Jewels So Nice, Beyoncé Wore Them Twice

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Bey X’s 2

It’s not news that Beyoncé’s style creates waves in the fashion world, but it’s a rare sighting when she loves a piece of jewelry so much that she wears it twice in one week.

Queen B flexed her fashion agility today while vacationing with her family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when she paired the “Tree Of Life” earrings from Hanut Singh with a chic street-style look, after wearing them this past Friday to the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala in Hollywood, Florida.

Daniel Quintanilla


Lauren Conrad’s non-dairy Mexican hot chocolate in LC Lauren Conrad cups


The Milky Way Once Removed

Hot Chocolate has always been about fresh whole milk mixed with gallop of chocolate syrup, which makes the greatest hot chocolate on Earth, throw a little bit of Mexico in it, and you’ll have something truly spectacular that’s close to Cancun or even “Moulin Rouge: The Musical”, the Milky Way can still be rich and creamy even if you omit the cow out of the equation, plus have great cups from LC Lauren Conrad to drink up with, to finally have Lauren Conrad today make Mexican non-dairy hot chocolate in fine ceramics from Kohl’s.

Now if you’re not gonna use good ole fashion Grade A Vitamin D whole milk to burn your chocolate into, and if you’re making Mexican Hot Chocolate in LC Lauren Conrad mugs, then mix in coconut cream, your choice of non-dairy milk like coconut, almond, or soy, ground cinnamon, vanilla, ground nutmeg, dark chocolate of 70 or 85 percent, cayenne, and cinnamon sticks to garnish.

Break your favorite bar dark chocolate into pieces, heat the coconut cream up, whisk in your spices, add in chocolate pieces, and then add that pinch of cayenne to take yourself on an impromptu flight to Mexico via the LC Lauren Conrad express of their new mugs and spoons.

Daniel Quintanilla

Beyonce’s Wears Healing Diamonds Ahead of Shawn Carter Foundation Gala

Courtesy: Beyoncé Instagram

Diamond Girl

Beyoncé’s cultural influence has been an undeniable tour-de-force, but ahead of Friday night’s Shawn Carter Foundation Gala in Hollywood, Florida, Beyoncé allowed her jewels to shine some light on those in need.

Wearing the one-of-a-kind “Eva Luna” earrings by newly acclaimed jewelry designer, Hanut Singh, the beautifully unique pair features the Herkiner Diamond, the strongest quartz crystal known for its transformative healing powers, as well as a Kallati ring as icing on the cake.

Beyond the foundation’s $4 million contribution of youth empowerment, we love how her jewels had the power to bring loving energy where it’s needed.

Daniel Quintanilla

Maria’s By Alida Boer reveals the Loreta handbag

Courtesy: Maria’s By Adila Boer

Weave Beautifully

Maria’s By Adila Boer, who’s a near and dear friend of Daniel plus Lauren for over 3 years now introduced us on Thursday once again to a beautiful line of hand-crafted, hand-woven handbags with a purpose and love behind it called Loreta.

Loreta handbags are stories interlacing the tapestry fabric and its rich craftsmanship, transporting us to an experience of colors and textures that convey the feeling of the artisan who makes it.

With more than 15,000 years, this technique is an ode to the textile heritage, combining the best organic cotton threads, produced in Guatemala, with a diversity of contrasting patterns and textures, evoking an analogous language, the same feeling that our beautiful traditional looms brings to us.

Blending craftsmanship and contemporary designs, each handbag tells a story that is created with the utmost precision and care, doubling also as a collectible piece of art.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad introduces tights in LC Lauren Conrad collection

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Leg Up Before Anything Else

Lauren Conrad over the last 10 years has grown her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s from a simple collection reflecting who Lauren is, to an LC Lauren Conrad that keeps on growing with options, as well as where Lauren’s life journey takes her, the newest option Lauren gave a sneak peek on Thursday via Instagram is a new pair of tights.

Just in time for the holiday season, and a first for LC Lauren Conrad, Lauren offers up footed tights which surely will come in an array of black, white, and brown colors, as well as other colors too.

Lauren’s first footless go around includes a pair of white fishnet tights, what’s sure to come over traditional black silhouette fishnet tights, as well as traditional silhouette tights ranging from sheer, translucent, and opaque in one’s choice of color.

Lauren’s new footed tights go perfectly with many of LC Lauren Conrad’s beautifully designed dresses, as well as going under bottoms, leggings, and even shorts with a cute blouses, mini-jackets, and any pair of LC Lauren Conrad’s accessories.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad’s new iPhone wallpaper inspired by LC Lauren Conrad 10th anniversary



With all the inspiration we find everyday on social media, especially on places like Instagram, there’s so much swiping one can do to find the latest people, places, and things that motivates one to be influenced by who they’re following on Instagram, inspiration can also be found while were exercising our thumbs and fingers doing the magic swipe, Lauren Conrad makes that possible today by releasing new iPhone wallpaper that’s inspired Lauren’s just released LC Lauren Conrad 10th anniversary collection.

Lauren seeks out inspiration from feminine and beautiful backgrounds direct from LC Kohl’s and fresh off the anniversary photo shoot with tulle roses in pink and white with translucent draping, and fresh pink flowers coming from a snapshot that includes green leaves, cranberries, and light and brown stems.

