Lauren Conrad joins with Kellogg’s to open cereal cafe in New York City

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Part Of This Complete Breakfast

Kellogg’s cereal company announced on Tuesday that they’re fishing out the wealth of knowledge and resources Lauren Conrad has about food to help them open their new cereal cafe location in New York, New York with a line of food options to add to their menu.

Lauren will create a number of simple, exciting cereal-inspired creations for the café’s new menu, which will be good for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu will also include cereal favorites from Kellogg’s original Times Square location, cereals that were all featured within a do-it-yourself cereal bar.

Lauren says cereal is something we’ve all grown up with and still enjoy, it’s been exciting to explore the unexpected fun it brings to the table, or in this case, the bowl, Lauren also loves spending time in the kitchen thinking of flavorful new ideas so people can enjoy food in new ways.

Kellogg’s Marketing Director, Aleta Chase, says Lauren Conrad is a natural when it comes to entertaining done easy and thinking of fun ways people can enjoy their food, in thinking through the evolution of our new menu and fully customizable experience, we were excited about Lauren’s fresh ideas and ways to inspire people with the endless possibilities cereal can bring.

Kellogg’s second and permanent cereal cafe location in New York City will open on December 14 in Union Square at 31 East 17th Street, another place for foodies to chill.

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