this one was the best because of the fact that everything was unusual and not something that had been done much before. Some of the designers showed clothing that could be made into a line of ready to wear while other designers showed couture or theatrical clothing that would be perfect on the stage or screen by actresses and preforming artist. All in all, these designers did an amazing job of designing, fabric sourcing and sewing their creations. I was only able to interview two designers after the show because of time but I will touch on each one and show a photo of their creations.


She graduated in 2017 and this was her 2024 resort collection by her own brand, Jamine Nasha. Her inspiration for the collection was a photograph of her late grandmother laying across a bed in a yellow negligee with design aspects (the ruffles) from the designer Stephen Burrows in the late 1970s.



He graduated in 2023. His inspiration is from a dystopian landscape or the intricacies of the human anatomy . He focuses on mixing the skills of traditional patternmaking with draping done by hand that make the garments very fluid.



She is a graduate student of 2023. Her inspiration comes from Harajuku Street Fashion (little girl style and cutesy clothes worn in the streets on young women/teens in Japan and NYC), couture runway shows and experimental fashion.



Class of 2015 with a major in costume design. Her Spring 2024 brand is whimsical, colorful and feminine. Her inspiration for her designs is clothing details from films of the 1950s that feature bold floral jacquard and brocade fabrics. 



This person is graduating in 2023 and will be looking into work in couture. I interviewed Zyaire after the show and I was told it all starts with a vision and then looking for images of the vision online to get inspiration from, after these fabrics are chosen and sketches are made. I love the use of patient and plaid taffeta made into ruffles. Some special details are full skirts and corset tops that lace in the back . This collection is perfect for editorial in magazines such as Vouge or stage outfits for performing artist. Colors used purple, yellow, red and black and white.



Freddie graduated in 2016 and has been working for designer Ana Sui and Dzines Textiles ever since. I interviewed him after the show and he told me his inspiration is from his family heritage in the Dominican Republic. His use of silk print fabrics in tropical colors with flowers is totally what the ladies would wear there in the 1950s. Details such as ruffles, handkerchief hems, A-line silhouettes and circle skirts make this a very feminine collection. His collection is perfect for resort season. He even made a men’s resort short in white eyelet with a red shirt (bottom right in photo) that looks like the kind of shirts the guys from the Dominican Republic use to wear in NYC in the Hispanic neighborhoods 30-40 years ago. His clothes are to order at WWW.SHOPFREDDYDIAZ.COM


Show production and PR by WWW.VERYNEWYORK.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

Dell Scott Spring 2024 runway show at New York Fashion Week


By Patricia Ann Parenti

Dell Scott is an American Couture designer who had her NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 on Sunday, September 10, 2023 at Ideal Glass Studio in Manhattan. Her inspiration for her collection was from her travels this year to Europe. She especially liked the Anthos (meaning flower in Greek) and as she said “a flower is relatively unnoticed before it blooms but one once it does it demands to be noticed for its beauty.” You can see Dell’s inspiration in the handmade satin flowers on the shoulders and necklines of her gowns and cocktail dresses. The gold metal accessories were also Grecian inspired.


Her collection is based on eveningwear for galas, weddings, anywhere the invite says formal attire, charity dances, balls, country club galas, cocktail parties, black tie events, debutante parties and anywhere you need to dress up. Her luxury fashions are for all women to make them feel special wearing one of her creations. Dell knows how to design clothes to accent a woman’s body by having different styles for different figure types. You can have a curvy or boyish figure and there is a style that will look marvelous on you. The designer’s niche for high slits, deep necklines, corset tops, cowl necklines and form fitting silhouettes draw attention to the female form.


Fabrics consist of silky satins, sequins, and tulle and all of the highest quality. This season she used a rich palate of colors of royal blue, deep purple, cream, Fushia, wine, black, peach, red and navy. Gowns have lots of floral lace skirts over satin skirts and ruffles on the shoulders and tops of necklines. These formal fashions can be worn all seasons and are classics that won’t go out of style. When you have one of Dell’s creations that was custom made for your body you will look and feel like Cinderella at the ball.

Since this is couture, Dell will have all her fashions custom made to your measurements but you can order on her website. For the hard to fit off the racks ladies this is a great way to get a dress or gown that will not be too big or tight somewhere on your body made just for you!


WWW.DELLSCOTTCOLLECTION.COM Some of her creations are also featured at the store Morgan’s of Delaware, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Patricia Ann Parenti

Novus Chiffonier, an evening of dress up and content


September 14th, 2023 (New York, NY)

The Novus Forum hosts Novus Chiffonier, an exclusive evening for couture dress-up, content creation, and networking. Guests are invited to meet international designers, try-on selections from their unreleased Spring 2024 collections, and create photo/video content for online distribution. Occurring during the peak of the fashion calendar—between NYFW and Market Week—Novus Chiffonier gathers cultural influencers, celebrity stylists, retail buyers, private clientele, and press. 

The Novus Forum is the intersection for luxury trade, curating the highest quality prêt-à-couture and ready-to-wear collections from Dubai, East Asia, and across the United States. Now located in New York’s beloved Meatpacking District, guests have access to designers including Tracy StudioMaryam OmairaKevan Hall21SIXAmeera HammoudaGeisha DesignsWeilu Fresolone, and I.H.F.

The Novus Chiffonier is being held in New York City from the 17th to the 20th of September. Exact address details will be sent once an RSVP is received.

Daniel Quintanilla