Olive + Oak show off knits and tops at UBM ‘Intermezzo Collections’


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Best Way You Know How

Olive + Oak gave Daniel+Lauren a look at the knits, sweaters, and turtlenecks from their fall/ winter 2017-2018 collection today at UBMIntermezzo Collections” here in New York City at the Javits Center.

Based here in the big apple, Olive + Oak is a contemporary women’s brand that’s very price point driven, specializing mainly in novalty basics, cozy knits, and easy sweaters, as well as dresses & wovens for their spring/ summer 2017 lines delivering immediately.

But Olive + Oak’s total success is found in its cottons, knits, and sweaters, which is O+O’s fall deliveries occuring at the end of August, September, and October, as well as pre-Fall at July’s end.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

What yours truly here at Daniel+Lauren loved the most is the green turtleneck, as well as the burgundy v-neck bell sleeve blouse in the fall collection.

And new arrivals for summer include Olive + Oak’s Eliza Dress & Kate Dress, which are jewels everyone must wear these upcoming summer months, especially if they’re little black dresses.

Daniel Quintanilla

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