Lauren Conrad not rushing back to pre-baby body


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Enjoy What You’re Blessed With

Lauren Conrad talked to Shape magazine today, with Lauren discussing how she’s not beating herself up to get back to the body she once had before becoming pregnant, followed by giving birth the baby Liam James Tell that was just 7 months and 3 days ago.

Even though Lauren says she’s close to getting back to the way she was before being pregnant, Lauren truly says that her body will never be back at the exact place it once was before carrying a child, the body changes once it’s pregnant and gives birth for the first time.

Lauren did agonize of this sobering fact while being pregnant with Liam, but Lauren says now she’s eased into the way her body has adjusted, because the most valuable thing Lauren has experienced and accomplished with Liam is that Lauren is in such awe that she gave birth to a child.

February Saving & Splurging

Another edition of style steals comparisons made way with team Lauren today as d’orsay flats, satin blouses, pink sunglasses, and jogging pants went on the line to see which chosen item is worth saving a penny on, or just worth spending the money period.

Pop Rocks Made At Home

Team Lauren Conrad was at it again today making a hard and sour candy cult classic without having to buy the actual candy itself, strawberry pop rocks homemade was the candy dish made conceived out of honey, sugar, water, baking soda, citric acid, strawberry extract, and pink gel food coloring.

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