Lauren Conrad gives a tour of her home


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Home, Sweet Lauren’s Home

Lauren Conrad gave a tour of her Pacific Palisades, California home to My Domaine Thursday giving us the low down about the decor and renovations she’s made since moving in.

For Lauren and husband, William Tell, buying a house in a much quieter area that Los Angeles, California played a very important role, and there’s nothing wrong with experiencing the ocean breeze outside your door.

Lauren says she likes her living space to clean but welcoming where your home should be a representation of your style where Lauren has personal items all throughout.

Lauren’s favorite place is the kitchen, and Lauren put a huge effort into renovating the cabinets by replacing them with natural timber shelves against subway tiles, as well as little changes in the bathrooms.

Lauren also says this new home of her has a Spanish-style feel unlike her last home, stressing too that making renovations within the bones of the home without changing too much makes the home feel like your own, and any strip down renovation makes it feel awkward.

Lauren’s acquired decor includes hardwood square coffee table, wooden ladder, Turkish antique wool rug, cast iron double slipper clawfoot tub, and items from The Little Market like woven tablecloth and tassel pillow.

Chic Of The Week: Pinstripes

Lauren Conrad’s Chic Of The Week today presents Christine and her perfect pinstripes of an oversized blazer and miniskirt presenting a masculine temperament in a female outfit, accompanied by a pinstripe knit sweater.

Friday Favorites with Lauren Conrad

Halloween is in just 3 days, so Lauren’s picks this week are totally Halloween-based like chic balloons with black shading and boo on them, beaded bunny ear headbands for rabbit costumes, Halloween messages on black pumpkins, black cat flats, and walrus aerobics for a good laugh.

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