Tracy Lysette brings on the jewel armor at Golden Globes

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Shining All Around

Trace Lysette wore Yvel diamond and pearl drop earrings, Hearts on Fire diamond rings, and Le Vian diamond rings to the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, January 8, 2017, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Yvel is an internationally recognized luxury jewelry brand known for transforming baroque pearls and select precious gems into exquisite works of wearable art.

Founded in 1986 by Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel, is currently celebrating 30 years of cultivating beauty.

Yvel has grown from a small family business into a fine jewelry industry leader, distinguished for its artistic and award-winning designs revered by celebrities, royalty and fine jewelry and art collectors around the world.

Yvel creations are sold at the state-of-the-art Yvel Design Center, at the Yvel luxury shops, select jewelry exhibitions, and at exclusive boutiques on five continents.

Founded in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman, Hearts On Fire became the world’s first branded diamond, the only diamond in the entire world, which is deemed perfectly cut every single time.

Hearts On Fire diamonds have a brilliant difference that you can actually see, a perfection seen nowhere else in the world.

Hearts On Fire has rapidly evolved into the highest standard of diamond cutting perfection.

More than just diamonds, Hearts On Fire is about romance and passion, love and emotion and creating perfect moments.

Today, Hearts On Fire is sold in more than 500 retail stores in 32 countries around the world, including more than 10 Hearts On Fire stores globally, as well as on and authorized HOF retailer websites.

It has become the standard of perfection when proposing marriage or recognizing any perfect moment in your life.

Considered one of the oldest jewelers in the world today, Le Vian’s glittered archive tells the story of a family’s steadfast integrity and love of gemstones and quality.

Capturing the eyes of ancient royalty and the most famous celebrities on today’s red carpet, Le Vian’s designs are regarded as works of art.

Artisans craft rare natural decorative color diamonds including Pink Orchid Diamonds, Sunny Yellow Diamonds, Blackberry Diamonds, Vanilla Diamonds and Chocolate Diamonds into innovative designs, combining colors of gems and flavors of gold with intricate detailing and a passion from days gone by.

Master gem cutters then utilize Le Vian’s proprietary and innovative cuts to brilliantly reveal the exceptional beauty of each gem.

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