Lauren Conrad presents coconut snow clouds



Savory, & Creamy Coconut

Lauren Conrad relied on her good friend, and food contributor, Claire Thomas, of The Kitchy Kitchen today to make the most wonderful sweet edible obsession there is so far, they are coconut snow clouds providing the wintery canvas with the sugary and tangy taste buds one desires.

Now, there’s more to the story than a savory and creamy coconut Daniel plus Lauren described above in the subtitle, this coconut snow cloud is loaded with some good stuff, try white vinegar, kosher salt, egg whites, and coconut flakes to start with the heavy cream, full fat coconut milk, and vanilla bean that’s already fantastic.

The deepest, darkest, boozy, and most drunk ingredient one will find in this coconut snow cloud is 2 tablespoons of dark rum, which makes this holiday dessert not only a dish, but an experience with other find spirits a wonderful moment to look forward to.

Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

The team of Lauren Conrad today put their party planning skills to the test with a pink candyland Christmas get together, featuring pink balloons, pink decorations, and a wine and champagne cart that throws hot coals onto this shindig as a way to break the ice.

Along with cookies, cake, and champagne, team Lauren recruits help from their find friends being Rachel from Bonjour Fête, and Royale of But First, Party, who have helped Lauren and gang pull off fantastic and epic parties then and now, and sure enough, this pink Christmas to come.

Daniel Quintanilla

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