It’s a Real New Year’s Eve outlook with Daniel+Lauren

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

Your New Year’s Eve Plans Are……………….

You’ve got places to go, plans to make, and stuff to organize, and this is only New Year’s.

You may wanna take Lauren Conrad’s advice on People Friday, and plan a huge New Year’s Eve party with your plenty of time sending out invitations, only serving light food with lots of champagne, and staying in your pajamas all night.

But……. you may have a few ideas of your own, and those ideas you don’t need to plan so well in advanced.

So first, your New Year’s Eve night can either be at a friend’s house, a family’s house, or in some random bar or chic nightclub.

Whatever you may choose, there may have to be some flexibility if some plans are not concrete, and you need a backup to take effect real quick.

Here’s one case, your friend or family’s house party falls through or the host may have other plans of their own at the last minute.

What do you do?  Whether in advanced or last mkjute, head to the nearest nightclub possible to get that New Year’s Eve fill in so your plans are not ruined whatsoever.

Same goes in another case where you have no plans, your at home, you wanna go out, but do you have the muster to part with “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” in search of the coolest nightclub in the world?

If you can’t part, don’t do it, go to a local bar.  But if you got a strong heart, find a nightclub stat very early enough to get it, you may have to pay hefty to guarantee yourself entry, so look online that day or days before.

As far as drinking, Lauren Conrad forecast people eating dinner way early before the party so she’ll only serve appetizers and lots of champagne.

But the real deal is many folks don’t eat dinner period on New Year’s Eve, or before going out to the clubs until after the partying is done in the wee hours or when the sun comes up.

Lauren was very accurate about a 2 things, some people do drink water in between cocktails, wine, martinis, etc; and people eat fried food after they drink, or hungover.

But the main rule you must remember when drinking, do not eat anything before you drink because you won’t feel the buzz, or euphoria or being under the influence.  You don’t want to miss out on that for a good while.

But remember one thing, and one thing only, please do not drink if you are the one driving.  You gotta drive your friends home safely, and truly want to be the designated driver for the night and not drink.

But….. if you do drink, for heaven’s sake, please call a cab and get your car when your all better, or call a ride service if you’re drunk to take you, your friends, and your car home.

New Year’s Eve, and be fun with no drama if possible, and definitely no tragedy when thinking this through.

Yours truly admits this write up is slanted because they don’t drive themselves, but there benefit to not owning a car or license for that matter since it gives you more freedom to let yourself go.

Bottom line, please be careful no matter what your situation is, and enjoy the benefits you have while you have them, and Lauren Conrad is right in some cases too with her advice.

Daniel Quintanilla

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