Lauren Conrad stresses on keeping romance alive for new parents



Rise Above The Newborn Season

Lauren Conrad’s team brought in the help of Leslie Bruce today to help new parents find ways to keep the love going in their life, as they conquer the ultimate challenge of raising a newborn baby while keeping their sanity intacted, as well as succumb to deprivation.

First, please be advised that everything will indeed change when the baby arrives, forget all the preconceived notions you had before the baby was born, romance becomes the little things you and your spouse do for each other, and you must show appreciation for what your husband does while taking care of the baby.

Take a moment to set an alarm in the middle of the night, this moment is dedicated to you and your spouse where you can spend time with each other, accept the learning curve your husband has in doing things, and go on a date with your partner, not your baby.

The Salted and The Unsalted

Lauren Conrad time today to compare and contrast butter, elaborating the benefits of using butter that’s made with salt, and butter that comes unsalted, which has always been a favorite in Daniel plus Lauren’s family for decades, especially on Thanksgiving with the Kerry Gold.

Let’s start with why unsalted is amazing, because it allows chefs the freedom to use all kinds of flavors, salts, spices, and ingredients to make their dishes wonderful, as well as make dishes creamier.

Now with salted, it’s said that it’s the choice for all purpose cooking, ranging from sweet to savory, but it all comes down to what the recipe requires, and why salted butter is asked for in the first place, especially with the brands of butter you buy that make all the difference.

Daniel Quintanilla

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