Spencer Pratt says Lauren Conrad could’ve been more famous than Kim Kardashian

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Could Spencer Pratt Be Right?

Spencer Pratt had more to say about Lauren Conrad Wednesday via Vulture, he says Lauren would’ve had bigger fame than even Kim Kardashian has now.

Spencer’s observations are that if MTV made “The Hills” and Lauren more unfiltered in their presentation of Lauren, Lauren would be holding the world by its throat like Kim does now.

Spencer backs this up by saying Lauren was very opinionated about everything, and left no stone unturned.

However, Spencer says MTV instead saw Lauren Conrad like a Mary Tyler Moore prototype, presenting Lauren in another way than any other reality TV star.

Sure, Lauren Conrad does very well for herself with her brand and her business alone with the Kim Kardashian approach, but Spencer says Kim makes a million dollars a day.

Sure again, Spencer Pratt could be coming out with all this information because Spencer may have buyer’s remorse in the way his fame ended up now.

But yours truly has followed Lauren Conrad for about 10 years, and they could agree with Spencer Pratt saying there were some points in 2008 that Kim Kardashian’s overshadowing of Lauren Conrad were justified for life.

However, yours truly has put this moments to rest along with Spencer’s observations and couldn’t be more happier at the success Lauren Conrad ended up with.

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