Did Lauren Conrad reveal the sex of her baby?



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Boy Or Girl?

And here’s Lauren Conrad’s answer, no answer according to an interview she did with E! News on Wednesday as she discusses being pregnant, and materity clothes she’s wearing.

In spite of not revealing who the gender of the baby is, Lauren says she’s already gone on a shopping spree for the baby because she already knows what the gender is.

Lauren says she’s not one who will wear leggings in order to be comfortable, Lauren will go out of her way to wear jeans and have a rubber band handy to keep her jeans up, and she’ll throw away her bras after the baby is born because they won’t fit.

Elle Rowley On Solly Baby

Thursday’s edition of Ladies Who Laptop with Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Anna James, chats with Elle Rowley and her successful baby fashion business, Solly Baby.

Elle goes over the beginnings of Solly Baby, being a husband and wife effort, along with raising 4 kids on a daily basis.

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