Lauren Conrad finds Halloween costumes already in our closet



The Halloween Found Inside Our Home

Now that Lauren Conrad has revealed her Halloween costume for 2016, Lauren Conrad today makes a push for us to create costumes using items that we already have.

Lauren seeks out inspiration from pop culture beginning with the latest craze being eleven from “Stranger Things” that’s tennis shoes, socks, pink dress, and Eggo waffles.

Next up is Vivian Ward from “Pretty Woman” that’s tube top, knee high boots, and denim dress, and an olympic gymnast where all you need are a bodysuit, scrunchies, gold medal, and an American flag hair bow.

There’s also Davie Bowie with a black and white vertical striped jumpsuit and burgundy suede mini boots, and then there’s Margot Tenenbaum from “The Royal Tenenbaums” with her collared shirt dress, ballet flats, and a faux fur coat from the LC Lauren Conrad collection.

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween night along with the after midnight nightclub parties would not be complete without a good drink to go with it, Lovely Libations today presents us with the Passionfruit Mar-ghoul-rita cocktail.

To make this drink, all you need are sparkling water, 2 limes, sea salt, sour candy gummy worms, and ice to mix in well with some tequila so we can all have a Halloween that we’ll never forget.

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