Lauren Conrad reveals her favorite charities


Courtesy: The Little Market

The Charity You Love in Your Heart

Lauren Conrad today along with her team of editors made clear what charities are their favorites that they’re involved with every single day.

Lauren stood tall and proud pronouncing that The Little Market and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles are organizations and places Lauren finds very special in her heart with her continuous contributions, and assurance that those involved are taken care of well.

Ilana Saul revealed her charities being Carry The Future and Alliance of Moms, Rachel Rosenbloom puts her heart into Wags & Walks and the Human Rights Watch, Allison Norton loves Junior League of Los Angeles and Surfrider Foundation, Jessi Burrone with Young Lives, and Tessa Scott with the Locks of Love.

Cupcakes & Cranberries

The recipe box today delights us with cranberry wreath cupcakes making a chocolate batter as its base, along with vanilla frosting, as well as sprinkled cranberries with green edible decoration to indulge into the dessert even more.

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