Lauren Conrad crafts favorites for Memorial Day Weekend



The Summer Awakens

It’s here, the unofficial start of the summer season began today, with throngs of folks going down the shore, or whatever beachy or summer destination for Memorial Day Weekend, and Lauren Conrad’s favorites salutes those who love to craft, in-between dives, cannons, and jumps in the pool.

Lauren seeks out books like “Craft The Rainbow” that’s a do-it-yourself read for those who love paper projects life reefs, piñatas, and flowers, whimsical baskets by The Little Market where you can store kitchen items, toys, and craft supplies, and a recipe of smoked salmon and avocado toast.

Florals can be constructed by water, watercolor that is, Lauren finds blush and navy watercolor florals that can add a pretty touch to any project, and a little video of celebrities mimicking other celebrities, it’s 30 minutes of non-stop famous people trying to imitate other famous people, and guess what, they’re killing it.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and girls today kick off Memorial Day Weekend and the summer season with this week’s picks, starting off with LC Lauren Conrad that’s a bell sleeve top, cookie crossbody bag, 2-drawer flip flop jewelry box, wicklow 52mm round sunglasses, and a pearl bracelet from The Little Market.

Summer staples include Anthropologie Lola Juice Glasses with bumblebees designed on the drinkers, McGee & Co. stainless steel whisk in gold, Crate & Barrel gold measuring cups and spoons, Pink Shine ruffle deep-v one-piece swimsuit in wild orchid, and Sara Happ’s the lip scrub in sprinkles red velvet.

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Lauren Conrad and the importance of a jade roller



You’re So Jaded On Being Beautiful

Today, Lauren Conrad’s strong contributor, Allison Norton, went onto face the world with a very jaded approach, but it’s only confound to beauty, Allison’s found the jade roller, Chinese skincare that dates back to the 7th century, promising one’s face revolutionary beauty.

The jade roller is a one-sided and/ or two-sided Chinese beauty treatment that’s made of beautiful green jade or pink quartz, believed to have healing and protective properties for the skin, boosting blood circulation, reducing swelling, and allowing for deep penetration of skin products, you simply roll the big jade across your face and forehead, and the small jade if included in those hard to reach spots.

It’s best to roll the jade roller back and forth after you’ve washed your face, and applied skincare if applicable, Allison says it relaxes her a night before bed, and you can easily find it on

Summer Backdrops Make Me Feel Fine

With just one day (or just hours) from the unofficial start of summer, Lauren Conrad’s people today revealed new inspired ideas of summer tech backgrounds, all with spectaular hi-res options that are both suitable for a laptop/ desktop, or i-Phone.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking summer are oranges and Florida which have their very own background, then there are pineapples and pink together with pink representing flamingos, there’s also tile fan backgrounds reminding us of ways to keep cool, and zig zag which could represent the light colors of summer.

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Kristin Cavallari says happy marriage exist outside Hollywood

32080644_368490640305518_5069625133858029568_nCourtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

The Surroundings Count

Kristin Cavallari confessed hard truth to Life & Style Wednesday that two can only achieve a happy marriage if they live one place and one place only, anywhere outside of Hollywood, California, because L.A. is a different world, that also comes with the paparazzi.

Kristin says living in a place like Nashville, Tennessee helps both Kristin and husband, Jay Cutler, work closer to having a happy marriage everyday, helping their relationship more and more, contrast to living in Hollywood where a marriage of any happiness of any kind is ten times harder to achieve.

Most Hollywood marriage we see everyday come undone in any form, and don’t last long, and before you know it, that happy Hollywood couple we thought was is getting a divorce, because the pressures inside Hollywood are too great, and most famous couples can’t live up to them, not even Brad and Angelina.

The Kid Indie Parade

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul on Wednesday produced a new style guide made up of the best indie clothing brands for kids, because most brands that make and create kids clothing are independent, and they happen to make clothes with the best material possible.

Ilana looks to Little Moon Society, a brand by Haylie Duff and Jessica Frank using the softest lightweight cotton where it’s sourced, produced, and dyed in Los Angeles, and Minnow Swim by “Laguna Beach” alum, Morgan Smith, swimsuits embracing clean lines, sun-kissed color palettes, and purposeful details for pool and beach.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite moments as a mom so far



Those Early Loving Moments

Today, Lauren Conrad devoted Tuesday Ten to her most memorable mommy moments that Lauren shares with her almost one year old son, Liam James Tell, who’s done nothing but grow up so fast right before Lauren’s eyes, and will soon celebrate his first birthday.

Lauren shares moments like when she and Liam have matching outfits of sweater and jeans, sitting with the Easter bunny, watching Liam grow up while sitting on the beach looking at the sand, taking up a hobby like his dad, William Tell, playing with the guitar, and getting messy with the finger paint.

