Spluring & Saving in April by team Lauren Conrad


Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

Save Your Pennies, But Spend On This…..

Once again today, Lauren Conrad’s team member, Jessi Burrone looks at the style steals of April determining if one should splurge or save on various fashions.

First, floppy sunhats with embroidery come from Eugenia Kim for $485, then ASOS’s floppy sunhat for just $28, there’s also J.Crew’s striped button-up top at $88, and H&M’s striped for $24.99.

Next, espadrille wedges take center stage coming from Steve Madden for $89.95, and Target’s wedges for just $29.99, floral sundresses round out from Topshop with their midi dress for $355, and H&M’s V-Neck dress for $49.99.

Get Abs Any Way You Can

Today, there are 6 ways to do crunches provided by team Lauren Conrad along with help from resident doctor, Dr. Hunter Vincent.

First, there’s super crunches with hands behind your head & legs extended in and out, and get ups with legs bent 90 degrees and hands reaching out in-between.

Also, butterfly crunches holding towel behind your head, V Ups which are jacknifes of leg raises, windmills rotating the legs clockwise, and heel touches of legs bent 90 degrees touching heels left side and right side.

Daniel Quintanilla


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