Lauren Conrad finds winter-inspired favorites



Finding Love For Winter

Today’s an important day obviously, it’s Inauguration Day where a new president has been sworn in making important decisions for the United States of America, so whatever side you are on, yours truly hopes you’re able to find answers to your issues.

At any rate, Lauren Conrad proceeds with this week’s Friday Favorites devoted to things you can love about winter.

Lauren finds a picture of a beautiful winter village Lauren remembers in her own memories, as well as a pillow with the word “rest” stitched on it.

There’s also a pair of hop along sock with bunny rabbits designed on them, then there’s the beautiful pink coconut cake you see above that’s actually called a snow ball cake with pink and white frosting and coconut, and chocolate cake in the middle.

The Edit by Lauren & Team LC

The Edit today sprinkles in some health-inspired finds with other picks as we continue to keep our commitments for 2017 intact.

With Lauren’s finds of nail polish and shag rugs, Team LC sought out a cookbook with healthy recipes, a Lululemon fleece hoodie, and beet chips flavored in sea salt, cinnamon & coconut sugar, and naked.

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