Lauren Conrad ushers in July



What Can’t You Love About July?

There’s plenty about July that Lauren Conrad loves today, one of them is after she gives birth, she’ll enjoy cocktails again, but the rest of us can’t wait that long, the 4th of July’s tomorrow.

Expect Lauren and gang to keep up with fashion trends of sunglasses, sandals, sunhats, statement sleeves, and metallics, as well as Mexican-inspired recipes that are healthy, and delicious.

Plus, look out for hairbrush maintenance, chemical & physical sunscreen differences, and busting fitness myths with Dr. Hunter Vincent.

The Colors Of Summer… On Your Nails

Team Lauren Conrad today gave their picks for the hottest colors nails need to wear such as mint green, baby blue, light pink, coral, and orangey red coming from brands that are chic in the fashion nail market.

Piecemeal: Conceiving Daniel+Lauren (part 1)

After announced they were folding July 1 last year, yours truly went to work on the next step, that was looking at places like who specialized in blogs, coming up with a name, and finally setting on a new home the next day on July 2.

Though, the official blog didn’t come till much later, revamping Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were first and foremost.

From there, it started with @danielplslauren, emphasizing what was coming, who I am, and where I’ve been.

But I didn’t stop writing, July 4th 2016, yours truly actually wrote articles again, via Google Plus, not realizing they could start immediately under free options WordPress offered.

However, it was the first step in staying active, maintaining skills, and building a plan from there.

So Sunday, July 2, 2017, it officially marked the first anniversary of Daniel+Lauren, the social media part of it, parts 2 and 3 will happen in early August and late September.

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