Black Orchid oozes their SS18 solids at UBM ‘Coterie’

IMG_0594IMG_0600IMG_0592Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Hard & Upstanding Look In Spring

Today, Daniel plus Lauren continues telling its journey about its visit to New York City’s Javits Center to once again witness the marquis fashion trade show that is UBM’s “Coterie” immediately after New York Fashion Week, the 2nd out of 3 reports tells now about Black Orchid and its spring/ summer 2018 collection.

Black Orchid is a brand based out of Los Angeles, California where they’ve become known for the celebrity clients they get, as well as fabrics the brand uses, such as a liquify denim jean or luxury soft, best fit fibers which include nylon spandex, and a denim stretch technology to keep jeans from bagging out at the end of the day.

What’s key to keeping Black Orchid Jeans from gapping out when you bend over is a condor waistband, that helps keep the jeans in place when intense movement occurs, it’s premium denim at its best.

IMG_0603IMG_0598IMG_0597IMG_0605IMG_0606Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Best sellers over at Black Orchid include frayed bottom and high rise jeans, there’s also jeans with embellishments and ties that people have come to love, as well as hardware pieces such as zipper designs that people can choose from.

Black Orchid also offers tops to choose from in their collection, with linen pieces being the most popular, and Black Orchid continues to keep adding new pieces to their collection each season.

IMG_0604IMG_0608IMG_0601Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It’s no wonder Black Orchid and their solid collection of jeans that stretch do justice for many of their celebrity clients, and individuals out there who care a great deal about how they look, and are willing to invest time and money into brands like Black Orchid.

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