Thoughtless ways to save money by the Lauren Conrad gang



Mindless Money Saving

Lauren Conrad’s team member, Ilana Saul gives us today 5 helpful ways to keep the money we have in our wallet, and grow more of it without given it another thought.

This first recommendation yours truly didn’t know even existed, but your bank has a keep the change program where your bank rounds off purchases to the nearest dollar, and puts the rest of the change in your banking account.
You can also transfer a set amount of money automatically every month to a savings account, as well as not cash out on cash back you get on a credit card that offers it, saving it for a purchase you really want.

Yes, we have fees out there every month that come out of our account, and we just don’t wanna part with, but take at least 10 minutes, and examine what you really need to come out every month, and fees that you know you can absolutely do without.

Also, look at things you add to your wish list up against thing you add to your cart, only add things to the cart when shopping on stuff you really need, but if you’re pondering about that add to wish list item a day or two later, then buy it.

A Face Mask For Every Need

Lauren Conrad’s Terra Scott today presents a smart girl’s guide to face masks, dealing with all types of skin that’s oily, acne-prone, or aged.

Clay and charcoal mask combats acne and oily skin, exfoliating mask removes dead skin cells to improve a skin’s look, sheet mask boost collagen, hydrating mask prevents skin from being dry, rough, and dull, and caffeine mask wakes up your face in the morning.

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