Le Bain ‘On Top’ debuts another season at The Standard

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

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Tuesday night into overnight early this morning, Susanne Bartsch unveiled the seventh season of Le Bain On Top here in New York City’s lower Manhattan at The Standard Hotel.

In this weekly event that goes from May to early October, the night was filled with warm air for all of the LGBT community to come out and celebrate what’s going to be the start of summer overlooking sites like the Empire State Building, and World Trade Center.

Along with a night filled with dancing and deejay’s, there were performances by Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias, and Aquaria to heighten up the night that’s already drenched in entertainment and drink.

Plus, there’s the music suppliers who are Eli Escobar, and Amber Valentine, as well as art from Ryan Burke and Archie Goats, and let’s not forget Susanne Bartch all dolled up in her own beautiful attire to host the night away, as well as commence the entertainment for all the night.

The fun part about this event overlooking lower Manhattan at The Standard Hotel is seeing so many men and women dressing up as the opposite sex in menswear with the ladies, and dresses and/ or leotards with the men who were very beautiful in their choice of costume.

Taking an overall look at Le Bein “On Top”, one understands completely why it’s only held at summertime, hot temps allow hotness to rein supreme in the night sky of New York City.

Daniel Quintanilla

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