Lauren Conrad creates mini-Christmas trees



Christmas Found In All Sizes

Lauren Conrad took a moment today to share an inspiring idea which puts the holiday spirit in the right place, it’s found in a bunch of small trees that bringing happiness with just a little love, and a little decoration to make the season bright.

Lauren presents mini trees with do-it-yourself gold leaf terra cotta pots, supplied by glitter, glue, and a little imagination to find the right letters and words describing the festiveness of the holidays, and that word is JOY, joy bringing so much fun, love, and happiness to one’s heart.

With a little paint, paint brushes, gold leaves, stencils, mini trees, and a tiny ornament balls of course, plus a little instruction to make it come alive, a Christmas tree can come to fruition, and spread the spirit like a wildfire, without the need for a Christmas tree at large.

Blankets Made With Love

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today took a different approach to gifting someone, instead of buying a gift, Jessi made a gift, a do-it-yourself gift guide featuring a hand knitted throw blanket, one that requires the right yarn, made just right for someone, and inexpensive all the way around.

For this blanket, Jessi makes her homegrown throw blanket at a small size, and an off-white color, with just the right pattern and textures, one that is made especially for a newborn baby, this blanket is layered out in knot patterns, and help is seeked from Sarah Lou Co.

Daniel Quintanilla

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