Lauren Conrad makes one stay in the moment



Put The Phone Down….. Put The Phone Down…. Put The Phone Down

Today, Lauren Conrad is out to erase the apparent stigma millenials have on their albatross of being disconnected from the rest of the world by teach them to stay in the moment.

First, get offline of being online by limiting your hours online, so you can allow yourself to unplug, ease your brain, rest your eyes, catch up on sleep, relax, exercise, talk to friends live in person, etc.

Speaking of exercise, walking, running, biking, or whatever activity that helps you stay in shape or have fun is best to forget about the demands of responding to your phone.

And give up social media when you’re out with friends, because you make your friends feel less important when you check your phone, same goes when they do it to you.

Mixing Up The Prints

Today’s style guide from Team LC mixes up the best of LC Lauren Conrad first being tiered halter top & cuffed denim shorts, as well as mix print midi dress, sunhat, and firefli sandals.

Next, mix it up with bell sleeve tee & high-waisted shorts, pleated top & tie-waist shorts, saguaro top & namib shorts, and print shift dress with shimmer sandals.

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