It’s not often we celebrate the inspiration of a paint brush, even though it does the work of creating such beautiful rooms and portraits, but seeing one stroke a pink paintbrush leads us to create our own beautiful works, sparkling bubbles come next on wallpaper images that are obviously found through champagne, and no celebration would be complete without a cake and candles, we see a nice tall white frosted cake with tall gold-shine lit candles.

Daniel Quintanilla

Halsey is Breathtaking in Old Hollywood Glam at the CMA’s

Courtesy: Zimbio via D’Orazio & Associates

Get Closer

There was no shortage of Hollywood glam at Wednesday night’s “Country Music Awards” in Nashville, Tennessee, but about unexpected pop-up was the swooniest of them all.

Halsey graced the country Mecca’s number one red carpet in a dark romantic ball gown with the perfect pink suite of Le Vian, Kallati, and Misahara jewels to lighten the mood.

Daniel Quintanilla

Maren Morris Charms in Baby Blues for the CMAs

Courtesy: Zimbio via D’Orazio & Associates

The Middle Is Great

Mama-To-Be, Maren Morris, glowed in a charming baby blue look, complete with sparkling drop earrings from Kallati tonight at the “Country Music Awards” in Nashville, Tennessee.

The earrings yellow detail perfectly matched a Harry Kotlar ring, giving Maren’s red carpet look an air of youthful sophistication.

Daniel Quintanilla

Carrie Underwood Steals the Show in $1.2M Harry Kotlar Yellow Diamond Ring

Courtesy: Shuttershock via D’Orazio & Associates

We Love You, Carrie

Carrie Underwood shut down the fashion game while hosting the “Country Music Awards” tonight on ABC in Nashville, Tennessee, with the legendary Heart Of Oklahoma Diamond in Harry Kotlar masterpiece yellow diamond ring.

Valued at $1.2 Million, this one-of-a-kind piece has an 18.92 carat center stone diamond, representing the founding year of the stone’s creator and Oklahoma mainstay, BC Clark’s.

Carrie’s proud Oklahoma heritage makes her the perfect star to debut this truly magnificent work of art from Harry Kotlar.

Daniel Quintanilla

How ‘Days Of Our Lives’ can avoid cancellation (from NBC’s standpoint)

Courtesy: NBC

What’s The Peacock Think?

On Tuesday, TV Line reported that the entire cast of “Days Of Our Lives” have been released from their contracts, speculating that the 54-year-old soap opera is getting cancelled, but sources say the casts will be offered new contracts at lower salaries, filming resuming in March, and that NBC wants to keep “Days”, with episodes filmed 8 months in advance as the serial goes one year into the future, filling the NBC daytime schedule up until summer 2020, so let’s talk how “Days Of Our Lives” can stay on the air, not on a viewer’s observations, but from what Daniel plus Lauren thinks NBC’s plans are based on knowledge and experience learned over the years.

Releasing the entire casts, only to renegotiate for lower salaries definitely means right of refusal by each cast member, and reason for NBC to cancel “Days Of Our Lives”, but if NBC wants to keep “Days” in spite of offering lower salaries, followed by those that accept, then NBC’s plan could be to move the longtime soap from their daytime TV schedule, and onto NBC Universal’s new streaming service, Peacock, which debuts in April 2020, a month after when production hopes to get back up and running.

Now if the sand runs out on the hourglass with “Days” on TV, but turns a new chapter (or the hourglass gets turned over so the sand keeps on slipping) via Peacock, then July 24, 2020 could be the day that “Days Of Our Lives ends its near 55-year run on TV, that day because it’s the day the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan begin with their opening ceremonies where daytime programming is preempted by Olympic coverage for the next 2 weeks, and 8 months of “Days” episodes will have run out by then, so it could be a pivotal day for NBC with “Days Of Our Lives” ending on TV, and the Summer Olympics beginning that same day.

Now after the Summer Olympics end, and before the new TV season begins next fall, as well as “Days” hopefully celebrating their 55th anniversary on November 8, 2020, it’s anybody’s guess when “Days” would return if their future lies on NBC’s new Peacock streaming service, or how the longtime serial’s episodes would be structured on a weekly or daily basis.

An important fact to point out is since the streaming audience is much smaller than a true television audience (not true with “Stranger Things” or other popular shows), salaries are negotiated much lower because of it, so there could be reluctance from veteran “Days” cast members to sign on this new streaming platform with the longtime soap, those that could sign on could either see success or failure with “Days Of Our Lives” as the first-ever streaming soap opera, which NBC will be proud as a peacock to strut.

In the end, it all comes down to the viewing public’s love for “Days Of Our Lives”, and whether loyal fans are willing to make “Days” apart of their binge watching appetite, as well as if it’s economically feasible for NBC’s portfolio, and the quality of the writing, dialogue, and storyline on “Days” behalf.

Courtesy: Daniel plus Lauren YouTube Channel (filmed by Eddin Martinez Media)

Since “Days Of Our Lives” is still part of pop culture, there’s still a time or two where the soap opera gets referenced in another TV show, even as small as an Off, Off Broadway sketch comedy stage show called “A Sketch Of New York” does “Days” get referenced, thanks to Daniel plus Lauren who changed up a line in a “Shrink” sketch earlier this year back on March 31.

Daniel Quintanilla