Sunhats are the rage for the Lauren Conrad team



Protect Your Face, Will Ya?

Sunhats, they’ve been hot trend for the last 2 summers in the fashion world, especially with team Lauren Conrad, who today has as Tuesday Ten on where to find the best ones.

Team LC starts out with the Eric Javits Bahis Sunhat that’s perfectly cut and trimmed for $295, followed by the Collection XIIX tropical print baseball cap, La Double 7 stripe floppy straw hat, The Little Market Pool Hat, and BP C’est La Vie floppy straw hat.

The hat parade moves along with the Hat Attack Canvas dad cap, followed by the J. Crew straw hat with rainbow pom-poms, Kate Spade New York winking bucket hat, Eugenia Kim Sunny do not disturb sunhat, and Forever 21 tassled floppy sun hat.

The Rice Cake Jazzed Up

The rice cake by itself is just that, a no-frills snack that at least leaves you no guilt whatsoever, unless it’s flavored up sweet or spicy.

But today, Lauren’s Rachel Rosenbloom provides that tasteless rice cake with a healthy dose of tartine recipes like almond butter banana, smoked salmon, and mascarpone & roasted pepper.

Daniel Quintanilla

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