Lauren Conrad reveals 2017 New Year’s resolution



What’s Your Plan For 2017?

Today, Lauren Conrad didn’t waste one moment getting to what her New Year’s Resolution is going to be for 2017, and it all revolves around the word ‘joy’.

The challenge Lauren had for us today is to choose one word from a list Lauren created like love, joy, peace, self control, or persistence and create a New Year’s Resolution based on that one single word.

With ‘joy’, Lauren’s resolutes to plan more activities that bring her joy, as well as taking advantage of her days off better aside from just focusing on work.

Lauren’s plan to be more about ‘joy’ on her day off could mean playing with the dogs on the beach, taking her kayaks out for a unforgettable splash up the lake, or just simply trying out a new recipe.

Lauren resolved to take time to relax when making resolutions on the fifth day of 2016, so Lauren’s making an effort to improve upon it going a little further with doing things that bring her ‘joy’.

Daniel Quintanilla

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