Lauren Conrad reminisces of job interview styles



I Will Make You Hire Me

Lauren Conrad reflected Tuesday to Refinery 29 of a time when we were young (we’re still young), in high school or college, and in search for our own source of income, breaking away from our parents (not always by choice), but we had to look good doing it.

Like many of us (including yours truly), Lauren went on saying she wanted to look very professional, bad enough where Lauren thought nude flats, or peep-toe shoes would do the trick, along with the right outfit to make Lauren look older.

For this founder of Daniel+Lauren, they always wore a very expensive suit bought from fine stores in South Philly, with a traditional shirt and tie, and beautiful shoes going to jobs at TV stations big or small.

Nine out of ten times, yours truly got a job offer, and established long years with those jobs where I always did my very best.

Daniel Quintanilla

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