Lauren Conrad gets spooky with Halloween sticks



The Scary Mix

Lauren Conrad began the week on Monday continuing the Halloween spirit with a little hocus pocus for do-it-yourself spooky spider cocktail swizzle sticks, going with any type of drink one desires whether it’s non-alcholic or booze, and having a little decoration behind it to celebrate the season.

It all comes down to a few simple instructions that take a simple glue gun to put everything together, and lots of tiny plastic spiders where one or two alone are a scary sight within itself, perhaps a little more scary than the real actual spiders themselves on your window sill.

Walls Were Made For Paintings

The newest craving Lauren and her team were loving on Monday are those that have expression, model faces, scenic places, moments of love for an object, reminders about love in a home, and a simple phrase about being good to people always.

Friday Favorites

Yes, this Friday has come and gone, but Friday Favorites with Lauren Conrad last Friday brought on wild kid birthday party themes, lemon meringue smores, hair pins out of flowers, New York Fashion Week outfits which include LC Lauren Conrad, and some video of moments that go “Aww”.

The Edit

Lauren and her team on Friday were caught showing off in The Edit the best that is from LC Lauren Conrad, The Little Market, Paper Crown, vitamins, Urban Outfitters, and EF Collection Diamond Stud Earrings that make and weekday, or any weekend worth while to look forward to.

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