Lauren Conrad merges families for the holidays



Coming Together In Baby Steps


Bringing families together for the holidays is not easy, and newly married couples don’t have it any easier gathering husband and wife’s folks in one room, Lauren Conrad today has 3 options to make the challenge easy to accomplish.

Option number 1 is to attend multiple celebrations on Thanksgiving and Christmas like going to one’s house in the morning, and the other’s house in the afternoon or evening.

Option number 2 is you can always switch off where you spend the holidays if your families happens to live in different cities, switching off every other year for each holiday helps a great deal.

And option number 3 is for you and your spouse to make your own plans and include everyone in spite of locked traditions that date back to 20 years at least, compromise is key in dealing with spending time with family on the holidays.

Mimosa Please….. But Hold The Orange Juice

Lauren Conrad gives her personal approval today to swap out orange juice in favor of lovely libations being apple cider mimosas.

All you have to do is buy a gallon of your favorite homemade apple cider, and heat it up with round slices of whole oranges simmering in the pot.

Then, get some champagne glasses and pour your favorite champagne into them, and finally pour your hot apple cider into each glass, and you have yourself a nice apple cider mimosa in favor of the season, and without abandoning the orange totally.

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