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Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad (Christmas Weekend edition)

Can you believe it?  Christmas is in less than 48 hours, and we’ve all got last minute gifts and preparations to conquer before Christmas Eve tomorrow night, so Lauren Conrad’s picks today are dedicated to getting things mended before the big day.

You definitely want to see Lauren’s decor of a DIY copper and cotton wreath, a milk & cookies mug that says just that where you can fill your milk along with your cookies to leave for Santa.

Then there’s an embroidered floral silver sequin shift dress that’s perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings, and even Hanukkah.

You also have a special friendship between a baby elephant and “Pea” the ostrich over in Kenya, Africa, and some gingerbread biscotti drizzled with white chocolate you can server up Christmas Morning opening gifts.

The Edit with Lauren Conrad & Lauren’s Editors

The second installment of The Edit today has a new set of products, services, apps, and trends Lauren’s people are crazy about, inspiring last minute gift ideas if you’re blank.

Lauren’s finds this week are the absolutely perfect ex-boyfriend flannel button-down shirt in plaid red and midnight blue, and gingerbread house cookie cutters bake set as you make more gingerbread treats this Christmas weekend.

For Rachel Rosenbloom, there’s LC Lauren Conrad D’Orsay black ballet flats and the J.Crew toothpick jean in dark jean blue.

Allison Norton like Lululemon Locarno long sleeve workout shirt paired with black leggings, as well as The Little Market large tropical clutch.

Jessi Burrone just loves the Filmborn app and the Amsterdam Dress by Paper Crown, while Tessa Scott can’t get enough of the Madewell Silk Bandana.

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