Lauren Conrad goes chic for casual fall fashion



The Look Of Fall

Chic is not a trend nor is it a season, so it’s no trouble that we find it in Lauren Conrad’s Chic Of The Week today in fall casual.

We meet Jamie who designs this casual well with midnight blue and lavender line flannel button-down blouse and blue jeans paired with leather saddlebag, matching watches, and sunglasses.

Along with comfortable white sneakers, one can take their flannel blouse and tie it around their waist when it gets warm outside, scarf and sweater can also be added for extra layering.

Jamie also says her fall look is comfortable but also stylish in a not so trying hard kind of way.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s November inspired picks today come from the fact that the holidays are fast approaching, and Lauren can’t wait any longer to share them.

Lauren loves fall sweet potato and kale pasta along with decor labeled “Press For Champagne”, flowery crown halos, pom pom key chains from LC Lauren Conrad, and natural brown makeup tutorial taking us back to the 90’s.

Daniel Quintanilla

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