Maison Kitsune launches first Eau de Parfum! at cocktail event

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

America Has Never Been So Blessed

The Maison Kitsune that originates from Paris, but direct from its recently opened store on 248 Layfette Avenue here in lower Manhattan this evening, celebrated its very first Eau de Parfum at its store tonight, with a cocktail reception, as attendees got to know better the Maison Kitsune collection.

Going along with its collection that has its namesake and American flag colors splashed all over its line of tops, pants, hats, and speciality shoes devoted to Maison Kitsune, the main attraction tonight was the perfume of Note de Yuzu, the spray and liquid scents that are mainkly known for its makrut limes, which were proudly displayed along the Layfette Avenue store tonight, along with gin distillery drinks that were inspired by this little potent lime, filled with the right amount of tart, without overpowering the drink, and avoiding that super strong taste once it was sipped by cocktail party attendees.

Maison Kitsune in an obvious observation has become a mainstay on the New York fashion scene, with its collections featured in stores like Sak’s Fifth Avenue, and Kitsune famous for its after work parties throughout all the fall every month here in lower manhattan.

Now, since opening this little store on 248 Layfette Street in lower Manhattan, Maison Kitsune continues its strong influence on New York, and across America in the most elite fashion scenes, as tonight’s cocktail event jam-packed the little store with hordes of Kitsune devoted fans, who love their solid and straight-forward line filled with bright colors, unique designs, and the fox that symbolizes Maison Kitsune in all their collection.

Daniel Quintanilla

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