Lauren next touches on how both she and William are no longer a pair anymore, they’re now a family of 3 that include Liam James, not trading in days of the new normal, playing dress up on the pumpkin patch for Halloween, precious moments sleeping, and sitting on the beach together.

Mom’s Vintage Trends

Lauren Conrad and crew today shared a new style guide involving their favorite ole school trends inspired by their dear ole mothers, sharing mods from the 1960’s, peasant dresses from the 1970’s, statement pieces and bodysuits from the 1980’s, and metallic accessories from the 1990’s.

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Lauren Conrad’s patriotic drink decor


Summer’s Almost Here

The Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off in 3 days, which meansthe unofficial start of summer will finally arrive, so Lauren Conrad today got ready for the nice long hot season celebrating the country’s patriotism with do-it-yourself holiday drink decoration that not only pretty, but edible too.

Lauren first starts with the eye-popping things that are the drink stirrers made up of red, white, and/ or blue twine to be patriotic pom-pom swizzle sticks, you’ll also need scissors, a hot glue gun, and metallic tissue paper with simple instructions to make these colorful drink sticks seen a mile away.

Next, Lauren has the edible and tasty stuff that you can eat once melted, it’s the blueberry ice cubes, use fresh mixed berries, an ice cube tray to mold the ice any shape, edible star sparkles, and a little water, sparkling water, or your favorite drink to bring out the fun.

Lemonade, Not The Hard Way

To go with one’s patriotic drink stirrers and red, white, and blueberry ice cubes, Lauren Conrad’s crew today made some new lovely libations of healthy chia seed lemonade made by resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, while it’s poured in glassware from The Little Market.

Now this lemonade is not made the way your grandmother makes it, you start with lukewarm water, a quarter cup of chia seeds, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of tumeric, a pinch of black pepper, juice of six lemons, and 6 to 10 drops of organic stevia drops.

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XLLULLAN Fall/ Winter 2018 Opera Seria Collection Lookbook

Look 1Look 2Look 4Look 5Look 6Look 11Look 12Look 14Look 17Look 18Courtesy: EB Consults Worldwide

We Love The Dramatic

The “Opera Seria” Collection by Xllullan, true to its name, combines delicate, luxurious and simplistic components.

These factors can be seen from the use of transparency against the embroidered wool fabrics to the incorporation of Chinese sand-washed silk double sided with hickory and dreamy royal blue hues.

The introduction of metallic ocean wave patterns and beaded faux fur embroidery creates volume and dimension which creates a movement that follows the wearer.

Black and silver dyed fox fur trims will magnify the collection which is sourced from The North American Fur Auction.

Combining silk and intarsia knits for sweaters and dresses along with wool jacquard as the fabric for puffer jackets gives this collection functionality without losing fashionability.

Nature inspired flower and leaf patterns with raw edges, a variety of textured materials and novelty fabrics, brilliant and muted colors that progressively desaturate.

The designer label Xllullan (pronounced X-Lo͞o-Lan) features modern throwbacks as well as retro and edgy styles.

Luxury meets practicality in the designs utilizing Italian and French textiles.

Many of the artistic aspects of this brand are drawn from literature, film and visual arts. Nature, which is prominently featured is also matched against manufactured feel of metallic materials.

The head designer Xuanxuan Li (Xuan) was born and raised in Qingdao(Tsingtao), a coastal city in Shandong Province, China. She pursued her education and career in fashion in New York, while majoring in Fashion Design at Parsons and Visual Arts at Eugene Lang.

Commenting on her inspiration, she states “at the core of my creative vision lies the idea ‘craft meets fashion’.”

Her goal is to build a visual story around both fashionable and wearable art by using unconventional combinations of materials and innovative fabric treatment techniques.

Through the exploration of various fabric manipulations and handmade construction, she aims to create everything from organic textures to architectural silhouettes.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite wedding lucite detail


Courtesy: Brit + Co

A New Way To Nuptial

Whether it’s coincidental or intentional, but in the spirit of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle early tomorrow morning, Lauren Conrad and her Friday Favorites today give a look at how lucite can play a pivotal role in the wedding.

With help from Brit + Co, Lauren stumbles upon what only Lauren Conrad can call a pair of dreamy lucite chairs at the guest table, a clear type of plastic seating that gives a whole new dimension to one’s wedding reception to go with the perfect decor on the table.

Lauren’s lucite source, Brit + Co., expands upon the lucite dining chairs with a lucite bar cart, lucite floral chair, lucite ceremony chairs, hand-lettered lucite menus, lucite bubble chair, table numbers, wedding sign, wedding ring box, wedding card box, couples chairs, place cards, tiered food display, and the lucite terrarium decor.

