Kendall Miles stands out from the rest with her unique shoe collection


Courtesy: Dara Smith

Shoes Make The Sexy

Today, Daniel+Lauren introduces the world to Kendall Reynolds a.k.a Kendall Miles, who’s new shoe collection was something yours truly could not get enough.

As the sub-headline describes, it all starts with the shoes if a lady seeks to turn a man on to something wonderful either right on the spot, or later in the night.

Daniel Quintanilla: At what point did you realize you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

Kendall Reynolds: From a very young age, I loved shoes, shoes that had that sculptural silhouettes and were made of sumptuous leather with handsome, skillfully wrought hardware.  I began drawing shoes in my college apartment on a simple sketchpad and when I had developed what I thought could be considered a collection, I showed my mom and asked her to help me start a business.  With my family’s support, we recruited an international team with deep expertise in the luxury shoe industry and a broad understanding of the global fashion market.

DQ: I love the mission you put forth in creating a collection that’s strictly couture, and has a pricing point that defines the richness and kind of woman you aim to attract.  What is it about this philosophy that makes you feel connected, and why?

KR: I wanted to produce luxury shoes that exude feminity and elegance with refined sexuality.  It was important for me to hone my skills using traditional methods that rely on the fine handcraftsmanship.  These techniques have been refined over generations and require great expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.

DQ: What is it about Kendall that attracts A-List celebrities, and what shoe do they gravitate towards most?

KR: Celebrities appreciate high-quality, innovative designs which they’ve found in Kendall Miles.  I’m so happy that many have been so supportive thus far, and honored that they see the potential in me and the brand.  The favorite shoe has definitely been Pout.  They have tended to gravitate towards the statement pieces, and Pout features a removable bag, making it incredibly special and unique.


Courtesy: Dora Smith

DQ: All of your shoes have their own name and distinct attitude behind the style of shoe it is.  Where did you draw inspiration for each shoe?

KR: Naming the shoes is one of the last steps I take, and is one of my favorite parts of the process.  Before I begin thinking of names, I must first see the prototypes and start learning each design’s strengths.

DQ: It’s a toss up between Attitude, Michelle, and Pout as my favorite shoe.  What’s your favorite in all that’s offered?

KR: Red Masque, it was one of the first designs and will be sold within my SS17 collection.  It’s available in red and black, and features snake with pheasant feather detailing.  It’s a perfect statement shoe that pairs well with any outfit.

Daniel Quintanilla: What’s the future hold for Kendall Miles, and her amazing collection?

Kendall Reynolds: The future is geared towards getting in the door at more boutiques and department stores.  My designs will continue to be well researched, innovative, and evolving with new materials.

Daniel Quintanilla

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