Thomas Wylde spider lily inspiration in Spring 2017 at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Thomas Wylde

Japanese Death Flower Fashion

Not too long ago, Daniel plus Lauren founder, Daniel Quintanilla got to visit the showroom of Thomas Wylde getting to know their Spring/ Summer 2017 collection who seeks inspiration from dark and crude places.

The Thomas Wylde DNA is made up of skull, rock and roll, and edgy which is made up of leather and silks based out of Los Angeles, California and in business for 10 years now.

This collection’s flagship is a hand-drawn spider lily that’s best known as the flower of death in Japan, or Higanbana which are poisonous crimson spider lilies that grow in and around graveyards warding off demons and creatures.

Thomas Wylde uses the Higanbana to invoke romantic narrative alluding to elegant details, colors, and silhouettes for the spring season.

One can find the Higanbana on Thomas Wylde’s silk dresses, kimonos, blouses, and sharply tailored suiting trimmed with leather, then punctuated with signature metal hardware and pearl studding details.

Not only is Thomas Wylde best known for hardware pearl studding, one can also find metal hardware in the form of zippers typically found on leather also.

Thomas Wylde also has an array of stand-out/ stand alone accessories like backpacks, handbags, shoes, and skull studs that one cannot miss when they walk by.

The one thing Thomas Wylde is known for wildly are incorporating the words FUCK and MOTHERFUCKER onto their shirts, pants, and accessories, subtle or not.

MOTHERFUCKER plays a key role inside drawings of a rabbit, otherwise best known as the MOTHERFUCKER BUNNY.

Daniel plus Lauren was very impressed with Thomas Wylde’s vision of Spring/ Summer 2017 getting in touch with the deep dark side, and being crude in a friendly way so to speak.

The collection stands out for its use of colors and details making for a speak your mind wardrobe that tells it like it is.

Daniel Quintanilla


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