New ‘SIX: The Musical’ ladies make their debut on Broadway musical

Courtesy: Six: The Musical

New Queens On The Throne

The coronation was commenced tonight on Broadway in New York City as the U.S. production of “SIX: The Musical” turned the page on its entire casts, revealing the new leading ladies vying for a spot on the fictional “SIX” pop band as they sing out the story of their time on the throne beside King Henry VIII, seeing the King’s Norman Chivalry first hand, each meeting their own doom or separation by Henry VIII.

The new set of wives formally married to King Henry VIII were announced exactly 4 weeks ago a few days after the new broke that the OG ladies were departing the U.S. production of “SIX” this month, who performed for the very last time on Sunday night.

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La Presse Films debuts first feature film with Andy Warhol based documentary “My Nephew Jamie”

Courtesy: La Presse Films

December 2, 2022, New York, NY

An Andy Warhol Living Room painting is sold at Phillips Auction on November 15, 2022.

The painting you are about to see below this paragraph is just one of the early paintings from the Warhola Family Estate. The living room painting is one of the paintings that Andy Warhol painted as an assignment when he was a student of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh,PA. His assignment was to paint a living room. Andy decided to paint the family living room from his home on Dawson Street. La Presse Films was fortunate to have access to this Warhola Family home in Pittsburgh, so the painting and the actual living room is filmed in our doc, kind of a neat fact.


The biggest news for “My Nephew Jamie,” La Presse Films now has a rough cut, and they are busy putting together the clearances necessary to release the film. This is very time consuming and expensive.

James has been very busy with his personal life and preparing the family Andy Warhol paintings for this past Phillips Auction. La Presse Films thought it might be fun for you to catch up here with this lovely interview from Edge Magazine.

The year 2022 was very busy for Film Maker, Bonnie Bien.

In addition to an amazing digital rough-cut screening of our film at prestigious “Norman Rockwell Museum”, you can watch La Presse Films’s Q&A about “My Nephew Jamie”

In January, Bonnie curated a fashion exhibition at “The Brick Store Museum” in Kennebunk, Maine. The highly successful exhibition consisted of 30+ vintage performance gowns belonging to the legendary Singer, Jane Morgan. The exhibition ran from February 1 – May 21, 2022.

Bonnie then brought the Jane Morgan exhibition to New York Fashion Week in September, it ran for one week, it was well received by fashionistas, media, and the public.

Documentary films can take a long time to produce. It’s worth the wait because “My Nephew Jamie” plans to be released in 2023.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to “My Nephew Jamie”, a documentary, you can do so with the film’s fiscal sponsor NYFA – New York Foundation for the Arts!!!!

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‘SIX: The Musical’ OG original ladies end their run on Broadway

Courtesy: Six The Musical

King Size Climax

It was the end of the first chapter tonight on Broadway for “SIX: The Musical” as the entire original casts of 6 leading ladies belted out their final curtain call before the Lena Horne Theatre in New York City, delivering from the very beginning up till now a heart-stopping, upbeat, enchanting, and uptempo musical performance of this fictional band of former queens of King Henry VIII form a spot in this pop group.

The journey for “SIX: The Musical” both in the U.S. and the U.K. has been one to remember over the last 2 and a half years, from COVID-19 stop and starts, to coming onto American soil, “SIX” continues the U.S. journey tomorrow a new set of leading ladies announced early last month, you can also catch the OG “SIX” televised performance on the “CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade”.

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New York City will be safe once again by enforcing involuntary mental health laws

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Freedom To Live

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, went to task on Tuesday that ensures the residents of the five boroughs, as well as commuters and tourists who file into this great city 24/ 7 are safe wherever they go, that vital step is addressing mental health, where Mayor Adams made it mandatory that those who need treatment for mental health and homelessness, especially on the MTA subway lines, get it immediately, where city officials and New York City police are now enforcing this new law for the safety of not only those who need help, but for the safety of everyone else.

For too long, the problem of mental health in New York City, compounded with homelessness has been ignored, according to Mayor Adams.

This also leads to all crimes such robbery, assault, or even murder, also coupled with new laws such as the Civil Liberties Act, legalizing marijuana in New York City, and other pre and post COVID-19 pandemic acts , including inflation, that have sparked a rise in crime in New York City, Daniel plus Lauren has been a witness to mentally ill individuals seen more frequently in Hell’s Kitchen throughout this year alone, and told stories of individuals getting murdered in the Bronx, moments after giving money to another individual they were passing by.

Even places like Times Square have met the shadow of its former ugly self before being reformed into a travel destination in the mid 1990’s, crime is more frequent, and you have to hold onto your possessions while worrying about your own safety more carefully than you’ve had in years.

