Dresses to baby bump in by team Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

Fashion Lives On In A Baby Bump

Lauren Conrad and her gang of editors today relied on their friend, Lauren Gores Ireland from You & Lu to bring you a style guide filled with 7 baby bump dresses.

LGI first recommends the Stelle Agatha Dress going for $229, then there’s the Jetset Diaries Moroccan Maxi Dress at $288, and the Caroline Constas Apollonia Striped Off-The-Shoulder Flare Sleeve Dress for $495.

And coming soon from LC Lauren Conrad, a long maxi dress colored in light burgundy and filled with floral prints up and down.

But in the meantime, enjoy the Flynn Skye Bella Dress that’s only $196, the Evarae Izia Silk Printed Maxi Dress for $369.91, and the Paper Crown Rio Dress on sale now for $198.


Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

The Chicken Pot Pie By Lauren Conrad

In an effort not to be a victim of the Instagram cycle where a darling image of any given day disappears after 24 hours, Lauren Conrad put her very own chicken pot pie in the recipe box today and told the world about it.

You do not want to be stingy on the chicken here, Lauren wants you to use an entire cooked up whole chicken, as well as broccoli, carrots, celery, carrots again, and parsley.

Daniel Quintanilla



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