Lauren Conrad gifts the all-important hostess



Those Hostess Can Surely Pull Parties Off

Lauren Conrad is one who knows what it’s like to put together a great shindig bringing out all your friends and family, so today’s gift guide shows thanks those who do great parties.

With an intention to be thrifty, great gifts can be found for your beloved party organizer like ring holders, tabletop tray, cookie cutters, and “Lauren Conrad Celebrate”.

Now if you can spend up to $100, you can find your hostess a cheese board, blush tray, brass pitcher with spoon, a pour-over, a pink chevon, and a jewelry  box.

And for those splurging, you can go all out acquiring nice gifts like his or her decanter set, gift boxes, bar cart, a stovetop expresso maker, serving bowl, circle tray, and a cast iron petite French oven.

A Ring with A Manicure

Today, from the James Allen collection, wedding bells ring again with a selection of 14 karat engagement rings to match the choice manicure you get at a nail salon.

There’s the rose gold falling edge pave diamond with nude nails and a gold French tip, white gold knife edge solitaire with holiday red, and yellow gold halo with gold glitter.

James Allen also has halo in white gold over a cushion plus an ice blue manicure, and a white gold petite pave crown over pale pink nails.

Daniel Quintanilla

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