Lauren Conrad’s myths of the fashion industry

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Wait….. It’s Not All Glamour & Cats????????

In case you had questions about why fashion is such things like glamourous, cutthroat, or high heels, Lauren Conrad’s weekly Tuesday Ten today debunks any assumptions you had about this ambiguous industry called fashion.

First, you don’t have to buy all designer clothing, affordable lines like LC Lauren Conrad go a very long way, fashion is not always cutthroat given that partnerships currently exist, and you don’t need to go work at retail to be hazed into the fashion industry.

Fashion is not a 12 hour job at the desk, it’s a 12 hour job of setting up photoshoots, running around town, sketchbooks, and so forth, fashion school is not a prerequisite, crazy tasks don’t always fill the work order, and size zero is not the only size in fashion.

In order to get to glamour and booze, a little hurt and tears need to happen first, friends can be made in fashion because you constantly collaborate, and heels are not the uniform entirely, unless it’s for the cameras.

Paper Crown Jacket Travels To Switzerland

Team Lauren Conrad with Selena from Find Us Lost today gave a photo diary of Gstaad, Switzerland with a Paper Crown treasures travelling along the way.

Going to places like Brasov, Romania, and lots of snowy mountain experiences that are more than beautiful and breathtaking, Paper Crown sent the Powell Jacket & Rio Grande Coat to see this incredible journey in comfort, elegance, and style.

Daniel Quintanilla

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