Foam Rolling 101 by Team Lauren Conrad



Exercise With Technology

Team Lauren Conrad today give you a shape up girls guide to using a form roller when you’re exercising at the gym, or even at home.

With a foam roller, you gotta remember to relax and breath as foaming hurts at first, go slow with it, roll in all directions of the body, rolling gets easier with practice, and then graduate to a hard form ball (tennis or lacrosse ball) for more precision.

Foam roller exercises includes IT band from hip to knee, glutes/ piriformis crossing your right or left leg with tennis ball on opposite butt cheek as you roll up and down with it.

Also, calves with one leg on top of foamed calf rolling up and down, hips or quads but avoid kneecap, and shoulder girdle to loose up several muscles of the area.

Eye On West Hollywood

Lauren Conrad’s Rachel Rosenbloom today gives us another L.A. City Guide, this time flying over West Hollywood.

There are plenty of places to go like the Hollywood sign, The Grove, West 3rd Street, Alfred Coffee and Tea, Connie & Ted’s, The Roger Room, Runyon Canyon, Modo Yoga, Olive + June, and The Chamberlin.

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