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Chic With The New

Lauren Conrad presented a game-changer today to the Friday edition of her site, it’s called “The Edit” which is a new weekly piece telling about the latest obsessions and purchases of Lauren, and Lauren’s team of editors.

This new blog post doesn’t just tell you about the team’s clothing and beauty purchases, but things like the kind of apps, home decor, recipes, and all other things Lauren and her people are putting their buying power into.

With Lauren continuing her efforts to make a place to bring the best to her audience, as well as constantly growing and maturing, “The Edit” was conceived by constant devotion to online research of new brands, styles, and trends being tested, so Lauren can bring it all home to you.

With Lauren and friends making finds like soft scarf, velvet loafers, decorating books, tassel bracelets, calendars, chairs, key chains, and the Paper Crown Cologne Jacket in their first installment, Lauren and yours truly agree that “The Edit” is a new revolutionary place to discover new products recommended by Lauren Conrad herself.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

With “The Edit” making new ground with products and extended involvement of Lauren’s editors, Lauren Conrad continues her weekly favorites of things she loves.

Lauren’s picks this week include a velvet blanket, styled bar cart, a monochromatic look in winter blue, hand painted floral box, and a holiday makeup tutorial that just Lauren can claim on her own.

Good-bye Chic Of The Week

Since Chic Of The Week did not appear today so Lauren can make room for “The Edit”, it looks like the Friday piece that showed off wonderful outfits put together by fashion bloggers is no more.

The last Chic Of The Week piece was Bri with her holiday seasonal style of 2 outfits put together thanks to Paper Crown, with the Havana top and Mumbai skirt paired with high heels and black tights being the most notable.

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