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Remembering New Beginnings

It was one year ago that Nick Cordero, Amanda Kloots, and son, Elvis, moved out to LA from New York City, it was such an exciting time for all 3, a new place and a new hope, Amanda Kloots early today posted timeless moments that touch Amanda’s heart forever.

Amanda remembered key moments such as Nick and Amanda’s first date out in LA, musical mornings with then 4 month old, Elvis, and Nick and Elvis spending qualify father and son time together, with Nick getting in a song or 2.

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Amanda Kloots @aura_frames #picture frame of late #nickcordero #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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Frame It

Amanda Kloots on Monday evening posted another precious moment of her late great husband, Nick Cordero, this time with Nick holding his then newborn son, Elvis, with the picture frame by Aura Frames.

Aura Frames are not just any other picture frame you buy, they’re digital picture frame where you can insert more than 1,000 images in one frame that you can rotate or keep on one single image until you’re ready for a new image.

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Kristin Cavallari addresses #realitytv #laurenconrad on @BrettGursky #brettgursky @KristinCav #kristincavallari

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On The Table

Kristin Cavallari went into detail today about reality TV, and so-called frenemy, Lauren Conrad, on the Brett Gursky Podcast, also elaborating on her beginnings, leading all the way up to the present.

Kristin reiterated how when ending “Very Cavallari” on E!, Kristin’s thought was she didn’t want to endure her divorce for the world to see, and for her 3 children to see this tumultuous time play out on the small screen, Kristin already had to witness her former BFF, Kelly Henderson, go missing in action during the third and final season of “Very Cavallari”.

Kristin also addressed the “feud” between herself and Lauren Conrad, Kristin believes whatever tension and issues may have been on the surface during “Laguna Beach” and such is now water under the bridge, it means nothing at this point, moving on.

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Lauren Conrad #harvest up #pumpkins from the #garden @LaurenConrad #LaurenConrad

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Pumpkin Up

After a few months of tending, watering, sunlight, and love, Lauren Conrad and her immediate family today see the end result of what started out as a few pumpkin seeds back in July, which turned into 3 fully developed pumpkins ready for fall harvest.

The garden has become the cornerstone of the Conrad/ Tell household, with sons, Liam and Charlie, helping out in the garden, even with glimpses of a still growing pumpkin with fully plumped berries.

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Kristin Cavallari begins design process for @UncommonJames #uncommonjames #fall2021 #fall #2021 @KristinCav #kristincavallari

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Start Now

It’s never too late to start thinking about next year, thinking about what next fall will be like before this fall barely has begun, it’s not an awkward process, it’s the norm in the fashion industry when thinking about next year, it’s what Kristin Cavallari’s doing today with Uncommon James and Fall 2021.

Kristin begins the design process by getting the creative juices flowing, it’s a good starting point as a follow up to Kristin’s UJ Fall 2020 and its third drop of FW20 that’s inspired by Kristin’s family roots of Italy.

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Amanda Kloots remembers first night in #california with #nickcordero #amandakloots #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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Start From One

It never passes your mind, but it’s that first day of something wonderful of a person, place, or thing that never leaves you, it’s the same with Amanda Kloots today, who remembers the first night that she, late husband, Nick Cordero, spent their first night in California, Laurel Canyon, California on Nick’s birthday last year, moving all the way from New York City.

If you notice the date, it was on Nick’s birthday that Nick, Amanda, and son, Elvis, moved out to California, Amanda thought it’d be a nice birthday surprise for Nick; plus Amanda noted how singer/ songwriter, Finneas, dedicated his song to 3 close amazing people in his life.

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Kristin Cavallari on @BrettGursky #brettgursky #podcast @KristinCav #kristincavallari @UncommonJames #uncommonjames

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Know Who You Are

Kristin Cavallari’s had an amazing journey of success with reality TV, entrepreneurship, and raising a family, it’s something you and all of us can live up to, Kristin also shares today her interview with Brett Gursky on his podcast.

There’s one thing you need to know about yourself before you go further in life, figuring out who you are, that’s what Kristin did early on, and staying true to yourself is very important.

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Lauren Conrad’s #DIY #fall mantel decor @LaurenConrad #LaurenConradCoLoves #LaurenConrad


It’s Fall Town

It’s time to get that top spot in your house where the fireplace is decorated, the mantel that is, now begins 3 and a half months of fall, Halloween, fall, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrating that your mantel will see its busiest days in all of the year, start today with Lauren Conrad and her DIY Fall Leaf Garland Mantel Decor.

For this Fall Leaf project, you’ll need brown paper bags or brown craft paper, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun, and marker, just follow the very step by step instructions Lauren provides in her DIY Fall Project.

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Kristin Cavallari’s @UncommonJames Monday kick-off look #jewelry @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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New Week In Gold

Kristin Cavallari got the new week off to a great start today with loads of Uncommon James jewelry to head out to the UJ headquarters with, also perfect with Kristin’s Monday outfit of white button-down blouse and burnt orange flare slacks.

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

In highlight fashion, Kristin’s UJ attire includes the UJ Rose Ring, Tigris Ring, On The Rise Ring, Side by Side Huggie, and Venetian Necklace; Kristin also had time to get a photo in with her oldest son, Camden Jack Cutler, where both smiled for the camera before heading off to school.

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

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Finneas dedicates @nivassoc #SaveOurStages #SOSFest ‘What They Say About Us’ performance to #AmandaKloots #Elvis #NickCordero #COVID19

Courtesy: FINNEAS – Live From Teragram Room

To A Great Man & His Family

Amanda Kloots, the wife and widow of Nick Cordero, also the father of their son, Elvis, came across on her Instagram story early today a moment by singer/ songwriter, Finneas, who dedicated his song, “What They Say About Us”, to Amanda, Elvis, and Nick, when Finneas performed it on Friday during the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund “Save Our Stages Festival” on YouTube.

Finneas wrote “What They Say About Us” based on the life of Nick, Amanda, and Elvis, with Amanda saying how beautiful Finneas’s tribute to Nick was while being moved to tears.

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