Lauren Conrad’s last normal weekend before summer favorites



The End Of The Peak Season As We Know It

It’s very unusual for one to praise the end of the time of year before summer arrives (unless it’s the TV season), but yours truly feels like it, and Lauren Conrad has favorites that will send off the peak season well.

Lauren’s got flower mart flowers made possible by Girl Meets Glam, and a mini green tea chocolate no-bake ice box cake from I Am A Food Blog.

More favorites include a whimsical al fresco brunch from Shi Shi Events, the BECCA pressed highlighter for a warm weather look, and an unswaddled baby throwing hands up in the air.

The Edit By Lauren Conrad & Company

Lauren Conrad and team have already started summer on their minds with Lauren’s picks of a sea shell crossbody bag from The Little Market.

There’s also picks of nail polish, rompers, reusuable shopping bags, lofters, sports bras, hats, unicorns, and bed spreads to give off that season of summer.

Daniel Quintanilla

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