Lauren Conrad’s top knot is top style


Courtesy: Lauren Conrad’s Instagram

Hair Inspiration From All Places

Lauren Conrad posted on Instagram today one of many hair style elements from her trusted stylist, Kristin Ess, being a hair knot.

Now it may look like a hair bundt at first glance, Lauren says directly that this is a hair knot done up yesterday by Kristin during a photo shoot for LC Lauren Conrad over at Kohl’s.

Obviously, Lauren is having fun posing for this little selfie wearing a dark red lipstick and wearing a translucent sweater from the Kohl’s shoot.

From many experiences in writing about Lauren’s Kohl’s shoots, Lauren and her team not only put a beautiful product together, but go out and have fun making things beautiful.

And let’s not count out Kristin Ess who’s been Lauren’s stylist for a long time now seeing that Lauren’s hair is carefully maintained, and continues to stay beautiful all the time.

Daniel Quintanilla




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