Involuntary help for mental illness and homelessness is one immediate step to walk easier in New York City, stepping up law enforcement on all individuals who took advantage of freedoms given to those prior to Tuesday’s act by Mayor Adams is also vital for those who work, visit, and live in New York City on a regular basis, along with improved water, transportation, and economic opportunities.

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Lauren Conrad kicks off Christmas with Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad holiday lilac outfit

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Decorated Fashion

On this the 2nd day of December, the countdown to Christmas is getting smaller, and as of today, there are 22 shopping days left till Christmas, but there’s plenty of holiday parties and dinners in-between, so Lauren Conrad taps into her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s for some inspiring looks that only are flawless this holiday season, Lauren seeks inspiration from the color of lilac, with a sweater and midi-skirt.

First, let’s start with the LC Lauren Conrad Cable-Knit Ruffle Sweater, not only offered in lilac, but also in beige and sea smoke blue, featuring sparkling thread, ruffles at the shoulders and cable-knit accents; next is the LC Lauren Conrad Smocked Flounce Midi Skirt also in the same color line, featuring flounce hem, smocked waist, chiffon construction, and midi silhouette, and completing the lilac outfit Lauren has this holiday season is the LC Lauren Conrad Wide Covered Buckle Dress Belt in Regular & Plus, where only a statement can be made to solidify this beautiful LC Kohl’s lilac that sans the usual red and green of Christmas, lining up with all other color options found in the holiday season with faux leather construction.

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Be Bridal, Be Beautiful With Rag & Co’s new Bridal Shoe collection For Less

Courtesy: Rag & Co

I’m Stylish, & I’m Not Broke

By now, we’re pretty much turkeyed out from Thanksgiving, and we’ve beaten out our neighbors in putting up the wreath on the door (if not the Christmas tree), and we may be getting ready for the wedding of a lifetime either now, or next June, we wanna put forth our best shine possible, all out with our budgets, so Rag & Co today are out to make as much room in your budget, with their new shoe collection on sale now for 50 percent off.

Courtesy: Rag & Co

Most Rag & Co items are under $100, while prices normally range from $60.99 to $224.99, you can also make your Rag & Co Bridal Shoe savings official by using promo code HOLIDAY50, and it’s not just the bride having all the fun saving money for their wedding, the bride’s bridesmaids, mother of the bride, bachelorette, and wedding guests all get to save 50 percent off for their own wedding of the year with help from Rag & Co.

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Cyber Monday & Beyond Deals done right by Ivy Cove, Gita Omri, and Rag & Co

Courtesy: Ivy Cove, Gita Omri, and Rag & Co

Wanna Cyber… Deal????

Let’s face it, Cyber Monday can be overwhelming (and a little stressful) with all the sales going on and only one day to get all your shopping done.

Well now you can take a breath and relax.

We found some Cyber Monday sales that don’t end today.


You have extra time.

So as you browse online with a holiday movie in the background and maybe some egg nog, here are some of our favorite deals to hopefully make life even easier (and still save you money).

Whether you’re checking gifts for family and friends off your list, shoe shopping for all your upcoming holiday parties or updating your shoe closet, or just wanting to treat yourself to a new chic outfit at a big discount, we are loving these Cyber Monday sales below (that continue past today).

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of these savings (at your leisure of course!).

Courtesy: Ivy Cove

Ivy Cove

Luxury leather goods and accessories brand based out of Montecito, CA, Ivy Cove, has a variety of unique giftable items from women’s and men’s bags, shoes and belts to chic home, travel, lifestyle and even adorable pet and baby accessories. All handcrafted with responsibly sourced leather and sustainable materials, we are loving all of these sophisticated, laidback luxury items from a leather duffle bag or market tote to a cigar humidor, leather planter or the cutest dog leash and collar for your pup. Shop at

Get 25% off with code CELEBRATE-IC (this sale runs through the end of the year!)

Luxury leather goods and accessories brand based out of Montecito, CA, Ivy Cove, has a variety of unique giftable items from women’s and men’s bags, shoes and belts to chic home, travel, lifestyle and even adorable pet and baby accessories. All handcrafted with responsibly sourced leather and sustainable materials, we are loving all of these sophisticated, laidback luxury items from a leather duffle bag or market tote to a cigar humidor, leather planter or the cutest dog leash and collar for your pup. Shop at

Get 25% off with code CELEBRATE-IC (this sale runs through the end of the year!)

