Lauren Conrad reveals first elements of Paper Crown fall line



The Growing Elephant That Is Fall

Lauren Conrad (through the magic of advanced blogging) posted part one today the first delivery of her new Paper Crown fall 2017 line, putting a strong emphasis on layers.

In this edition of Paper Crown, it starts out with the Hazel Jumpsuit of orange and blue floral prints over black canvas, continuing in the Angeline Dress, as well as the Aileen Pant & Corine Top.

PC Fall also has the heavy-layered Naomi Dress in beige & off-white along with multi-shades of brown stripes, the Delia Vest & Jerelyn Top in the thickest layers of midnight blue, black, and white, and the lavender Mabel Dress.

The Myths Of Target Exercise

Doctor Hunter Vincent once again joined Team Lauren today to break down the myth of burning fat in problem areas such as the abs, hips, buttocks, or thighs, etc.

What it all comes down to is the fat that is adipose tissue that needs to be broken down, and the only way one can do that is consistent resistance training being muscle exercises along with proper nutrition.

What occurs is fat makes itself at home surrounding your muscles, and reducing one’s body fat on a holistic level will enable one to show off their muscles better, and help reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes and certain cancers.

Daniel Quintanilla

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