Maria’s Bags tightens designs up for UBM ‘Accessorie Circuit’


Courtesy: Maria’s Handbags

A Bag Filled With Color

During my trip to UBM Fashion‘s “Accessorie Circuit” in New York City on January 10, yours truly reconnected with Adila Boer, who’s the creator of Maria’s Handbags, showing off her latest handbag collection.

Maria’s new line involves a new line of color blocking styles that give Maria’s Handbags more eye-popping features so the handbags can be easily spotted.

Also added are straps, pom-pom’s, and tassels so the bags are personalized to fit one’s one style, or say who you are, even though Adila’s creations already unique.

Maria’s also introduced silk scarves as an added feature to the handbags, or one can used the scarves to wear as a regular scarf; the crossbody bags have seen incredible success in this personalized feature.

Maria’s Handbags has 13 different styles to choose from in her collection.

The color-blocking collection calls itself Technicolor, Maria’s Handbag designer, Eric says one can mix up to 150 different colors in each textile, and the collection this time around offers more accessories with it than it did before.

Overall, Maria’s Handbags offers up a very impressive line of accessories, and the handbags themselves tell a great story representing where the origins truly come from, which Adila Boer crafts together extremely well.

Daniel Quintanilla


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