Lauren Conrad reveals new July LC Lauren Conrad collection



The Styles of Summer: LC Style

Lauren Conrad delivered her baby last night, taking a leave for a few weeks to focus on bringing up baby, but the magic of pre-planned blogs keep Lauren active at, so Lauren today has her new July looks from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s.

The looks start out with an abstract striped please dress, then a printed keyhole tunic with cropped skinny jeans, printed top with cropped skinny jeans, and paisley empire maxi dress with convertible crossbody bag.

Then, this next look from LC Lauren Conrad is involved to say the least, it’s a smocked off-the-shoulder top with skinny jeans, shimmer sandals, and openwork link choker necklace.

Rose-Inspired Cookies

Lauren Conrad continued her satellite presence today with an edible obsession of rose madeleines, they’re frosted cookies made with pink gel food coloring, rose water, and crushed rose pedals sprinkled on top.

Laptop with Valorie Darling

Team Lauren Conrad steps in from here at with contributor, Anna James, in another edition of Ladies Who Laptop today with photographer, Valorie Darling.

Valorie, who’s a former actress, dancer, and model, got back into photography learning not to reinvent the wheel, capture fleeting moments, find experts who can help you start out, get the right lens and apps, and choose good thoughts to become things.

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