Lauren Conrad creates a flapper costume



Lauren Lives The Flapper Life

Lauren Conrad revealed today not only that her 1920’s flapper Halloween costume will be something she and her editors are wearing as a group, but ways for you to recreate the flapper for yourself.

Lauren says start out with a slip dress that’s the right height and size for your body, add a little hem depending on the size of your hip, one large feather, trim for 2 straps and a headband, change fringe, and make sure you have enough fabric for yourself to make it out of a dress.

From there, just follow 7 detailed steps to make your 1920’s flapper costume like Lauren will have for Halloween, and you can join in on the fun with Lauren and friends.

Gimme A Shot of Candy Corn Please

That’s right, you don’t just have to have candy corns in wax anymore, you can have it in a glass today thanks to Lauren Conrad’s baker, Lauren Lowstan about how to make candy corn panna cotta.

Believe it or not, all ages are welcome to have this candy corn shot because it’s alcohol-free, and fun for the kids to have because there’s whole milk, heavy cream, gelatin, sugar, vanilla, and food coloring to make this a fun, 3 layered dessert to have on Halloween.

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