Irina Vitjaz Leaves New York Fashion Week in awe with second showcase

Courtesy: Irina Vitjaz

2nd Time’s A Charm

Irina Vitjaz made her triumphant return to New York Fashion Week following her blowout success during the Spring/Summer season, which meant she had lofty expectations to meet, which she promptly exceeded at the very beginning of her show.

The audience, composed of some of the most noted journalists, photographers, models and VIPs, laid witness to something they had never seen before: an already world class fashion designer step her game up even more.

The show, with CAAFD and iFashion Network acting as supporting sponsors, took place at Skylight Clarkson Square.

Irina Vitjaz knew that after building up a successful reputation with the New York audience she would have to create the best work she has even done, and she did just that.

The audience was treated to a collection featuring prominent themes that ran through each piece, with Vitjaz’s elegant gowns stealing the show.

Transparency and light reflection were major design elements used by Irina, which complemented the slender frames of the models perfectly.

When the last model had taken her final steps, Irina herself emerged from the curtain to a lightning storm of photo flashes.

The designer was awarded a bouquet of flowers befitting an achievement as large as this showcase as she basked in the adoration of the fashion conscious crowd who were amazed by what happened before them.

World famous fashion producer and director Resk ‘Que, who handled production duties for this show, as well as Irina’s previous New York Fashion Week show had the following to say:

“Irina Vitjaz is always a pleasure to work with, you will find no better talent in all of Europe, and dare I say, the world.  Even after all the time I spent working with Irina, I am still left speechless seeing the collection in full. She always raises the bar, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Daniel Quintanilla

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