More favorites to go with Lauren’s Friday Favorites are a decor trend of pink couches, eco-friendly “Protect Your Mother” reusuable bags from The Little Market, motivational quotes that are “For The Wise, Rocks On The Path Will Become Stepping Stones, Not Obstacles”, and an adorable video of a baby hearing for the first time.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and crew today had their week-ending picks that are LC Lauren Conrad double-bar and jewelry tray, Urban Outfitters Tiered Lace Up Babydoll Dress, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation, LC Lauren Conrad Textured Bud Vase, and Everlane Cotton Crew Neck in Navy Stripe.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s splurging and saving style this May


Courtesy: Kohl’s

What To Do With That Green Currency??????????

Like Lauren Conrad and yours truly have said before, the summer’s coming, and we want to look our best on and off the beach, so we may wanna spend a little more, today’s style steals goes for the splurges and saves.

Let’s start with striped swimsuits, spluring on Tori Praver Swimwear Adriana Ruffle Triangle Bikini Top, $99 and Isla Classic Bottoms, $75, and saving with J.Crew Ruffle Wrap Bikini Top, $62 and String Hipster Bikini Bottom, $44, plus wrap dresses with the splurge of  Anthropologie Breanna Polka Dot Wrap Dress and the savings from  Forever21 Polka Dot Wrap Dress.

Next up are woven handbags where you get to splurge on Clare V. Alice Bag, or you can save on LC Lauren Conrad Cookie Crossbody Bag, and also classic slingbacks with the splurge of Paul Andrew Rhea 15 Flats, or completely save on Halogen Elyse Slingback Pump.

Freshly Picked Fashion

Lauren Conrad’s Anna James today brought us Ladies Who Laptop once again, this time chatting with Susan Peterson who created Freshly Picked, a business that started in 2009 on a shoestring budget, before turning into a household name in Nordstrom’s catering to babies serving up footwear for the little ones.

The biggest takeaway once must realize with Susan here are whatever Susan could not find, Susan created it and turned it into a success, growing pains are still attached to this successful brand, and making stumbles along the way can lead to the greatest success you’ve ever had.

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Lauren Conrad’s accentuating swimsuit finds



Hot On You At The Beach

Since the weather outside’s finally corporating with what the season says it is, it’s time today to report on Lauren Conrad with her style guide of the best swimsuit for your body type, dimming the dilemma of badly-lighted department store bikini shopping.

Highlighting your legs means buying a high-waisted bikini or a one-piece, with silhouettes elongating and drawing attentions to your legs, the chest needs a triangle bikini or low-cut one-piece flattering the bust for a fuller chest illusion, or a halter top bikini or any style to give your chest support.

Now, the an accentuated waist needs a one-piece with color-blocking or belt detail for much needed attention with hourglass effect, but your abs need an athlete-inspired bikini or a cut out one-piece, and those who love their buttocks must buy a bikini or one-piece with ruching details on the bottom or waistline.

LC Kohl’s Nail Prints

Lauren Conrad and company today looked to the prints of the May LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s to get inspired about recreating their LC Kohl’s very own prints on their nails, with lots of inspiration from Olive & June’s nail stickers which are adorable.

Now in the spirit of the spring and summer that’s soon coming, the LC crew goes for watermelon inspired nail art, reminding them of beach days everyday even when they’re not at the beach, a do-it-yourself mini-fashion project that will keep you going for those margaritas over and over again.

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Lauren Conrad features in on rainbow gemstone jewelry



Style By The Rainbow

Lauren Conrad gave an accessory report on the latest jewelry now trending in the fashion world today, they are rainbow gemstones that quickly caught Lauren’s eyes, so much that Lauren gifted this colorful jewelry to The Little Market co-founder, Hannah Skvarla, making fine jewelry fun.

Taking more than a minute to glance at this spectacular jewelry, Lauren starts off with  Ariel Gordon and her Candy Carousel Necklace in all the fine rainbow colors, followed by The Last Line’s Mini Rainbow Flower Stud, Tai Rainbow’s Crystal Marquis Bracelet, and The Last Line’s Perfect Rainbow Ear Cuff.

Continuing on Lauren’s carousel of rainbow gemstones are Shashi and their uniform rainbow line Small Hoop Pave Earrings, Native Gem’s Secrets Bar Rainbow Earrings, Ariel Gordon returns this time with the Candy Crush Band, and the EF Collection enters in with their Rainbow Bracelet, having the richest color out of petite gems.

Books Change You

Lauren Conrad’s crew told about the reads that changed their lives in today’s Tuesday Ten, being “The Magnolia Story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer, “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Boo, and “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

In all the struggles and triumphs Lauren’s girls learn from these books, there’s more out there being “My Story” by Elizabeth Smart, “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar” by Cheryl Strayed, “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley, “Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living” by Shauna Niequist, and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini.

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