Courtesy: Gita Omri

Gita Omri

Luxury womenswear designer, Gita Omri, is offering 30% off her made to order pieces. Whether you’re looking for closet stables like a bomber jacket, midi skirt or contour pants from her Omri Essentials collection or Spring ’23 pieces to pre-order now like flowy dresses, silky blouses, pleated skirts, lace shorts and reversible tops, this is a sale you don’t want to miss. Available in sizes 0-30, there is something for everyone! Also don’t let the Cyber Monday ticking clock stress you out because this sale is going on through December 12th!! Shop at

Use code CYBERMONDAY30 (sale will run through December 12th)

Courtesy: Rag & Co

Rag & Co

Calling all shoe lovers. Stock up on your favorite shoe styles for all your holiday parties this season from handcrafted women’s footwear brand, Rag & Co, with a huge steal of 50% off right now! From lace up boots, dress sandals and standout platform heels to velvet loafers, fancy flats and classic pumps, you’ll want to take advantage of these extra savings. Your shoe closet and wallet will thank you. Just be prepared for many shoe compliments to come your way! Shop at

Get 50% with code: HOLIDAY50 (sale will run through December)

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‘SIX: The Musical’ celebrates Thanksgiving with ‘CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade’ performance

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Feast For Henry VIII

More than likely, your Thanksgiving Day today got off to a fantastic start, getting the turkey in the oven, cooking up the veggies and stuffing cubes for that crowd-drawing stuffing you’re making along with pies, Mac and Cheese, and cranberry sauce, and if you’re anything like Daniel plus Lauren, you got in an all-important run before today’s turkey day feast, but between your coffee and maybe a margarita or two to spice up cook cook fest, you caught “SIX: The Musical” on Broadway performing on the “CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade”, filled with an extraordinary performance where and the fam will go see “SIX” on Broadway this Thanksgiving Weekend.

And what makes today’s television performance on CBS very special is this will be the last televised performance with the original cast of “SIX”, a new group of leading ladies will grace the Broadway stage in just a few short weeks, everything about “SIX” is magnificent, from the costumes, the concept, the idea, the premise, and the upbeat telling of a time and place 500 years ago with King Henry VIII.

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IMG Announces 2022 Winners Of The 15th Australian Fashion Laureate

Courtesy: Australian Fashion Laureate

(SYDNEY) 22 November 2022

Today, IMG announced the winners of the 2022 Australian Fashion Laureate, honouring individuals who have played a significant role in the growth and cultural impact of fashion both within and beyond Australia. Winners were revealed at a celebratory luncheon and ceremony at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney on 22 November.

IMG is pleased to share the complete list of winners across 2022 award categories:

Australian Fashion Laureate for Lifetime Achievement

  • Ken Done

Designer of the Year, presented by BTC Markets

  • Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, CAMILLA & MARC

Emerging Designer of the Year, presented by LG Laundry Appliances

  • Lesleigh Jermanus, ALÉMAIS

Indigenous Designer of the Year, presented by Redken 

  • Laura Thompson, Clothing the Gaps

Sustainable Innovation of the Year, presented by DHL

Carla Zampatti Award for Excellence in Leadership, presented by Porsche 

  • Leila Naja Hibri

People’s Choice, presented by Afterpay

  • Rebecca Vallance
Courtesy: Australian Fashion Laureate

“For fifteen years, the Australian Fashion Laureate has provided an important platform to showcase the depth and expertise of the Australian fashion industry,” stated Natalie Xenita, Vice President-Managing Director of IMG’s Fashion Events and Properties, Asia-Pacific. “It’s a privilege to honour the exceptional talent of today’s winners and nominees and reflect on and celebrate the collective achievements of our industry in the company of esteemed peers.”

Winners were determined by a panel of industry leaders comprised of Australian Fashion Laureate alumni, leading fashion journalists, stylists, communications professionals, and top retail executives.

The Australian Fashion Laureate is supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW.

Minister for Tourism Ben Franklin said, “The Australian Fashion Laureate is a fantastic platform for our emerging and established fashion designers, and I join IMG in congratulating the winners of this year’s awards. The NSW Government is proud to support the development, innovation and excellence of Australia’s fashion designers through events like the Australian Fashion Laureate, which showcases Sydney as the nation’s fashion capital and underscore the important role of retail tourism to the NSW economy.”

In addition to Destination NSW, the Australian Fashion Laureate is made possible through the support of Afterpay, BTC Markets, David Jones, DHL, K&L Gates, LG Laundry Appliances, Porsche, Redken and San Pellegrino.

The digital home for the Australian Fashion Laureate is and fans can also stay abreast of news surrounding the Australian Fashion Laureate by following along with the official hashtag, #AustralianFashionLaureate via @ausfashionweek on Instagram and Facebook and @ausfw on Twitter.

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VIVACIOUS HONEY’s Thanksgiving Outfit (Part 2)

Courtesy: vivacious.honey Instagram

Easy Gobble

If you’re out to be stylish, comfy, and famished on Thanksgiving Day, then look for even more outfits by VIVACIOUS HONEY today on the most stylish outfits you can wear next week at Thanksgiving Dinner over your folks house, look also to the first set of outfits by VIVACIOUS HONEY shortly after Halloween.

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