Maison The Faux’s ‘Faux Cosmetics’ fall 2017 at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Peter Stigter

Make-Up Makes The Look

Exactly one month ago today from Pier 59 in New York City’s Chelsea at New York Fashion Week, Maison The Faux presented it’s Faux Cosmetics collection setting itself apart from others.

Faux Cosmetics comes in different shapes, colors and sizes to fit the individual, and is specially made to bring out your true FAUX-self, which you’ve been dying to get out quite awhile.

Faux Cosmetics include rashy red, basket-case black, iconic iced pink, shocking suede, severe sangria, bored burgundy, adulterous amaranth, cheating cream, radical ruby, tainted tulip, tragic taupe, damaged dark scarlet, narcissistic nude, and fleshy fuchsia.

Main ingredients of Faux Cosmetics consist of confusion, desire, individualism, perplexion, ego, deterioration, passion, expression, recyclable trash, faded faux, glamour, and way of life.

Faux Cosmetics makes you evoke a strong desire for lipstick-infused, decomposed glamour, it seduces you with a fake sense of beauty and offers you a luxurious facade.

The Faux Cosmetics collection consists of a series of dramatic looks, telling a story about our obsessions with masking what we cannot hide.

Nonchalant, laced red satins like vivid lipsticks and foundation colored wools conceal the body, as well as twisted seams emulating lipstick tubes shape the collection.

Blouses with puffy sleeves and embroidered lipstick swatches are designed for you to pick the right color to match your brown paper bag.

The Maison the Faux signature denim pieces are added to the rich palette of the collection.

Patent off-the-shoulders powersuits don’t stop the Faux models diving into the trash, looking for lipsticks to add to their latest beauty routine.

In times where division and disunity are being preached and people are being suppressed for being who they are, who need freedom, compassion, acceptance and love more than ever.

Maison the Faux will continue to spread a message of inclusion and expression of your true inner self.

We did not present Faux Cosmetics in Trump’s America.

Daniel Quintanilla

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