Lauren Conrad’s beautiful December for LC Lauren Conrad


The December Effect

Obviously, Lauren Conrad’s latest Kohl’s December pieces today justify their arrival because there are no mild December this year, AccuWeather says Arctic cold is on the way tomorrow bringing temperatures low into the mid-teens.

Lauren starts out with a simple winter look of a side-tie turtleneck sweater with flare leg jeans that are very easy to buy at $54 and $50, and in beige and blue.

Now, if you’re going to one of many holiday parties still going on right now, Lauren presents metallic mixed media top, tiered tulle midi skirt, and dress heels all for $36, $60, and $59.99.

And another simple look Lauren wants you is a pleated cold-shoulder top, and high-rise jeggings meaning high-waisted jeans and leggings in one going for $44 and $50.

Cakes Are The Holidays

Lauren Conrad goes solo again today for the edible obsession of Christmas explosion cakes and sugar snowflake cake, all while seeking a helping hand from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan.

Now if you like birthday cakes, you’ll certainly love the Christmas explosion cake with all kinds of decorations on it, just remember to remove decorations off the cake when you serve so no child or adult chokes.

For yours truly, the best of both worlds can be decorating the cake with edible pieces and frosting that look exactly like decorations so you don’t have to strike the display.

The next cake is a sugar snowflake cake where you simply take a cut out snowflake, place it on top of the cake, and then you sprinkle your powdered sugar on top of it to make that wonderful snow flake on your sweet cake.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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