Why Team Lauren Conrad favors soup over juice to detox


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Your Soup Can Do More Than You Can Imagine

Are you in a frenzy right now because you ate too much during the holiday, and you’ve discovered that you have extra pounds on the scale than you did before?

Are you in need of a quick fix to undo the weight gain that took place while you enjoyed cookies, meat, seafoods, pastas, wines, beers, and bubbly?

Well, Lauren Conrad’s team of editors today say do not go right to the juice cleanse for quick results, they say a soup cleanse will do you better instead because juice contains all sugar, no nutritional value, and no fiber that’ll help your system.

With help from resident cook, Kelly LeVeque, Team LC’s reasons for soup cleanse are that more nutrients are expended in spite of it being cooked than juices with a lot of sugar in them.

Sure, some soups may contain more sugar than some raw juices, but you can make your own soups by going to the farmer’s market to buy your own vegetables or frozen vegetables which are just as good, as well as buying bone broths or purees you make yourself out of cooked vegetables.

Yours truly can say that soup cleanses are good because of high fiber and water content, but don’t just get any ole soup out there, most soups like with juices cleanses that are high and sugar are high in sodium and fat.

The best solution is to rely on your own veggies like garlic, ginger, greens, onions, avocado oil, or coconut milk to make the best soup you’ve ever had that you make yourself.

And when you’re ready to bring meat back into your diet, yours truly finds that slowly cooking a whole chicken in water on the stove, or slow-cooking turkey thighs by themselves on the stove for an hour to 90 minutes is the best natural broth you can get from an animal, even if you don’t eat the actual meat itself.

Wedding For Pennies On The Dollar

Now hopefully, you haven’t spent so much money on the holidays, that it hasn’t thrown your lavish wedding off course, and the only thing you wanna keep lean is your figure.

But if you’re having to stay on a budget of ramen noodle proportions, fishing the fountain to get at least one extra penny in to stay afloat, and you’re getting married where you can’t afford the traditional process, then Team Lauren Conrad today has your back for brides on a shoestring budget.

Recommendations include renting out a bridal dress instead of buying one where you save tons of money, printing out your wedding invitations is another money saver with the right service, making your own desserts and wedding cake like Lauren did for her wedding, taking the bachelor and bachelorette party into one event instead of 2, and planning out personal touches ahead of time will save you money also so you avoid rush fees.

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